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Full text of "Wartburg hymnal for church, school and home"

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iEarlhurg  PubItBl|!ng  S^mxM 

iC  library; 

R  1919  L 

Copyright,   1918,   by 

3'  Ki'. 

(Snhlt  0f  (UnnlfnlH 


The  Order  of  the  Sunday  School  1—8 

Opening  Service  for  Young  People's  Societies        9 — 14 

Scripture    Lessons    -       15 — 31 

Selection  of  Psalms    31 — 64 

Table  of  Epistles  and  Gospels   65 — 67 


Opening    69 — 76 

Closing    : 77—86 

Morning     87—102 

Evening    103—122 

The  Lord's   Day    123—128 

Advent    129—141 

Christmas     142—185 

New  Year    186—193 

Epiphany    194—200 

Lent 201—221 

Palm  Sunday   222—224 

Easter     . . . .' 225—234 

Ascension     235 — 237 

Pentecost    238—252 

Trinity 253—261 

Reformation,   Church,   Missions    262 — 282 

The   Word   of   God    283—285 

Baptism 286—287 

Childhood    288—298 

Confirmation     299—300 

The  Lord's   Supper    301 — 305 

Faith  in  Jesus   306—330 

Cross  and  Comfort    331 — 345 

Prayer    346—362 

Praise    363—391 

Christian  Life  and   Service    392 — 401 

Warfare  and  Processional    402 — 408 

Life    Eternal    409—428 

National     429—433 


IT  IS  with  a  feeling  of  high  appreciation  that  the 
editor    in    issuing   this    hymnal    acknowledges    the 

generous  and  hearty  co-operation  of  the  kind 
friends  to  which  in  a  great  measure  he  feels  obliged : 

The  Augsburg  Publishing  House  for  permission  to 
use  Nos.  3,  4,  9,  13,  17,  20,  21,  33,  46,  90,  125,  126,  154, 
256,  312,  317,  357,  361,  363;   _ 

The  Concordia  Publishing  House  for  permission 
to  use  Nos.  34,  38,  101,  170,  222,  261,  268,  344; 

The  publishers  of  the  Common  Service  Book  for 
permission  to  use  No.  39; 

The  publishers  of  the  Sunday  School  Book  for  per- 
mission to  use  No.  356. 

Prof.  Alfred  Ramsey,  D.D.,  for  permission  to  pub- 
lish Nos.  41,  252,  325,  362; 

Mrs.  C.  Armand  Miller  has  kindly  consented  to 
permit  the  use  of  her  late  husband's  translation  appear- 
ing as  No.  217. 

The  Rev.  F.  W.  Herzberger  assisted  by  permission 
to  print  Nos.  109,  and  116,  and  the  Rev.  E,  Poppen 
No.  147. 

Especial  mention  must  be  made  of  the  cordial  and 
ready  assistance  given  by  the  Rev.  E.  H.  Rausch  for 
compiling  the  forms  of  service,  and  the  Rev.  H. 
Brueckner  for  permitting  unstinted  use  of  his  many 
translations,  without  both  of  which  this  hymnal  would 
be  incomplete. 

Other  obligations  have  been  incurred  for  which 
the  editor  hereby  expresses  his  thankful  acknowledge- 
ments and  which  are  especially  noted  in  their  proper 

Many  congregations  will  introduce  English  ser- 
vices at  the  present  time.  Some  of  these  will  find 
it  expedient  to  use  the  Wartburg  Hymnal  in_  these 
services,  and  to  accommodate  them  the  Publication 
Board  thought  it  best  to  add  to  the  word  edition  the 
Order  of  Service  for  the  Communion  and  the  Eve- 
ning Service.  O.  HARDWIG. 

Waverly,  Iowa,  July,  1918. 

A  hymn  may  be  sung. 

The  Congregation  shall  rise,  and  the  Minister 
shall  say: 

In  the  Name  of  the  Father,  and  of  the  Son,  and  of 
the  Holy  Ghost. 


The   Confession  of  Sins. 

Beloved  in  the  Lord !  Let  us  draw  near  with  a  true 
heart,  and  confess  our  sins  unto  God  our  Father,  be- 
seeching Him,  in  the  Name  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ, 
to  grant   us   forgiveness. 

Minister.    Our  help  is  in  the  Name  of  the  Lord. 

Congregation.     Who  made  heaven  and  earth. 

Minister.  I  said,  I  will  confess  my  transgressions 
unto  the  Lord. 

Congregation.  And  Thou  forgavest  the  iniquity  of  my 

Then  shall  the  Minister  say: 

Almighty  God,  our  Maker  and  Redeemer,  we  poor 
sinners  confess  unto  Thee,  that  we  are  by  nature  sinful 
and  unclean,  and  that  we  have  sinned  against  Thee,  by 
thought,  word,  and  deed.  Wherefore  we  flee  for  refuge 
to  Thine  infinite  mercy,  seeking  and  imploring  Thy 
grace,  for  the  sake  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ. 

The  Congregation  shall  say  with  the  Minister: 
0  most  merciful  God,  who  hast  given  Thine  Only=begotten 
Son  to  die  for  us,  have  mercy  upon  us  and  for  His  sake 
grant  us  remission  of  all  our  sins:  and  by  Thy  Holy  Spirit 
increase  in  us  true  knowledge  of  Thee,  and  of  Thy  will,  and 
true  obedience  to  Thy  Word,  to  the  end  that  by  Thy  grace  wc 
may  come  to  everlasting  life,  through  Jesus  Christ  our  Lord. 

Then  shall  the  Minister  say: 

Almighty  God.  our  heavenly  Father,  hath  had 
mercy  upon  us,   and  hath  given   His   Only  Son  to  die 

VT  The   Service 

for  us,  and  for  His  sake  forgiveth  us  all  our  sins.  To 
them  that  believe  on  His  Name,  He  giveth  power  to 
become  the  sons  of  God,  and  bestoweth  upon  them  His 
Holy  Spirit.  He  that  believeth,  and  is  baptized,  shall 
be  saved.  Grant  this,  O  Lord,  unto  us  all. 

(Then  shall  be  sung  or  said  the  Introit  for  the  day.) 

The  Introit. 

Gloria   Patri. 

Glory  be  to  the  Father,  and  to  the  Son,  and  to  the  Holy 

Ghost:  as  it  was  in  the  beginning,  is  now,  and  ever  shall  be, 

world   without  end.     Amen. 

Then  shall  be  sung  or  said  the 

Lord,    have    mercy    upon    us. 

Lord,  have  mercy  upon  us. 
Christ,  have  mercy  upon  us. 

Christ,    have    mercy    upon   us. 
Lord,    have    mercy    upon    us. 
Lord,  have  mercy  upon  us. 

Then  shall  be  sung  the 
Gloria   in   Excelsis. 

The  Minister  shall  say: 

Glory  l)e  to  God  on  high! 

The   Congregation  shall  sing: 

Glory  be  to  God  on  high,  and  on  earth  peace,  good  will 
towards  men.  We  praise  Thee,  we  bless  Thee,  we  worship 
Thee,  we  glorify  Thee,  we  give  thanks  to  Thee  for  Thy  great 
glory,  0  Lord  God,  heavenly  King,  God  the  Father  Almighty. 

0  Lord,  the  Only=begotten  Son  Jesus  Christ;  0  Lord  God, 
Lamb  of  God,  Son  of  the  Father,  that  takest  away  the  sin  of 
the  world,  have  mercy  upon  us.  Thou  that  takest  away  the 
sin  of  the  world,  receive  our  prayer.  Thou  that  sittest  at  the 
right  hand  of  God  the  Father,  have  mercy  upon  us. 

For  Thou  only  art  holy;  Thou  only  art  the  Lord;  Thou 
only,  0  Christ,  with  the  Holy  Ghost,  art  most  high  in  the  glory 
of  God  the  Father.    Amen. 

Or   the   Communion  Vll 

Minister.     The  Lord  be  with  you. 
Congregation.     And   with  thy  spirit. 

Minister.    Let  us  pray. 

The   Collect. 

The  Collect  ended,  the  Congregation  shall  sing  or 


Then  shall  the  Minister  read  the  Epistle. 

The   Epistle  for   (here  he  shall  name  the   day)    is 

written  in  the Chapter  of ,  beginning  at  the 


The  Epistle  ended,  the  Minister  shall  say:  Here 
endeth  the  Epistle  for  the  Day. 

Then  shall  the  Hallelujah  be  sung  or  said,  except 
in  the  Passion  season. 

The   Hallelujah. 

Then  shall  the  Minister  announce  the  Gospel  for 
the  Day,  saying: 

The   Holy   Gospel   is   written   in  the Chapter   of 

St. beginning  at  the Verse. 

The   Congregation  shall   rise  and  sing  or   say: 
Glory  be  to   Thee,   0   Lord. 

Then  shall  the   Minister  read 
The  Gospel  for  the  Day. 

The  Gospel  ended,  the  Minister  shall  say:  Here 
endeth  the  Gospel  for  the  Day.  and  the  Congregation 
shall  sing  or  say: 

Praise  be  to  Thee,  0  Christ. 

Then  shall  be  said  or  sung 

The   Apostles'   Creed. 

I  believe  in  God  the  Father  Almighty,  Maker  of  heaven 
and  earth. 

And  in  Jesus  Christ,  His  only  Son,  our  Lord;  Who  was 
conceived  by  the  Holy  Ghost,  Born  of  the  Virgin  Mary;  Suf= 

VIII  The  Service 

fered  under  Pontius  Pilate,  Was  crucified,  dead,  and  buried; 
He  descended  into  hell;  The  third  day  He  rose  again  froTi  the 
dead;  He  ascended  into  Heaven  and  sitteth  on  the  right  hand 
of  God  the  Father  Almighty;  from  thence  He  shall  come  to 
judge  the  quick  and  the  dead. 

I  believe  in  the  Holy  Ghost;  The  holy  Christian  Church, 
the  Communion  of  Saints;  The  Forgiveness  of  sins;  The 
Resurrection  of  the  body;  And  the  Life  everlasting.    Amen. 

Then  shall  a  Hymn  be  sung. 

The  Sermon. 

After  the  Sermon,  the  Congregation  shall  rise  and 
the  Minister  shall  say: 

The  peace  of  God,  which  passeth  all  understand- 
ing, keep  your  hearts  and  minds  through  Christ  Jesus. 

The  Offertory  shall  then  be  sung,  at  the  close  of 
which  the   Congregation  shall  be   seated. 

One  of  the  Offertories  here  following,  or  any  other 
suitable  Offertory  may  be  used. 

The    Offertory. 


The  sacrifices  of  God  are  a  broken  spirit:  a  broken  and 
a  contrite  heart,  0  God,  Thou  wilt  not  despise. 

Do  good  in  Thy  good  pleasure  unto  Zion:  Build  Thou  the 
walls  of  Jerusalem. 

Then  shall  Thou  be  pleased  with  the  sacrifices  of  right- 
eousness: with  burnt=offering  and  whole  bumt=offering. 


Create  in  me  a  clean  heart,  0  God:  and  renew  a  right 
spirit  within  me. 

Cast  me  not  away  from  Thy  presence:  and  take  not  Thy 
Holy  Spirit  from  me. 

Restore  unto  me  the  joy  of  Thy  salvation:  and  uphold 
me  with  Thy  free  Spirit. 

Then  shall  Offerings  be  received  and  placed  by 
the   Minister,  upon  the   Altar. 

Or   the   Communion  IX 

The  General  Prayer. 

Let  us  pray. 

Almighty  and  most  Merciful  God,  the  Father  of 
our  Lord  Jesus  Christ:  We  give  Thee  thanks  for  all 
Thy  goodness  and  tender  mercies,  especially  for  the 
gift  of  Thy  dear  Son,  and  for  the  revelation  of  Thy  will 
and  grace;  and  we  beseech  Thee  so  to  implant  Thy 
Word  in  us,  that,  in  good  and  honest  hearts,  we  may 
keep  it.  and  bring  forth  fruit  by  patient  continuance  in 
well  doing. 

Most  heartily  we  beseech  Thee  so  to  rule  and 
govern  Thy  Church  universal,  that  it  may  be  pre- 
served in  the  pure  doctrine  of  Thy  saving  Word, 
whereby  faith  toward  Thee  may  be  strengthened,  and 
charity   increased   in   us   toward   all   mankind. 

Send  forth  Thy  light  and  Thy  truth  unto  the 
uttermost  parts  of  the  earth.  Raise  up  faithful  pastors 
and  missionaries  to  preach  the  Gospel  in  our  own  land, 
and  to  all  nations;  and  guide,  pro'-ect  and  prosper 
them   in   all   their   labors. 

Bless,  we  pray  Thee,  the  institutions  of  the 
Church;  its  colleges,  its  seminaries,  and  all  its  schools; 
that  they  may  send  forth  men  and  women  to  serve 
Thee,  in  the  Ministry  of  the  Word,  the  Ministry  of 
Mercy,  and  all  the  walks  of  life. 

Let  the  light  of  Thy  Word  ever  shine  within  our 
homes.  Keep  the  children  of  the  Church  in  the  cove- 
nant which  Thou  hast  made  with  them  in  Holy  Bap- 
tism; and  grant  all  parents  grace  to  bring  them  up  in 
faith  toward  Thee  and  in  obedience  to  Thy  will. 

Grant  also  health  and  prosperity  to  all  that  are 
in  authority,  especially  to  the  President  (and  Con- 
gress) of  the  United  States,  the  Governor  (and  Legis- 
lature) of  this  Commonwealth,  and  to  all  our  Judges 
and  Magistrates;  and  endue  them  with  grace  to  rule 
after  Thy  good  pleasure,  to  the  maintenance  of  right- 
eousness, and  to  the  hinderance  and  punishment  of 
wickedness,  that  we  may  lead  a  quiet  and  peaceable 
life,  in  all  godliness  and  honesty. 

All  who  are  in  trouble,  want,  sickness,  anguish  of 
labor,  peril  of  death,  or  any  other  adversity,  especially 
those   who   are   in   suffering   for   Thy   Name   and   for 

X  The  Service 

Thy  truth's  sake,  comfort,  O  God,  with  Thy  Holy 
Spirit,  that  they  may  receive  and  acknowledge  their 
afflictions  as  the  manifestation  of  Thy  fatherly  will. 

And  although  we  have  deserved  Thy  righteous 
wrath  and  manifold  punishments,  yet,  we  entreat  Thee, 
O  most  Merciful  Father,  remember  not  the  sins  of  our 
youth,  nor  our  many  transgressions;  but  out  of  Thine 
unspeakable  goodness,  grace  and  mercy,  defend  us 
from  all  harm  and  danger  of  body  and  soul.  Preserve 
us  from  false  and  pernicious  doctrine,  from  war  and 
bloodshed,  from  plague  and  pestilence,  from  all  cal- 
amity by  fire  and  water,  from  hail  and  tempest,  from 
failure  of  harvest  and  from  famine,  from  anguish  of 
heart  and  despair  of  Thy  mercy,  and  from  an  evil 
death.  And  in  every  time  of  trouble,  show  Thyself  a 
very  present  Help,  the  Savior  of  all  men,  and  espe- 
cially of  them  that  believe. 

Cause  also  the  needful  fruits  of  the  earth  to  pros- 
per, that  we  may  enjoy  them  in  due  season.  Give  suc- 
cess to  all  lawful  occupations  on  land  and  sea;  to  all 
pure  arts  and  useful  knowledge;  and  crown  them  with 
Thy  blessing. 

Here  special  Supplications,  Intercessions,  and 
Prayers  may  be  made. 

These,  and  whatsoever  other  things  Thou  wouldest 
have  us  ask  of  Thee,  O  God,  vouchsafe  unto  us,  for  the 
sake  of  the  bitter  sufferings  and  death  of  Jesus  Christ, 
Thine  only  Son,  our  Lord  and  Savior,  Who  liveth 
and  reigneth  with  Thee  and  the  Holy  Ghost,  ever  One 
God,   world   without  end. 

Then  shall  the  Minister,  and  the  Congregation  say 
The   Lord's   Prayer. 

Our  Father,  who  art  in  heaven;  Hallowed  be  Thy  Name; 
Thy  Kingdom  come;  Thy  will  be  done  on  earth,  as  it  is  in 
heaven ;  Give  us  this  day  our  daily  bread ;  And  forgive  us 
our  trespasses,  as  we  forgive  those  who  trespass  against  us; 
And  lead  us  not  into  temptation;  But  deliver  us  from  evil; 

Or  the  Communion  XI 

For  Thine  is  the  kingdom,  and  the  power,  and  the  glory,  for 
ever  and  ever.    Amen. 

Then  shall  be  sung  a  Hymn. 

If  there  be  no  Communion,  the  Minister,  standing 
at  the  Altar,  shall  say  the  Benediction. 

The  Benediction. 

The  Lord  bless   thee,   and  keep  thee. 

The  Lord  make  His  face  shine  upon  thee,  and  be 
gracious  unto  thee. 

The  Lord  lift  up  His  countenance  upon  thee,  and 
give  thee  peace. 

The   Congregation  shall   sing  or  say: 

The  Preface. 

Minister.     The  Lord  be  with  you. 

Congregation.    And  with  thy  spirit. 

Minister.     Lift  up  your  hearts. 

Congregation.    We  lift  them  up  unto  the  Lord. 

Minister.  Let  us  give  thanks  unto  the  Lord  our 

Congregation.    It  is  meet  and  right  so  to  do. 

Minister.  It  is  truly  meet,  right,  and  salutary, 
that  we  should  at  all  times  and  in  all  places,  give 
thanks  unto  Thee.  O  Lord,  Holy  Father,  Almighty 
Everlasting  God. 

Therefore  with  Angels  and  Archangels,  and  with 

all  the  company  of  heaven,  we  laud  and  magnify  Thy 

glorious   Name;   evermore   praising  Thee,   and  saying 

Then  shall  be  said  or  sung  the 


Holy,  holy,  holy.  Lord  God  of  Sabaoth;  Heaven  and  earth 
are  full  of  Thy  glory;  Hosanna  in  the  highest. 

Blessed  is  He  that  cometh  in  the  name  of  the  Lord. 

Hosanna  in  the  highest. 

XII  The  Holy  Communion 

Thea  shall  the  Minister  say: 

Let  us  pray. 

Our  Father,  who  art  in  heaven;  Hallowed  be  Thy 

Name;  Thy  kingdom  come;  Thy  will  be  done  on  earth 

as  it  is  in  heaven;   Give  us  this  day  our  daily  bread; 

And  forgive  us  our  trespasses,  as  we  forgive  those  who 

trespass^  against  us;  And  lead  us  not  into  temptation; 

But  deliver  us  from  evil ;   For  Thine  is  the  kingdom, 

and  the  power,  and  the  glory,  for  ever  and  ever. 

The  Congregation  shall  sing  or  say: 


Then  shall  the  Minister  say: 
Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ,  in  the    (a)  Here    he    shall 
night  in  which  He  was  betrayed,  take   the   Paten 

took    bread;    (a)    and    when    He  with  the  Bread 

had    given    thanks,    He    brake    it  in    his   hand, 

and  gave  it  to  His  disciples,  say- 
ing:    Take,  eat;  this  is  My  Body,  which  is  given  for 
3^ou ;     this     do     in     remembrance 

of  Me.  (b)  Here    he    shall 

After  the  same  manner,  also,  take     the     Cup 

He  took  the   cup,    (b)    when   He  in   his   hand. 

had    supped,    and    when    He    had 

given  thanks.  He  gave  it  to  them,  saying:  Drink  ye 
all  of  it;  this  cup  is  the  New  Testament  in  My  Blood, 
which  is  shed  for  you,  and  for  many,  for  the  remission 
of  sins;  this  do,  as  oft  as  ye  drink  it,  in  remembrance 
of  Me. 

Then  shall  the  Minister  say: 

The  peace  of  God  be  with  you  alway. 

The   Congregation: 


Then  shall  be  sung  or  said  the 
Agnus  Dei. 
0  Christ,  Thou  Lamb  of  God,  that  takest  away  the  sin 
of  the  world,  have  mercy  upon  us! 

0  Christ,  Thou  Lamb  of  God,  that  takest  away  the  sin 
of  the  worid,  have  mercy  upon  us ! 

0  Christ,  Thou  Lamb  of  God,  that  takest  away  the  sin 
of  the  world,  grant  us  Thy  peace.    Amen. 

The  Holy  Communion  XIII 

The   Administration  of  the    Holy   Sacrament. 

Take  and  eat,  this  is  the  Body  of  Christ,  given  for 

Take  and  drink,  this  is  the  Blood  of  the  New  Tes- 
tament, shed  for  thy  sins. 

The  Body  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  and  His 
precious  Blood  strengthen  aud  preserve  you  in  true 
faith  unto  everlasting  life. 

Nunc  Dimittis. 

Lord,  now  lettest  Thou  Thy  servant  depart  in  peace: 
according  to  Thy  Word; 

For  mine  eyes  have  seen  Thy  salvation:  which  Thou 
hast  prepared  before  the  face  of  all  people; 

A  light  to  lighten  the  Gentiles:  and  the  glory  of  Thy 
people  Israel. 

Glory  be  to  the  Father,  and  to  the  Son:  and  to  the 
Holy  Ghost; 

As  it  was  in  the  beginning,  is  now,  and  ever  shall  be: 
world  without  end.    Amen. 

The  Thanksgiving. 

Minister.  O  give  thanks  unto  the  Lord  for  He  is 

Congregation.     And  His  mercy  endureth  forever. 

We  give  thanks  to  Thee,  Almighty  God,  that  Thou 
hast  refreshed  us  with  Thy  salutary  gift ;  and  we 
beseech  Thee,  of  Thy  mercy,  to  strengthen  us  through 
the  same  in  faith  toward  Thee,  and  in  ferven.  love 
toward  one  another;  through  Jesus  Christ,  Thy  dear 
Son,  our  Lord,  who  liveth  and  reigneth  with  Thee, 
and  the  Holy  Ghost,  ever  one  God,  world  without  end. 



Minister.    The  Lord  be  with  you. 
Congregation.     And  with  thy  spirit. 
Minister.     Bless  we  the  Lord. 
Congregation.    Thanks  be  to  God. 

XIV  Evening  Service 

The  Benediction. 

The  Lord  bless  thee,  and  keep  thee. 

The  Lord  make  His  face  shine  upon  thee,  and  be 
gracious  unto  thee. 

The  Lord  lift  up  His  countenance  upon  thee,  and 
give  thee  peace. 


?Eiif  tttttg  S^trnm  or  VtBptxB 

Opening  Hymn. 

Versicle.      O    Lord,    open    Thou    my   lips. 

Ans)ver.  And  my  mouth  shall  show  forth  Thy  praise. 
Make  haste,  O  God,  to  deliver  me. 

Make  haste  to  help  me,  0  Lord. 
Glory  be  to  the  Father,  and  to  the  Son,  and  to  the  Holy 

As  it  was  in  the  beginning,  is  now,  and  ever  shall  be, 

world    without    end.      Amen.      Hallelujah. 

The  Psalm.     (With  Gloria  Patri.) 

The  Lesson. 

Versicle.     O  Lord,  have  mercy  upon  us. 

Answer.    Thanks  be  to  God. 




Versicle.  Let  my  prayers  be  set  before  Thee  as 

Answer.  And  the  lifting  up  of  my  hands  as  the  evening 

The  Canticle. 

My  soul  doth  magnify  the  Lord:  and  my  spirit 
hath  rejoiced  in  God  my  Savior. 

For  He  hath  regarded :  the  hnv  estate  of  His 

For  behold,  from  henceforth  :  all  generations  shall 
call  me  blessed. 

Or  Vesper:^  XV 

For  He  that  is  mighty  hath  done  to  me  great 
things  :  and  holy  is  His  name. 

And  His  mercy  is  on  them  that  fear  Him :  from 
generation  to  generation. 

He  hath  showed  strength  with  His  arm:  He  hath 
scattered  the  proud  in  the  imagination  of  their  hearts. 

He  hath  put  down  the  mighty  from  their  seats  : 
and  exalted  them  of  low  degree. 

He  hath  filled  the  hungry  with  good  things  :  and 
the  rich  He  hath  sent  empty  away. 

He  hath  holpen  His  servant  Israel,  in  remem- 
brance of  His  mercy :  as  He  spake  to  our  fathers,  to 
Abraham,  and  to  his  seed,  forever. 

Glory  be  to  the  Father,  and  to  the  Son  :  and  to  the 
Holy   Ghost : 

As  it  was  in  the  beginning,  is  now,  and  ever  shall 
be :    world    without   end.     Amen. 

Nunc  Dimittis. 

Lord,  now  lettest  Thou  Thy  servant  depart  in 
peace:   according  to   Thy  Word; 

For  mine  eyes  have  seen  Thy  salvation :  which 
Thou  hast  prepared  before  the  face  of  all  people ; 

A  light  to  lighten  the  Gentiles  :  and  the  glory  of 
Thy  people  Israel. 

Glory  be  to  the  Father,  and  to  the  Son :  and  to  the 
Holy  Ghost; 

As  it  was  in  the  beginning,  is  now,  and  ever  shall 
be :    world   without    end.     Amen. 

The   Prayer. 

Lord,  have  mercy  upon  us. 

Lord,  have  mercy  upon  us. 
Christ,  have  mercy  upon  us. 

Christ,  have  mercy  upon  us. 
Lord,  have  mercy  upon  us. 

Lord,  have  mercy  upon  us. 

XVI  Evening  Service 

Then   shall  all  say: 

Our  Father,  who  art  in  heaven;  Hallowed  be  Thy  Name; 
Thy  kingdom  come;  Thy  will  be  done  on  earth,  as  it  is  in 
heaven;  Give  us  this  day  our  daily  bread;  And  forgive  us 
our  trespasses,  as  we  forgive  those  who  trespass  against  us; 
And  lead  us  not  into  temptation;  But  deliver  us  from  evil; 
For  Thine  is  the  kingdom,  and  the  power,  and  the  glory,  for 
ever  and  ever.     Amen. 

Salutation.     The  Lord  be  with  you. 

Answer.    And  with  thy  spirit. 

Let  us  pray. 

Then   shall  be  said  the   Collect  for  the   day. 

Versicle.  The  Lord  will  give  strength  unto  His 

Answer.    The  Lord  will  bless  His  people  with  peace. 

O  God,  from  whom  all  holy  desires,  all  ffood 
counsels,  and  all  just  works  do  proceed;  Give  unto  Thy 
servants  that  peace,  which  the  world  can  not  give;  that 
our  hearts  may  be  set  to  obey  Thy  commandments,  and 
also  that  by  Thee,  we,  being  defended  from  the  fear 
of  our  enemies,  may  pass  our  time  in  rest  and  quiet- 
ness ;  through  the  merits  of  Jesus  Christ  our  Savior, 
Who  liveth  and  reigneth  with  Thee  and  the  Holy 
Ghost,  ever  one  God,  world  without  end.     Amen. 

Then  may  be  sung  or  said  the 

Bless  we  the  Lord. 

Answer.     Thanks   be   to   God. 

Then  shall  the  Minister  say  the  Benediction. 

The  grace  of  the  Lord  Jesus  Christ,  and  the  love 
of  God,  and  the  communion  of  the  Holy  Ghost,  be  with 
you  all. 


Sl|?  Wvhtv  af  tilt  Bnrxin^  ^rlinnl 

1.  Teachers  and  classes   shall   assemble  and  sing  a  Hymn. 

2.  Then   shall   be   sung   or   said: 


O  Lord,  open  Thou  my  lips. 

And  my  mouth  shall  show  forth  Thy  praise. 

Make  haste,  O  God,  to  deliver  me. 

Make  haste  to  help  me,  O  i^ora. 

Glory  be  to  the   Father,   and  to  the   Son,    and  to 
the  Holy  Ghost: 

As  it  was  in  the  beginning,  is  now,  and  ever  shall 
be,  world  without  end.     Amen.     Hallelujah. 

A  Psalm  shall  then  be  read  or  chanted  responsively. 
(See   selection   of   Psalms   on   pages   31   to  64.) 

3.  Then    shall    follow    the    Prayer: 

Almighty  and  Everlasting  God.  Who  dost  will 
that  not  one  of  these  little  ones  should  perish,  and 
hast  sent  Thine  only  Son  to  seek  and  to  save  that 
which  was  lost,  and  through  Him  hast  said,  Suffer  the 
little  children  to  come  unto  Me,  and  forbid  them  not; 
for  of  such  is  the  kingdom  of  God :  Most  heartily 
we  beseech  Thee  so  to  bless  and  govern  the  children 
of  Thy  Church,  by  Thy  Holy   Spirit,   that  they  may 

2  Order  of  the   Sunday   School 

grow  in  grace  and  in  the  knowledge  of  Thy  Word; 
protect  and  defend  them  against  all  danger  and  harm, 
giving  Thy  holy  Angels  charge  over  them;  through 
Jesus  Christ  our  Lord.    Amen. 

Almighty  God,  Who  hast  given  us  commandment 
to  pray  for  the  gift  of  the  Holy  Ghost :  Most  heartily 
we  beseech  Thee,  through  Jesus  Christ  our  Advocate, 
to  grant  us  Thy  Holy  Spirit,  that  He  may  quicken  our 
hearts  by  Thy  saving  Word,  and  lead'  us  into  all 
truth,  that  He  may  guide,  instruct,  enlighten,  govern, 
comfort,  and  sanctify  us  unto  everlasting  life;  through 
the  same,  Jesus  Christ  our  Lord.     Amen, 

Send,  we  beseech  Thee,  Almighty  God,  Thy  Holy 
Spirit  into  our  hearts,  that  He  may  rule  and  direct 
us  according  to  Thy  will,  comfort  us  in  all  temptations 
and  afflictions,  defend  us  from  all  error,  and  lead  us 
into  all  truth;  that  we,  being  steadfast  in  the  faith, 
may  increase  in  love  and  in  all  good  works,  and  in  the 
end  obtain  everlasting  life;  through  Jesus  Christ,  Thy 
Son,  our  Lord.     Amen. 

O  Lord  God,  heavenly  Father,  we  beseech  Thee, 
let  Thy  Holy  Spirit  dwell  in  us,  that  He  may  enlight- 
en and  lead  us  into  all  truth,  and  evermore  defend  us 
from  all  adversities;  through  Jesus  Christ  our  Lord. 

Almighty  and  Everliving  God,  Who  makest  us 
both  to  will  and  to  do  those  things  which  are  good, 
and  acceptable  unto  Thy  Divine  Majesty:  Let  Thy 
Fatherly  hand,  we  beseech  Thee,  ever  be  over  us. 
Let  Thy  Holy  Spirit  ever  be  with  us.  And  so  lead 
us  in  the  knowledge  and  obedience  of  Thy  Word,  that 
in  the  end  we  may  obtain  everlasting  life;  through 
our  Lord  Jesus  Christ.    Amen. 

4.  A   part  of  the   Catechism  may    now   be   said. 


Let  us  now  recite  the  First  Part  of  the  Catechism. 

Order  of  the   Sunday  School  3         . 


Of    what    does    the    First    Part    of    the    Catechism         9 


The  First  Part  of  the  Catechism  treats  of  the 
Ten  Commandments. 

Recite  the  Introduction. 

School : 
T  am  the  Lord,   thy  God. 

Superintendent:  , 

Recite   the   First   Commandment. 

School : 
Thou  shalt  have  no  other  gods  before  me. 


What   is   meant  by  this? 

School : 

We  should  fear,  love,  and  trust  in  God  above  all 

(The  Sunday  following  the  Second  Part  may  be  said, 
and  so  forth.  Occasionally  the  Catechism  text  without  the 
explanation  may  be  said.  Pupils  of  the  primary  and  inter- 
mediate departments  may  use  their  Catechism.  It  will  be 
well  for  the  superintendent  to  recite  the  Catechism  with  the 
pupils,   and  closely   to   notice   the  pronunciation   and  emphasis.) 

5.  The  superintendent  shall  now  tell  the  story  for  the 
day,  using  the  biblical  picture.  In  making  his  practical  ap- 
plication of  the  story  he  shall  refer  to  the  Bible  verses,  Cate- 
chism,   and   Hymn    as   given    in   the   lesson   for   the   day. 

6.  Each  teacher  shall  now  take  charge  of  his  class.  The 
story  as  told  by  the  superintendent  shall  be  read  aloud  by 
the  class,  each  child  having  a  copy  of  the  Lesson  Helps  at 
hand.  In  the  primary  department  the  teacher  may  read  the 
lesson  himself,   provided  his   pupils   are   not   yet   able   to   do   so. 

After    the    reading    of    the    lesson    he    shall    review    the    lesson 

Order  of  the  Sunday  School 

of  the  previous  Sunday,  using  the  questions  for  review  as 
given  at  the  close  of  each  lesson.  The  Bible  verses,  Catechism 
references,   and  Hymn   shall    be   recited  by   each   child   in   turn. 

7.  Teachers  and  classes  shall  again  assemble  and  sing 
a  Hymn. 

8.  Prayer: 

O  Lord  God,  Heavenly  Father,  Who  by  the  blessed 
light  of  Thy  divine  Word  hast  led  us  to  the  knowledge 
of  Thy  Son:  We  most  heartily  beseech  Thee  so 
to  replenish  us  with  the  grace  of  Thy  Holy  Spirit, 
that  we  may  ever  walk  in  the  light  of  Thy  truth,  and 
rejoicing  with  sure  confidence  in  Christ  our  Savior, 
may  in  the  end  be  brought  unto  everlasting  salvation; 
through  the  same,  Thy  Son,  our  Lord.    Amen. 

Almi-ghty  God,  our  Heavenly  Father,  Whose  mer- 
cies are  new  unto  us  every  morning,  and  Who,  though 
we  have  in  no  wise  deserved  Thy  goodness,  dost 
abundantly  provide  for  all  our  wants  of  body  and  soul ; 
Give  us,  we  pray  Thee.  Thy  Holp  Spirit,  that  we  may 
heartily  acknowledge  Thy  merciful  goodness  toward 
us,  give  thanks  for  all  Thy  benefits,  and  serve  Thee 
in  willing  obedience;  through  Jesus  Christ,  Thy  Son, 
our  Lord.     Amen. 

For  the  First  Part  of  the  Catechism: 

Almighty,  Eternal,  and  Righteous  God,  we  render 
Thee  most  hearty  thanks,  that  Thou  hast  revealed  to 
us  Thy  holy  will,  and  in  Thy  law  hast  shown  us  what 
to  do  and  leave  undone,  and  we  beseech  Thee,  of  Thy 
Fatherly  goodness  and  mercy,  for  Christ's  sake  for- 
give us  all  our  sins  and  wherever  we  have  violated 
Thy  law.  Send  us  Thy  Holy  Spirit  from  on  high, 
and  so  strengthen  and  guide  us,  that  we  may  serve 
Thee  in  a  truly  obedient  spirit  in  this  life  and  attain 
the  eternal  perfection  in  the  life  to  come;  through 
Jesus    Christ,    Thy    Son,    our    Lord,    Who    liveth    and 

Order  of  the   Sunday   School  5 

reigneth  with  Thee  and  the  Holy  Ghost,  ever  one  God, 
world  without  end.     Amen. 

For  the   Second  Part  of  the  Catechism: 

Almighty  and  Eternal  God,  Thou  hast  taught  us 
in  true  faith  to  know  and  to  acknowledge  Thee,  the 
Father,  Son,  and  Holy  Ghost,  one  eternal  God,  gra- 
cious and  merciful,  Who  hast  created,  redeemed,  and 
sanctified  us  according  to  Thy  wonderful  and  infinite 
love  and  grace :  We  supplicate  Thee,  ever  to  keep  us 
steadfast  in  such  faith.  Grant  us  grace,  that  we  may 
ever  laud,  praise,  magnify,  and  glorify  Thy  holy  Name; 
Who  livest  and  reignest  from  everlasting  to  everlast- 
ing.    Amen. 

For   the   Third   Part   of   the   Catechism: 

Lord  God,  Heavenly  Father,  Thou  hast  taught  us 
through  Thy  dear  Son  Jesus  Christ,  that  we  should 
ever  call  upon  Thee  in  all  confidence  and  trust  as  dear 
children  call  upon  their  dear  father:  We  beseech 
Thee  graciously  to  hear  and  accept  our  prayer  and 
supplication,  so  that  we  may  evermore  praise  Thee, 
and  magnify  Thy  holy  Name;  through  the  same.  Thy 
dear  Son,  our  Lord  and  Savior  Jesus  Christ.     Amen. 

For  the   Fourth  Part  of  the  Catechism: 

Help  us,  dear  Father,  that  we  may  ever  remember 
our  blessed  baptism,  find  therein  a  source  of  comfort, 
and  strength  in  times  of  temptation  and  trial,  live  a 
Christian  life  according  to  it,  wholly  consecrate  our- 
selves, body  and  soul,  to  Thee,  be  and  remain  Thine 
own  to  all  eternity,  for  Christ's  sake.  Who  liveth  and 
reigneth"  with  Thee  and  the  Holy  Ghost,  ever  one 
God,  world  without  end.    Amen. 

For  the   Fifth   Part   of  the   Catechism: 

Lord  God,  our  Heavenly  Father,  we  bless  Thee 
and  laud  Thy  mercy,  that  through  Jesus  Christ,  Thy 
dear  Son,  Thou  hast  given  us  the  blessed  Sacrament  of 

6  Order  of  the   Sunday   School 

Holy  Communion,  in  which  He  really  and  truly,  in, 
with,  and  under  the  bread  and  wine,  nourisheth  us 
with  His  body  and  blood  for  the  remission  of  sins. 
We  beseech  Thee,  grant  us  grace,  so  that  when  the 
time  comes  we,  too,  may  worthily  approach  Thy  Sac- 
rament and  receive  Thy  blessed  gift,  and  also  con- 
duct our  lives  in  accordance  with  it,  and  finally  enter 
into  the  eternal  rest  through  Jesus  Christ  our  Lord. 

For  the  Sick: 

O  Lord,  look  down  from  heaven,  behold,  visit,  and 
relieve  Thy  servants,  for  whom  we  offer  our  supplica- 
tions ;  look  upon  them  with  the  eyes  of  Thy  mercy ; 
give  them  comfort  and  sure  confidence  in  Thee ;  defend 
them  from  the  danger  of  the  enemy,  and  keep  them 
in  perpetual  peace  and  safety;  through  Jesus  Christ 
our  Lord.    Amen. 

For  Missions: 

Almighty  and  Eternal  God,  Who  dost  will  that  no 
man  should  perish,  but  all  be  brought  to  the  knowledge 
of  truth,  Who  hast  sent  Thy  dear  Son,  our  Lord 
Jesus  Christ,  into  the  world  to  seek  and  save  what  is 
lost :  We  supplicate  Thy  Fatherly  mercy,  grant  us 
and  all  true  believers  Thy  Holy  Spirit  and  grace,  that 
Thy  Word  may  dwell  in  our  midst  in  ever  increasing 
measure,  and  the  sound  thereof  go  out  through  all  the 
earth,  so  that  Thy  Gospel  may  be  preached  to  all 
nations  and  many  souls  be  saved  to  the  praise  of  Thy 
holy  Name,  and  all  peoples  thank  Thee,  and  all 
kings  worship  thee,  and  all  heathen  serve  Thee  in  the 
beauty  of  holiness,  through  Jesus  Christ,  Thy  dear 
Son,  our  Lord,  Who  liveth  and  reigneth  with  Thee 
and  the  Holy  Ghost,  one  God,  world  without  end. 

For    Teachers: 

Lord  God,  our  Heavenly  Father,  we.  too.  are  called 
to  serve  Thee  by  leading  the  lambs  of  Thy  flock  to  the 

Order    of   the    Sunday    School  7 

green  pastures  and  the  living  waters  of  Thy  holy 
Word,  and  thus  help  in  bringing  them  to  Thee.  We 
render  Thee  hearty  thanks  for  this  blessed  privilege, 
of  which  on  account  of  our  sins  and  shortcomings  w-e 
are  unworthy.  Have  mercy  upon  us  in  our  weak- 
ness and  sins,  and  graciously  strengthen  and  prosper 
us  in  the  fulfillment  of  our  duties.  Endow  us  with 
Thy  Holy  Spirit  that  we  might  rightly  understand  Thy 
Word  and  Will  and  properly  teach  and  live  it.  O  Lord 
Jesus  Christ,  Son  of  the  living  God,  Shepherd  and 
Bishop  of  our  souls,  fill  us  with  holy  and  consecrated 
zeal  that  we  may  bend  every  effort  to  serve  Thee  by 
serving  the  little  ones  of  Thy  flock.  May  Thy  special 
blessing  rest  upon  our  congregation  and  its  schools, 
its  pastor  and  teachers,  and  all  its  interests  and  ef- 
forts, and  make  of  it  a  tower  of  strength,  to  the  glory 
and  honor  of  Thy  Name.  O  Lord,  hear  our  humble 
petition;  Who  liveth  and  reigneth  with  the  Father 
and  the  Holy  Ghost,  ever  one  God,  world  without  end. 

For  Teachers'   Meetings: 

Almighty  and  Gracious  God.  the  Father  of.  our 
Lord  Jesus  Christ,  the  Author  and  Finisher  of  our 
faith,  most  humbly  do  we  beseech  Thee,  look  down 
upon  us  Thy  servants,  called  to  serve  Thee  as  teach- 
ers in  the  Sunday  school.  Grant  us  grace  and  wisdom 
most  diligently  to  do  the  work  assigned  to  us.  Fill 
us  with  Thy  Holy  Spirit,  without  Whom  we  can  do 
nothing  pleasing  in  Thy  sight.  Let  the  love  of  Christ 
so  constrain  us,  that  we  do  what  we  can  to  instruct, 
enlighten,  guide,  and  prosper  the  souls  entrusted  to 
our  care.  Vouchsafe  unto  them  a  more  sure  know- 
ledge and  hope  of  the  faith  once  delivered  to  the 
saints.  Grant  that  they  may  receive  the  Word  with 
humility  and  love,  gladly  hear  and  learn  it,  and  ear- 
nestly strive  after  a  godly  life.  May  they  grow  and 
develop  into  faithful  members  of  Thy  Kingdom  and 
useful  memibers  of  human  society  at  large,  deny  un- 
godliness and  worldly  lusts,  and  live  soberly,  right- 
eously, and  godly  in  this  present  world,  looking  for 
that  blessed  hope,  and  the  glorious  appearing  of  the 

8  Order  of  the  Sunday   School 

great  God  and  our  Savior  Jesus  Christ.  Mercifully 
incline  Thine  ears  to  our  supplications  for  the  sake  of 
our  adorable  Lord  and  Savior  Jesus  Christ,  Who  liv- 
eth  and  reigneth  with  Thee  and  the  Holy  Ghost,  ever 
one  God,  world  without  end.     Amen. 

Then  all  shall  unite  in  the  Lord's  Prayer: 

Our  Father,  who  art  in  heaven;  Hallowed  be  Thy 
Name ;  Thy  kingdom  come ;  Thy  will  be  done  on  earth, 
as  it  is  in  heaven;  Give  us  this  day  our  daily  bread; 
And  forgive  us  our  trespasses,  as  we  forgive  those 
who  trespass  against  us ;  And  lead  us  not  into  temp- 
tation; But  deliver  us  from  evil;  For  Thine  is  the 
kingdom,  and  the  power,  and  the  glory,  for  ever  and 
ever.    Amen. 

After  this  may  be  said: 

The  Grace  of  the  Lord  Jesus  Christ,  the  Love  of 
God,  and  the  Communion  of  the  Holy  Ghost,  be  with 
us  all.    Amen. 

f  flung  PFflpU'fi  BBtxttxtB 

A  Hymn   shall  be  sung. 

A  Psalm  shall  then  be  read  or  chanted  responsively. 
(See  selection  of  Psalms  on  pages  31  to  64.) 

Then    shall    be    read   or   chanted   the   Gloria    Patri. 

Glory  be  to  the  Father,  and  to  the  Son,  and  to 
the  Holy  Ghost :  As  it  was  in  the  beginning,  is  now, 
and  ever  shall  be,  world  without  end.     Amen. 

Then  shall  follow  the  Prayer..  (See  also  other  Prayers 
and  Collects  on  pages  9  to  13.) 

O  Lord  God,  Heavenly  Father,  we  give  Thee 
thanks,  that  of  Thy  great  goodness  and  mercy.  Thou 
didst  suffer  Thine  Only-begotten  Son  to  become  In- 
carnate, and  to  redeem  us  from  sin  and  everlasting 
death;  and  we  beseech  Thee,  enlighten  our  hearts 
by  Thy  Holy  Spirit,  that  we  may  evermore  yield  Thee 
unfeigned  thanks  for  this  Thy  grace,  and  may  com- 
fort ourselves  with  the  same  in  all  time  of  tribulation 
and  temptation;  through  the  same,  Thy  dear  Sjdti,  Jesus 
Christ,  our  Lord.    Amen. 

Almighty  God,  our  Heavenly  Father,  Who,  of  Thy 
tender  love  towards  us  sinners,  hast  given  us  Thy 
Son,  that  believing  on  Him  we  might  have  everlasting 
life:  Grant  us,  we  beseech  Thee,  Thy  Holy  Spirit, 
that  we  may  continue  steadfast  in  this  faith  to  the 
end,  and  may  come  to  everlasting  life;  through  Jesus 
Christ,  Thy  Son,  our  Lord.    Amen. 

O  Lord  God,  Heavenly  Father,  Who  hast  given 
Thine  only  Son  to  die  for  our  sins,  and  to  rise  again 
for  our  justification :  Quicken  us,  we  beseech  Thee, 
by  Thy  Holy  Spirit,  unto  newness  of  life,  that,  through 
the  power  of  His  resurrection,  we  may  dwell  with 
Christ  forever;  through  the  same,  our  Lord  Jesus 
Christ.    Amen. 

10  Opening  Service   for 

For  the   Church: 

Grant,  we  beseech  Thee.  Almighty  God,  unto  Thy 
Church,  Thy  Holy  Spirit,  and  the  wisdom  which  Com- 
eth down  from  above,  that  Thy  Word,  as  becometh 
it,  may  not  be  bound,  but  have  free  course  and  be 
preached  to  the  joy  and  edifying  of  Christ's  holy 
people,  that  in  steadfast  faith  we  may  serve  Thee, 
and  in  the  confession  of  Thy  Name  abide  unto  the 
end ;  through  Jesus  Christ  our  Lord.     Amen. 

O  God.  our  Protector :  Behold,  and  look  upon  the 
face  of  Thine  Anointed,  Who  hath  given  Himself  for 
the  redemption  of  all.  and  grant  that  from  the  rising 
of  the  sun  to  the  going  down  thereof.  Thy  Name  may 
be  great  among  the  Gentiles,  and  in  every  place, 
sacrifice  and  a  pure  offering  may  be  made  unto  Thy 
Name;  through  Jesus  Christ  our  Lord.    Amen. 

For  the   Ministers  of  the  Word: 

Almighty  and  gracious  God,  the  Father  of  our 
Lord  Jesus  Christ,  Who  hast  commanded  us  to  pray 
that  Thou  wouldest  send  forth  laborers  into  Thy  har- 
vest :  Of  Thine  infiinte  mercy  give  us  true  teachers 
and  ministers  of  Thy  Word,  and  put  Thy  saving  gos- 
pel in  their  hearts  and  on  their  lips,  that  they  mav 
truly  fulfill  Thy  command,  and  preach  nothing  con- 
trary to  Thy  holy  Word ;  that  we.  being  warned,  in- 
structed, nurtured,  comforted,  and  strengthened  by 
Thy  heavenly  Word,  may  do  these  things  which  are 
well-pleasing  to  Thee,  and  profitable  to  us ;  through 
Jesus  Christ  our  Lord.    Amen, 

For   Purity: 

Almighty  God,  unto  Whom  all  hearts  are  open, 
all  desires  known,  and  from  Whom  no  secrets  are  hid: 
Cleanse  the  thoughts  of  our  hearts  by  the  inspiration 
of  Thy  Holy  Spirit,  that  we  may  perfectly  love  Thee, 
and  worthily  magnify  Thy  holy  Name;  through  Jesus 
Christ  our  Lord.     Amen. 

Young  People's  Societies  11 

For  Humility:  ' 

O  God,  Who  resistest  the  proud,  and  givest  grace 
to  the  humole:  brant  unto  us  true  numility,  atter  the 
likeness  in  which  Thine  Only  Son  hath  revealed  it  in 
Himself,  that  we  may  never  be  lifted  up  and  provoke 
Thy  wrath,  but  in  all  lowliness  be  made  partakers  of 
the  gifts  of  Thy  grace;  through  Jesus  Christ  our  Lord. 

For  Peace: 

O  God,  Who  art  the  Author  of  peace  and  Lover 
of  concord,  in  knowledge  of  Whom  standeth  out  eter- 
nal life.  Whose  service  is  perfect  freedom:  Defend  us. 
Thy  humble  servants,  in  all  assaults  of  our  enemies; 
that  we,  surely  trusting  in  Thy  defence,  may  not  fear 
the  power  of  any  adversaries ;  through  the  might  of 
Jesus  Christ  our  Lord.     Amen. 

For   Unity: 

O  God,  Who  restorest  to  the  right  way  them  that 
err,  Who  gatherest  them  that  are  scattered,  and  pre- 
servest  them  that  are  gathered :  Of  Thy  tender  mercy, 
we  beseech  Thee,  pour  upon  Thy  Christian  people  the 
grace  of  unity,  that,  all  schisms  being  healed,  Thy 
flock,  united  to  the  true  Shepherd  of  Thy  Church,  may 
worthily  serve  Thee;  through  Jesus  Christ  our  Lord. 

For  Peace   and  Quietness: 

O  Lord,  we  beseech  Thee,  mercifully  to  hear  the 
prayers  of  Thy  Church,  that  we,  being  delivered  from 
all  adversities,  and  serving  Thee  with  a  quiet  mind, 
may  enjoy  Thy  peace  all  the  days  of  our  lite;  through 
Jesus  Christ  our  Lord.    Amen. 

For   the    Sick: 

Almighty,  Everlasting  God,  the  eternal  Salvation 
of  them  that  believe :  Hear  our  prayers  in  behalf  of 
Thy  servants  who  are  sick,  for  whom  we  implore  the 
aid  of  Thy  mercy,  that  being  restored  to  health,  they 

12  ()pening    Service    for 

may   render   thanks  to  Thee   in  Thy   Church;   through 
Jesus  Christ  our  Lord.    Amen. 


O  Lord  God,  Heavenly  Father,  from  Whom  with- 
out ceasing  we  receive  abundantly  all  good  gifts,  and 
Who  daily  of  Thy  pure  grace  guardest  us  against  all 
evil :  Grant  us,  we  beseech  Thee,  Thy  Holy  Spirit, 
that  acknowledging  with  our  whole  heart  all  this  Thy 
goodness,  we  may  now  and  evermore  thank  and  oraise 
Thy  loving-kindness  and  tender  mercy;  through  Jesus 
Christ,  Thy  Son,  our  Lord.     Amen. 

For    Grace    to    receive    the    Word: 

Blessed  Lord,  Who  hast  caused  all  Holy  Scrip- 
tures to  be  written  for  our  learning:  Grant  that  _we 
may  in  such  wise  hear  them,  read,  mark^  learn,  and  in- 
wardly digest  them,  that  by  patience  and  comfort  of 
Thy  holy  Word,  we  may  embrace,  and  ever  hold  fast 
the  blessed  hope  of  everlasting  life,  which  Thou  hast 
given  us  in  our  Savior  Jesus  Christ.     Amen. 

For   Spiritual    Renewal: 

Almighty  God,  Who  hast  given  us  Thine  Only- 
begotten  Son  to  take  our  nature  upon  Him:  Grant 
that  we  being  regenerate,  and  made  Thy  children  by 
adoption  and  grace,  may  daily  be  renewed  by  Thy 
Holy  Spirit;  through  the  same,  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ. 

For  Grace   to   do  God's   Will: 

Almighty  God,  give  us  grace  that  we  may  cast 
away  the  works  of  darknness,  and  put  upon  us  the 
armor  of  light,  now  in  the  time  of  this  mortal  life,  in 
which  Thy  Son  Jesus  Christ  came  to  visit  us  in  great 
humility;  that  in  the  last  day,  when  He  shall  come 
again  in  His  glorious  majesty  to  judge  both  the  quick 
and  the  dead,  we  may  rise  to  the  life  immortal: 
through  Jesus  Christ  our  Lord.     Amen. 

Young  People's  Societies  13 

For  Aid  against  Temptation: 

O  God,  Who  justifiest  the  ungodly,  and  Who  de- 
sirest  not  the  death  of  the  sinner:  We  humbly  implore 
Thy  majesty,  that  Thou  wouldest  graciously  assist,  by 
Thy  heavenly  aid,  and  evermore  shield  with  Thy  pro- 
tection, Thy  servants  who  trust  in  Thy  mercy,  that 
they  may  be  separated  by  no  temptations  from  Thee, 
and,  without  ceasing,  may  serve  Thee;  through  Jesus 
Christ,  Thy  Son,   our   Lord.     Amen. 

For  Likeness   to  Christ: 

Almighty  God,  Who  hast  given  Thine  Only-be- 
gotten Son  to  be  unto  us  both  a  sacrifice  for  sin  and 
also  an  example  of  godly  life :  Give  us  grace  that 
we  may  always  most  thankfully  receive  this  inestim- 
able benefit,  and  also  daily  endeavor  ourselves  to  fol- 
low the  blessed  steps  of  His  most  holy  life;  through 
the  same,  Jesus  Christ  our  Lord.     Amen. 

For    the    Holy    Spirit: 

O  Lord  God,  Heavenly  Father,  Who  by  the  blessed 
light  of  Thy  divine  Word  hast  led  us  to  the  knowledge 
of  Thy  Son :  We  most  heartily  beseech  Thee  so  to 
replenish  us  with  the  grace  of  Thy  Holy  Spirit,  that 
we  may  ever  walk  in  the  light  of  Thy  truth,  and  re- 
joicing with  sure  confidence  in  Christ  our  Savior, 
may  in  the  end  be  brought  unto  everlasting  salvation; 
through  the  same,  Thy  Son,  our  Lord.     Amen. 

For  Answer  to  Prayer: 

Almighty  God,  the  Fountain  of  all  wisdom,  Who 
knowest  our  necessities  before  we  ask,  and  our  ig- 
norance in  asking:  We  beseech  Thee  to  have  com- 
passion upon  our  infirmities;  and  those  things  which 
for  our  unworthiness  we  dare  not,  and  for  our  blind- 
ness we  can  not  ask,  vouchsafe  to  give  us,  for  the 
worthiness  of  Thy  Son,  Jesus  Christ  our  Lord.    x\men. 

Then  shall  follow  a  Scripture  Lesson.  (See  list  of  Scrip- 
ture Lessons,  pages  15  to  31.) 

After   the   Lesson   another  Hymn   may   be   sung. 

Then   shall   follow   the  Transaction  of  Business. 

14  Closin<i   Service 

A  Hymn   shall   be   sung. 

Then  shall  follow  the  Collect  for  Peace.  (See  also  the 
Collects  and  Prayers  on  pages  9  to  13.) 

O  God,  from  Whom  all  holy  desires,  all  good  coun- 
sels, and  all  just  works  do  proceed:  Give  unto  Thy 
servants  that  peace,  which  the  world  can  not  give ; 
that  our  hearts  may  be  set  to  obey  Thv  command- 
ments, and  also  that  by  Thee,  we  being  defended  from 
the  fear  of  our  enemies,  may  pass  our  time  in  rest  and 
quietness ;  through  the  merits  of  Jesus  Christ  our 
Savior,  Who  liveth  and  reigneth  with  Thee,  and  the 
Holy  Ghost,  ever  one  God,  world  without  end.     Amen. 

Then   all   shall   say   the  Lord's  Prayer: 

Our  Father,  Who  art  in  heaven;  Hallowed  be 
Thy  Name;  Thy  kingdom  come;  Thy  will  be  done,  on 
earth,  as  it  is  in  heaven;  Give  us  this  day  our  daily 
bread ;  And  forgive  us  our  trespasses,  as  we  forgive 
those  who  trespass  against  us;  And  lead  us  not  into 
temptation ;  But  deliver  us  from  evil ;  For  Thine  is  the 
kingdom,  and  the  power,  and  the  glorv,  for  ever  and 
ever.     Amen. 

After    this    may    be    said: 

The  Grace  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ,  and  the 
Love  of  God,  and  the  Communion  of  the  Holy  Ghost, 
be  with  us  all.     Amen. 

Scripture    Lessons  -  15 

Bttxptnrt  2jp0B0ttfl 

LUKE    1:46-55. 

46  And  Mary  said,  My  soul  doth  magnify  the 

47  And  my  spirit  hath  rejoiced  in  God  my  Savior. 

48  For  he  hath  regarded  the  low  estate  of  his 
handmaiden :  for,  behold,  from  henceforth  all  genera- 
tions shall  call  me  blessed. 

49  For  he  that  is  mighty  hath  done  to  me  great 
things;  and  holy  is  his  name. 

50  And  his  mercy  is  on  them  that  fear  him  from 
generation  to  generation. 

51  He  hath  shewed  strength  with  his  arm ;  he  hath 
scattered  the  proud  in  the  imagination  of  their  hearts. 

52  He  hath  put  down  the  mighty  from  their  seats, 
and  exalted  them  of  low  degree. 

53  He  hath  filled  the  hungry  with  good  things ;  and 
the  rich  he  hath  sent  empty  away. 

54  He  hath  holpen  his  servant  Israel  in  remem- 
brance of  his  mercy; 

55  As  he  spake  to  our  fathers,  to  Abraham,  and  to 
his  seed  for  ever. 

LUKE    1:68—79. 

68  Blessed  be  the  Lord  God  of  Israel ;  for  he  hath 
visited  and  redeemed  his   people. 

69  And  hath  raised  up  an  horn  of  salvation  for  us 
in  the  house  of  his  servant  David; 

70  As  he  spake  by  the  mouth  of  his  holy  prophets, 
which  have  been  since  the  world  began; 

71  That  we  should  be  saved  from  our  enemies,  and 
from  the  hand  of  all  that  hate  us; 

72  To  perform  the  mercy  promised  to  our  fathers, 
and  to   remember  his  holy  covenant; 

73  The  oath  which  he  sware  to  our  father  Abra- 
ham ; 

16  Scripture  Lessons 

74  That  he  would  grant  unto  us,  that  we  being 
delivered  out  of  the  hand  of  our  enemies  might  serve 
him  without  fear, 

75  In  holiness  and  righteousness  before  him,  all 
the  days  of  our  life. 

Id  And  thou,  child,  shalt  be  called  the  prophet  of 
the  Highest :  for  thou  shalt  go  before  the  face  of  the 
Lord  to  prepare  his  ways; 

n  To  give  knowledge  of  salvation  unto  his  peo- 
ple by  the  remission  of  their  sins, 

78  Through  the  tender  mercy  of  our  God;  where- 
by the  dayspring  from  on  high  hath  visited  us, 

79  To  give  light  to  them  that  sit  in  darkness  and 
in  the  shadow  of  death,  to  guide  our  feet  into  the  way 
of  peace. 

ISAIAH    52:  13-53:  12. 

13  Behold,  my  servant  shall  deal  prudently,  he 
shall  be  exalted  and  extolled,  and  be  very  high. 

14  As  many  were  astonished  at  thee;  his  visage 
was  so  marred  more  than  any  man,  and  his  form  more 
than  the  sons  of  men; 

15  So  shall  he  sprinkle  many  nations;  the  kings 
shall  shut  their  mouths  at  him :  for  that  which  had 
not  been  told  them  shall  they  see;  and  that  which  they 
had  not  heard  shall  they  consider. 

1  Who  hath  believed  our  report?  and  to  whom 
is  the  arm  of  the  Lord  revealed? 

2  For  he  shall  grow  up  before  him  as  a  tender 
plant,  and  as  a  root  out  of  a  dry  ground :  he  hath 
no  form  nor  comeliness ;  and  when  we  shall  see  him, 
there  is  no  beauty  that  we  should  desire  him. 

3  He  is  despised  and  rejected  of  men;  a  man  of 
sorrows,  and  acquainted  with  grief:  and  we  hid  as  it 
were  our  faces  from  him;  he  was  despised,  and  we 
esteemed  him  not. 

4  Surely  he  hath  borne  our  griefs,  and  carried  our 

Scripture    Lessons  17 

sorrows  :   yet  we  did  esteem  him   stricken,   smitten  of 
God,  and  afflicted. 

5  But  he  was  wounded  for  our  transgressions,  he 
was  bruised  for  our  iniquities  :  the  chastisement  of  our 
peace  was  upon  him;  and  with  his  stripes  we  are 

6  All  we  like  sheep  have  gone  astray;  we  have 
turned  every  one  to  his  own  way;  and  the  Lord  hath 
laid  on  him  the  iniquity  of  us  all. 

7  He  was  oppressed,  and  he  was  afflicted,  yet  he 
opened  not  his  mouth :  he  is  brought  as  a  lamb  to  the 
slaughter,  and  as  a  sheep  before  her  shearers  is  dumb, 
so  he  openeth  not  his  mouth. 

8  He  was  taken  from  prison  and  from  judgment: 
and  who  shall  declare  his  generation?  for  he  was 
cut  off  out  of  the  land  of  the  living:  for  the  trans- 
gression of  my  people  was  he  stricken. 

9  And  he  made  his  grave  with  the  wicked,  and 
with  the  rich  in  his  death;  because  he  had  done  no 
violence,  neither  was  any  deceit  in  his  mouth. 

10  Yet  it  pleased  the  Lord  to  bruise  him;  he  hath 
put  him  to  grief:  when  thou  shalt  make  his  soul  an 
offering  for  sin,  he  shall  see  his  seed,  he  shall  pro- 
long his  days,  and  the  pleasure  of  the  Lord  shall  pros- 
per in  his   hand. 

11  He  shall  see  of  the  travail  of  his  soul,  and 
shall  be  satisfied :  by  his  knowledge  shall  my  righteous 
servant  justify  many;  for  he  shall  bear  their  iniqui- 

12  Therefore  will  I  divide  him  a  portion  with  the 
great,  and  he  shall  divide  the  spoil  with  the  strong; 
because  he  hath  poured  out  his  soul  unto  death  :  and 
he  was  numbered  with  the  transgressors;  and  he  bare 
the  sin  of  many,  and  made  intercessoin  for  the  trans- 

MARK    14:32—41. 

32  And  they  came  to  a  place  which  was  named 
Gethsemane :  and  he  saith  to  his  disciples,  Sit  ye  here, 
while  I  shall  pray. 

18  Scripture    Lessons 

33  And  he  taketli  with  him  Peter  and  James  and 
John,  and  began  to  be  sore  amazed,  and  to  be  very 

34  And  saith  unto  them,  My  soul  is  exceeding 
sorrowful   unto   death :   tarry  ye   here,   and   watch. 

35  And  he  went  forward  a  little,  and  fell  on  the 
ground,  and  prayed  that,  if  it  were  possible,  the  hour 
might  pass  from  him. 

36  And  he  said,  Abba,  Father,  all  things  are  pos- 
sible unto  thee;  take  away  this  cup  from  me:  never- 
theless not  what  I  will,  but  what  thou  wilt. 

37  And  he  cometh,  and  findeth  them  sleeping,  and 
saith  unto  Peter,  Simon,  sleepest  thou?  couldest  not 
thou  watch  one  hour? 

38  Watch  ye  and  pray,  lest  ye  enter  into  tempta- 
tion.   The  spirit  truly  is  ready,  but  the  flesh  is  weak. 

39  And  again  he  went  away,  and  prayed,  and 
spake  the  same  words. 

40  And  when  he  returned,  he  found  them  asleep 
again,  (for  their  eyes  were  heavy,)  neither  wist  they 
what  to  answer  him. 

41  And  he  cometh  the  third  time,  and  saith  unto 
them.  Sleep  on  now.  and  take  your  rest :  it  is  enough, 
the  hour  is  come;  behold  the  Son  of  man  is  betrayed 
into  the  hands  of  sinners. 

JOHN   19:  16—19,   25—30. 

16  Then  delivered  he  him  therefore  unto  them  to 
be  crucified.    And  they  took  Jesus,  and  led  him  away. 

17  And  he  bearing  his  cross  went  forth  into  a  place 
called  the  place  of  a  skull,  which  is  called  in  the 
Hebrew  Golgatha  : 

18  Where  they  crucified  him.  and  two  other  with 
him,  on  either  side  one,  and  Jesus  in  the  midst. 

Scripture  Lessons  19 

19  And  Pilate  wrote  a  title,  and  put  it  on  the  cross. 
And  the  writing  was,  JESUS  OF  NAZARETH  THE 

25  Now  there  stood  by  the  cross  of  Jesus  his 
mother,  and  his  mother's  sister,  Mary  the  wife  of 
Cleophas,  and  Mary   Magdalene. 

26  When  Jesus  therefore  saw  his  mother,  and  the 
dicciple  standing  by,  whom  he  loved,  he  saith  unto  his 
mother,  Woman,  behold  thy  son ! 

27  Then  saith  he  to  the  disciple.  Behold  thy  moth- 
er !  and  from  that  hour  that  disciple  took  her  unto 
his   own   home. 

28  After  this.  Jesus  knowing  that  all  things  were 
now  accomplished,  that  the  scripture  might  be  ful- 
filled, saith,  I  thirst. 

29  Now  there  was  set  a  vessel  full  of  vinegar :  and 
they  filled  a  sponge  with  vinegar,  and  put  it  upon 
hyssop,  and  put  to  to  his  mouth. 

30  When  Jesus  therefore  had  received  the  vine- 
gar, he  said,  It  is  finished :  and  he  bowed  his  head, 
and  gave  up  the  ghost. 

MATT.   28:  1—8. 

1  In  the  end  of  the  sabbath,  as  it  began  to  dawn 
toward  the  first  day  of  the  week,  came  Mary  Magda- 
lene and  the  other  Mary  to  see  the   sepulchre. 

2  And,  behold,  there  was  a  great  earthquake :  for 
the  angel  of  the  Lord  descended  from  heaven,  and 
came  and  rolled  back  the  stone  from  the  door,  and  sat 
upon  it. 

3  His  countenance  was  like  lightning,  and  his 
raiment  white  as  snow : 

4  And  for  fear  of  him  the  keepers  did  shake,  and 
became  as  dead  men. 

5  And  the  angel  answered  and  said  unto  the  wo- 
men, Fear  not  ye  :  for  I  know  that  ye  seek  Jesus,  which 
was  crucified. 

20'  Scripture  Lessons 

6  He  is  not  here :  for  he  is  risen,  as  he  said.  Come, 
see  the  place  where  the  Lord  lay. 

7  And  go  quickly,  and  tell  his  disciples  that  he  is 
risen  from  the  dead;  and,  behold,  he  goeth  before 
you  into  Galilee;  there  shall  ye  see  him;  lo,  I  have 
told  you. 

8  And  they  departed  quickly  from  the  sepulchre 
with  fear  and  great  joy;  and  did  run  to  bring  his  dis- 
ciples word. 

I   COR.    1:  17—31. 

17  For  Christ  sent  me  not  to  baptize,  but  to  preach 
the  Gospel :  not  with  wisdom  of  words,  lest  the  cross 
of  Christ  should  be  made  of  none  effect. 

18  For  the  preaching  of  the  cross  is  to  them  that 
perish  foolishness;  but  unto  us  which  are  saved  it  is 
the  power  of  God. 

19  For  it  is  written,  I  will  destroy  the  wisdom  of 
the  wise,  and  will  bring  to  nothing  the  understanding 
of  the  prudent. 

20  Where  is  the  wise?  where  is  the  scribe?  where 
is  the  disputer  of  this  world?  hath  not  God  made  fool- 
ish the  wnsdom  of  this  world? 

21  For  after  that  in  the  wisdom  of  God  the  world 
by  Avisdom  knew  not  God,  it  pleased  God  bv  the  fool- 
ishness of  preaching  to  save  them  that  believe. 

22  For  the  Jews  require  a  sign,  and  the  Greeks 
seek  after  wisdom : 

23  But  w^e  preach  Christ  crucified,  unto_  the  Jews 
a  stumblingblock,  and  unto  the  Greeks  foolishness; 

24  But  unto  them  which  are  called,  both  Jews  and 
Greeks,  Christ  the  power  of  God,  and  the  wisdom  of 

25  Because  the  foolishness  of  God  is  wiser  than 
men;  and  the  weakness  of  God  is  stronger  than  men. 

26  For  ye  see  your  calling,  brethren,  how^  that 
not  many  wise  men  after  the  flesh,  nDt  many  mighty, 
not  many  noble,   are  called: 

Scripture  Lessons  21 

21  But  God  hath  chosen  the  foolish  things  of  the 
world  to  confound  the  wise;  and  God  hath  chosen  the 
v/eak  things  of  the  world  to  confound  the  things  which 
are  mighty; 

28  And  base  things  of  the  world,  and  things  which 
are  despised,  hath  God  chosen,  yea,  and  things  which 
are  not,  to  bring  to  nought  things  that  are : 

29  That  no  flesh  should  glory  in  his  presence. 

30  But  of  him  are  ye  in  Christ  Jesus,  who  of  God 
is  made  unto  us  wisdom,  and  righteousness,  and  sanc- 
tification,  and  redemption: 

31  That,  according  as  it  is  written,  Ke  that  glo- 
rieth,  let  him  glory  in  the  Lord. 

JOHN   3:  16-21. 

16  For  God  so  loved  the  world,  that  he  gave  his 
only  begotten  Son,  that  whosoever  believeth  in  him 
should  not  perish,  but  have  everlasting  life. 

17  For  God  sent  not  his  Son  into  the  world  to 
condemn  the  world;  but  that  the  world  through  him 
might  be  saved. 

18  He  that  believeth  on  him  is  not  condemned : 
but  he  that  believeth  not  is  condemned  already,  be- 
cause he  hath  not  believed  in  the  name  of  the  only 
begotten  Son  of  God. 

19  And  this  is  the  condemnation,  that  light  is  come 
into  the  world,  and  men  loved  darkness  rather  than 
light,  because  their  deeds  were  evil. 

20  For  every  one  that  doeth  evil  hateth  the  light, 
neither  cometh  to  the  light,  lest  his  deeds  should  be 

21  But  he  that  doeth  truth  cometh  to  the  light, 
that  his  deeds  may  be  made  manifest,  that  they  are 
wrought  in  God. 

LUKE  15:  11—24. 

11  And  he  said,  A  certain  man  had  two  sons: 

12  And   the  younger   of  them   said   to   his    father. 

22  Scripture  Lessons 

Father,  give  rne  the  portion  of  goods  that  falleth  to 
me.     And  he  divided  unto  them  his  living. 

13  And  not  many  days  after,  the  younger  son  gath- 
ered all  together,  and  took  his  journey  into  a  far  coun- 
try, and  there  wasted  his  substance  with  riotous  liv- 

14  And  vvhen  he  had  spent  all,  there  arose  a 
mighty  famine  in  that  land  and  he  began  to  be  in 

15  And  he  went  and  joined  himself  to  a  citizen 
of  that  country;  and  he  sent  him  into  his  fields  to  feed 

16  And  he  would  fain  have  filled  his  belly  with 
the  husks  that  the  swine  did  eat :  and  no  man  gave 
unto  him. 

17  And  when  he  came  to  himself,  he  said,  How 
many  hired  servants  of  my  father's  have  bread  enough 
and  to  spare,  and  I  perish  with  hunger! 

18  I  will  arise  and  go  to  my  father,  and  will  say 
unto  him,  Father,  I  have  sinned  against  heaven,  and 
before  thee, 

19  And  am  no  more  worthy  to  be  called  thy  son  ; 
make  me  as  one  of  thy  hired  servants. 

20  And  he  arose,  and  came  to  his  father,  but  when 
he  was  yet  a  great  way  off,  his  father  saw  him,  and 
had  compassion,  and  ran,  and  fell  on  his  neck,  and 
kissed   him. 

21  And  the  son  said  unto  him,  Father,  I  have  sin- 
ned against  heaven,  and  in  thy  sight,  and  am  no  more 
worthy  to  be  called  thy  son. 

22  But  the  father  said  to  his  servant,  Bring  forth 
the  best  robe  and  put  it  on  him;  and  put  a  ring  on  his 
hand,  and  shoes  on  his   feet. 

23  And  bring  hither  the  fatted  calf,  and  kill  it; 
and  let  us  eat,  and  be  merry : 

24  For  this  my  son  was  dead,  and  is  alive  again; 
he    was    lost,    and    is    found.     And    they    began    to    be 


Scripture  Lessons  23 

JOHN  21 :  15—17. 

15  So  when  they  had  dined,  Jesus  saith  to  Simon 
Peter,  Simon,  son  of  Jonas,  lovest  thou  me  more  than 
these?  He  saith  unto  him.  Yea,  Lord;  thou  knowest 
that  I  love  thee.     He  saith  unto  him.  Feed  my  lambs. 

16  He  saith  to  him  again  the  second  time,  Simon, 
son  of  Jonas,  lovest  thou  me?  He  saith  unto  him,  Yea, 
Lord ;  thou  knowest  that  I  love  thee.  He  saith  unto 
him.  Feed  my  sheep. 

17  He  saith  unto  him  the  third  time,  Simon,  son 
of  Jonas,  lovest  thou  me?  Peter  was  grieved  because 
he  said  unto  him  the  third  time,  Lovest  thou  me?  And 
he  said  unto  him.  Lord,  thou  knowest  all  things ;  thou 
knowest  that  I  love  thee.  Jesus  saith  unto  him,  Feed 
my  sheep. 

MARK  10:  17—31. 

17  And  when  he  was  gone  forth  into  the  way,  there 
came  one  running,  and  kneeled  to  him,  and  asked  him, 
Good  Master,  what  shall  I  do  that  I  may  inherit  eter- 
nal life? 

18  And  Jesus  said  unto  him.  Why  callest  thou  me 
good?  there  is  none  good  but  one,  that  is,  God. 

19  Thou  knowest  the  commandments,  Do  not  com- 
mit adultery,  Do  not  kill.  Do  not  steal,  Do  not  bear 
false  witness.  Defraud  not.  Honor  thy  father  and 

20  And  he  answered  and  said  unto  him.  ^Master, 
all  these  have  I  observed  from  my  youth. 

21  Then  Jesus  beholding  him  loved  him,  and  said 
unto  him,  One  thing  thou  lackest :  go  thy  way,  sell 
whatsoever  thou  hast,  and  give  to  the  poor,  and  thou 
shalt  have  treasure  in  heaven :  and  come,  take  up 
the  cross,  and  follow  me. 

22  And  he  was  sad  at  that  saying,  and  went  away 
grieved  :  for  he  had  great  possessions. 

24  Scripture  Lessons 

23  And  Jesus  looked  round  about,  and  saith  unto 
his  disciples,  How  hardly  shall  they  that  have  riches 
enter  into  the  Kingdom  of  God ! 

24  And  the  disciples  were  astonished  at  his  words. 
But  Jesus  answereth  again,  and  saith  unto  them,  Chil- 
dren, how  hard  is  it  for  them  that  trust  in  riches  to 
enter  into  the  kingdom  of  God ! 

25  It  is  easier  for  a  camel  to  go  through  the  eye 
of  a  needle,  than  for  a  rich  man  to  enter  into  the  king- 
dom of  God. 

26  And  they  \vere  astonished  out  of  measure,  say- 
ing among  themselves.  Who  then  can  be  saved? 

27  And  Jesus  looking  upon  them  saith,  With  men 
it  is  impossible,  but  not  with  God :  for  with  God  all 
things  are  possible. 

28  Then  Peter  began  to  say  unto  him,  Lo,  we  have 
left  all,  and  have  followed  thee. 

29  And  Jesus  answered  and  said.  Verily  I  say  un- 
to you,  There  is  no  man  that  hath  left  house,  or  breth- 
ren, or  sisters,  or  father,  or  mother,  or  wife,  or  chil- 
dren, or  lands,  for  my  sake,  and  the  Gospel's, 

30  But  he  shall  receive  an  hundredfold  now  in  this 
time,  houses,  and  brethren,  and  sisters,  and  mothers, 
and  children,  and  lands,  with  persecutions;  and  in  the 
world   to   come   eternal   life. 

31  But  many  that  are  first  shall  be  last;  and  the 
last  first. 

MATT.    5 :  1—12. 

1  And  seeing  the  multitudes,  he  went  up  into  a 
mountain :  and  when  he  was  set,  his  disciples  came 
unto  him: 

2  And  he  opened  his  mouth,  and  taught  them,  say- 

3  Blessed  are  the  poor  in  spirit,  for  theirs  is  the 
kingdom  of  heaven. 

Scripture  Lessons  25 

4  Blessed  are  they  that  mourn :  for  they  shall  be 

5  Blessed  are  the  meek:  for  they  shall  inherit  the 

6  Blessed  are  they  which  do  hunger  and  thirst 
after   righteousness :   for  they   shall  be  filled. 

7  Blessed  are  the  merciful :  for  they  shall  obtain 

8  Blessed  are  the  pure  in  heart :  for  they  shall  see 

9  Blessed  are  the  peacemakers  :  for  they  shall  be 
called  the  children  of  God. 

10  Blessed  are  they  which  are  persecuted  for 
righteousness'  sake :  for  theirs  is  the  kingdom  of  hea- 

11  Blessed  are  ye,  when  men  shall  revile  you,  and 
persecute  you,  and  shall  say  all  manner  of  evil  against 
you  falsely,  for  my  sake. 

12  Rejoice,  and  be  exceeding  glad :  for  great  is 
your  reward  in  heaven :  for  so  persecuted  they  the 
prophets  which  were  before  you. 

I  COR.   13:  1—13. 

1  Though  I  speak  with  the  tongues  of  men  and 
of  angels,  and  have  not  charity,  I  am  become  as 
sounding  brass,  or  a  tinkling  cymbal. 

2  And  though  I  have  the  gift  of  prophecy,  and 
understand  all  mystery,  and  all  knowledge ;  and 
though  I  have  all  faith,  so  that  I  could  remove  moun- 
tains, and  have  not  charity,  I  am  nothing. 

3  And  though  I  bestow  all  my  goods  to  feed  the 
poor,  and  though  I  give  my  body  to  be  burned,  and 
have  not  charity,  it  profiteth  me  nothing. 

4  Charity  sufTereth  long,  and  is  kind;  charity  en- 
vieth  not ;  charity  vaunteth  not  itself,  is  not  pufiFed  up, 

26  Scripture  Lessons 

5  Doth  not  behave  itself  unseemly,  seeketh  not 
her  own,  is  not  easily  provoked,  thinketh  no  evil ; 

6  Rejoiceth  not  in  iniquity,  but  rejoiceth  in  the 

7  Rearcth  all  things,  believeth  all  things,  hopetli 
all  things,  endureth  all  things. 

8  Charity  never  faileth :  but  whether  there  be 
prophecies,  they  shall  fail;  whether  there  be  tongues, 
they  shall  cease;  whether  there  be  knowledge,  it  shall 
vanish  away. 

9  For  we  know  in  part,  and  w^e  prophesy  in  part. 

10  But  when  that  which  is  perfect  is  come,  then 
that  which  is  in  part  shall  be  done  away. 

11  When  I  was  a  child.  I  spake  as  a  child.  I 
understood  as  a  child,  I  thought  as  a  child  :  but  when 
I  became  a  man,  I  put  away  childish  things. 

12  For  now  we  see  through  a  glass,  darkly;  but 
then  face  to  face :  now  I  know  in  part ;  but  then  shall 
I  know  even  as  also  I  am  known. 

13  And  now  abideth  faith,  hope,  charity,  these 
three;  but  the  greatest  of  these  is  charity. 

EXODUS  15:  1-21. 

1  Then  sang  Moses  and  the  children  of  Israel  this 
aong  unto  the  Lord,  and  spake,  saying.  I  will  sing 
unto  the  Lord,  for  he  hath  triumphed  gloriously  :  the 
horse  and  his   rider  hath   he   thrown   into  the   sea. 

2  The  Lord  is  my  strength  and  song,  and  he  is 
become  my  salvation  :  he  is  my  God,  and  I  will  pre- 
pare him  an  habitation;  my  father's  God,  and  I  will 
exalt  him. 

3  The  Lord  is  a  man  of  war:  the  Lord  is  his 

4  Pharaoh's  chariots  and  his  host  hath  he  cast  into 
the  sea  :  his  chosen  captains  also  are  drowned  in  the 
Red  Sea. 

Scripture  Lessons  27 

5  The  depths  have  covered  them;  they  sank  into 
the  bottom  as  a  stone. 

6  Thy  right  hand,  O  Lord,  is  become  glorious  in 
power :  thy  right  hand,  O  Lord,  hath  dashed  in  pieces 
the  enemy. 

7  And  in  the  greatness  of  thine  excellency  thou 
hast  overthrown  them  that  rose  up  against  thee :  thou 
sentest  forth  thy  wrath,  which  consumed  them  as 

8  And  with  the  blast  of  thy  nostrils  the  waters 
were  gathered  together,  the  floods  stood  upright  as  an 
heap,  and  the  depths  were  congealed  in  the  heart 
of  the  sea. 

9  The  enemy  said,  I  will  pursue,  I  will  overtake, 
I  will  divide  the  spoil,  my  lust  shall  be  satisfied  upon 
them ;  I  will  draw  my  sword,  my  hand  shall  destroy 

10  Thou  didst  blow  with  thy  wind,  the  sea  covered 
them :  they  sank  as  lead  in  the  mighty  waters. 

11  Who  is  like  unto  thee,  O  Lord,  among  the 
gods?  who  is  like  thee,  glorious  in  holiness,  fearful 
in  praises,  doing  wonders? 

12  Thou  stretchedst  out  thy  right  hand,  the  earth 
swallowed  them. 

13  Thou  in  thy  mercy  hast  led  forth  the  people 
which  thou  hast  redeemed :  thou  hast  guided  them  in 
thy  strength  unto  thy  holy  habitation. 

14  The  people  shall  hear,  and  be  afraid :  sorrow 
shall  take  hold  on  the  inhabitants  of  Palestine. 

15  Then  the  dukes  of  Edom  shall  be  amazed;  the 
mighty  men  of  Moab,  trembling  shall  take  hold,  upon 
them;  all  the  inhabitants  of  Canaan  shall  melt  away>  ■ 

16  Fear  and  dread  shall  fall  upon  them;  by  the 
greatness  of  thine  arm  they  shall  be  as  still  as  a 
stone;  till  thy  people  pass  over,  O  Lord,  till  the  people 
pass  over,  which  thou  hast  purchased. 

17  Thou  shalt  bring  them  in,  and  plant  them  in 
the  mountain  of  thine  inheritance,  in  the  place,  O 
Lord,  which  thou  hast  made  for  thee  to  dwell  in,  in 

28  Scripture  Lessons 

the  Sanctuary,  O  Lord,  which  thy  hands  have  estab- 

18  The  Lord  shall  reign  for  ever  and  ever. 

19  For  the  horse  of  Pharaoh  went  in  with  his  char- 
iots and  with  his  horsemen  into  the  sea,  and  the  Lord 
brought  again  the  waters  of  the  sea  upon  them;  but 
the  children  of  Israel  went  on  dry  land  in  the  midst 
of  the  sea. 

20  And  Miriam  the  prophetess,  the  sister  of  Aaron, 
took  a  timbrel  in  her  hand;  and  all  the  women  went 
out  after  her  with  timbrels  and  with  dances. 

21  And  Miriam  answered  them.  Sing  ye  to  the 
Lord,  for  he  hath  triumphed  gloriously;  the  horse 
and  his  rider  hath  he  thrown  into  the  sea. 

HEB.   6:1—12, 

1  Therefore  leaving  the  principles  of  the  doc- 
trine of  Christ,  let  us  go  on  unto  perfection;  not 
laying  again  the  foundation  of  repentance  from  dead 
works,  and  of  faith  toward  God. 

2  Of  the  doctrine  of  baptism,  and  of  laying  on  of 
hands,  and  of  resurrection  of  the  dead,  and  of  eternal 

3  And  this  will  we  do,  if  God  permit. 

4  For  it  is  impossible  for  those  who  were  once 
enlightened,  and  have  tasted  of  the  heavenly  gift,  and 
were  made  partakers  of  the  Holy  Ghost, 

5  And  have  tasted  the  good  word  of  God,  and  the 
powers  of  the  world  to  come, 

6  If  they  shall  fall  away,  to  renew  them  again 
unto  repentance;  seeing  they  crucify  to  themselves  the 
Son  of  God  afresh,  and  put  him  to  an  open  shame. 

7  For  the  earth  which  drinketh  in  the  rain  that 
cometh  oft  upon  it,  and  bringeth  forth  herbs  meet  for 
them  by  whom  it  is  dressed,  receiveth  blessing  from 

Scripture  Lessons  29 

8  But  that  which  beareth  thorns  and  briers  is 
rejected,  and  is  nigh  unto  cursing;  whose  end  is  to  be 

9  But,  beloved,  we  are  persuaded  better  things  of 
you,  and  things  that  accompany  salvation,  though  we 
thus  speak. 

10  For  God  is  not  unrighteous  to  forget  your  work 
and  labor  of  love,  which  ye  have  showed  toward  his 
name,  in  that  ye  have  ministered  to  the  saints,  and  do 

11  And  we  desire  that  every  one  of  you  do  shew 
the  same  diligence  to  the  full  assurance  of  hope  unto 
the  end : 

12  That  ye  be  not  slothful,  but  followers  of  them 
who  through  faith  and  patience  inherit  the  promises. 

I    TIM.    6:  11-21. 

11  But  thou,  O  man  of  God,  flee  these  things;  and 
follow  after  righteousness,  godliness,  faith,  love,  pa- 
tience, meekness. 

12  Fight  the  good  fight  of  faith,  lay  hold  on  eter- 
nal life,  whereunto  thou  art  also  called,  and  hast  pro- 
fessed a  good  profession  before  many  witnesses. 

13  I  give  thee  charge  in  the  sight  of  God,  who 
quickeneth  all  things,  and  before  Christ  Jesus,  who 
before  Pontius  Pilate  witnessed  a  good  confession; 

14  That  thou  keep  this  commandment  without  spot, 
unrebukable,  until  the  appearing  of  our  Lord  Jesus 

15  Which  in  his  times  he  shall  shew,  who  is  the 
blessed  and  only  Potentate,  the  King  of  kings,  and 
Lord  of  lords; 

16  Who  only  hath  immortality,  dwelling  in  the 
light  which  no  man  can  approach  unto;  whom  no  man 
hath  seen,  nor  can  see :  to  whom  be  honor  and  power 
everlasting,  Amen. 

17  Charge  them  that  are  rich  in  this  world,  that 
they  be  not  high-minded,  nor  trust  in  uncertain  riches, 

30  Scripture  Lessons 

but  in  the  living  God,  who  giveth  us  richly  all  things 
to  enjoy; 

18  That  they  do  good,  that  they  be  rich  in  good 
works,    ready    to    distribute,    willing    to    communicate; 

19  Laying  up  in  store  for  themselves  a  good  foun- 
dation against  the  time  to  come,  that  they  may  lay 
hold   on   eternal   life. 

20  O  Timothy,  keep  that  %vhich  is  committed  to 
thy  trust,  avoiding  profane  and  vain  babblings,  and 
oppositions   of  science   falsely   s.o   called : 

21  Which  some  professing  have  erred  concerning 
the  faith.     Grace  be  with  thee,  Amen. 

I   PETER  3:8-22. 

8  Finally,  be  ye  all  of  one  mind,  having  compas- 
sion one  of  another,  love  as  brethren,  be  pitiful,  be 
courteous : 

9  Not  rendering  evil  for  evil,  or  railing  for  rail- 
ing: but  contrariwise  blessing;  knowing  that  ye  are 
thereunto  called,  that  ye  should  inherit  a  blessing. 

10  For  he  that  will  love  life,  and  see  good  days, 
let  him  refrain  his  tongue  from  evil,  and  his  lips  that 
they  speak  no  guile : 

11  Let  him  eschew  evil,  and  do  good;  let  him  seek 
peace,  and  ensue  it. 

12  For  the  eyes  of  the  Lord  are  over  the  right- 
eous, and  his  ears  are  open  unto  their  prayers :  but 
the  face  of  the  Lord  is  against  them  that  do  evil. 

13  And  who  is  he  that  will  harm  you,  if  ye  be 
followers  of  that  which  is  good? 

14  But  and  if  ye  suffer  for  righteousness'  sake, 
happy  are  ye :  and  be  not  afraid  of  their  terror,  nei- 
ther be  troubled; 

15  But  sanctify  the  Lord  God  in  your  hearts  :  and 
be  ready  jilways  to  gjv^  an  answer  to  every  man  that 

Psalms  31 

asketh  you  a  reason  of  the  hope  that  is   in  you  with 
meekness  and  fear : 

16  Having  a  good  conscience;  that,  whereas  they 
speak  evil  of  you,  as  of  evildoers,  they  may  be  ashamed 
that  falsely  accuse  your  good  conversation  in   Christ. 

17  is  better,  if  the  will  of  God  be  so,  that 
ye  suffer  for  well  doing,  than  for  evil  doing. 

18  For  Christ  also  hath  once  suffered  for  sins,  the 
just  for  the  unjust,  that  he  might  bring  us  to  God, 
being  put  to  death  in  the  flesh,  iDut  quickened  by  the 
Spirit : 

19  By  which  also  he  went  and  preached  unto  the 
spirits  in  prison; 

20  Which  sometime  were  disobedient,  when  once 
the  longsuffering  of  God  waited  in  the  days  of  Noah, 
while  the  ark  was  a  preparing,  wherein  few,  that  is, 
eight  souls  where  saved  by  water. 

21  The  like  figure  whereunto  even  baptism  doth 
also  now  save  us  (not  the  putting  away  of  the  filth 
of  the  flesh,  but  the  answer  of  a  good  conscience  to- 
word  God,)  by  the  resurrection  of  Jesus  Christ : 

22  Who  is  gone  into  heaven,  and  is  on  the  right 
hand  of  God;  angels  and  authorities  and  powers  being 
made  subject  unto  him. 

PSALM  1. 

Blessed  is  the  man  that  walketh  not  in  the  coun- 
sel of  the  ungodly : 

Nor  standeth  in  the  way  of  sinners,  nor  sit- 

teth  in  the  seat  of  the  scornful. 
But. his  delig-ht  is  in  the  law  of  the  Lord: 

And   in   his   law   doth   he   meditate   day   and 


2>2  Psalms 

And  he  shall  be  like  a  tree  planted  by  the  rivers 
of  water: 

That  bringeth  forth  his  fruit  in  his  season. 
His  leaf  also  shall  not  wither: 

And  whatsoever  he  doeth  shall  prosper. 
The  ungodly  are  not  so : 

But  are  like  the  chaff  which  the  wind  driveth 

Therefore  the  ungodly   shall   not   stand  in  the 

Nbr  sinners  in  the  congregation  of  the  right- 
For  the  Lord  knoweth  the  way  of  the  righteous : 

But  the  way  of  the  ungodly  shall  perish. 

PSALM  2. 
Why  do  the  heathen  rage : 

And  the  people  imagine  a  vain  thing? 
The  kings  of  the  earth  set  themselves,  and  the 
rulers  take  counsel  together : 

Against  the  Lord,  and  against  his  Anointed. 

Let  us  break  their  bands  asunder: 

And  cast  away  their  cords  from  us. 
He  that  sitteth  in  the  heavens  shall  laugh: 

The  Lord  shall  have  them  in  derision. 
Then  shall  he  speak  unto  them  in  his  wrath : 

And  vex  them  in  his  sore  displeasure. 
Yet  have  I  set  my  King : 

Upon  my  holy  hill  of  Zion. 

Psalms  33 

I  will  declare  the  decree : 

The  Lord  hath   said  unto  me,  thou  art  my 

Son,  this  day  have  I  begotten  thee. 
Ask  of  me,  and  I  shall  give  thee  the  heathen  for 
thine  inheritance : 

And  the  uttermost  parts  of  the  earth  for  thy 

Thou  shalt  break  them  with  a  rod  of  iron : 

Thou  shalt  dash  them  in  pieces  like  a  potter's 


Be  wise  now  therefore,  O  ye  kings : 

Be  instructed,  ye  judges  of  the  earth. 
Serve  the  Lord  with  fear: 

And  rejoice  with  trembling. 
Kiss  the  Son,  lest  he  be  angry,  and  ye  perish 
from  the  way,  when  his  wrath  is  kindled  but  a 
little : 

Blessed  are  all   they   that  put   their  trust   in 


PSALM  8. 

O  Lord,  our  God,  how  excellent  is  thy  Name  in 
all  the  earth : 

Who  hast  set  thy  glory  above  the  heavens. 
Out  of  the  mouth  of  babes  and  sucklings  hast 
thou   ordained   strength   because   of   thine   ene- 
mies : 

That  thou  mightest  still  the  enemy  and  the 

When  I  consider  th}^  heavens,  the  work  of  thy 
fingers : 

34  Psalms 

The  moon  and  the  stars,  which  thou  hast  or- 
What  is  man,that  thou  art  mindful  of  him : 

And  the  son  of  man,  that  thou  visitest  him? 
For  thou  hast  made  him  a  little  lower  than  the 
angels : 

And  hast  crowned  him  with  glory  and  honor. 
Thou  madest  him  to  have  dominion  over  the 
w^orks  of  thy  hands : 

Thou  hast  put  all  things  under  his  feet. 
All  sheep  and  oxen : 

Yea,  and  the  beasts  of  the  field. 
The  fowl  of  the  air,  and  the  fish  of  the  sea : 

And  whatsoever  passeth  through  the  paths  of 

the  seas. 
O  Lord,  our  Lord : 

How  excellent  is  thy  Name  in  all  the  earth! 

PSALM  16. 

Preserve  me,  O  God: 

For  in  thee  do  I  put  my  trust. 
O  my  soul,  thou  hast  said  unto  the  Lord,  thou 
art   my    Lord : 

My  goodness  extendeth  not  to  thee. 
But  to  the  saints  that  are  in  the  earth,  and  to 
the  excellent : 

In  whom  is  all  my  delight. 
Their  sorrows  shall  be  multiplied : 

That  hasten  after  another  orod. 

Psalms  35 

Their  drink  offerings  of  blood  will  I  not  offer: 

Nor  take  up  their  names  into  my  lips. 
The  Lord  is  the  portion  of  mine  inheritance  and 
of  my  cup : 

Thou  maintainest  my  lot. 
The  lines  are  fallen  unto  me  in  pleasant  places : 

Yea,  I  have  a  goodly  heritage. 
I  will  bless  the  Lord,  who  hath  given  me  coun- 
sel : 

My  reins  also  instruct  me  in  the  night-seasons. 
I  have  set  the  Lord  alwa3's  before  me: 

Because  he  is  at  my  right  liand,  I  shall  not  be 

Therefore  my  heart  is  glad,  and  my  glory  re- 
joiceth : 

My  flesh  also  shall  rest  in  hope. 
For  thou  wilt  not  leave  m}^  soul  in  hell : 

Neither  wilt  thou   suffer  thine  Holy  One  to 

see  corruption. 
Thou  wilt  shew  me  the  path  of  life : 

In  thy  presence  is  fulness  of  joy,  at  thy  right 

hand  there  are  pleasures  for  evermore. 

PSALM  19. 

The  heavens  declare  the  glory  of  God : 
And  the  firmament  sheweth  his  handiwork. 

Day  unto  day  uttereth  speech : 

And  night  unto  night  sheweth  knowledge. 

There  is  no  speech  nor  language: 

36  Psalms 

Where  their  voice  is  not  heard. 
Their  Hue  is  gone  out  through  all  the  earth : 

And  their  words  to  the  end  of  the  world. 

In  them  hath  he  set  a  tabernacle  for  the  sun: 

Which  is  as  a  bridegroom  coming  out  of 
his  chamber,  and  rejoiceth  as  a  strong  man 
to  run  a  race. 

His  going  forth  is  from  the  end  of  the  heaven, 

and  his  circuit  unto  the  ends  of  it: 

And  there  is  nothing  hid  from  the  heat  there- 

The  law  of  the  Lord  is  perfect,  converting  the 

The  testimony  of  the  Lord  is  sure,  making 
wise  the  simple. 

The  statutes  of  the  Lord  are  right,  rejoicing  the 
heart : 

The  commandment  of  the  Lord  is  pure,  en- 
lightening the  eyes. 

The  fear  of  the  Lord  is  clean,  enduring  forever : 

The  judgments  of  the  Lord  are  true  and 
righteous  altogether. 

More  to  be  desired  are  they  than  gold,  yea,  than 
much  fine  gold : 

Sweeter  also  than  honey  and  the  honeycomb. 
Moreover  by  them  is  thy  servant  warned : 

And  in  keeping  of  them  there  is  great  reward. 
Who  can  understand  his  errors : 

Cleanse  thou  me  from  secret  faults. 

Psalms  Zl 

Keep  back  thy  servant  also  from  presumptuous' 
sins,  let  them  not  have  dominion  over  me : 
Then  shall  I  be  upright,  and  I  shall  be  inno- 
cent from  the  great  transgression. 
Let  the  words  of  my  mouth,  and  the  meditation 
of  my   heart,   be  acceptable  in  thy   sight: 

0  Lord,  my  strength,  and  my  Redeemer. 

PSALM  23. 

The  Lord  is  my  Shepherd : 

1  shall  not  want. 

He  maketh  me  to  lie  down  in  green  pastures : 
He  leadeth  me  beside  the  still  waters. 

He  restoreth  my  soul : 

He  leadeth  me  in  the  paths  of  righteousness 
for  his  Name's  sake. 

Yea,  though  I  walk  through  the  valley  of  the 

shadow  of  death,  I  will  fear  no  evil : 

For  thou  art  with  me,  thy  rod  and  thy  staff 
they  comfort  me. 

Thou  preparest  a  table  before  me  in   the  pre- 
sence of  mine  enemies : 

Thou  anointest  my  head  with  oil,  my  cup  run- 
neth over. 

Surely  goodness  and  mercy  shall  follow  me  all 

the  days  of  my  life: 
And  I  will  dwell  in  the  house  of  the  Lord  for 

PSALM  24. 

The  earth  is  the  Lord's,  and  the  fulness  thereof : 
The  world,  and  they  that  dwell  therein. 

38  Psalms 

For  he  hath  founded  it  upon  the  seas : 

And  estabHshed  it  upon  the  floods. 
Who  shall  ascend  into  the  hill  of  the  Lord : 

Or  who  shall  stand  in  his  holy  place? 
He  that  hath  clean  hands,  and  a  pure  heart : 

Who  hath  not  lifted  up  his  soul  unto  vanity, 

nor  sworn  deceitfully. 
He  shall  receive  the  blessing  from  the  Lord : 

And  righteousness  from  the  God  of  his  salva- 
This  is  the  generation  of  them  that  seek  him : 

That  seek  thy  face,  O  Jacob. 
Lift  up  your  heads,  O  ye  gates,  and  be  ye  lift 
up,  ye  everlasting  doors : 

And  the  King  of  glory  shall  come  in. 
Who  is  this  King  of  glory: 

The    Lord     strong    and    mighty,     the    Lord 

mighty  in  battle. 
Lift  up  your  heads,  O  ye  gates,  even  lift  them 
up,  ye  everlasting  doors : 

And  the  King  of  glory  shall  come  in. 
Who  is  the  King  of  glory : 

The  Lord  of  hosts,  He  is  the  King  of  glory. 

PSALM  25. 

L^nto  Thee,  O  Lord : 

Do  I  lift  up  my  soul. 
O  my  God,  I  trust  in  thee: 

Let  me  not  be  ashamed,  let  not  mine  enemies 

triumph  over  me. 

Psalms  '  39 

Yea,  let  none  that  wait  on  thee  be  ashamed: 

Let  them  be  ashamed  which  transgress  with- 
out cause. 

Shew  me  thy  ways,  O  Lord: 

Teach  me  thy  paths. 

Lead  me  in  thy  truth,  and  teach  me: 

For  thou  art  the  God  of  my  salvation,  on  thee 
do  I  wait  all  the  day. 

Remember,  Q  Lord,  Thy  tender  mercies  and  thy 
lovingkindnesses : 

For  the}^  have  been  ever  of  old. 

Remember  not  the   sins   of  my  youth,  nor  my 
transgressions : 

According  to  thy  mercy  remember  thou  me 
for  thy  goodness'  sake,  O  Lord. 

Good  and  upright  is  the  Lord : 

Therefore  will  he  teach  sinners  in  the  way. 
The  meek  will  he  guide  in  judgment' 

And  the  meek  will  he  teach  his  way 
All  the  paths  of  the  Lord  are  mercy  and  truth: 

Unto  such  as  keep  his  covenant  and  his  tes- 
For   thy   Name's    sake,   O    Lord,   pardon   mine 
iniquity : 

For  it  is  great. 
What  man  is  he  that  feareth  the  Lord : 

Him  shall  he  teach  in  the  way  that  he  shall 


40  Psalms 

His  soul  shall  dwell  at  ease: 

And  his  seed  shall  inherit  the  earth. 
The  secret  of  the  Lord  is  with  them  that  fear 
him : 

And  he  will  shew  them  his  covenant. 
Mine  eyes  are  ever  toward  the  Lord : 

For  he  shall  pluck  my  feet  out  of  the  net. 
Turn  thee  unto  me,  and  have  mercy  upon  m.e: 

For  I  am  desolate  and  afflicted. 
The  troubles  of  my  heart  are  enlarged: 

O  bring  thou  me  out  of  my  distresses. 
Look  upon  mine  affliction  and  my  pain : 

And  forgive  all  my  sins. 
Consider  mine  enemies,  for  they  are  many: 

And  they  hate  me  with  cruel  hatred. 
O  keep  my  soul,  and  deliver  me: 

Let  me  not  be  ashamed,  for  I  put  my  trust 

in  thee. 
Let  integrity  and  uprightness  preserve  me: 

For  I  wait  on  thee. 
Redeem  Israel,  O  God: 

Out  of  all  his  troubles. 

PSALM  21. 

The  Lord  is  my  light  and  my  salvation,  whom 
shall  I  fear: 

The  Lord  is  the  strength  of  my  life,  of  whom 

shall  I  be  afraid? 
When  the  wicked,  even  mine  enemies  and  my 
foes,  came  upon  me  to  eat  up  my  flesh : 

Psalms  41 

They  stumbled  and  fell. 
Though  an  host  should  encamp  against  me,  my 
heart  shall  not  fear : 

Though  war  should  rise  against  me,  in  this 

will  1  be  confident. 
One  thing  have  I  desired  of  the  Lord,  that  will 
I  seek  after: 

That  I  may  dwell  in  the  house  of  the  Lord 

all  the  days  of  my  life,  to  behold  the  beauty 

of  the  Lord,  and  to  inquire  ^n  his  temple. 
For  in  the  time  of  trouble  he  shall  hide  me  in 
his  pavilion : 

In  the  secret  of  his  tabernacle  shall  he  hide 

me,  he  shall  set  me  up  upon  a  rock. 
And  now  shall  mine  head  be  lifted  up : 

Above  mine  enemies  round  about  me. 
Therefore  will  I  offer  in  his  taberiiade  sacrifices 
of  joy : 

1  will  sing,  yea,  I  will  sing  praises  unto  the 

Hear,  O  Lord,  when  I  cr^'  with  my  voice : 

Have  mercy  also  upon  me,  and  answer  me. 
When  thou  saidst.  Seek  ye  my  face;  my  heart 
said  unto  thee : 

Thy  face,  Lord,  will  I  seek. 
Hide  not  thy  face  far  from  me : 

Put  not  thy  servant  away  in  anger. 
Thou  hast  been  my  help: 

Leave  me  not,  neither  forsake  me,  O  God  of 

my  salvation. 

42  Psalms 

When  my  father  and  my  mother  forsake  me: 

Then  the  Lord  will  take  me  up. 
Teach  me  thy  way,  O  Lord : 

And  lead  me  in  a  plain  path,  because  of  mine 

Deliver  me  not  over  unto  the  will  of  mine  ene- 
mies : 

For  false  witnesses  are  risen  up  against  me, 

ana  such  as  breathe  out  cruelty. 
I  had  fainted: 

Unless  I  had  believed  to  see  the  goodness  of 

the  Lord  in  the  land  of  the  living. 
Wait  on  the  Lord : 

Be  of  good  courage,  and  he  shall  strengthen 

thme  heart ;  wait,  I  say,  on  the  Lord. 

PSALM  34. 

I  will  bless  the  Lord  at  all  times : 

His  praise  shall  continually  be  in  my  mouth. 
My  soul  shall  make  her  boast  in  the  Lord : 

The  humble  shall  hear  thereof,  and  be  glad. 

0  magnify  the  Lord  with  me:  , 
And  let  us  exalt  his  Name  together. 

1  sought  the  Lord,  and  he  heard  me : 
And  delivered  me  from  all  my  fears. 

fhey  looked  unto  him,  and  were  lightened : 
And  their  faces  were  not  ashamed. 

This  poor  man  cried,  and  the  Lord  heard  him: 
And  saved  him  out  of  all  his  troubles. 

Psalms  43 

The  angel  of  the  Lord  encampeth  around  about 
them  that  fear  him  : 

And  deHvereth  them. 
O  taste  and  see  that  the  Lord  is  good : 

Blessed  is  the  man  that  trusteth  in  him. 
O  fear  the  Lord,  ye  his  saints : 

For  there  is  no  want  to  them  that  fear  him. 
The  young  lions  do  lack,  and  suffer  hunger : 

But  they  that  seek  the  Lord  shall  not  want 

any  good  thing. 
Come,  ye  children,   hearken  unto  me : 

I  will  teach  3'ou  the  fear  of  the  Lord. 
What  man  is  he  that  desireth  life: 

And  loveth  many  days,  that  he  may  see  good  ? 
Keep  thy  tongue  from  evil : 

And  thy  lips  from  speaking  guile. 
Depart  from  evil,  and  do  good: 

Seek  peace,  and  pursue  it. 
The  eyes  of  the  Lord  are  upon  the  righteous : 

And  his  ears  are  open  unto  their  cry. 
The  face  of  the  Lord  is  against  them  that  do 
evil : 

To  cut  off  the  remembrance  of  them  from  the 

The  righteous  cry,  and  the  Lord  heareth : 

And  delivereth  them  out  of  all  their  troubles. 
The  Lord  is  nigh  unto  them  that  are  of  a  broken 
heart : 

And  saveth  such  as  be  of  a  contrite  spirit. 

44  Psalms 

Many  are  the  afflictions  of  the  righteous : 

But  the  Lord  deUvereth  him  out  of  them  all. 
He  keepeth  all  his  bones : 

Not  one  of  them  is  broken. 
Evil  shall  slay  the  wicked: 

And   they   that   hate   the   righteous   shall    be 

The  Lord  redeemeth  the  soul  of  his  servants : 

And  none  of  them  that  trust  in  him  shall  be 


PSALM  46. 

God  is  our  refuge  and  strength: 

A  very  present  help  in  trouble. 
Therefore  will  not  we  fear,  though  the  earth  be 
removed : 

And  though  the  mountains  be  carried  into  the 

midst  of  the  sea. 
Though  the  waters  thereof  roar  and  be   trou- 

Though  the  mountains  shake  with  the  swel- 
ling thereof. 
There  is  a  river,  the  streams  whereof  shall  make 
glad  the  city  of  God : 

The  holy  place  of  the  tabernacles  of  the  Most 

God  is   in  the  midst  of  her,   she  shall   not  be 
moved : 

God  shall  help  her,  and  that  right  early. 
The  heathen  raged,  the  kingdoms  were  moved : 

He  uttered  his  voice,  the  earth  melted. 

Psalms  45 

The  Lord  of  hosts  is  with  us : 

The  God  of  Jacob  is  our  refuge. 
Come,  behold  the  works  of  the  Lord : 

What  desolations  he  hath  made  in  the  earth. 
He  maketh  wars  to  cease  unto  the  end  of  the 
earth : 

He  breaketh  the  bow,  and  cutteth  the  spear  in 

sunder,  he  burneth  the  chariot  in  the  fire. 
Be  still,  and  know  that  I  am  God : 

I  will  be  exalted  among  the  heathen,  I  will 

be  exalted  in  the  earth. 
The  Lord  of  hosts  is  with  us: 

The  God  of  Jacob  is  our  refuge. 

PSALM  51. 

Have  mercy  upon  me,  U  God,  according  to  thy 
lovingkindness : 

According  unto  the  multitude  of  thy  tender 

mercies,  blot  out  my  transgressions. 
Wash  me  thoroughly  from  mine  iniquity : 

And  cleanse  me  from  my  sin. 
For  I  acknowledge  my  transgressions: 

And  my  sin  is  ever  before  me. 
Against  thee,  thee  only,  have  I  sinned,  and  done 
this  evil  in  thy  sight : 

That   thou   mightest   be   justified   when   thou 

speakest,  and  be  clear  when  thou  judgest. 
Eehold,  I  was  shapen  in  iniquity: 

And  in  sin  did  my  mother  conceive  me. 
Behold,  thou  desirest  truth  in  the  inward  parts : 

46  Psalms 

And  in  the  hidden  part  thou  shalt  make  me 
to  know  wisdom. 

Purge  me  with  hyssop,  and  I  shall  be  clean : 

Wash  me,  and  I  shall  be  whiter  than  snow. 
Make  me  to  hear  joy  and  gladness : 

That  the  bones  which  thou  hast  broken  may 

Hide  thy  face  from  my  sins : 

And  blot  out  all  mine  iniquities. 
Create  in  me  a  clean  heart,  O  God: 

And  renew  a  right  spirit  within  me. 
Cast  me  not  away  from  thy  presence : 

And  take  not  thy  Holy  Spirit  from  me. 
Restore  unto  me  the  joy  of  thy  salvation: 

And  uphold  me  with  thy  free  Spirit. 
Then  will  I  teach  transgressors  thy  ways: 

And  sinners  shall  be  converted  unto  thee. 
Deliver  me  from  bloodguiltiness,  O  God,  thou 
God  of  my  salvation : 

And  my  tongue  shall  sing  aloud  of  thy  right- 
O  Lord,  open  thou  my  lips : 

And  my  mouth  shall  shew  forth  thy  praise. 
For  thou  desirest  not  sacrifice,  else  would  I  give 

Thou  delightest  not  in  burnt  offering. 
The  sacrifices  of  God  are  a  broken  spirit : 

A  broken  and  a  contrite  heart,  O  God,  thou 

wilt  not  despise. 

Psalms  47 

Do  good  in  thy  good  pleasure  unto  Zion : 

Build  thou  the  walls  of  Jerusalem. 
Then  shalt  thou  be  pleased  with  the  sacrifices  of 
righteousness,   with   burnt   offering   and   whole 
burnt  offering: 

Then    shall    they    offer    bullocks    upon   thine 


PSALM  67. 
God  be  merciful  unto  us,  and  bless  us : 

And  cause  his  face  to  shine  upon  us. 
That  thy  way  may  be  known  upon  earth  : 

Thy  saving  health  among  all  nations 
Let   the  people  praise   thee,   O   God: 

Let  all  the  people  praise  thee. 
O  let  the  nations  be  glad  and  sing  for  joy : 

For  thou  shalt  judge  the  people  righteously, 

and  govern  the  nations  upon  earth. 
Let  the  people  praise  thee,  O  God: 

Let  all  the  people  praise  thee. 
Then  shall  the  earth  yield  her  increase : 

And  God,  even  our  own  God,  shall  bless  us. 
God  shall  bless  us: 

And  all  the  ends  of  the  earth  shall  fear  him. 

PSALM  84. 

How  amiable  are  thy  tabernacles,  O  Lord  of 
hosts !  My  soul  longeth,  yea,  even  fainteth  for 
the  courts  of  the  Lord: 

My  heart  and  my  flesh  crieth  out  for  the  liv- 
ing God. 

48  Psalms 

Yea,  the  sparrow  hath  found  an  house,  and  the 
swallow  a  nest  for  herself,  where  she  may  lay 
her  young : 

Even  thine  altars,  O  Lord  of  hosts,  my  Kino; 

and  my  God. 
Blessed  are  they  that  dwell  in  thy  house: 

They  will  be  still  praising  thee. 
Blessed  is  the  man  whose  strength  is  in  thee : 

In  whose  heart  are  the  ways  of  them. 
Who  passing  through  the  valley  of  Baca  make 
it  a  well : 

The  rain  also  filleth  the  pools. 
They  go   from   strength   to   strength : 

Every  one  of  them  in  Zion  appeareth  before 

O  Lord  of  hosts,  hear  my  prayer: 

Give  ear,  O  God  of  Jacob. 
Behold,  O  God  our  Shield : 

And  look  upon  the  face  of  thine  Anointed. 
For  a  day  in  thy  courts  is  better  than  a  thou- 
sand : 

I  had  rather  be  a  doorkeeper  in  the  house  of 

my  God,  than  to  dwell  in  the  tents  of  wicked- 
For  the  Lord  God  is  a  Sun  and  Shield : 

The  Lord  will  give  grace  and  glory. 
No  good  thing  will  he  withhold  from  them  that 
walk  uprightly : 

O   Lord   of   hosts,   blessed   is   the   man   that 
trusteth  in  thee. 

Psalms  49 

PSALM  90. 

Lord,  thou  hast  been  our  dwelling  place : 

In  all  generations. 
Before   the  mountains   were   brought   forth,   or 
ever  thou  hadst  formed  the  earth  and  the  world : 

Even   from   everlasting   to   everlasting,   thou 

art  God. 
Thou  turnest  man  to  destruction : 

And  sayest,  Return,  ye  children  of  men. 
For  a  thousand  years  in  thy  sight  are  but  as 
yesterday  when  it  is  past : 

And  as  a  watch  in  the  night. 
Thou  carriest  them  away  as  with  a  flood,  they 
are  as  a  sleep : 

In   the   morning   they   are   like   grass    which 

groweth  up. 
In  the  morning  it  flourisheth  and  groweth  up : 

In  the  evening  it  is  cut  down,  and  withereth. 
For  we  are  consumed  by  thine  anger : 

And  by  thy  wrath  are  we  troubled. 
Thou  hast  set  our  iniquities  before  thee : 

Our   secret   sins   in  the  light  of  thy  counte- 
For  all  our  days  are  passed  away  in  thy  wrath : 

We  spend  our  years  as  a  tale  that  is  told. 
The  days  of  our  years  are  threescore  years  and 
ten;  and  if  by  reason  of  strength  they  be  four- 
score years : 

Yet  is  their  strength  labor  and  sorrow,  for  it 

is  soon  cut  off,  and  we  fly  away. 

50  Psalms 

Who  knoweth  the  power  of  thine  anger: 

Even  according  to  thy  fear,  so  is  thy  wrath. 

So  teach  us  to  number  our  days : 

That  we  may  apply  our  hearts  unto  wisdom. 

Return,  O  Lord,  how  long: 

And  let  it  repent  thee  concerning  thy  servants. 

0  satisfy  us  early  with  thy  mercy : 

That  we  may  rejoice  and  be  glad  all  our  days. 
Make  us  glad  according  to  the  days  wherein 
thou  hast  affliced  us: 

And  the  years  wherein  we  have  seen  evil. 
Let  thy  work  appear  unto  thy  servants : 

And  thy  glory  unto  their  children. 
And  let  the  beauty  of  the  Lord  our  God  be  upon 

And   establish   thou   the   work   of   our   hands 

upon  us,  yea,  the  work  of  our  hands  establish 

thou  it. 

PSALM  91. 

He  that  dwelleth  in  the  secret  place  of  the  most 


Shall    abide    under    the    shadow    of    the    Al- 

1  will  say  of  the  Lord,  he  is  my  refuge  and  my 
fortress : 

My  God,  in  him  will  I  trust. 
Surely  he  shall  deliver  thee  from  the  snare  of 
the  fowler: 

And    from    the    noisome   pestilence. 

Psalms  51 

He  shall  cover  thee  with  his  feathers,  and  under 
his  wings  shalt  thou  trust : 

His  truth  shall  be  thy  shield  and  buckler. 
Thou    shalt    not    be   afraid    for    the    terror    by 
night : 

Nor  for  the  arrow  that  flieth  by  day. 
Nor   for   the  pestilence   that   walketh   in   dark- 
ness : 

Nor  for  the  destruction  that  wasteth  at  noon- 
A  thousand  shall  fall  at  tlw  side,  and  ten  thou- 
sand at  thy  right  hand : 

But  it  shall  not  come  nigh  thee. 
Only  with  thine  eyes  shalt  thou  behold : 

And  see  the  reward  of  the  wicked. 
Because  thou  hast  made  the  Lord^  which  is  my 
refuge : 

Even  the  most  High,  thy  habitation. 
There  shall  no  evil  befall  thee : 

Neither  shall  any  plague  come  nigh  thy  dwel- 
For  he  shall  give  his  angels  charge  over  thee : 

To  keep  thee  in  all  thy  ways. 
They  shall  bear  thee  up  in  their  hands : 

Lest  thou  dash  thy  foot  against  a  stone. 
Thou  shalt  tread  upon  the  lion,  and  adder: 

The  young  lion   and   the   dragon   shalt   thou 

trample  under  feet. 
Because  he  hath  set  his  love  upon  me,  therefore 
will  I  deliver  him : 

52  Psalms 

I  will  set  him  on  high,  because  he  hath  known 
my  Name. 

He  shall  call  upon  me,  and  I  will  answer  him : 

I  will  be  with  him  in  trouble,  I  will  deliver 
him,  and  honor  him. 

With  long  life  will  I  satisfy  him: 

And  shew  him  my  salvation. 

PSALM  100. 
Make  a  joyful  noise  unto  the  Lord,  all  ye  lands: 

Serve  the  Lord  with  gladness,  come  before 
his  presence  with   singing. 

Know  ye  that  the  Lord  he  is  God: 

It  is  he  that  hath  made  us,  and  not  we  our- 
selves, we  are  his  people,  and  the  sheep  of 
his  pasture. 

Enter   into    his    gates    with    thanksgiving,    and 

into  his  courts  with  praise : 

Be  thankful  unto  him,  and  bless  his  name. 

For  the  Lord  is  good,  his  mercy  is  everlasting: 
And  his  truth  endureth  to  all  generations. 

PSALM  103. 

Bless  the  Lord,  O  my  soul : 

And  all  that  is  within  me,  bless  his  holy  name. 
Bless  the  Lord,  O  my  soul : 

And  forget  not  all  his  benefits. 
Who  forgiveth  all  thine  iniquities : 

Who  healeth  all  thy  diseases. 

Psalms  53 

Who  redeemeth  thy  life  from  destruction : 

Who     crowneth     thee     with     lovingkindness 

and  tender  mercies. 
Who  satisfieth  thy  mouth  with  good  things : 

So  that  thy  youth  is  renewed  like  the  eagle's. 
The  Lord  executeth  righteousness  and  judg- 
ment : 

For  all  that  are  oppressed. 
He  made  known  his  ways  unto  Moses : 

His  acts  unto  the  children  of  Israel. 
The   Lord   is   merciful    and   gracious : 

Slow  to  anger,  and  plenteous  in  mercy. 
He  will  not  always  chide : 

Neither  will  he  keep  his  anger  for  ever. 
He  hath  not  dealt  with  us  after  our  sins : 

Nor  rewarded  us  according  to  our  iniquities. 
For  as  the  heaven  is  high  above  the  earth : 

So  great  is  his  mercy  toward  them  that  fear 

As  far  as  the  east  is  from  the  west : 

So   far  hath   he   removed   our   transgressions 

from  us. 
Like  as  a  father  pitieth  his  children : 

So  the  Lord  pitieth  them  that  fear  him. 
For  he  knoweth  our  frame : 

He  remembereth  that  we  are  dust. 
As  for  man,  his  days  are  as  grass : 

As  a  flower  of  the  field,  so  he  flourisheth. 
For  the  wind  passeth  over  it,  and  it  is  gone : 

54  Psalms 

And  the  place  thereof  shall  know  it  no  more. 

But  the  mercy  of  the  Lord  is  from  everlasting 

to  everlasting  upon  them  that  fear  him : 

And    his    righteousness    unto    children's    chil- 

To  such  as  keep  his  covenant: 

And   to  those  that   remember   his   command- 
ments to  do  them. 

The  Lord  hath  prepared  his  throne  in  the  hea- 
vens : 

And  his  kingdom  ruleth  over  all. 

Bless   the    Lord,    ye   his    angels,   that   excel   in 

strength : 

That  do  his  commandments,  hearkening  unto 
the  voice  of  his  word. 

Bless  ye  the  Lord,  all  ye  his  hosts  : 

Ye  ministers  of  his,  that  do  his  pleasure. 

Bless  the  Lord,  all  his  works  in  all  places  of  his 

dominion : 

Bless  the  Lord,  O  my  soul. 

PSALM  110. 
The  Lord  said  unto  my  Lord : 

Sit  thou  at  my  right  hand,  until  I  make  thine 

enemies   thy   footstool. 
The  Lord  shall  send  the  rod  of  thy  strength  out 
of  Zion: 

Rule  thou  in  the  midst  of  thine  enemies. 
Thy  people  shall  be  willing  in  the  da}^  of  thy 
power,    in    the    beauties    of  holiness    from    the 
womb  of  the  morning: 

Psalms  55 

Thou  hast  the  dew  of  thy  youth. 
The  Lord  hath  sworn,  and  will  not  repent : 

Thou  art  a  priest  for  ever  after  the  order  of 

The  Lord  at  thy  right  hand: 

Shall  strike  through  kings  in  the  day  of  his 

He  shall  judge  among  the  heathen,  he  shall  fill 
the  places  with  the  dead  bodies : 

He  shall  wound  the  heads  over  many  coun- 
He  shall  drink  of  the  brook  in  the  way : 

Therefore  shall  he  lift  up  the  head. 

PSALM  111. 

Praise  ye  the  Lord.    I  will  praise  the  Lord  with 
my  whole  heart : 

Li  the  assembly  of  the  upright,   and  in  the 

The  works  of  the  Lord  are  great : 

Sought   out   of   all   them   that   have   pleasure 

His  work  is  honorable  and  glorious : 

And  his  righteousness  endureth  for  ever. 
He  hath  made  his  wonderful  works  to  be  re- 
membered : 

The  Lord  is  gracious  and  full  of  compassion. 
He  hath  given  meat  unto  them  that  fear  him: 

He  will  ever  be  mindful  of  his  covenant. 

56  Psalms 

He  hath  shewed  his  people  the  power  of  his 
works : 

That  he  may  give  them  the  heritage  of  the 

The  works  of  his  hands  are  verity  and  judg- 

All  his  commandments  are  sure. 
They  stand  fast  for  ever  and  ever: 

And  are  done  in  truth  and  uprightness. 
He  sent  redemption  unto  his  people: 

He  hath  commanded  his  covenant  for  ever, 

holy  and  reverend  is  his  name. 
The  fear  of  the  Lord  is  the  beginning  of  wis- 
dom : 

A  good  understanding  have  all  they  that  do 

his   commandments,   his   praise   endureth   for 


PSALM  118. 

0  give  thanks  unto  the  Lord,  for  he  is  good : 
Because  his  mercy  endureth  for  ever. 

Let  Israel  now  say : 

ThaF  his  mercy  endureth  for  ever. 
Let  the  house  of  Aaron  now  say : 

That  his  mercy  endureth  for  ever. 
Let  them  now  that  fear  the  Lord  say: 

That  his  mercy  endureth  for  ever. 

1  called  upon  the  Lord  in  distress : 

The  Lord  answered  me,  and  set  me  in  a  large 
The  Lord  is  on  my  side,  I  will  not  fear: 

Psalms  57 

What  can  man  do  unto  me? 
The  Lord  taketh  my  part  with  them  that  help 

Therefore  shall  I  see  my  desire  upon  them 

that  hate  me. 
It  is  better  to  trust  in  the  Lord: 

Than  to  put  confidence  in  man. 
It  is  better  to  trust  in  the  Lord: 

Than  to  put  confidence  in  princes. 
All  nations  compassed  me  about : 

But  in  the  name  of  the  Lord  will  I  destroy 

They  compassed  me  about,  yea,  they  compassed 
me  about: 

But  in  the  name  of  the  Lord  I  will  destroy 

They  compassed  me  about  like  bees,  they  are 
quenched  as  the  fire  of  thorns : 

For  in  the  name  of  the  Lord  I  will  destroy 


Thou  hast  thrust  sore  at  me  that  I  might  fall: 

But  the  Lord  helped  me. 
The  Lord  is  my  strength  and  song: 

And  is  become  my  salvation. 
The  voice  of  rejoicing  and  salvation  is  in  the 
tabernacles  of  the  righteous : 

The  right  hand  of  the  Lord  doeth  valiantly. 
The  right  hand  of  the  Lord  is  exalted: 

The  right  hand  of  the  Lord  doeth  valiantly. 
I  shall  not  die,  but  live : 

58  Psalms 

And  declare  the  works  of  the  Lord. 
The  Lord  hath  chastened  me  sore: 

But  he  hath  not  given  me  over  unto  death. 
Open  to  me  the  gates  of  righteousness : 

I  will  go  into  them,  and  I  will  praise  the  Lord. 
This  gate  of  the  Lord: 

Into  which  the  righteous  shall  enter. 
I  will  praise  thee,  for  thou  hast  heard  me : 

And  art  become  my  salvation. 
The  stone  which  the  builders  refused: 

Is  become  the  headstone  of  the  corner. 
This  is  the  Lord's  doing: 

It  is  marvelous  in  our  eyes. 
This  is  the  day  which  the  Lord  hath  made : 

We  will  rejoice  and  be  glad  in  it. 
Save  now,  I  beseech  thee,  O  Lord: 

O  Lord,  I  beseech  thee,  send  now  prosperity. 
Blessed  be  he  that  cometh  in  the  name  of  the 
Lord : 

Wq  have  blessed  you  out  of  the  house  of  the 

God  is  the  Lord,  which  hath  shewed  us  Hght : 

Bind  the  sacrifice  with  cords,  even  unto  the 

horns  of  the  altar. 
Thou  art  my  God,  and  I  will  praise  thee : 

Thou  art  my  God,  I  will  exalt  thee. 
O  give  thanks  unto  the  Lord,  for  he  is  good : 

For  his  mercy  endureth  for  ever. 

Psalms  59 

PSALM  119.— Part  I. 

Blessed  are  the  undefiled  in  the  way : 

Who  walk  in  the  law  of  the  Lord. 
Blessed  are  they  that  keep  his  testimonies : 

And  that  seek  him  with  the  whole  heart. 
They  also  do  no  iniquity : 

They  w^alk  in  his  ways. 
Thou  hast  commanded  us : 

To  keep  thy  precepts  diligently. 

0  that  my  ways  were  directed : 
To  keep  thy  statutes! 

Then  shall  I  not  be  ashamed : 

When  I  have  respect  unto  all  thy  command- 

1  will  praise  thee  with  uprightness  of  heart : 
When  I  shall  have  learned  thy  righteous  judg- 

I  will  keep  thy  statutes : 
O  forsake  me  not  utterly. 

Part  II. 

Wherewithal    shall    a    young   man    cleanse    his 
way : 

By    taking    heed    thereto    according    to    thy 

With  my  whole  heart  have  I  sought  thee : 

O  let  me  not  wander  from  thy  commandments. 
Thy  Word  have  I  hid  in  mine  heart : 

That  I  might  not  sin  against  thee. 

60  Psalms 

Blessed  art  thou,  O  Lord: 

Teach  me  thy  statutes. 
With  my  lips  have  I  declared : 

All  the  judgments  of  thy  mouth. 
I  have  rejoiced  in  the  way  of  thy  testimonies : 

As  much  as  in  all  riches. 
I  will  meditate  in  thy  precepts : 

And  have  respect  unto  thy  ways. 
I  will  delight  myself  in  thy  statutes: 

I  will  not  forget  thy  Word. 

Part  III. 
Deal  bountifully  with  thy  servant : 

That  I  may  live,  and  keep  thy  Word. 
Open  thou  mine  eyes: 

That  I  may  behold  wondrous  things  out  of 

thy  law. 
I  am  a  stranger  in  the  earth: 

Hide  not  thy  commandments  from  me. 
My  soul  breaketh  for  the  longing: 

That  it  hath  unto  thy  judgments  at  all  times. 
Thou  hast  rebuked  the  proud  that  are  cursed : 

Which  do  err  from  thy  commandments. 
Remove  from  me  reproach  and  contempt : 

For  I  have  kept  thy  testimonies. 
Princes  also  did  sit  and  speak  against  me : 

But  thy  servant  did  meditate  in  thy  statutes. 
Thy  testimonies  also  are  my  delight: 

And  my  counsellors. 

Psalms  61 

PSALM  121. 

I  will  lift  up  mine  eyes  unto  the  hills : 

From  whence  cometh  my  help. 
My  hely  cometh  from  the  Lord : 

Which  made  heaven  and  earth. 
He  will  not  sufifer  thy  foot  to  be  moved : 

He  that  keepeth  thee  will  not  slumber. 
Behold,  he  that  keepeth  Israel : 

Shall  neither  slumber  nor  sleep. 
The  Lord  is  thy  keeper: 

The  Lord  is  thy  shade  unto  thy  right  hand. 
The  sun  shall  not  smite  thee  by  day : 

Nor  the  moon  by  night. 
The  Lord  shall  preserve  thee  from  all  evil : 

He  shall  preserve  thy  soul. 
The  Lord  shall  preserve  thy  going  out  and  thy 
coming  in : 

From  this  time  forth,  and  even  for  evermore. 

PSALM  126. 

When  the  Lord  turned  again  the  captivity  of 

We  were  like  them  that  dream. 
Then  was  our  mouth  filled  with  laughter: 

And  our  tongue  with  singing. 
Then  said  they  among  the  heathen: 

The  Lord  hath  done  great  things  for  them. 
The  Lord  hath  done  great  things  for  us: 

Whereof  we  are  glad. 

62  Psalms 

Turn  again  our  captivity.  O  Lord: 

As  the  streams  in  the  south. 
They  that  sow  in  tears : 

Shall  reap  in  joy. 
He  that  goeth  forth  and  weepeth,  bearing  pre- 
cious seed: 

Shall    doubtless    come   again   with    rejoicing, 

bringing  his  sheaves  with  him. 

PSALM  130. 
Out  of  the  depths  : 

Have  I  cried  unto  thee,  O  Lord. 
Lord,  hear  my  voice: 

Let  thine  ears  be  attentive  to  the  voice  of  my 

If  thou,  Lord,  shouldest  mark  iniquities : 

0  Lord,  who  shall  stand? 

But  there  is  forgiveness  with  thee: 

That  thou  mayest  be  feared. 
I  wait  for  the  Lord,  my  soul  doth  wait : 

And  in  his  Word  do  I  hope. 
My  soul  waiteth  for  the  Lord  more  than  they 
that  watch  for  the  morning: 

1  say,   more   than   they   that   watch    for   the 

Let  Israel  hope  in  the  Lord,  for  with  the  Lord 
there  is  mercy: 

And  with  him  is  plenteous  redemption. 
And  he  shall  redeem  Israel: 

From  all  his  iniquities. 

Psalms  6Z 

PSALM  145. 

I  will  extol  thee,  my  God,  O  King: 

And  I  will  bless  thy  name  for  ever  and  ever. 
Every  day  will  I  bless  thee : 

And  I  will  praise  thy  name  for  ever  and  ever. 
Great  is  the  Lord,  and  greatly  to  be  praised : 

And  his  greatness  is  unsearchable. 
One  generation  shall  praise  thy  works  to  an- 
other : 

And  shall   declare  thy  mighty   acts. 
I  will  speak  of  the  glorious  honor  of  thy  ma- 
jesty : 

And  of  thy  wondrous  works. 
And  men  shall  speak  of  the  might  of  thy  ter- 
rible acts : 

And  I  will  declare  thy  greatness. 
They  shall  abundantly  utter  the  memory  of  thy 
great  goodness : 

And  shall  sing  of  thy  righteousness. 
The  Lord  is  gracious,  and  full  of  compassion : 

Slow  to  anger,  and  of  great  mercy. 
The  Lord  is  good  to  all: 

And  his  tender  mercies  are  over  all  his  works. 
All  thy  works  shall  praise  thee,  O  Lord : 

And  thy  saints  shall  bless  thee. 
They  shall  speak  of  the  glory  of  thy  kingdom : 

And  talk  of  thy  power. 
To  make  knwon  to  the  sons  of  men  his  mighty 

64  Psalms 

And  the  glorious  majesty  of  his  kingdom. 
Thy  kingdom  is  an  everlasting  kingdom : 

And   thy   dominion   endureth   throughout   all 

The  Lord  upholdeth  all  that  fall : 

And  raiseth  up  all  those  that  be  bowed  down. 
The  eyes  of  all  wait  upon  thee: 

And  thou  givest  them  their  meat  in  due  sea- 
Thou  openest  thine  hand: 

And  satisfiest  the  desire  of  every  living  thing. 
The  Lord  is  righteous  in  all  his  ways : 

And  holy  in  all  his  works. 
The  Lord  is  nigh  unto  all  them  that  call  upon 
him : 

To  all  that  call  upon  him  in  truth. 
He  will  fulfill  the  desire  of  them  that  fear  him : 

He  also   will   hear  their   cry,   and   will   save 

The  Lord  preserveth  all  them  that  love  him : 

But  all  the  wicked  will  he  destroy. 
My  mouth  shall  speak  the  praise  of  the  Lord : 

And  let  all  flesh  bless  his  holy  name  for  ever 

and  ever. 

ac  -XM 

IT  (1  •» 

—  rrt-i 

M  —  ■^  »)  r.  t-  Wt-.C 


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oj   1   .-i-»i/:-<TCM'«r-«'MTr 

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I.- t- 

X  C  rn'o  X  rl  li':  iC  «  ""*  Ot  O  r:  iC  —  'T  35  X  i  o 




^t^^^^^c^c,                      - 

•»     jC'-'-H     vt-mo— lo 

«o  ^^ 

0  c^bi  M 







^— ■^  =  =  cc-;d_2=-2 


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iC  ^  X  -r  un  -C  ST. 

?i  t^  -^   -  -r  =   -C   S-.  X   TT  -  ^ 






'■'      t     Ml-.*    :     '        1     r^     '     ci"      ''" 

T  rr           ■~vii-      ?i      c^j  -< 





i-^^      .<«      —          -ifl— ?* 

^n- —  M^iO 

->-^^,      ,    =c      t-, 


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x^           -'^'~      ^t      ^ 






*                                           r-. 




<r.                          cr;   ■/■.    « 


.  _!;    g    C    C      .      . 

c  ^     .     .     .  c  5  c     . 




!fljwi.k.«rt«<l-         .         .k. 



^  -"  l:  ■=  "o  i  5 





--  — ^i-j-:)  vCJ 




—  ri -M  i-H —1  a:  c>» 




~  '^  c  X  "T  o  o 

— .  r:  ^>  -M  —  rt  t-  0  «  vr  l:  rt 




r:  —  M  -<  c-j  ■» 

C-l^l  rid  — .  «  Tl  it         ^  p-^  f 

C^  -I 


'^  uo  ri  r-.  -H  ut  jj 

-fi      —1      .-irf 

'^^^  ..-^  ,.  ..^'^^-^  ..  ..« 















«    3    ctj  -5    3    3    3 










^  ^T  I.-  t-  t-  t-  t^ 

-.  _  -^  u-  --  -  C  t-  -  0  C-.  &; 




-<  If 

cc^<  ..  ..'^^^^-ZiS--'^ 

c^  — 


'"     .  •  TT  •V  =^  jj  TT 

..  ..S"^i  ..^  ..  ..:5=-.x 




COV              ^rj-,«^C^„ 

?<i  "^ 





«  <»      .2  -       c 

IT!                                               C 





SS..i:^    -1 

•2  i-  x:  =  '=  =  ='"  1    •    •    • 




III  ill  illlaa 

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^i;.  5  :  la.  13. 




LESSED  Jesus,  at  Thy  word 
We  are  gathered  all  to  hear  Thee; 

Let  our  hearts  and  souls  be  stirred 
Now  to  seek  and  love  and  fear  Thee; 

By  Thy  teachings  sweet  and  holy 

Drawn  from  earth  to  love  Thee  solely. 

2  All  our  knowledge,  sense  and  sight 

Lie  in  deepest  darkness  shrouded, 
Till  Thy  Spirit  breaks  our  night 

W^ith  the  beams  of  truth  unclouded; 
Thou  alone  to  God  canst  win  us, 
Thou  must  work  all  good  within  us. 

3  Glorious   Lord,   Thyself  impart! 

Light  of  light,  from  God  proceeding, 
Open  Thou  our  ears  and  heart, 

Help  us  by  Thy  Spirit's  pleading; 
Hear  the  cry  Thy  people  raises, 
Hear  and  bless  our  pra3^ers  and  praises. 

T.    Claussnitzer. 
C,    Winkworth,    Tr. 

'T'O  GOD  be  glory,  peace  on  earth. 
To  all  manking  good  will ! 
We  bless,  we  praise,  we  worship  Thee, 
And  glorify  Thee  still. 

70  '  Opening 

2  And  thanks  for  Thy  great  glory  give, 

That  fills  our  souls  with  light; 
O  Lord,  our  heavenly  King,  the  God 
And  Father  of  all  might ! 

3  And  Thou,  begotten  Son  of  God, 

Before   time  had  begun ; 
O  Jesus  Christ,  Thou  Lamb  of  God, 
The  Father's  only  Son: 

4  Have  mercy,  Thou  that  tak'st  the  sins 

Of  all  the  world  away ! 
Have  mercy,  Savior  of  mankind, 
And  hear  us  when  we  pray ! 

5  O  Thou,  who  sitt'st  at  God's  right  hand, 

Upon  the  Father's  throne. 
Have  mercy  on  us.  Thou,  O  Christ, 
Who  art  the  Holy  One! 

6  Thou  only,  with  the  Holy  Ghost, 

Whom  earth  and  heaven  adore. 
In  glory  of  the  Father  art 
Most   high   forevermore. 

Tate    and    Brady's    New    Version. 

YE  LANDS,    to    the    Lord    make    a    jubilant 
■*•     noise; 

Glory  be  to  God! 
O  serve  Him  with  joy,  in  His  presence  now 

Sing  praise  unto  God  out  of  Zion! 

Opening  71 

2  Not  we,  but  the  Lord  is  our  Maker,  our  God ; 

Glory  be  to  God ! 
His  people  we  are,  and  the  sheep  led  by  His 

Sing  praise  unto  God  out  of  Zion! 

3  O    enter    His    gates    with    thanksgiving    and 


Glory  be  to  God ! 
To  bless  Him  and  thank  Him,  our  voices  we 
will  raise ; 

Sing  praise  unto  God  out  of  Zion ! 

4  For  good  is  the  Lord,  and  His  mercy  is  sure; 

Glory  be  to  God ! 
To  all  generations  His  truth  shall  still  endure; 
Sing  praise  unto  God  out  of  Zion ! 

V.   Koren. 
H.   R.  Spaeth,  Tr. 

CPEAK,  O  Lord,  Thy  servant  heareth, 
^     To  Thy  Word  I  now  give  heed ; 
Life  and   spirit  Thy  Wort   beareth, 

All  Thy  Word  is  truth  indeed; 
Death's  dread  pow'r  in  me  is  rife ; 
Jesus,  may  Thy  Word  of  Life 
Fill  my  soul  with  love's  strong  fervor 
That  I  cling  to  Thee  forever. 

2  O  what  blessing  to  be  near  Thee, 
And  to  hearken  to  Thy  voice; 
May  I  ever  love  and  fear  Thee, 
That  Thy  Word  may  be  my  choice. 

72  Opening 

Oft  were  hardened  sinners,  Lord, 
Struck  with  terror  by  Thy  Word; 
But  to  him  for  sin  who  grieveth 
Comfort  sweet  and  hope  it  giveth. 

3  Lord,  Thy  words  are  waters  Hving, 

Where  I  quench  my  thirsty  need; 
Lord,  Thy  words  are  bread  life-giving; 

On  Thy  words  my  soul  doth  feed; 
Lord,  Thy  words  shall  be  my  light 
Through  death's  vale  and  dreary  night; 
Yea,  they  are  my  sword  prevailing, 
And  my  cup  of  joy  unfailing. 

4  Precious  Jesus,  I  beseech  Thee: 

May  Thy  words  take  root  in  me; 
May  this  gift  from  heaven  enrich  me 

So  that  I  bear  fruit  for  Thee. 
Take  them  never  from  my  heart. 
Till  I  see  Thee  as  Thou  art, 
When  in  heavenly  bliss  and  glory 
I  shall  see  Thee  and  adore  Thee. 

Anna  Sophia  of  Hessen-Darmstadt. 
G.   T.    Rygh,   Tr. 


1  ORD  Jesus,  tho'  but  two  or  three 
*— '    In  Thy  dear  Name  assembled  be, 

Thou  wilt  among  them  show  Thy  face,  " 
And  bless  them  with  Thy  saving  grace. 

2  In  Thy  dear  Name  again  we  meet, 
And  worship  humbly  at  Thy  feet; 
Thou  wilt  Thy  gracious  Word  fulfill 
And  cheer  us  with  Thy  presence  still. 

Opening  72 

3  O  Thou,  from  whom  all  blesings  flow, 
Thy  peace  and  comfort  now  bestow; 
Abide  with  us  till  life  is  o'er, 
And  make  us  Thine  forevermore. 


Vy/ITH  the  Lord  thy  task  begin: 
^    Childlike   faith   in   Him   possessing, 
Look  thou  only  for  His  blessing, 
Humbly  saying  thus  within : 
With  the  Lord  thy  task  begin, 
With  the  Lord  thy  task  begin. 

2  With  the  Lord  thy  task  begin : 

Him  for  thy  true  Leader  taking, 
Nevermore  His  ways  forsaking, 

Thou  art  sure  thy  goal  to  win : 

With  the  Lord  thy  task  begin, 
With  the  Lord  thy  task  begin. 

3  With  the  Lord  thy  task  begin: 

Courage  He,  thy  Helper,  lendeth, 

Happily  thy  labor  endeth. 
Wrought  in  God,  and  not  in  sin : 
With  the  Lord  thy  task  begin. 

With  the  Lord  thy  task  begin. 

C.   C.   Hohlfeldt. 
H.    Brueckner,    Tr. 


LORD  Jesus  Christ,  be  present  now. 
And  let  Thy  Holy  Spirit  bow 
All  hearts  in  love  and  fear  today. 
To  hear  the  truth  an  keep  Thy  way. 

74  Opening 

2  Unseal  our  lips  to  sing  Thy  praise, 
Our  hearts  in  true  devotion  raise; 
Our  faith  increase,  our  minds  enlight, 
That  we  may  know  Thy  name  aright: 

3  Until  we  join  the  host  that  cry, 
"Holy  art  Thou,  O  Lord  most  high !" 
And  'mid  the  light  of  that  blest  place 
Shall  gaze  upon  Thee  face  to  face. 

4  Glory  to  God,  the  Father,  Son, 
And  Holy  Spirit,  Three  in  One! 
To  Thee,  O  blessed  Trinity, 

Be  praise  throughout  eternity ! 

W^ilhelm    II.,    Duke    of    Saxe-Weimar. 
C.    Winkworth,    Tr. 

T    ORD,  a  little  band,  and  lowly, 
•'— '    We  are  come  to  sing  to  Thee; 
Thou  art  great,  and  high,  and  holy,— 
O  how  holy  should  we  be ! 

2  Fill  our  hearts  with  thoughts  of  Jesus, 

And  of  heaven  where  He  is  gone ; 
And  let  nothing  ever  please  us 
He  would  grieve  to  look  upon. 

3  For  we  know  the  Lord  of  Glory 

Always  sees  what  children  do, 
And  is  writing  now  the  story 
Of  our  thoughts  and  actions  too. 

opening  -        75 

Let  our  sins  be  all  forgiven, 

Make  us  fear  whate'er  is  wrong; 

Lead  us  on  our  way  to  heaven, 
There  to  sing-  a  nobler  song. 

M.  E.  Shelly. 


LJOLY,  holy,  holy  Lord ! 

*•  ■*'  Be  Thy  glorious  name  adored; 
Lord,  Thy  mercies  never  fail : 
Hail,   celestial   Goodness,   hail ! 

2  Though  unworthy.  Lord,  Thine  ear 
Deign  our  humble  songs  to  hear ; 
Purer  praise  we  hope  to  bring, 
When  around  Thy  throne  we  sing. 

3  There  no  tongue  shall  silent  be. 
All  shall  join  in  harmony; 
That  through  heav  n  s  capacious  round 
Praise  to  Thee  may  ever  sound. 

4  Lord,  Thy  mercies  never  fail : 
Hail,  celestial  Goodness,  hail ! 
Holy,  holy,  holy  Lord, 
Be  Thy  glorious  name  adored. 

B.    Williams. 

76  Opening 



LL  glory  be  to  God  on  high, 
Who  hath  our  race  befriended! 
To  us  no  harm  shall  now  come  nigh, 

The  strife  at  last  is  ended. 
God  showeth  His  good  will  to  men, 
And  peace  shall  reign  on  earth  again; 
O  thank  Him  for  His  oroodness. 


2  We  praise,  we  worship  Thee,  we  trust. 

And  give  Thee  thanks  forever, 
O  Father,  that  Thy  rule  is  just, 

And  wise,  and  changes  never; 
Thy  boundless  pow'r  o'er  all  things  reigns; 
Thou  dost  whatever  Thy  will  ordains : 

Well  for  us  that  Thou  rulest! 

3  O  Jesus  Christ,  our  God  and  Lord, 

Son   of  Thy   heavenly   Father, 
And  Thou  who  hast  our  peace  restored, 

And  the  lost  sheep  dost  gather : 
Thou  Lamb  of  God,  to  Thee  on  high 
From  out  our  depths  we  sinners  cry : 

Have  mercy  on  us,  Jesus ! 

4  O  Holy  Ghost,  Thou  precious  gift, 

Thou  Comforter  unfailing, 
O'er  Satan's  snares  our  souls  uplift, 

And  let  Thy  pow'r,  availing, 
Avert  our  woes,  and  calm  our  dread; 
For  us  the  Savior's  blood  was  shed : 

We  trust  in  Thee  to  save  us ! 

N.    Decius. 
C.    Winkworth.    Tr. 



A  BIDE  in  grace,  Lord  Jesus, 
^*'  Among-  us  constantly, 
Lest  Satan's  art  deceive  us. 
And  gain  the  victory. 

2  Abide,  Lord,  with  the  story 

Of  Thy  redeeming  love; 
May  we  the  Gospel's  glory 
And  saving  virtue  prove. 

3  Abide,  our  pathway  brighten 

With   Thy   celestial   ray ; 
Blest  Light,  our  souls  enlighten, 
Show  us  the  truth,  the  way. 

4  Abide  with  us   in  blessing, 

Lord  of  the  earth  and  sky ; 
Rich  grace  and  strength  possessing, 
Do  Thou  our  need  supply ! 

5  Abide,  our  only  safety. 

Thy  people's  sure  defense ; 
No  power  can  withstand  Thee, 
Divine  Omnipotence ! 

6  Abide  among  us  ever, 

Lord,  with  Thy  faithfulness; 
Jesus,  forsake  us  never, 
Help  us  in  all  distress ! 

J.    Stegmann. 
F.   W.   Detterer,  Tr. 

78  Closing 


A  ND  now  we  must  bid  one  another  farewell ; 
'**'  The  peace  of  our  God  keep  you  ever ! 

God's  peace  in  our  bosom  and  all  will  be  well, 
Or  whether  we  meet  or  we  sever. 
May  Christ,  our  dear  Lord, 
Be  our  sure  reward. 
\Mien  we  from  this  world  pass  forever. 

2  O   help   us,    dear   Father,    and    Christ,    Thou 
the  Son, 
That  gladly  our  course  we  may  finish ! 
And    Thou,    Holy    Spirit,    Thou    comforting 
Thy  love  in  our  hearts  so  replenish. 
That  we,  by  Thy  might, 
May  fight  the  good  fight. 
Till  won  is  the  crown  everlasting, 

M.    Clausen. 
G.  T.  Rygh,  Tr. 


A  ND  the  grace  of  God  our  Father, 
'**"  And  the  love  of  Jesus  Christ, 
And  the  Holy   Spirit's  union 
Be  with  us  forevermore. 



AY  the  grace  of  Christ  our  Savior, 
And  the  Father's  boundless  love, 
With  the  Holy  Spirit's  favor, 
Rest  upon  us  from  above. 

Closing  79 

2  Thus  may  we  abide  in  union 

With  each  other  and  the  Lord ; 
And  possess,  in  sweet  communion, 
Joys  which  earth  cannot  afford. 

J.  Newton. 


A  MEN!  be  His  Word  and  Spirit; 
^~^  Amen,  Christ  suppHes  our  want; 
Amen  is  His  pow'r  and  merit ; 

Amen  is  His  cup  and  font ; 
Amen  is  His  death  and  Hfe; 
Amen,  Christ  with  grace  is  rife ! 

2  Amen,  hope  that  never  faileth; 

Amen,  faith  that  maketh  strong; 
Amen,   love   that   e'er  prevaileth ; 

Amen,  in  yon  sainted  throng; 
Amen  in  God's  blessed  rest; 
Amen,  there  to  dwell  is  best. 

3  Amen,  every  saint  is  voicing; 

Amen,  is  our  heavenly  song; 
Amen,  there  for  aye  rejoicing; 

Amen,  in  God's  joyous  throng; 
Amen !  life  comes  from  above ; 
Amen  !     God  alone  is  love ! 

4  Amen !  all  unite  in  praying, 

Amen !  hear  our  prayer,  O  Lord ! 
Amen!    Jesus,  Thou  art  saying; 

Amen!  is  Thy  seal  and  word; 
Amen!  say,  O  child,  come  home! 
Amen!  in  Thy  name  I  come! 

N.  Brorson. 
C.  K.   Solberg,  Tr. 

80  Closing 


CAVIOR,  again  to  Thy  dear  name  we  raise 
*^     With    one    accord    our    parting    hymn    of 
Once  more   we   bless   Thee   ere   our  w^orship 

Then,  lowly  bending,  wait  Thy  word  of  peace. 

2  Grant  us  Thy  peace  upon  our  homeward  way ; 
With   Thee   began,   with   Thee   shall   end   the 

Guard  Thou  the  lips  from  sin,  the  hearts  from 

That    in    this    house    have    called   upon   Thy 


3  Grant  us  Thy  peace,  Lord,  through  the  com- 
ing night ; 

Turn  Thou  for  us  its  darkness  into  light; 

From  harm  and  danger  keep  Thy  children 

For  dark  and  light  are  both  alike  to  Thee. 

4  Grant  us  Thy  peace  throughout  our  earthly 

Our  balm  in  sorrow  and  our  stay  in  strife; 
Then,  when  Thy  voice  shall  bid  our  conflict 

Call  us,  O  Lord,  to  Thine  eternal  peace. 

J.   Ellerton. 

Closing  81 


AFELY  through  another  week, 
God  has  brought  us  on  our  way ; 

Let  us  now  a  blessing  seek, 
Waiting  in  His  courts  today ; 

Day  of  all  the  week  the  best, 

Emblem  of  eternal  rest. 

2  Mercies,  multiplied  each  hour, 

Through  the  week  our  praise  demand; 
Guarded  by  almighty  power, 

Fed  and  guided  by  His  hand. 
Though  ungrateful  we  have  been, 
Only  made  returns  of  sin. 

3  While  we  pray  for  pardoning  grace, 
Through  the  dear  Redeemer's  name, 
Show  Thy  reconciled  face, 

Take  away  our  sin  and  shame: 
From  our  worldly  cares  set  free. 
May  we  rest  this  day  in  Thee. 

4  May  Thy  Gospel's  joyful  sound 
Conquer  sinners,  comfort  saints ; 

Make  the  fruits  of  grace  abound, 
Bring  relief  for  all  complaints : 

Thus  may  all  our  Sabbaths  prove, 

Till  we  join  the  Church  above. 

J.   Newton. 

82  Closing 



RAISE  to  Thee  and  adoration, 

Blessed  Jesus,  Son  of  God, 
Who,  to  serve  Thine  own  creation. 

Didst  partake  of  flesh  and  blood; 
Teach  me  that  I  never  may 
From  Thy  fold  or  pastures  stray, 
But  with  zeal  and  joy  exceeding 
Follow  where  Thy  steps  are  leading. 

Let  me  never,  Lord,  forsake  Thee, 
E'en  though  bitter  pain  and  strife 

On  my  way  shall  overtake  me ; 
But  may  I  through  all  my  life 

\\'alk  in  fervent  love  to  Thee, 

In  all  woes  for  comfort  flee 

To  Thy  birth,  Thy  death  and  passion. 

Till  I  see  Thy  full  salvation. 

T.  Kingo. 
K.  Kvamme,  Tr. 



OW  blessed  is  the  little  flock 
Whom  Jesus  calls  His   own ! 
He  is  their  Savior  and  their  Rock, 

They  trust  in  Him  alone. 
They  walk  by  faith  and  hope  and  love. 
But  they  shall  dwell  with  Him  above, 
W'hen  hope  and  faith  shall  pass  away, 
And  love  shall  last  for  aye ! 

2  My  Jesus,  am  I  in  that  band, 

And  wilt  Thou  call  me  Thine? 
Do  I  among  the  chosen  stand 
Whose  lamps  so  brightly  shine? 

Closing  83 

O  let  me  not  lie  down  to  rest 

Till  this  I  know,  my  Savior  blest. 

Till  I  can  say,  by  grace  restored:  '; 

"Thou  know'st  I  love  Thee,  Lord !" 

3  And  even  if  with  tears  it  be, 

That  this  to  Thee  I  say. 
Yet  Thou  in  grace  wilt  look  on  me, 

And  wipe  my  tears  away ; 
Yea,  when  but  Thou  who  all  dost  know 
In  me  canst  find  Thy  love  below, 
And  own  me  Thine,  then  well  is  me, — 
My  all  I  have  in  Thee. 

N.  J.   Holm. 
C.  Doving,  Tr. 


1  ORD,   dismiss   us   with  Thy   blessing, 
■'--'    Fill  our  hearts  with  joy  and  peace; 

Let  us  each.  Thy  love  possessing, 

Triumph  in  redeeming  grace. 
Oh,  refresh  us,  Oh,  refresh  us, 

Trav'ling  through  this  wilderness. 

2  Thanks  we  give  and  adoration 

For  Thy  Gospel's  joyful  sound; 
May  the  fruits  of  Thy  salvation 

Li  our  hearts  and  lives  abound. 
Ever  faithful,  ever  faithful 

To  the  truth  may  we  be  found. 

3  So  whene'er  the  signal's  given, 

Us  from  earth  to  call  away. 
Borne  on  angel's  wings  to  heaven, 

Glad  the  summons  to  obey. 
May  we  ever,  may  we  ever 

Rise  and  reign  in  endless  day. 

J.   Fawcett. 

84  Closing 


1  ORD,  Thy  blessing  send  us, 
*-^    And  from  harm  defend  us; 

Lift  upon  us,  Lord,  Thy  face, 
Filling  us  with  light  and  grace. 

2  With  Thy  peace  be  near  us. 
Let  Thy  presence  cheer  us; 
Thy  good  Spirit  be  our  guide, 
That  in  Christ  we  may  confide. 

3  To  the  Lord  in  heaven 
Be  all  glory  given ! 

He  doth  grant  us  perfect  rest, — 
Let  His  precious  name  be  blest! 

C.  Gre^r. 

H.   Brueckner, 


/^  OD  be  with  you  till  we  meet  again ! 
^^  By  His  counsels  guide,  uphold  you; 

With  His  sheep  securely  fold  you ; 

God  be  with  you  till  we  meet  again! 


Till  we  meet!  till  we  meet!    . 

Till  we  meet  at  Jesus'  feet; 

Till  we  meet !  till  we  meet ! 

God  be  with  you  till  we  meet  again! 

Closing  85 

2  God  be  with  you  till  we  meet  again! 
'Neath  His  wings  securely  hide  you;  - 
Daily  manna  still  provide  you; 

God  be  with  you  till  we  meet  again! 


3  God  be  with  you  till  we  meet  again! 
When  life's  perils  thick  confound  you, 
Put  His  arms  unfailing  round  you; 
God  be  with  you  till  we  meet  again! 


4  God  be  with  you  till  we  meet  again! 
Keep  love's  banner  floating  o'er  you; 
Smite  death's  threatening  wave  before  you; 
God  be  with  you  till  we  meet  again  I 


J.  E.  Rankin. 


pRAISE  God,  from  whom  all  blessings  flow! 
*       Praise  Him,  all  creatures  here  below! 
Praise  Him  above,  ye  heav'nly  host! 
Praise  Father,  Son,  and  Holy  Ghost! 

Th.  Ken. 


T   ET  me  be  Thine  forever, 
-^    My  gracious  God  and  Lord; 
May  I  forsake  Thee  never^ 
Nor  wander  from  Thy  Word, 

86  Closing 

Preserve  me  from  the  mazes 

Of  error  and  distrust, 
And  I  shall  sing  Thy  praises 

Forever  with  the  just. 

2  Lord  Jesus !  bounteous  Giver 

Of  light  and  life  divine, 
Thou  didst  my  soul  deliver; 

To  Thee  I  all  resign. 
Thou  hast  in  mercy  bought  me, 

With  blood   and  bitter  pain; 
Let  me,  since  Thou  hast  sought  me, 

Eternal  life  obtain. 

3  O  Holy  Ghost,  who  pourest 

Sweet  peace  into  my  heart, 
And  all  my  soul  restorest, 

Let  not  Thy  grace  depart. 
And,  while  His  name  confessing, 

Whom  I  by  faith  have  known, 
Grant  me  Thy  constant  blessing; 

Make  me  for  aye  Thine  own. 

N.  Selnecker. 
M.   Loy,  Tr. 



A  WAKE,  my  soul,  and  with  the  sun 
'^*-  Thy  daily  stage  of  duty  run; 
Shake  off  dull  sloth,  and  joyful  rise 
To  pay  thy  morning  sacrifice. 

2  Thy  precious  time  misspent,  redeem ; 
Each  present   day  thy  last  esteem ; 
Improve  thy  talent  with  due  care, 
For  the  great  Day  thyself  prepare. 

3  Wake,  and  lift  up  thyself,  my  heart, 
And  with  the  angels  bear  thy  part, 
Who  all  night  long,  unwearied,  sing 
High  praise  to  the  eternal  King. 

4  All  praise  to  Thee,  who  safe  has  kept. 
And  hast  refreshed  me  while  I  slept : 
Grant,  Lord,  when  I  from  death  shall  wake, 
I  may  of  endless  life  partake. 

5  Lord,  I  my  vows  to  Thee  renew; 
Disperse  my  sins  as  morning  dew ; 

Guard  my  first  springs  of  thought  and  will, 
And  with  Thyself  my  spirit  fill. 

6  Direct,  control,  suggest  this  day. 
All  T  design,  or  do,  or  say; 

That  all  my  powers,  with  all  their  might, 
In  Thy  sole  glory  may  unite. 

Th.   Ken. 

88  Morning 


jVyiY  HEART  its  incense  burning, 
*'^*'  I'll  offer  thanks  and  praise. 
Now  with  return  of  morning, 

And  through  all  future  days ; 
I'll  praise  Thee  on  Thy  throne, 
Great  Source  of  ev'ry  blessing, 
My  song  to  Thee  addressing 
Through  Christ,  Thy  only  Son. 

2  Thy  mercy  claims  my  praises ! 

This  kept  me  through  the  night; 
And  now  from  sleep  it  raises, 

To  greet  the  dawning  light. 
This,  too,  it  is  that  hath 

My  many   sins   forgiven, 

Which  in  the  face  of  heaven 
So  oft  provoked  Thy  wrath. 

3  In  mercy  still  direct  me 

Throughout  the  coming  day: 
From  Satan's  wiles  protect  me, 

From  sin,  and  from  dismay ; 
Defend  from  fire  and  storm, 

From  want  and  every  weakness, 

From  sorrow  and  from  sickness. 
From  sudden  death's  alarm. 

4  Let  angels  keep  their  stations. 

Nor  cease  their  guard  of  me. 
Awaiting  all  temptations 

Which  draw  my  soul  from  Thee! 

H.  Mills,  Tr. 


Thy  shield  hold  Thou  above! 
Then  nothing  shall  distress  me 
To  duty  I'll  address  me, 

Rejoicing  in  Thy  love. 


/^  REAT  God  in  heav'n,  who  by  my  bed 
^-^  Thy  faithful  watch  didst  keep ; 
And  night's  best  blessings  o'er  me  shed, 
Sweet  rest  and  balmy  sleep. 

2  I  thank  Thee,  Lord  and  Father  mild, 
And  all  Thine  angels,  too ; 
And  pray  Thee  still  to  help  Thy  child, 
Thy  holy  will  to  do. 




OW  lovely  now  the  morning  star 
In  twilight  sky  bright  gleams  afar! 
While   night   her   curtain   raiseth ; 

Each  creature  hails,  with  ravished  sight, 

The  glories  of  returning  light, 
And  God  its  Maker  praiseth. 

Both  far,  and  near. 

All  things  living  Thanks  are  giving, 

There   high   soaring, 

90  Morning 

2  Then  haste,  my  soul,  thy  song  to  raise, 
Nor  spare  in  thy  Redeemer's  praise 
To  pour  thy  due  oblation ; 

For  glory,   Lord,   to   Thee  belongs. 

Thy  praise  resounds  in  grateful  songs 
With  pious  emulation; 

Joy  rings,  Glad  strings 

Voices  sounding,  Hearts  rebounding, 

Thus  all  nature 

Sings  Thy  praise,  O  great  Creator. 

3  Pour  down  Thy  grace  in  cheering  streams, 
And  warm  my  heart  with  mercy's  beams 

From  heaven,  Thy  throne  of  beauty ; 
Let  Thy  good  Spirit  guide  my  will. 
That   I,   whate'er  my   station,   still 

May  seek  my  joy  in  duty. 
Send  light  And  might 
That  each  measure,  Scheme  and  pleasure. 
Heavenward  tending. 
Still  in  Thee  may  find  its  ending. 

4  Keep  grief,  if  this  may  be,  away; 
If  not,  Thy  will  be  done,  I  say, 

My  choice  to  Thine  resigning. 
O  come,  and  like  the  morning  dew, 
Refresh  my  heart,  and  make  it  new, 

That  I  may,  unrepining. 
Bear  cross  And  loss, 
Till  that  morrow,  Chase  all  sorrow. 
When  upraised 
Where  Thy  name  is  ever  praised. 

Morning  91 

Meanwhile,  my  heart,  both  sing  and  leap, 
'Mid  cross  and  loss  good  courage  keep, 

To  heaven's  bright  gate  you  hasten; 
Then  lay  desponding  care  aside, 
God  ever  thus  His  own  hath  tried, 

And  those  He  loves  doth  chasten; 
Hope  still  Midst  ill. 
Calm,  though  grieving,  Firm  believing 
Is  the  road  to  sure  salvation. 

T.  Stegmann. 
F.  E.  Cox,  Tr. 


VV7HEN  morning  gilds  the  skies, 
'  ^   My  heart,  awaking,  cries : 
May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 
Alike  at  work  and  prayer, 
To  Jesus  I  repair: 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 

2  Whene'er  the  sweet  church-bell 
Peals  over  hill  and  dell, 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 
Oh,  hark  to  what  it  sings, 
As  joyously  it  rings : 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 

3  When  you  begin  the  day, 
Oh,  never  fail  to  say: 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 
And  at  your  work  rejoice 
To  sing  with  heart  and  voice, 

May  Jesus  Qirist  be  praised! 

92  Morning 

4  Be  this  at  meals  your  grace, 
In  every  time  and  place : 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 
Be  this,  when  day  is  past, 
Of  all  your  thoughts  the  last : 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised ! 

5  To  God,  the  Lord,  on  high 
The  hosts  of  angels  cry: 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 
Let  children,  too,  upraise 
Their  voice  in  hymns  of  praise: 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 

6  Let  earth's  wide  circle  round 
In  joyful  notes  resound: 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised ! 
Let  air,  and  sea,  and  sky 
Through  depth  and  height  reply: 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised ! 


Caswall,  Tr. 

"ROM  east  the  sun,  in  splendor  dressed, 

Begins  his  lofty  ride, 
O'er  mighty  seas  and  mountain-crest, 

O'er  town  and  country-side 

He  rises  on  that  fairest  shore 

Where  paradise  once  lay; 
Brings  light  and  life,  and,  as  of  yore. 

New  joy  upon  his  way. 

Morning  93 

3  A  greeting  shimmers  in  his  sphere 

From  Eden's  ruddy  dawn; 
Here  flowed  the  Fount  of  Life,  and  here 
The  Tree  of  Life  has  grown. 

4  He  greets  us  with  a  smile  from  Him 

Who  caused  the  light  to  be, 
Brings  memories  sweet  of  Bethlehem, 
Of  angels'  holy  glee. 

5  We  catch  a  glimpse  of  Paradise 

And  of  its  golden  groves, 

When  in  the  east  we  see  arise 

The  sun  in  heavenly  robes. 

6  The  starry  hosts  bow  gently  down 

Before  the  rising  sun ; 
It  seems  again  in  Bethlehem-town 
Is  born  th'  Eternal  One. 

7  Thou  Sun,  all  mundane  suns  above, 

Be  praised  that  Thou  didst  rise 
To  lead  us  in  Thy  light  and  love 
To  Heaven's  Paradise. 

B.  S.  Ingemann. 
Tr.   Anon. 


IN  THE  early  morning, 
^      With  the  sun's  first  rays, 
All  God's  little  children 
Thank,  and  pray,  and  praise. 

2  To  Thee  thanks  I  offer, 
Jesus,  Shepherd  dear, 
For  Thy  tender  pasture 
And  Thy  guiding  care. 

94  Morning 

3  And  I  would  implore  Thee, 

Be  with  me  this  day, 
Lest  I  from  Thee  wander, 
Into  danger  stray. 

4  If  Thou  dwell  within  me, 

Evil  far  must  go. 
And  I  shall  be  tasting 
Bliss  that  angels  know. 

5  In  the  hush  of  evening, 

With  the  sun's  last  rays 
All  God's  little  children 

Thank,  and  pray,  and  praise. 

6  Always  in  Thy  keeping, 

Jesus,  Savior  dear. 

Whether  waking,  sleeping, 

We  Thy  children  are. 




OD,  who  madest  earth  and  heaven,- 
Father,  Son  and  Holy  Ghost, 
Who  the  day  and  night  hast  given, 

Sun  and  moon,  and  starry  host, 
Thou  whose  mighty  hand  sustains 
Earth  and  all  that  she  contains : 

Praise  to  Thee  my  soul  shall  render, 
Who  this  night  hast  guarded  me, 

My   omnipotent   Defender, 
Who  from  ill  dost  set  me  free; 

Free  from  danger,  anguish,  woe. 

Free  from  the  infernal  foe. 

Mornini?  95 

3  Let  the  night  of  my  transgression 

With  night's  darkness  pass  away; 
Jesus,  into  Thy  possession 

I  resign  myself  today. 
In  Thy  wounds  I  find  rehef 
From  my  greatest  sin  and  grief. 

4  Let  my  Hfe  and  conversation 

Be  directed  by  Thy  word ; 
Lord,  Thy  constant  preservation 

To  Thy  erring  child  afford. 
Nowhere  but  alone  in  Thee 
From  all  harm  I  can  be  free. 

5  Wholly  to  Thy  blest  protection 

I  commit  my  heart  and  mind ; 
Mighty  God !  to  Thy  direction, 

\Vholly  may  I  be  resigned. 
Lord,  my  Shield,  my  Light  divine, 
O  accept  and  own  me  Thine ! 

H.    Albert. 
Tr.    Composite. 



OW  that  the  sun  is  beaming  bright, 
Once  more  to  God  we  pray. 

That  He,   the  uncreated  Light, 
May  guide  our  souls  this  day. 

2  No  sinful  word,  no  deed  of  wrong, 
Nor  thoughts  that  sinful  rove, 
But  simple  truth  be  on  our  tongue, 
And  in  our  hearts  be  love. 

96  Morning 

3  And  grant  that  to  Thine  honor,  Lord, 
Our  daily  toil  may  tend ; 
That  we  begin  it  at  Thy  Word, 
And  in  Thy  favor  end. 

J.  H.  Newman. 


pVENING  and  morning, 
'-^    Sunset  and  dawning, 

Wealth,  peace,  and  gladness, 

Comfort  in  sadness. 
These  are  Thy  w^orks ;  all  the  glory  be  Thine ! 

Times  without  number. 

Awake  or  in  slumber, 

Thine  eye  observes  us, 

From  danger  preserves  us, 
Causing  Thy  mercy  upon  us  to  shine. 

Father,  O  hear  me; 

Pardon  and  spare  me; 

Calm  all  my  terrors. 

Blot  out  my  errors. 
That  by  Thine  eyes  they  may  no  more  be 

Order  my  goings ; 

Direct  all  my  doings; 

As  it  may  please  Thee, 

Retain  or  release  me; 
All  I  commit  to  Thy  Fatherly  hand. 

Morning  97 

Griefs  of  God's  sending 

Soon  have  an  ending; 

Clouds  may  be  pouring, 

Wind  and  wave  roaring; 
Sunshine   will    come   when   the    tempest   has 

Joys  still  increasing, 

And  peace  never  ceasing, 

Fountains  that  dry  not, 

And  roses  that  die  not, 
Blooming  in  Eden,  await  me  at  last. 

p.   Gerhardt. 
R.  Massie,  Tr. 


DEFRESHED  by  gentle  slumbers, 
''•^  From  care  and  sorrow  free. 
Our  hearts  in  tuneful  numbers 
Sing  praise,  O  Lord,  to  Thee. 

2  Thou  spreadest  joy  and  blessing, 
Thou  Source  of  every  good ; 
Then  hear  us  Thee  addressing 
In  songs  of  gratitude. 

Oh,  may  we,  ceasing  never, 

Extol  Thee  all  our  days; 
Our  heart  and  life  be  ever 

An  endless  song  of  praise. 

J.  K.  Lavater. 
H.  J.  Fry,  Tr. 

98  Morning 


r\AYSPRING  of  eternity, 
*^   Light  from  endless  Light  proceeding, 
Let  Thy  beams  upon  us  shine 

As  the  shadows  are  receding ; 
And  dispel  by  Thy  great  might 
Our  dark  night. 

2  As  the  soft,  refreshing  dew 

Falls  upon  the  drooping  flower, 
So  our  fainting  hearts  renew 

By  Thy   Spirit's  quickening  power; 
Ne'er  Thy  bounteous  grace  withhold 
From  Thy  fold. 

3  Let  the  glow  of  Thy  pure  love 

All  our  icy  coldness  banish ; 
\n  the  radiance  from  above 

May  our  doubts  and  fears  all  vanish, 
That  ere  dying  we  may  be 
Found  in  Thee. 

4  O  Thou  glorious  Sun  of  grace. 

May  Thy  light  be  ne'er  denied  us ! 
fill   we   reach   the   heavenly   place 

Shine  upon  our  way  to  guide  us, 
That  at  last  among  the  blest 
We  may  rest. 

C.  K.  V.  Rosenrotli. 
J.  F.  Ohl,  Tr. 


f    ORD  God  of  morning  and  of  night, 
•'— '    We  thank  Thee  for  Thy  gift  of  light : 
As  in  the  dawn  the  shadows  fly, 

We  seem  to  find  Thee  now  more  nigh. 

Morning  99 

2  Fresh  hope  have  wakened  in  the  heart, 

Fresh  force  to  do  our  daily  part; 
Thy  thousand  sleeps  our  strength  restore, 
A  thousand  fold  to  serve  Thee  more. 

3  O  Lord  of  lights,  'tis  Thou  alone 

Canst    make    our    darkened    hearts    Thine 
O  then  be  with  us,  Lord,  that  w^e 

In  Thy  great  day  may  wake  to  Thee. 

4  Praise  God,  our  Maker  and  our  Friend ; 

Praise   Him   through   time,   till   time   shall 
Till  psalm  and  song  His  name  adore 

Through  heaven's  great  day  of  evermore. 

F.  T.   Palgrave. 


A  WAKE,  my  heart,  rejoicing, 
■**■  Thy  Maker's  praises  voicing. 
The  Giver  good  gifts   sending; 
Their  shield.  His  folk  defending. 

2  All  night  while  darkness  bound  me 
In  deepest  gloom  around  me, 

By  Satan  craved  while  sleeping, 
God  had  me  in  His  keeping. 

3  Thou   spak'st   me   words    endearing; 
Sleep  now,  my  child,  unfearing; 
Sleep  well,  night's  terrors  spurning; 
Thou'lt  see  the  sun  returning.  ^    .^ 

100  Morning 

4  Thy  word  performed,   now  waking, 
I  see  the  bright  dawn  breaking. 
Safe  kept  from  ills  unnumbered 
While  'neath  Thy  care  I  slumbered. 

5  An  off'ring  Thou  desirest, 
Behold  what  Thou  requirest! 
Nor  lamb  nor  incense  bringing, 
I  come  with  prayer  and  singing. 

6  Nor  wilt  Thou  now  despise  them, 
But  in  Thy  heart  wilt  prize  them, 
Well  knowing,  yea,  and  surely 
My  best  I  offer  purely. 

7  Approve  my  works  when  shown  Thee; 
Help  Thou  good  councils  only; 
Beginning,  middle,   closing, 

Lord,  for  the  best  disposing. 

8  With  blessings  guard  me  waking, 
My  heart  Thy  dwelling  making, 
And  with  Thy  Word,  Lord,  feed  me, 
Whilst  heavenward  Thou  dost  lead  me. 

p.  Gerhardt. 
A.  Ramsey,  Tr. 


I   ORD,  for  the  mercies  of  this  night 
My  humble  thanks  I  pay. 
And  unto  Thee  I  dedicate 
The  first  fruits  of  the  day. 

Morning  101 

Let  this  day  praise  Thee,  O  my  God, 

And  so  let  all  my  days : 
And  O,  let  my  eternal  day 

Be  Thy  eternal  praise. 

J.  Mason. 


flEAVN  and  earth,  and  sea,  and  air 
*  ^  Still  their  Maker's  praise  declare; 
Thou,  my  soul,  as  loudly  sing, 
To  thy  God  thy  praises  bring. 

2  See  the  sun  his  power  awakes, 

As  through  clouds  his  glory  breaks ; 
See  the  moon  and  stars  of  light, 
Praising  God  in  stillest  night. 

3  See  how  God  this  rolhng  globe 
Swathes  with  beauty  as  a  robe; 
Forests,  fields,  and  living  things. 
Each  its  Master's  glory  sings. 

4  Through  the  air  Thy  praises  meet ; 
Birds  are  singing  clear  and  sweet; 
Fire,  and  storm,  and  wind  Thy  will, 
As  Thy  ministers  fulfill. 

5  Ocean  waves  Thy  glory  tell. 

At  Thy  touch  they  sing  and  swell; 
From  the  well-spring  to  the  sea 
Rivers  murmur,  Lord,  of  Thee. 

102  Morning 

6  O  my  God,  what  wonders  lie 
Hid  in  Thine  infinity ! 
Stamp  upon  my  inmost  heart 
What  I  am,  and  what  Thou  art. 

J.   Neander. 
J.  D.  Burns,  Tr. 



HOLY,  blessed  Trinity, 

Divine  essential  Unity, 
God,  Father,  Son,  and  Holy  Ghost, 
Be  Thou  this  day  my  Guide  and  Host. 

2  My  soul  and  body  keep  from  harm; 
O'er  all  I  have  extend  Thy  arm, 
That  Satan  may  not  cause  distress. 
Nor  bring  me  shame  and  wretchedness. 

3  The  Father's  love  shield  me  this  day ; 
The  Son's  pure  wisdom  cheer  my  way; 
The  Holy   Spirit's   light   divine 
Illume  my  heart's  benighted  shrine. 

4  My  Maker,  strengthen  Thou  my  heart; 
O  my   Redeemer,   help  impart; 

Blest  Comforter,  keep  at  my  side 
That  faith  and  love  in  me  abide. 

5  Lord,  bless  and  keep  Thou  me  as  Thine! 
Lord,  make  Thy  face  upon  me  shine ! 
Lord,  lift  Thy  countenance  on  me. 

And  give  me  peace,  sweet  peace  from  Thee. 

M.    Behm. 
C,  H.  L.  Schuette.  Tr. 



A  BIDE  with  me :  fast  falls  the  eventide ; 
^*'  The    darkness     deepens ;     Lord,    with    me 
When  other  helpers  fail,  and  comforts  flee, 
Help  of  the  helpless,  oh,  abide  with  me! 

2  Swift  to  its  close  ebbs  out  life's  little  day; 
Earth's  joys  grow  dim,  its  glories  pass  away; 
Change  and  decay  in  all  around  I  see ; 

0  Thou,  who  changest  not,  abide  with  me. 

3  I  need  Thy  presence  every  passing  hour; 
What  but  Thy  grace  can   foil  the  tempter's 

power  ? 
Who,  like  Thyself,  my  guide  and  stay  can  be? 
Through  cloud  and  sunshine.  Lord,  abide  with 


4  I  fear  no  foe,  with  Thee  at  hand  to  bless; 
Ills  have  no  weight,  and  tears  no  bitterness. 
Where   is    death's    sting?    where,   grave,   thy 


1  triumph  still,  if  Thou  abide  with  me. 

5  Hold  Thou  Thy  cross  before  my  closing  eyes; 
Shine  through  the  gloom,  and  point  me  to  the 

skies ; 
Heav'n's   morning   breaks,    and    earth's    vain 

shadows  flee : 
In  life,  in  death,  O  Lord,  abide  with  me! 

H.  F.  Lyte. 

104  Evening 


T7ATHER   Almighty,    darkness   now   is   deep- 
*  'ning, 

And  we  commend  us  to  Thy  gracious  keep- 
Oh,  may  Thine  angels  guards  us  in  our  sleep- 
Protect  us  through  this  night ! 

2  Blessed  Lord  Jesus,  Thou  whose  side  is  riven, 
Thou  by  whose  wounds  our  sins  are  all  for- 
given : 

Draw  us  to  Thee,  to  Thy  dear  self  in  heaven, 
From  every  sin  release! 

3  O  Holy  Spirit,  Christ  the  Son  explaining. 
Who  with  the  Father  and  the  Son  art  reign- 

And  for  us  all  eternal  life  art  gaining: 
Direct  us  by  Thy  light! 

4  Father,   and  Son,  and  Holy  Spirit,   blending 
All  Three  in  One  in  ages  without  ending: 
Oh,  let  Thy  blessing  on  us  be  descending. 

Grant  us  Thy  perfect  peace! 

S.  O.  Sigmond. 


KTOW  the  day  is  over, 
^^    Night  is  drawing  nigh; 
Shadows  of  the  evening 
Steal  across  the  sky. 

Evening  105 

Jesus,  give  the  weary 
Calm  and  sweet  repose ; 

With  Thy  tend'rest  blessing 
May  mine  eyelids  close. 

2  Grant  to  little  children 

Visions  bright  of  Thee; 
Guard  the  sailors,  tossing 

On  the  deep  blue  sea. 
Through   the  long  nightwatches 

May  Thine  angels  spread 
Their  white  wings  above  me, 

Watching  round  my  bed. 

3  When  the  morning  wakens, 

Then  may  I  arise 
Pure,  and  fresh,  and  sinless 

In  Thy  holy  eyes. 
Glory  to  the  Father, 

Glory  to  the  Son, 
And  to  Thee,  blest  Spirit, 

Whilst  all  ages  run. 

S.  Baring-Gould. 


Q  CHRIST  who  art  the  light  and  day, 
^^  Thy  beams  chase  night's  dark  shades  away ; 
The  very  Light  of  light  Thou  art. 
Who  dost  that  blessed  light  impart. 

2  All-holy  Lord,  to  Thee  we  bend, 

Thy  servants  through  this  night  defend. 
And  grant  us  calm  repose  in  Thee, 
A  quiet  night   from  perils   free. 

106  Evening 

3  Let  not  dull  sleep  the  soul  oppress, 
Nor  secret  foe  the  heart  possess ; 
Nor  Satan's  wiles  the  flesh  allure, 
And  make  us  in  Thy  sight  impure. 

4  Light  shmibers  let  our  eyelids  take, 
The  heart  to  Thee  be  still  awake ; 
And  Thy  right  hand  protection  be 

To  those  who  love  and  trust  in  Thee. 

5  O  Lord,  our  strong  defense,  be  nigh; 
Bid  all  the  powers  of  darkness  fly ; 
Preserve  and  watch  o'er  us  for  good. 
Whom  Thou  hast  purchased  with  Thy  blood. 

6  Remember  us,  dear  Lord,  we  pray, 
Whilst  burdened  in  the  flesh  we  stay ; 
Thou  only  canst  the  soul  defend; 

Be  with  us,  Savior,  to  the  end. 

R.  F.  Littledale,  Tr. 


A  ND  whither  wilt  Thou,  Pilgrim  dear? 
^^  The  day's  far  spent,  and  night  is  near 
Come  hither,  Lord;  with  me  abide, 
And  bless  me  now  at  eventide. 
Hallelujah,   Hallelujah, 
Hallelujah,  Hallelujah! 

2  To  my  entreaty  pray  attend ; 
I  do  desire  Thee,  dearest  Friend ; 
Thou  knowest,  too,  that  in  my  breast 
Thou  art  a  well-beloved  Guest. 
Hallelujah,   Hallelujah, 
Hallelujah,  Hallelujah! 

Evening  107 

3  The  day  is  done ;  the  shadows  fall, 
And  darkness  spreads  its  mighty  pall : 
Come,  Light  of  light,  pervade  my  heart 
And   nevermore   from  me  depart. 

Hallelujah,  Hallelujah, 
Hallelujah,  Hallelujah! 

4  Enlight  me,  Lord,  to  find  the  way 
That  leads  to  heav'n  and  endless  day ; 
Nor  let  the  dismal  light  of  sin 
Deceive  nor  make  me  err  therein. 

Hallelujah,   Hallelujah, 
Hallelujah,  Hallelujah! 

5  'Mid  death's  dread  dangers  succor  me 
That  mine  a  peaceful  death  may  be : 
Abide  with  me  as  heretofore, 

Nor  leave  me.  Savior,  evermore. 
Hallelujah,   Hallelujah, 
Hallelujah,  Hallelujah! 

J.   Schefifler. 
Ramsey,  Tr. 



HE  sun  has  long  departed. 
The  day  to  night  doth  yield; 

And  peace,  so  still  and  holy. 
Broods  over  house  and  field. 

2  To  wearied  eyelids  gently 

The  night  brings  sweetest  sleep, 
And  in  each  little  chamber 
God's  angel  watch  doth  keep. 

108  Evening 

3  He  lulls  with  song  so  gentle 
The  babe  to  sweet  repose: 
Anon  the  chords  are  silent, 
The  wearied  eyelids  close. 

G.   Scherer. 
Tr.  Anon. 


KTOW  God  be  with  us,  for  the  night  is  closing; 
^^    The  night  and  darkness  are  of  His  dispos- 
And  'neath  His  shadow  here  to  rest  we  yield 
For  He  will  shield  us. 

2  Let  evil  thoughts  and  spirits  flee  before  us ; 
Till  morning  cometh,  watch,  O  Father,  o'er 

In  soul  and  body  Thou  from  harm  defend  us, 
Thine  angels  send  us. 

3  Let  pious  thoughts  be  ours  when  sleep  o'er- 

takes  us; 
Our  earliest  thoughts  be  Thine  when  morning 

wakes  us ; 
All  day  serve  Thee,  in  all  that  we  are  doing 
Thy  praise  pursuing. 

4  Through   Thy   Beloved   soothe  the   sick  and 


And  bid  the  captive  lose  his  griefs  in  sleep- 
ing ; 

Widows  and  orphans,  we  to  Thee  commend 
Do  Thou  befriend  them. 

Evening  109 

5  We  have  no  refuge,  none  on  earth  to  aid  us 
Save  Thee,  O   Father^  who  Thine  own  hast 

made  us ; 
But  Thy  dear  presence  will  not  leave  them 
Who  seek  Thee  only. 

6  Father,  Thy  name  be  praised,  Thy  kingdom 

given ; 
Thy  will  be  done  on  earth,  as  'tis  in  heaven ; 
Give  daily  bread;  forgive  our  sins;  deliver 
Us  now  and  ever. 

p.   Herbert. 
C.    Winkworth.    Tr. 


T   ORD,  to  Thee  I  lift  my  eyes, 
^    Hands  and  heart  I  lift  to  Thee; 
Let  my  prayer  accepted  rise, 
Weak,  imperfect  though  it  be. 

2  Teach  me,  Lord,  Thy  name  to  know ; 

Teach  me.  Lord,  Thy  name  to  love ; 
May  I  do  Thy  will  below. 
As  Thy  will  is  done  above. 

3  Savior  God,  Thy  grace  impart, 

Give  me  strength  to  follow  Thee; 
Live  Thyself  within  my  heart, 
Set  my  ransomed  spirit  free. 

4  When  I  go  to  rest  at  night, 

O'er  me  watch  and  near  me  stay; 
And  when  morning  brings  the  light, 
May  I  wake  to  praise  and  pray. 

E.    Scobell. 

110  Evening 


"T^HE  sun  has  gone  down, 
■^     And  peace  has  descended  on  country  and 
town ; 
The  song-birds  in  silence  have  flown  to  their 

And  flowers  are  closing  their  petals  in  rest; 
So  closes  my  heart  to  annoyance  and  care. 
In  homage  and  prayer,  In  homage  and  prayer. 

2  I  praise  for  this  day 

The  Father  in  heaven,  who  prospered  my  way, 
Who   shielded   from    danger,   protected   from 

Promoted    my    labor,    and    strengthened    my 

arm ; 
For  hours  that  passed  lightly  as  birds  on  the 

Thanksgiving  I  bring.  Thanksgiving  I  bring. 

3  Forgive  me,  O  Lord, 

My   sins   and  transgressions   in   deed   and  in 

word ! 
Thou  knowest  my   heart   and   my   innermost 

thought ; 
The  words  I  have  spoken,  the  deeds  I  have 

My  errors  and  failings  I  deeply  regret : 
Forgive  and  forget,  Forgive  and  forget! 

Evening  111 

I  ask  for  no  more; 

My  light  I  extinguish  and  fasten  the  door, 
And  seeking  my  chamber,  betake  me  to  rest, 
Assured  that  my  slumber  this  night  will  be 

I  fondly  confide  to  Thy  care  and  control 
My  body  and  soul,  My  body  and  soul. 

S.   O.   Brun. 
O.    T.    Sanden,   Tr. 


THE  day  is  past  and  over : 
All  thanks,  O  Lord,  to  Thee; 
I  pray  Thee  that  offenseless 

The  hours  of  dark  may  be. 
O  Jesus,  keep  me  in  Thy  sight, 
And  save  me  through  the  coming  night. 

The  joys  of  day  are  over: 

I  lift  my  heart  to  Thee, 
And  call  on  Thee  that  sinless 

The  hours  of  gloom  may  be. 
O  Jesus,  make  their  darkness  light. 
And  save  me  through  the  coming  night. 

The  toils  of  day  are  over : 

I  raise  the  hymn  to  Thee, 
And  ask  that  free  from  peril 

The  hours  of  fear  may  be. 
O  Jesus,  keep  me  in  Thy  sight. 
And  save  me  through  the  coming  night. 

112  Evening 

4  Lighten  mine  eyes.  O  Savior, 

Or  sleep  in  death  shall  I, 
And  he,  my  wakeful  tempter, 

Triumphantly  shall  cry : 
*'He  could  not  make  their  darkness  light, 
Kor  guard  them  through  the  hours  of  night." 

5  Be  Thou  my  soul's  Preserver, 

O  God  for  Thou  dost  know 
How  many  are  the  perils 

Through  which  I  have  to  go. 
Lover  of  men.  O  hear  my  call, 
And  guard  and  save  me  from  them  all. 

J.  M.   Neale,  Tr. 


THE  day  is  done ; 
O  God  the  Son, 
Look  down  upon  Thy  little  one. 

2  O  Light  of  light. 
Keep  me  this  night. 

And  shed  round  me  Thy  presence  bright. 

3  I  need  not  fear 

If  Thou  art  near; 
Thou  art  my  Savior,  kind  and  dear. 

4  Thy  gentle  eye 
Is  ever  nigh; 

It  watches  me  when  none  is  by. 

Evening  .  113 

5  Thy  loving  ear 
Is  ever  near 

Thy  Httle  children's  prayers  to  hear. 

6  So  happily 
And  peacefully 

I  lay  me  down  to  rest  in  Thee. 

7  To  Father,  Son, 
And  Spirit,  One 

In  heaven  and  earth,  all  praise  be  done. 

p.  C.  Dunsterville. 


TTHE  sun  is  sinking  fast, 
The  daylight  dies ; 
Let  love  awake,  and  pay 
Her  evening  sacrifice. 

2  As  Christ  upon  the  cross, 

His  head  inclined, 
And  to  His  Father's  hands 
His  parting  soul  resigned; 

3  So  now  herself  my  soul 

Would  wholly  give 
Into  His  sacred  charge, 
In  Whom  all  spirits  live; 

4  So  now  beneath  His  eye 

Would  calmly  rest, 
Without  a  wish  or  thought 
Abiding  in  the  breast. 

E.  Caswall,  Tr. 

114  Evening 

5  Only  His  will  be  done, 

Whate'er  betide, 
Dead  to  herself,  and  dead 
In  Him  to  all  beside. 

6  Thus  would  I  live ;  yet  now 

Not  L  but  He 
In  all  His  power  and  love. 
Henceforth  alive  in  me. 

7  One  sacred  Trinity, 

One  Lord  divine; 
May  I  be  ever  His, 
And  He  for  ever  mine ! 


COFTLY  now  the  light  of  day 
*^     Fades   upon  my   sight   away ; 
Free  from  care,  from  labor  free. 

Lord,  I  would  commence  with  Thee. 

2  Thou,  whose  all-pervading  eye 

Naught  escapes,  without,  within, 
Pardon  each  infirmity. 
Open  fault  and  secret  sin. 

3  Soon  for  me  the  light  of  day 

Shall  forever  pass  away; 
,  Then  from  sin  and  sorrow  free, 

Take  me.  Lord,  to  dwell  with  Thee. 

Evening  115 

Thou  who,  sinless,  yet  hast  known 

All  of  man's  infirmity ; 
Then,  from  Thine  eternal  throne, 

Jesus,  look  with  pitying  eye 

G.  W.  Doane. 



OW  to  gain  a  night's  repose, 

I  mine  eyes  in  sleep  must  close; 
Father,  let  Thine  eyes  divine 
Watch  above  this  bed  of  mine. 

2  Should  I,  Lord,  have  gone  astray 
From  Thy  ways  this  closing  day. 
Of  Thy  grace  let  me  partake, 
Pardon  me  for  Jesus'  sake. 

3  Let  my  dear  ones  rest  in  Thee, 
Keeping  them  from  trouble  free; 
Let  all  people,  small  and  large. 
Be  committed  to  Thy  charge. 

4  Unto  every  wounded  soul 

Send  Thy  peace  to  make  it  whole; 
While  night's  shadows  round  us  fall, 
God  in  heaven,  guard  us  all. 

L.    Hensel. 
H.    Brueckner,   Tr. 


-CAVIOR,  breathe  an  evening  blessing, 
*^     Ere  repose  our  spirits  seal ; 
Sin  and  w^ant  we  come  confessing: 
Thou  canst  save,  and  Thou  canst  heal. 

116  Evening 

2  Though  destruction  walk  around  us. 

Though  the  arrows  past  us  fly, 
Angel  guards  from  Thee  surround  us, 
We  are  safe  if  Thou  art  nigh. 

3  Though  the  night  be  dark  and  dreary, 

Darkness  cannot  hide  from  Thee; 
Thou  art  He,  who,  never  weary, 
Watches  where  Thy  people  be. 

4  Should  swift  death  this  night  o'ertake  us, 

And  our  couch  become  our  tomb, 
May  the  morn  in  heaven  awake  us, 
Clad  in  bright  and  deathless  bloom. 

J.    Edmeston. 


JESUS,  tender  Shepherd,  hear  me ; 
Bless  Thy  little  lamb  tonight; 
Through  the  darkness  be  Thou  near  me; 
Keep  me  safe  till  morning  light. 

2  All  this  day  Thy  hand  has  led  me, 

And  I  thank  Thee  for  Thy  care ; 
Thou  hast  warmed  me,  clothed  and  fed  me; 
Listen  to  my  evening  prayer ! 

3  Let  my  sins  be  all  forgiven; 

Bless  the  friends  I  love  so  well : 
Take  us  all  at  last  to  heaven, 

Happy  there  with  Thee  to  dwell. 

M.   Duncan. 

Evening  117 


'UNK  is  the  sun's  last  beam  of  light, 

And  now  the  world  is  wrapt  in  night : 
Christ,  light  us  with  Thy  heav'nly  ray, 
Nor  let  our  feet  in  darkness  stray. 

2  Thanks,  Lord,  that  Thou  throughout  the  day 
Has  kept  all  grief  and  harm  away ; 
That  angels  tarried  round  about 
Our  coming  in  and  going  out. 

3  Whate'er  of  wrong  we've  done  or  said. 
Let  not  the  charge  on  us  be  laid ; 
That  through  Thy  free  forgiveness  blest, 
In  peaceful  slumber  we  may  rest. 

4  Thy  guardian  angels  round  us  place, 
All  evil  from  our  couch  to  chase; 
Our  soul  and  body,  while  we  sleep. 
In  safety,  gracious  Father,  keep. 

N.  Heermann. 
F.  E.  Cox,  Tr. 



OW  rest  beneath  night's  shadows, 
Man,  beast,  town,  woods  and  meadows, 
The  world  in  slumber  lies ; 
But  Thou,  my  heart,  awake  thee. 
To  prayer  and  song  betake  thee. 
Let  praise  to  thy  Creator  rise. 

118  Evening 

2  O  sun,  where  art  Thou  vanished? 
The  night  thy  reign  hath  banished, 

The  foe  of  day,  the  night. 
Farewell,  for  now  appeareth 
Another  Sun  and  cheereth 

My  heart — 'tis  Jesus  Christ,  my  Light  1 

3  The  last  faint  beam  is  going, 
The  golden  stars  are  glowing 

In  yonder  dark-blue  deep ; 
Such  is  the  glory  given, 
When,  called  of  God  to  heaven, 

On  earth  no  more  we  pine  and  weep. 

4  To  rest  my  body  hasteth, 
Aside  its  garments  casteth, 

Types  of  mortality ; 
These  I  put  off  and  ponder 
How  Christ  shall  give  me  yonder 

A  robe  of  glorious  majesty. 

5  Head,  hands,  and  feet  reposing, 
Are  glad  the  day  is  closing, 

That  work  came  to  an  end ; 
Cheer  up,  my  heart,   with  gladness ! 
For  God  from  all  earth's  sadness 

And  from  sin's  toil  relief  will  send. 

6  Ye  weary  limbs,  now  rest  you! 
For  toil  hath  sore  oppressed  you, 

And  quiet  sleep  ye  crave; 
A  sleep  shall  once  o'ertake  you 
From  which  no  man  can  wake  you, 

In  your  last  narrow  bed — the  grave. 

Evening  119 

7  My  heavy  eyes  are  closing: 
When  I  lie  deep  reposing, 

Soul,  body,  where  are  ye  ? 
To  helpless  sleep  I  yield  them, — 
O  let  Thy  mercy  shield  them. 

Thou  sleepless  Eye,  their  guardian  be! 

8  Lord  Jesus,  who  dost  love  me, 
O  spread  Thy  wings  above  me, 

And  shield  me  from  alarm ! 
Though  Satan  would  devour  me, 
Let  angel-guards  sing  o'er  me : 

"This  child  of  God  shall  meet  no  harm!" 

9  My  loved  ones,  rest  securely. 
From  every  peril  surely 

Our  God  will  guard  your  heads; 
May  He  sweet  slumbers  send  you. 
And  bid  His  hosts  attend  you. 

And,  golden-armed,  watch  o'er  vour  beds! 

'p.  Gerhardt. 
C.    Winkworth,    Tr. 


Cince  now  the  day  has  reached  its  close, 
And  sunlight  shines  no  mofe. 
In  sleep  the  toil-worn  find  repose. 
And  all  who  wept  before. 

2  But  Thou,  my  God,  no  rest  doth  know, 
No  slumber  dims  Thy  sight ; 
Thou  hatest  darkness  as  Thy  foe, 
Tor  Thou  Thyself  art  light. 

120  Evening 

3  O  Lord.  I  pra3%  remember  me 

Throughout  the  shades  of  night. 
And  grant  to  me  most  graciously 
The  shield  of  Thy  great  might. 

4  Turn  from  me  Satan's  tyranny 

Through  many  an  angel-arm ; 
Then  shall  I  be  from  danger  free. 
And  safe  from  every  harm. 

5  I  know,  the  evil  I  have  done 

Doth  cry  aloud  to  Thee; 
But  yet  the  mercy  of  Thy  Son 
Hath  full  atoned  for  me. 

6  Him  I  present  Thee  as  my  bail. 

While  suppliant  at  Thy  feet ; 
With  such  assurance  I'll  not  fail 
Before  Thy  judgment  seat. 

7  And  therefore  now  I  close  my  eyes. 

And  sleep  with  tranquil  breast ; 
Why  waste  the  time  in  fears  or  sighs? 
God  watches  o'er  my  rest. 

8  Away,  vain,  idle  thoughts,  depart! 

Roam  not,  my  soul  abroad! 
For  now  I  build  within  my  heart 
A  temple  to  my  God. 

9  Should  this  night  prove  the  last  for  me 

In  this  dark  vale  of  tears, 
Then  lead  me,  Lord,  in  heaven  to  Thee, 
And  my  elect  compeers. 

Evening  121 

10  And  thus  I  live  and  die  to  Thee, 
Strong  Lord  of  hosts,  indeed! 
In  Hfe  and  death  Thou  helpest  me 
From  every  fear  and  need. 

J.   F.  Herzog. 




HOU  who  art  Three  in  Unity, 

True  God  from  all  eternity, 
The  sun  is  faduig  from  our  sight. 

Shine  Thou  on  us  with  heav'nly  light. 

2  We  praise  Thee  with  the  dawning  day, 

To  Thee  at  eve  we  also  pray ; 
With  our  poor  song  we  worship  Thee 
Now,  ever  and  eternally. 

3  Let  God  the  Father  be  adored. 

And  God  the  Son,  the  only  Lord, 
And  God  the  Holy  Spirit  be 
Adored  throughout  eternity ! 

M.   Luther. 
Massie,   Tr. 


OUN  of  my  soul,  Thou  Savior  dear, 
*^     It  is  not  night  if  Thou  be  near; 
Oh,   may   no   earthborn   child   arise, 
To  hide  Thee  from  Thy  servant's  eyes. 

2  When  the  soft  dews  of  kindly  sleep 
My  wearied  eyelids  gently  steep. 
Be  my  last  thought,  how  sweet  to  rest 
Forever  on  my  Savior's  breast. 

i22  Evening 

3  Abide  with  me  from  morn  till  eve, 
For  without  Thee  I  cannot  live ; 
Abide  with  me  when  night  is  nigh, 
For  without  Thee  I  dare  not  die. 

4  Be  near  to  bless  me  when  I  wake, 
Ere  through  the  world  my  way  I  take. 
Till  in  the  ocean  of  Thy  love 
I  lose  mvself  in  heaven  above. 

J.    Keble. 


EAR  Father  in  heaven, 

Look  down  from  above 
Bless  papa,  and  mama, 
And  those  whom  I  love. 


2  May  angels  guard  over 
My  slumbers,  and,  when 
The  morning  is  breaking, 
Awake  me.    Amen. 



ORD,  keep  us  safe  this  night, 
•'    Secure  from  all  our  fears ; 
May  angels  guard  us  while  we  sleep, 
Till  morning  light  appears. 



01|^  math's  Sau 


S  o'er  the  realm  of  nature 

Deep  calmness   now  holds   sway, 
So  let  my  heart  be  quiet 

II  :  On  this  fair  Sabbath  day. :  jl 

2  The  bells,  like  solemn  voices, 

Are  heard  both  far  and  near ; 

To  God's  own  house  they  call  us, 

II  :His  holy  Word  to  hear:  |1 

3  Who  would  not  gladly  follow 

Their  call  so  strong  and  clear? 
Who  would  not  share  the  blessing 
II  :  So  rich  in  love  and  cheer? :  || 

4  And,  like  the  star  of  Bethl'em, 
The  light  of  faith  divine 
Doth  show  the  heart  its  pathwa^ 
II  :  To  yonder  sacred  shrine. :  |1 

5  From  every  earthly  sorrow 
And  vain  desire  made  free, 
The  soul  in  blissful  stillness 
II  :  Alone  with  God  will  be. :  II 

C.  A.  Gebauer. 
H.    Brueckner,    Tr. 

124  The  Lord's  Day 


flALLELUJAH !     Fairest  morning! 
*  ^  Fairer  than  our  words  can  say ! 

Down  we  lay  the  heavy  burden 
Of  Hfe's  toil  and  care  today; 

While  this  morn  of  joy  and  love 

Brings  fresh  vigor  from  above. 

2  In  the  gladness  of  God's  worship 

We  will  seek  our  joy  today; 
It  is  then  we  learn  the  fulness 

Of  the  grace  for  which  we  pray, 
When  the  word  of  life  is  given, 
Like  the  Savior's  voice  from  heaven. 

3  Let  the  day  with  Thee  be  ended, 

As  with  Thee  it  has  begun; 
And  Thy  blessing.  Lord,  be  granted, 

Till  earth's  days  and  weeks  are  done; 
That  at  last  Thy  servants  may 
Keep  eternal  Sabbath-day. 

^  J.   Krause. 

J.    Borthwick,    Tr. 


"OD  Himself  is  present: 

-*  Let  us  now  adore  Him, 

And  with  awe  appear  before  Him. 

God  is  in  His  temple — 

All  within  keep  silence; 

Prostrate  lie  with  deepest  rev'rence. 

Him  alone 

God  we  own, 
Him,  our  God  and  Savior; 
Praise  His  name  forever. 

The  Lord's  Day  125 

2  God  Himself  is  present: 
Hear  the  iiarps  resounding! 

See  the  crowds  the  throne  surrounding! 

''Holy,  holy,  holy," 

Hear  the   hymn  ascending. 

Angels,  saints,  their  voices  blending! 

Bow  Thine  ear 

To  us  here: 
Hear,  O  Christ,  the  praises 
That  Thy  Church  now  raises. 

3  O  Thou  Fount  of  blessing, 
Purify  my   spirit ; 
Trusting  only  in  Thy  merit. 
Like  the  holy  angels 

Who  behold  Thy  glory, 
May  I  ceaselessly  adore  Thee. 

Let  Thy  will 

Ever  still 
Rule  Thy   Church   terrestrial 
As  the  hosts  celestial. 

G.    Tersteegen. 
F.    W.    Foster,    J.    Miller,    Tr. 


yHIS  is  the  day  of  light : 
*     Let  there  be  light  today  ; 
O  Day-spring,  rise  upon  our  night, 
And  chase  its  gloom  away. 

2  This  is  the  day  of  rest: 

Our  failing  strength  renew ! 
On  weary  brain  and  troubled  breast 
Shed  Thou  Thy  freshening  dew. 

126  •     The  Lord's  Day 

3  This  is  the  day  of  peace: 
Thy  peace  our  spirits  fill ; 
Bid  Thou  all  ill  and  discord  cease, 
The  waves  of  strife  be  still. 

4  This  is  the  day  of, prayer: 

Let  earth  to  heaven  draw  near; 
Lift  up  our  hearts  to  seek  Thee  there 
Come  down  to  meet  us  here. 

5  This  is  the  first  of  days : 

Send  forth  Thy  quickening  breath. 
And  wake  dead  souls  to  love  and  praise, 
O  Vanquisher  of  death ! 

J.     Ellerton. 



PEN  now  Thy  gates  of  beauty, 

Zion,  let  me  enter  there, 
Where  my  soul,  in  joyful  duty, 

Waits  for  Him  who  answers  prayer. 
O  how  blessed  is  this  place 
Filled  with  solace,  light,  and  grace ! 

Gracious  God,  I  come  before  Thee, 
Come  Thou  also  down  to  me ; 

When  we  find  Thee  and  adore  Thee, 
There  a  heaven  on  earth  must  be. 

To  my  heart,  O  enter  Thou, 

Let  it  be  Thy  temple  now. 

The  Lord's  Day  127 

Here  Thy  praise  is  gladly  chanted, 

Here  Thy  seed  is  duly  sown ; 
Let  my  soul,  where  it  is  planted. 

Bring  forth  precious  sheaves  alone, 
So  that  all  I  hear  ma}^  be 
Fruitful  unto  life  in  me. 

Thou  my   faith   increase  and  quicken, 

Let  me  keep  Thy  gift  divine; 
Howsoe'er  temptations   thicken, 

May  Thy  Word  still  o'er  me  shine, 
As  my  pole-star  through  my  life, 
As  my  comfort  in  my  strife. 

Speak,  O  God,  and  I  will  hear  Thee, 

Let  Thy  will  be  done  indeed ; 
May  I  undisturbed  draw  near  Thee 

While  Thou  dost  Thy  people  feed. 
Here  of  life  the  fountain  flows, 
Here  is  balm  for  all  our  woes. 

B.    Schmolcke. 
C.    W^inkworth,    Tr. 


p  LORY  to  the  blessed  Jesus ! 
^-*   Who  for  us  was  born, 
In  the  stable,  cold  and  poor, 
On  glad  Christmas  morn. 

2  Glory  to  the  blessed  Jesus ! 
Who  was  crucified 
On  Good  Friday  for  our  sins : 
Loving  us  He  died. 

128  The  Lord's  Day 

3  Glory  to  the  blessed  Jesus ! 

Who  for  sinners  lay 
In  the  tomb,  and  rose  upon 
Happy  Easter  day. 

4  Glory  to  the  blessed  Jesus! 

He,  Who  is  our  Way, 
Went  up  in  a  cloud  to  heaven 
On  Ascension  Day. 

5  Glory  to  the  blessed  Jesus! 

Who,  at  Whitsuntide 
Sent  His  Holy  Spirit  down, 
With  us  to  abide. 

6  Glory  to  the  blessed  Jesus! 

We  will  praise  His  love, 
All  our  days  on  earth  below. 
And  for  aye  above ! 




A  RISE,  sons  of  the  kingdom! 
**'  The  King  is  drawing  nigh ; 
Arise  and  hail  with  gladness 
The  Ruler  from  on  high. 
Ye  Christians,  hasten  forth ! 
Your  praise  and  homage  bring  Him, 
And  glad  hosannas  sing  Him ; 
Naught  else  your  love  is  worth. 

2  Arise,  ye  drooping  mourners ! 

The  King  is  very  near; 
Away  with  grief  and  sorrow, 

For,  lo!  your  help  is  here. 
Behold  in  many  a  place — 
O  blessed  consolation! — 
We  find  Him,  our  Salvation, 
In  His  pure  means  of  grace. 

3  Now  hear,  ye  bold  transgressors. 
The  King  does  well  give  heed 

To  all  that  ye  are  doing, 
And  to  the  life  ye  lead, 

Enthralled  by  sin  and  hell; 

Nothing  in  all  creation 

Escapes  His  observation, 

He  marketh  all  things  well. 

130  Advent 

4  Be  righteous,  ye  His  subjects,     ■ 

The  King  is  just  and  true; 
Prepare  for  Him  a  highway, 

Make  all  things  straight  and  new. 
He  means  all  for  our  good ; 
Then  let  us  bear  the  crosses 
Which  He  Himself  imposes 
In  an  undaunted  mood. 

5  He  nevermore   forsaketh 

A  child  that  feels  the  rod. 
To  Him  his  refuge  maketh, 

And  puts  his  trust  in  God. 
He  is  our  sovereign  King; 
E'en  death  itself  shall  never 
Those  from  their  Master  sever 
Who  to  His  mercy  cling. 

6  Arise,  ye  faint  and  fearful ! 

The  King  now  comes  with  might; 
His  heart  hath  long  since  loved  us, 

He  makes  our  darkness  light. 
Now  are  our  sorrows  o'er ; 
No  wrath  shall  e'er  befall  us, 
Since  God  in  grace  doth  call  us 
His  children  evermore. 

7  The  King  in  grace  remembers 

His  loved  ones  here  below 
With  gifts  of  royal  treasures, 

Yea,  doth  Himself  bestow 
Through  His  blest  word  and  grace. 
O  King  arrayed  in  splendor, 
To  Thee  all  praise  we'll  render 
Here  and  there  face  to  face. 

Advent  131 

8  Oh,  rich  the  gifts  Thou  bring'st  us, 
Thyself  made  poor  and  weak; 
O  Love  beyond  expression 

That  thus  can  sinners  seek ! 
For  this,  O  Lord,  will  we 
Our  joyous  tribute  bring  Thee, 
And  glad  hosannas  sing  Thee, 

And  ever  grateful  be. 

J.  Rist. 
Tr.  Anon. 


r\  COME,  O  come,  Immanuel, 
^^  And  ransom  captive  Israel, 
That  mourns  in  lonely  exile  here, 
Until  the  Son  of  God  appear. 
Rejoice!     Rejoice!     Immanuel 
Shall  come  to  thee,  O  Israel. 

2  O  come,  Thou  Rod  of  Jesse,  free 
Thine  own  from  Satan's  tyranny ; 
From  depths  of  hell  Thy  people  save, 
And  give  them  vict'ry  o'er  the  grave. 
Rejoice!      Rejoice!      Immanuel 
Shall  come  to  thee,  O  Israel ! 

3  O  come,  Thou  Dayspring,  come  and  cheer 
Our  spirits  by  Thine  advent  here ; 
And  drive  away  the  shades  of  night. 
And  pierce  the  clouds,  and  bring  us  light ! 
Rejoice!     Rejoice!    Immanuel 
Shall  come  to  thee,  O  Israel ! 

132  Advent 

4  O  come,  Thou  Key  of  David,  come, 
And  open  wide  our  heavenly  home; 
Make  safe  the  way  that  leads  on  high, 
And  close  the  path  to  misery. 
Rejoice!     Rejoice!     Immanuel 

Shall  come  to  thee,  O  Israel ! 

5  O  come,  O  come.  Thou  Lord  of  might. 
Who  to  Thy  tribes  on  Sinai's  height 

In  ancient  times  didst  give  the  law 
In  cloud,  and  majesty,  and  awe. 
-    Rejoice!     Rejoice!     Immanuel    . 
Shall  come  to  thee,  O  Israel ! 

J.  M.  Neale,  Tr. 


THAT  I  had  an  angels  tongue, 
That  I  might  loudly  sing 
The  wonders  of  redeeming  love 
To  Thee,  my  God  and  King ! 

2  Let  the  redeemed  of  the  Lord 

Their  thankful  voices  raise : 
Can  we  be  dumb  while  angels  sing 
Our  great  Redeemer's  praise? 

3  O  sing  aloud  in  boundless  grace 

Which  thus  hath  set  us  free; 
Extol  with  songs,  my  saved  soul. 
Thy  Savior's  love  to  Thee. 

4  Give  endless  thanks  to  God,  and  say, 

What  love  was  this  in  Thee, 
That  Thou  hast  not  withheld  Thy  Son, 
Thine  only  Son  from  me? 

J.  Mason. 


Advent  133 



HOW  shall  I  receive  Thee, 
How  greet  Thee,  Lord,  aright? 
All  nations  long  to  see  Thee, 
My  hope,  my  heart's  delight ! 

0  kindle,  Lord,  most  holy, 
Thy  lamp  within  my  breast, 

To  do  in  spirit  lowly 

All  that  may  please  Thee  best. 

Thy  Zion  palms  is  strewing. 

And  branches  fresh  and  fair; 
My  heart  its  pow'rs  renewing, 

An  anthem  shall  prepare. 
My  soul  puts  off  her  sadness 

Thy  glories  to  proclaim  ; 
With  all  her  strength  and  gladness 

She  fain  would  serve  Thy  Name. 

1  lay  in  fetters  groaning, 
Thou  com'st  to  set  me  free ! 

I  stood  my  shame  bemoaning, 
Thou  com'st  to  honor  me! 

A  glory  Thou  dost  give  me, 
A  treasure  safe  on  high 

That  will  not  fail  nor  leave  me 
As  earthly  riches  fly. 

4  Love  caused  Thy  incarnation. 

Love  brought  Thee  down  to  me ; 
Thy  thirst  for  my  salvation 
Procured  my  liberty. 

134  Advent 

O  love  beyond  all  telling, 
That  led  Thee  to  embrace, 

In  love  all  love  excelling, 
Our  lost  and  fallen  race ! 

5  Rejoice  then,  ye  sad-hearted, 

Who  sit  in  deepest  gloom, 
Who  mourn  o'er  joys  departed, 

And  tremble  at  your  doom; 
He  who  alone  can  cheer  you 

Is  standing  at  the  door; 
He  brings  His  pity  near  you, 

And  bids  you  v/eep  no  more. 

p.  Gerhardt. 
A.  T.  Russell,  Tr. 


ING  Hosanna!     Blessed  be  He  that  cometh 

In  the  name  of  the  Lord, 
Hosanna  to  our  King! 

He  that  cometh  in  the  name  of  the  Lord, 
He  that  cometh  in  the  name  of  the  Lord. 

Hosanna,  Hosanna, 
Hosanna  to  our  King! 

Hosanna  to  our  King! 


'ING  Hosanna!     Zion,  sing! 

David's  Son  thy  gates  is  "nearing. 
Hail  the  triumph  of  thy  King; 

Set  the  throne  for  His  appearing; 
Strew  thy  palms ;  prepare  the  way : 
Lo,  He  comes  to  thee  today  . 

Advent  135 

2  Hail!     Hosanna!     Welcome  Thou! 

Come ;  behold,  we  go  to  meet  Thee ; 
Low  before  Thy  feet  we  bow, 

With  our  hearts  arrayed  to  greet  Thee. 
Enter,  Lord,  within  our  gates, 
Where  a  welcome  for  Thee  waits. 

3  Hail !     Hosanna !     Glorious  King, 

Prince  of  Peace  and  Victor  splendid ! 
Thou  to  all  Thine  own  wilt  bring 

All  the  spoils  of  conflict  ended. 
Thine  the  right,  exalted,  sure, 
And  Thy  kingdom  shall  endure. 

4  Hail !     Hosanna  !     Dearest  Guest, 
Who  dost  graciously  elect  us 
Joint  heirs  in  Thy  kingdom  blest, 

Reign  Thou  in  us  and  protect  us. 
Make  us  read}^  to  obey. 
Subject  to  Thy  scepter's   sway. 

5  Hail !     Hosanna  !     Lord,  make  haste ; 

Come,  Thy  clemency  revealing, 
Not  in  servant's  form  abased, 

Nor  Thy  majesty  concealing; 
Come,  that  Zion  now  may  see 
David's  Son,  and  God's  in  Thee. 

6  Hail !     Hosanna !     Come,  O  Christ ; 

Help  and  prosper,  we  implore  Thee, 
So  there  can  be  sacrificed 

Truly  contrite  hsarts  before  Thee. 
Whoso  will  Thy  voice  regard 
Thou  wilt  own  as  Thine,  O  Lord. 

136  Advent 

7  Hail!     Hosanna!     Here  with  Thee 

In  Gethsemane  we  wander, 
Till  at  last  our  lot  shall  be 

Evermore  to  praise  Thee  yonder. 
Bethphage  before  us  lies 
Where  Hosannas  ever  rise. 

8  Far  and  near  Hosannas  heard ! 

Haste  Thine  advent,  O  Lord  Jesus ! 
O  Thou  Blessed  of  the  Lord, 

Wilt  stand  there  and  not  release  us. 
Hail!     Hosanna!    Dost  Thou  hear? 
Yea,  Hosanna!     Thou  art  near! 


1  IFT  up  your  heads,  ye  mighty  gates, 
■'— '    Behold  the  King  of  glory  waits; 

The  King  of  kings  is  drawing  near, 
The  Savior  of  the  world  is  here. 
Life  and  salvation  doth  He  bring, 
Wherefore  rejoice  and  gladly  sing: 
We  praise  Thee,  Father,  now ; 
Creator,  wise  art  Thou. 

2  The  Lord  is  just,  a  helper  tried, 
Mercy  is  ever  at  His  side  ; 

His  kingly  crown  is  holiness, 

His  sceptre,  pity  in  distress. 

The  end  of  all  our  woes  He  brings, 

Wherefore  the  earth  is  glad  and  sings; 

We  praise  Thee,  Savior,  now; 

Mighty  indeed  art  Thou. 

Advent  137 

O  blest  the  land,  the  city  blest, 
Where  Christ  the  Ruler  is  confessed: 
O  happy  hearts  and  happy  homes, 
To  whom  this  King  in  triumph  comes ! 
The  cloudless  sun  of  joy  He  is, 
Who  bringeth  pure  delight  and  bliss : 
O  Comforter  divine ! 
What  boundless  grace  is  Thine ! 

Fling  wide  the  portals  of  your  heart, 

Make  it  a  temple  set  apart 

From  earthly  use  for  heaven's  employ. 

Adorned  with  prayer,  and  love,  and  joy: 

So  shall  your  Sovereign  enter  in, 

And  new  and  nobler  life  begin. 

To  Thee,  O  God,  be  praise 

For  word,  and  deed,  and  grace ! 

Redeemer,  come,  I  open  wide 
My  heart,  to  Thee;  here,  Lord,  abide: 
Let  me  Thine  inner  presence  feel. 
Thy  grace  and  love  in  me  reveal ; 
Thy  Holy  Spirit  guide  us  on 
Until  our  glorious  goal  is  won ! 
Eternal  praise  and  fame 
We  offer  to  Thy  name ! 

G.    Weissel. 
C.    Winkworth,   Tr. 

.    85 

''ION'S  daughter,  O  rejoice! 

"    Shout  aloud,  Jerusalem ! 

Lo,  thy  King  doth  come  to  thee, 

138  Advent 

Yea,  He  comes,  the  Prince  of  Peace! 
Zion's  daughter,  O  rejoice! 
Shout  aloud,  Jerusalem ! 

2  Hail,  hosanna,  David's  Son, 
Be  Thou  to  Thy  people  blest ! 
Thine  eternal  kingdom  come ! 
Praise  be  sung  to  Thee  on  high ! 
Hail,  hosanna,  David's  Son, 

Be  Thou  to  Thy  people  blest ! 

3  Hail,  hosanna,  David's  Son, 

Be  Thou  welcome,  gentle  King! 
Firmly  stands  Thy  throne  of  peace. 
Thou,  the  Father's  only  Son! 
Hail,  hosanna,  David's  Son, 
Be  Thou  to  Thy  people  blest ! 

H.  Ranke. 
Brueckner,   Tr. 



NCR  He  came  in  blessing. 

All  our  ills  redressing. 
Came  in  likeness  lowly, 
Son  of  God  most  holy; 
Bore  the  cross  to  save  us, 
Hope  and  freedom  gave  us. 

Still  He  comes  within  us, 
Still  His  voice  would  wnn  us 
From  the  sins  that  hurt  us ; 
Would  to  truth  convert  us 
From  our  foolish  errors, 
Ere  He  comes  in  terrors. 

Advent  139 

3  Thus  if  thou  hast  known  Him, 
Not  ashamed  to  own  Him, 
Nor  dost  love  Him  coldly, 
But  will  trust  Him  boldly, 

He  will  now  receive  thee, 
Heal  thee  and  forgive  thee. 

4  He  who  well  endureth, 
Bright  reward  secureth ; 
Come  then,  O  Lord  Jesus, 
From  our  sins  release  us ; 
Let  us  here  confess  Thee, 
Till  in  heaven  we  bless  Thee. 

J.   Horn. 
Winkworth,    Tr. 


THOU  Redeemer  of  our  race ! 
Come  show  the  Virgin's  Son  to  earth ; 
Let  ev'ry  age  admire  the  grace ; 
Worthy  a  God  Thy  human  birth ! 

2  'Twas  by  no  mortal  will  or  aid, 

But  by  the  Holy  Spirit's  might 
That  flesh  the  Word  of  God  was  made, 
A  Babe  yet  waiting  for  the  light. 

3  As  if  from  honor's  royal  hall, 

Comes  forth  at  length  the  Mighty  One, 
Whom  Son  of  God  and  Man  they  call, 
Eager  His  destined  course  to  run. 

4  Forth  from  the  Father's  bosom  sent, 

To  Him  returned,  He  claimed  His  own; 
Down  to  the  realms  of  death  He  went. 
Then  rose  to  share  th'eternal  throne. 

140  Advent 

5  An  equal  at  the  Father's  side, 

Thou  wear'st  the  trophy  of  Thy  flesh; 
In  Thee  our  nature  shall  abide 

In  strength  complete,  in  beauty  fresh. 

6  With  light  divine  Thy  manger  streams, 

That  kindles  darkness  into  day ; 
Dimmed  by  no  night  henceforth,  it  beams : 
Shine  through  all  time  with  changeless  ray. 

R.    Palmer,    Tr. 


/^OME,  Thou  Savior  of  our  race, 
^^    Choicest   Gift   of   heav'nly   grace ! 
O  Thou  blessed  Virgin's  Son, 
Be  Thy  race  on  earth  begun. 

2  Not  of  mortal  blood  or  birth, 

He  descends  from  heaven  to  earth : 
By  the  Holy  Ghost  conceived, 
Truly  man  to  be  believed. 

3  Wondrous  birth !     O  wondrous  Child 
Of  the  virgin,  undefiled ! 

Though  by  all  the  world  disowned, 
Still  to  be  in  heav'n  enthroned. 

4  From  the  Father  forth  He  came, 
And  returneth  to  the  same; 
Captive  leading  death  and  hell, 
High  the  song  of  triumph  swell. 



5  Equal  to  the  Father  now, 
Though  to  dust  Thou  once  didst  bow; 
Boundless  shall  Thy  kingdom  be ; 
When  shall  we  its  glories  see? 

Brightly  doth  Thy  manger  shine ! 
Glorious  is  its  light  divine : 
Let  not  sin  o'ercloud  this  light, 
Ever  be  our  faith  thus  bright. 

W.    M. 

Reynolds,    Tr. 




BABE  is  born  || :  in  Bethlehem ; : 
Therefore  rejoice,  Jerusalem, 
Hallelujah,   Hallelujah. 

2  He  doth   within    ||  :  a  manger  lie,  :!| 
Whose  throne  is  set  above  the  sky, 

Hallelujah,  Hallelujah. 

3  Stillness  was  all   || :  the  manger  round, :  || 
The  creature  its  Creator  found, 

Hallelujah,  Hallelujah. 

4  The  wise  men  came,  ||  :  led  by  the  star, :  |! 
Gold,  myrrh,  and  incense  brought  from  far, 

Hallelujah,  Hallelujah. 

5  His  mother  is  ||  :  the  virgin  mild,:  i| 
And  He  the  Father's  only  Child, 

Hallelujah,  Hallelujah. 

6  Like  us,  in  flesh  |1 :  of  human  frame,:  || 
Unlike  in  sin  alone  He  came, 

Hallelujah,  Hallelujah. 

7  The  Holy  Trinity  be  praised, 'Hallelujah; 
To  God  our  ceaseless  thanks  be  raised, 

Hallelujah,  Hallelujah. 

Ph.  Schaff, 

.  Tr. 

Christmas  143 


r\  THOU  joyful  day,  O  thou  blessed  day, 
^^  Holy,   peaceful   Christmastide ! 
Earth's  hopes   awaken. 
Christ  life  has  taken. 
Laud  Him,  O  laud  Him  on  ev'ry  side ! 

2  O  thou  joyful  day,  O  thou  blessed  day. 

Holy,   peaceful   Christmastide! 

Christ's  light  is  beaming. 

Our  souls   redeeming, 
Laud  Him,  O  laud  Him  on  ev'ry  side ! 

3  O  thou  joyful  day,  O  thou  blessed  day, 

Holy,   peaceful    Christmastide ! 

King  of  all  glory. 

We  bow  before  Thee. 
Laud  Him,  O  laud  Him  on  ev'rv  side! 

J.    Falk. 
B.   Schmucker,  Tr. 


•yHERE  came  a  little  Child  to  earth 
'  *         Long  ago  ; 

And  the  ajigels  of  God  proclaimed  His  birth 
High  and  low. 

2  Out  in  the  night  so  calm  and  still, 
Their  song  was  heard ; 
For  they  knew  that  the  Child  on  Bethle'm's 
Was  Christ  the  Lord. 

144  Christmas 

3  Far  away  in  the  goodly  land 

Fair  and  bright, 
Children  with  crowns  of  glory  stand, 
Robed  in  white. 

4  They  sing,  the  Lord  of  heaven  so  fair, 

A  Child  was  born; 
And    that   they   might    His    crown    of   glory 
Wore  crown  of  thorn. 

5  In  mortal  w^eakness,  want  and  pain, 

He  came  to  die. 
That   the   children   of   earth   might   in   glory 
With  Him  on  high. 

6  And  evermore  in  robes  so  fair 

And  undefiled. 
Those  ransomed  children  His  praise  declare, 
Who  was  a  Child. 



IMMANUEL!  we  sing  Thy  praise, 

Thou  Prince  of  life !    Thou  Fount  of  grace ! 
With  all  Thy  saints,  Thee,  Lord,  we  sing; 
Praise,  honor,  thanks,  to  Thee  *we  bring ! 

2  E'er  since  the  world  began  to  be, 

How  many  a  heart  hath  longed  for  Thee! 
And  Thou,  O  long  expected  Guest, 
Hast  come  at  last  to  make  us  blest! 

Christmas  145 

3  Now  art  Thou  here ;  we  know  Thee  now ; 
In  lowly  manger  liest  Thou : 

A  child,  yet  makest  all  things  great; 
Poor,  yet  is  earth  Thy  robe  of  state. 

4  Now  fearless  I  can  look  on  Thee : 
From  sin  and  grief  Thou  set'st  me  free ; 
Thou  bearest  wrath,  Thou  conquerest  deach, 
Fear  turns  to  joy  Thy  glance  beneath. 


5  Thou  art  my  Head,  my  Lord  divine; 
I   am   Thy  member,   wholly  Thine ; 
And  in  Thy  Spirit's   strength  would  still 
Serve  Thee  according  to  Thy  will. 


6  Thus  will  I  sing  Thy  praises  here,  - 
With  joyful  spirit  year  by  year; 

And  when  we  reckon  years  no  more, 
May  I  in  heaven  Thy  name  adore. 

p.  Gerhardt. 
C   Winkworth,    Tr. 


iLEEP,  my  Savior,  sleep, 

On  Thy  bed  of  hay, 
Angels  in  the  spangled  heaven, 
Sing  their  joyful  Christmas  carols 

Till  the  dawn  of  day. 

146  Christmas 

2  Sleep,  my  Savior,  sleep, 

On  Thy  bed  of  hay, 
Ere  the  morning-  angel  cometh 
To  the  moonlit  garden. 

Wiping  tears  away. 

3  Sleep,  my  Savior,  sleep. 

Sweet  on  Mary's  breast; 
Now  the  shepherds  kneel  adoring, 
Now  the  mother's  heart  is  joyous, 

Take  a  happy  rest. 

4  Sleep,  my  Savior,  sleep, 

Sweet  on  Mary's  breast ; 
Crucified  with  wounds  and  bruises, 
Bleeding,  purple,  stained,  disfigured, 

One  day  Thou  wilt  rest. 


1  O,  HOW  a  rose  e'er  blooming 

^    From  tender  stem  hath  sprung, 
Of  Jesse's  race  is  coming, 

As  men  of  old  have  sung. 
It  came  a  fiow'ret  bright,  . 
Amid  the  cold  of  winter, 
When  half-spent  was  the  night. 

2  Isaiah  'twas  foretold  it, 

The  Rose  I  have  in  mind, 
With  Mary  we  behold  it. 
The  Virgin-mother  kind. 


Christmas  147 

To  shew  God's  love  aright 
She  bore  to  men  a  Savior, 
When  half-spent  was  the  night. 

The  shepherds   heard  the  story 
Proclaimed  by  angels  bright, 

How  Christ,  the  Lord  of  glory, 
Was  born  on  earth  this  night. 

To  Bethlehem  they  sped ; 

And  in  a  manger  found  Him, 

As  angel-heralds  said. 

O  sweetest  Flower,  I  love  Thee! 

A  light  pure  and  divine. 
In  beauty  shine  above  me. 

Fill  Thou  my  heart's  deep  shrine ! 
All  darkness  drive  away, 
Save  me  from  sin  and  sorrow. 
Let  me  be,  blest  for  aye ! 

Trier   Gesangbuch. 
St.    1.— Composite,    Tr. 
St.   4.— H.    Brueckner.   Tr. 


VV7HAT  is  new  upon  the  earth  ? 

^  W^hat  fresh  wonder  goeth  forth, 
That  its  ways  are  full  of  pilgrims, 
And  its  dwellings  full  of  mirth. 

2  Sounds  of  gladness  on  the  air! 
Happy  faces  ev'rywhere! 
Tell  us,  O  ye  silent  virgins, 
Wherefore  is  the  night  so  fair? 

148  Christmas 

3  ''Lo,  the  sacred  hour  is  near! 
What  was  darkness  now  is  clear: 
Christ  is  coming!   raise  your  voices, 
Say  farewell  to  doubt  and  fear." 

4  "Lo,  the  Prince  of  Peace  is  born ! 
Lo,  on  high  the  star  of  morn ! 
And  it  shall  not  fade  forever, 
Nor  its  brilliancy  be  shorn." 



T^HE  happy  Christmas  comes  once  more, 
■''     The  heav'nly  Guest  is  at  the  door, 
The  blessed  words  the  shepherds  thrill, 
The  joyous  tidings  :    Peace,  good-will. 

2  To  David's  city  let  us  fly. 

Where  angels  sing  beneath  the  sky ; 
Through  plain  and  village  pressing  near, 
And  news  from  God  with  shepherds  hear. 

3  O  let  us  go  with  quiet  mind, 

The  gentle  Babe  with  shepherds  find; 
To  gaze  on  Him  Who  gladdens  them, 
The  loveliest  Flower  on  Jesse's  stem. 

4  The  lowly  Savior  meekly  lies, 
Laid  off  the  splendor  of  the  skies ; 
No  crown  bedecks  His  forehead  fair, 
No  pearl,  nor  gtm,  nor  silk  is  there. 

Christmas  149 

5  No  human  glory,  might,  and  gold, 
The  lovely  Infant's  form  enfold ; 
The  manger  and  the  swaddlings  poor 
Are  His,  Whom  angels'  songs  adore. 

6  O  wake  our  hearts,  in  gladness  sing. 
And  keep  our  Christmas  with  our  King, 
Till  living  song,  from  loving  souls, 
Like   sound   of  mighty  water   rolls ! 

7  Come,  Jesus,  glorious,  heavenly  Guest, 
Keep  Thine  own  Christmas  in  our  breast; 
Then  David's  harpstring,  hushed  so  long, 
Shall  swell  our  jubilee  of  song. 

N.    F.    S.    Grvmdtvig. 
C.    P.    Krauth,  Tr. 


'X'HE  Babe  in  Bethl'em's  manger  laid, 
'  **■     In  humble  form  so  low, 

By  wond'ring  angels  is  surveyed 
Through  all  His  scenes  of  woe. 
Noel,  Noel, 
Now  sing  a  Savior's  birth. 
All  hail  His  coming  down  to  earth, 
Who  raises  us  to  heav'n. 

2  A  Savior,  sinners  all  around ! 

Sing,  shout  the  wondrous  word ; 
Let  every  bosom  hail  the  sound, 
A  Savior !    Christ  the  Lord. 
Noel,  Noel,  etc. 

150  Christmas 

3  For,  not  to  sit  on  David's  throne 

With  worldly  pomp  and  joy, 
He  came  for  sinners  to  atone, 
And  Satan  to  destroy. 
Noel,  Noel,  etc. 

4  Well  may  we  sing  a  Savior's  birth, 

Who  needs  the  grace  so  given, 
And  hail  His  coming  down  to  earth, 
Who  raises  us  to  heaven. 
Noel,  Noel,  etc. 




COME,  little  children,  O  come,  one  and  all, 

To  visit  the  manger  in   Bethlehem's   stall, 

And  see  what  the  Father  in  heaven  so  true 

Has  done  to  prepare  a  bright  Christmas  for 


2  O  see,  in  the  manger,  this  strange  little  bed, 
A  Child,  sweet  and  gentle,  is  resting  its  head, 
A   Babe,   clad   in   garments   so   pure   and   so 

And  fairer  by  far  than  the  angels  of  light. 

3  On  hay  and  on  straw  in  the  manger  it  lies ; 
Both,  Mary  and  Joseph,  with  fond  loving  eyes 
Are  gazing  upon  it,  and  shepherds  draw  near, 
And  jubilant  angels  from  heaven  appear. 

Christmas  151 

4  O  kneel  with  the  shepherds  in  worship  and 

And  join  the  dear  angels  who  also  are  there; 
Sing  glory  to  God  in  the  heavens  above, 
And  praise  Him  for  Jesus,  the  gift  of  His 


5  O  dearest,  O  sweetest,  O  heavenly  Child, 
So  pure  and  so  holy,  so  good  and  so  mild; 
For  us  poor  and  weak  in  the  manger  hast  lain. 
And  also  for  us  like  a  lamb  Thou  wast  slain. 

6  Take  Thou,  then,  our  hearts  wdiich  we  offer 

to  Thee, 
And  keep  them  from   sin  and  from  wicked- 
ness free; 
Yes,  let  them  be  holy  and  blessed  like  Thine, 
Thou  Son  of  the  Highest,  Thou  Infant  divine. 

C.    von    Schmidt. 
H.   Brueckner,   Tr. 



NTO  us  a  Child  is  born, 

Christians,  hear  the  story ; 
In  this  world  our  flesh  is  worn, 
By  Christ,  the  Lord  of  glory. 

2  In  a  manger  He  is  laid, 

Where  the  kine  are  sleeping; 
Angels  recognize  their  Lord. 
And  o'er  Him  watch  are  keeping. 

^^"  Christmas 

3  Alpha  and  Omega,  Thine 
Be  this  day  our  chorus ; 
King  of  kings,  and  Lord  of  lords, 
Now  let  Thy  grace  be  o'er  us. 

15th    Century. 
J.   Fulton,  Tr. 


pRAISE  God  the  Lord,  ye  sons  of  men, 
"^  -    Before  His  highest  throne; 
Today   He  opens   heav'n  again, 
II :  And  gives  us  His  own  Son. :  || 

2  He  leaves  His  heavenly  Father's  throne, 

Is  born,  an  infant  small. 
And  in  a  manger  poor  and  lone 
II :  Lies  in  an  humble  stall. :  1| 

3  He  lays  aside  His  power  divine, 

A  servant's  form  doth  take. 
In  want  and  lowness  He  doth  pine 
II :  Who  heaven  and  earth  did  make. : 

4  He  nestles  at  His  mother's  breast. 

Her  milk  His  food  must  be, 
Whom  saints  and  angels  call  the  Blest, 
II :  Of  David's  house  is  He.  :|| 

5  'Tis  He  who  in  these  latter  days 

From  Judah's  tribe  should  come. 
By  whom  the  Lord,  again  would  raise 
II :  His  Church,  His  Christendom. :  || 

Christmas  '  153 

6  A  wondrous  change  which  He  doth  make 

He  takes  our  flesh  and  blood, 
And  lays  aside,  for  sinners'  sake, 
11 :  His  majesty  of  God. :  || 

7  He  serves,  that  I  a  Lord  may  be; 

A  wondrous  change  indeed! 
Could  Jesus'  love  do  more  for  me, 
II :  To  help  me  in  my  need?  :  || 

8  He  opens  us  again  the  door 

Of  Paradise  today ; 
The  cherub  guards  the  gate  no  more, 
li :  To  God  our  thanks  we  pay. :  || 

N.    Hermann. 
A.  Crull,  Tr. 


r\  LET  us  praise  the  Christmas  tree, 
^^  Its  beauty  is  amazing; 
What  joy  it  brings  to  you  and  me, 
And  how  we  clap  our  hands  in  glee 
II :  When  all  its  lights  are  blazing,: 
Yes,  blazing. 

2  For,  lo  in  this  most  holy  night 
The  Christ  to  us  was  given ; 
Had  He  not  saved  us  by  His  might. 
In  darkness  there  would  be  no  light, 
II :  But  now  the  clouds  are  riv«n, :  | 
Yes,  riven. 

154  Christmas 

3  And  from  the  throne  of  God  on  high 

A  flood  of  light  comes  streaming ; 
The  night  is  gone,  no  more  we  sigh, 
Our  hearts  are  bright  with  hope  and  joy, 

II :  Our  faces,  too,  are  beaming, :  || 
Yes,  beaming. 

4  So  to  the  Christmas  tree  we  bring 

Our  praises,  loudly  chanted, 
V    And  hallelujahs,  too,  we  sing 

To  Christ,  our  Prophet,  Priest  and  King, — 
II  :  The  Life-tree,  in  us  planted, :  || 
Yes,  planted. 

H.    Brueckner,    Tr. 


\TOW  sing  we,  now  rejoice, 
■''  ^    Now  raise  to  heav'n  our  voice ; 
Lo,   He   from   whom  joy   streameth, 

Poor,  in  the  manger  lies ; 
Yet  not  so  brightly  beameth 

The  sun  in  yonder  skies ! 
II  :  Thou  my  Savior  art ! :  || 

2  Giv'n  from  on  high  to  me, 

I  cannot  rise  to  Thee: 

O  cheer  my  wearied  spirit ! 

O  pure  and  holy  Child, 
Through  all  Thy  grace  and  merit, 

Blest  Jesus !     Lord  most  mild, 

II  :  Draw  me  unto  Thee ! :  || 

Christmas  155 

3  Now  through  His  Son  doth  shine 
The  Father's  grace  divine; 
Death  over  us  hath  reigned 

Through   sin  and  vanity. 
The  Son  for  us  obtained 

Eternal  joy  on  high. 
II :  May  we  praise  Him  there! :  || 

4  O  where  shall  joy  be  found? 
Where  but  on  heavenly  ground? 
Where  now  the  angels  singing 

With  all  His  saints  unite, 
Their  sweetest  praises  bringing 

In  heavenly  joy  and  light: 
II :  May  we  praise  Him  there ! :  || 

A.  T.  Russell,  Tr. 


•"THOU  Holy  Jesus,  meek  and  mild, 
■*•     Wast  born  today,  a  little  Child; 
So  ev'rywhere,  both  far  and  near. 
This  day  brings  children  merry  cheer. 

2  Though  I'm  but  little,  bless  me  still, 
And  guard  my  path  from  ev'ry  ill; 
Bathed  in  Thy  gracious  mercy  clear. 
Make  my  soul  clean,  Thou  Savior  dear. 

3  That  I  may  be  an  angel  too. 
And  only  seek  Thy  will  to  do; 
Grant  me  but  this,  dear  Savior  mine. 
To  keep  me  humble,  make  me  Thine. 

E.   M.  Arndt. 
Tr.  Anon. 

156  Christmas 


r\  COME,  all  ye  faithful,  Joyful  and  trium- 
^  phant, 

O  come  ye,  O  come  ye  to  Bethlehem: 
Come  and  behold  Him  King  of  all  the  angels! 
O  come,  let  us  adore  Him, 
O  come,  let  us  adore  Him, 
O  come,  let  us  adore  Him, 
Christ  the  Lord. 

2  Sing  Hallelujah,  all  ye  choirs  of  angels; 
O  sing,  all  ye  blissful  ones  of  heav'n  above: 
Glory  to  God  in  the  highest,  glory ! 

II :  O  come,  let  us  adore  Him,  :||   Christ  the 

3  Yea,  Lord,  we  greet  Thee,  born  for  our  sal- 

vation ; 
O  Jesus,  to  Thee  be  the  glory  giv'n : 
Word  of  the  Father,  now  in  flesh  appearing, 
II :  O  come,  let  us  adore  Him,  :||   Christ  the 


"Adeste   Fideles." 
Tr.  Anon. 


OY  to  the  world !  the  Lord  is  come : 

Let  earth  receive  her  King; 
Let  ev'ry  heart  prepare  Him  room, 

And  heav'n  and  nature  sing. 
And  heav'n  and  nature  sing,     • 

And  heav'n,  and  heav'n  and  nature  sing. 
Joy  to  the  world !  the  Savior  reigns : 

Let  men  their  songs  employ, 
While  fields  and  floods,  rocks,  hills,  and  plains 

II :  Repeat  the  sounding^  joy. :  li 


Christmas  157 

3  No  more  let  sins  and  sorrows  grow, 

No  thorns  infest  the  ground ; 
He  comes  to  make  His  blessings  flow 
jl :  Far  as  the  curse  is  found. :  || 

4  He  rules  the  world  with  truth  and  grace, 

And  makes  the  nations  prove 
The  glories  of  His  righteousness, 
II :  And  wonders  of  His  love. :  || 

I.   Watts. 


TT  CAME  upon  the  midnight  clear, 

That  glorious  song  of  old. 
From  angels  bending  near  the  earth 

To  touch  their  harps  of  gold ; 
Peace  on  the  earth,  good-will  to  men, 

From  heav'n's  all-gracious  King; 
The  world  in  solemn  stillness  lay 

To  hear  the  angels  sing. 

2  Still  through  the  cloven  skies  they  come, 

With  peaceful  wings  unfurled, 
And  still  their  heavenly  music  floats 

O'er  all  the  weary  world ; 
Above  its  sad  and  lowly  plains 

They  bend  on  heavenly  wing, 
And  ever  o'er  its  Babel  sounds 

The  blessed  angels  sing. 

3  O  ye,  beneath  life's  crushing  load, 

Whose  forms  are  bending  low, 
Who  toil  along  the  climbing  way 
With  painful  steps  and  slow: 

158  Christmas 

Look  now !  for  glad  and  golden  hours 

Come  swiftly  on  the  wing; 
O  rest  beside  the  weary  road, 

And  hear  the  angels  sing. 

4  For  lo !  the  days  are  hastening  on, 

By  prophet  bards  foretold, 
M'hen  with  the  ever-circling  years 

Comes  round  the  age  of  gold ; 
^^llen  peace  shall  over  all  the  earth 

Its  ancient  splendors  fling, 
And  the  whole  world  send  back  the  song 

Which  now  the  angels  sing. 

E.  H.  Sears. 


HOLY   Child,   we  welcome  Thee, 
And  sing  Thy  praise  in  tuneful  lays, 
And  sing  Thy  praise  in  tuneful  lays. 

!  O  holy  Child,  we  see  Thy  face 
l|  :  Aglo^v•  with  light,  like  sunbeams  bright.:  || 

)  O  blest  the  house  that  bids  Thee  stay : 
II :  For  all  is  well  where  Thou  dost  dwell. :  || 

Franz  Graf  Pocci. 
H.    Brueckner,    Tr. 


[N  BETHLEHEM,  the  lowly, 
^       A  Child  for  us  is  born, 
The  Son  of  God  incarnate. 
This  happy  Christmas  morn, 
Aye,    aye,   aye,   aye,   This   Happy   Christmas 


Christmas  159 

2  And  while  in  awe  I  ponder 

The  mystery  divine, 
My  heart  is  lost  in  wonder 

That  Christ  is  also  mine. 
II :  Aye,  aye,:  ||  that  Christ  is  also  mine. 

3  O  dearest  Child,  how  can  I 

Repay  Thy  wondrous  love 
In  which  Thou  com'st  to  save  me 

From  Thy  great  throne  above? 
II :  Aye,  aye,:  ||  from  Thy  great  throne  above. 

4  My  life,  my  all,  I  bring  Thee; 

Oh,  grant  me,  I  implore, 
Thy  grace  to  serve  and  love  Thee 

Now  and  forevermore. 
II :  Aye,  aye, :  ||  now  and  forevermore. 

F.   W.   Herzberger,  Tr. 


r^  OD  bless  you,  all  good  Christian  men, 
^^   Let  nothing-  you  dismay. 

For  Jesus  Christ,  our  Savior  dear, 
II :  Was  born  on  Christmas  day.:|| 

2  The  dawn  rose  red  on  Bethlehem, 

The  stars  shone  through  the  gray, 
When  Jesus  Christ,  our  Savior  dear, 
II :  Was  born  on  Christmas  day. :  || 

3  God  bless  you,  little  children  all. 

Let  nothing  you  afifright, 
For  Jesus  Christ,  your  Savior  dear, 
II :  Was  born  this  happy  night. :  || 

160  Christmas 

4  Along  the  hills  of  Galilee 

The  white  flocks  sleeping  lay, 
When  Christ,  the  Child  of  Nazareth, 
II :  Was  born  on  Christmas  day. :  || 

5  God  bless  you,  all  good  Christian  folk, 

Upon  this  blessed  morn ; 
The  Lord  of  all  sweet,  earnest  souls 
II :  Was  of  a  virgin  born. :  i| 

6  Now  all  your  sorrows  He  doth  heal. 

Your  sins  He  takes  away, 
For  Jesus  Christ,  our  Savior  dear, 
11 :  Was  born  on  Christmas  day. :  II 

Christmas    Carol. 


"T^HE  first  Noel  the  angel  did  say, 
'  ■*■     Was  to  certain  poor  shepherds  in  fields  as 
they  lay : 
In  fields  where  they  lay  keeping  their  sheep, 
On  a  cold  winter's  night,  with  snow  so  deep. 
Noel,  Noel,  Noel,  Noel, 
Born  is  the  King  of  Israel. 

2  They  looked  up  and  saw  a  star 

Shining  in  the  east,  beyond  them  far. 
And  to  the  earth  it  gave  great  hght. 
And  so  it  continued  both  day  and  night. 
Noel,  etc. 

Christmas  161 

3  And  by  the  light  of  that  same  star, 
Three  wise  men  came  from  country  far; 
To  seek  for  a  King  was  their  intent, 
And  to  follow  the  star  wherever  it  went. 

Noel,  etc. 

4  This  star  drew  nigh  to  the  northwest. 
O'er  Bethlehem  it  took  its  rest, 

And  there  it  did  both  stop  and  stay. 
High  over  the  place  where  Jesus  lay. 
Noel,  etc. 

5  Then  entered  in  those  wise  men  three,  v 
Fell  rev'rently  upon  their  knee. 

And  offered  there,  in  His  presence. 
Their  gold,  and  myrrh,  and  frankincense. 
Noel,  etc. 

6  Then  let  us  all,  with  one  accord. 
Sing  praises  to  our  heavenly  Lord, 

That  hath  made  heaven  and  earth  of  nought, 
And  with  His  blood  mankind  hath  bought. 
Noel,  etc. 




E  SHEPHERDS,  arise. 
And  shout  to  the  skies! 

The  angels  are  winging 

Their  way  here  and  singing; 

Salvation  is  near; 

The  Savior  is  here." 

162  Christmas 

2  ''Come,  singing  gay  psalms, 
With  pipes  and  with  shawms, 
And  come  to  the  manger, 

To  welcome  the  Stranger, 
Who,  born  in  a  stall. 
Is  Lord  over  all." 

3  As  soon  as  this  word 
The  shepherds  had  heard, 
They  sought  the  Appointed, 
The  Lord,  the  Anointed; 
And  found,  in  a  stall, 

The  Savior  of  all. 

4  They  knew  Him,  the  mild, 
The  heavenly  Child, 

And  fell  down  before  Him, 
All  meek,  to  adore  Him ; 
And  praised  Him  in  psalms. 
With  pipes  and  with  shawms. 


German    Folksong. 
Tr.  Anon. 

CILENT  night!     Holy  night! 

^     All  is  calm,  all  is  bright, 
Round  yon  virgin  mother  and  Child! 
Holy  Infant,  so  tender  and  mild, 
II :  Sleep  in  heavenly  peace. :  || 

2  Silent  night!     Holy  night! 
Shepherds  quake  at  the  sight ! 
Glories  stream  from  heaven  afar. 
Heavenly  hosts   sing  Hallelujah, 
II :  Christ,  the  Savior,  is  born ! :  || 

Christmas  ,  163 

Silent  night!    Holy  night! 
Son  of  God,  love's  pure  light 
Radiant  beams  from  Thy  holy  face, 
With  the  dawn  of  redeeming  grace, 
II :  Jesus,  Lord,  at  Thy  birth. :  || 





7'ION,  the  marvelous  story  be  telling, 

-^   The   Son   of  the  Highest,   how   lonely   His 

The  brightest  archangel  in  glory  excelling, 
He  stoops  to  redeem  Thee,  He  reigns  upon 


1st   Chorus: 

Shout  the  glad  tidings, 

Exultingly  sing; 
Jerusalem   triumphs, 

Messiah  is  King. 

Tell  how  He  cometh ;  from  nation  to  nation. 
The  heart-cheering  news  let  the  earth  echo 
round : 
How  free  to  the  faithful  He  offers  salvation, 
His     people     with     joy     everlasting     are 
Shout  the  glad  tidings,  etc. 

Repeat  1st  Chorus: 

164  Christmas 

3  Mortals,  your  homage  be  gratefully  bringing, 
And  sweet  let  the  gladsome  hosanna  arise : 
ye  angels,  the  full  Hallelujah  be  singing; 
One  chorus  resound  through  the  earth  and 
the  skies. 


Shout  the  glad  tidings, 

Exultingly  sing; 
Jerusalem   triumphs, 

Messiah  is  King, 
Messiah  is  King, 

Messiah  is  King! 

W.    A.    Muehlenberg. 


O ING,  bells,  ring  ding,  dong  ding ; 
"■•^   Ring  ding,  dong  ding! 

Winter  winds  are  blowing ; 

Cold  the  night  and  snowing; 

Children,  come  and  greet  me ; 

Open,  I  entreat  ye ! 

Ring,  bells,   ring  ding,   dong,  ding; 

Ring  ding  dong,  ding! 

2  Ring,  bells,  ring,  etc. 
Joyful  carols  sing  ye. 
See  the  gifts  I  bring  ye. 
For  each  boy  and  maiden 
Richly  I  am  laden. 
Ring,  bells,  ring,  etc. 

Christmas  165 

3  Ring,  bells,  ring,  etc. 
See  the  candles  glowing; 
Hearts  their  love  are  showing! 
List  to  what  I'm  telling, 
There  I'll  make  my  dwelling. 
Ring,  bells,  ring,  etc. 

F.    A.    Krummacher. 
Tr.  Anon. 


TJUSH,  hush,  hush! 
■*  Behold  the  wondrous  light ! 
Who  will  appear?     The  Christ-child  dear, 
II :  For  this,  you  know,  is  Holy  night. :  || 

2  Hark,  hark,  hark ! 

He's  knocking  at  the  door : 

Hear  His  bell  ring;  for  joy  we  sing: 

II :  Come  quick,  for  we  can  wait  no  more. :  || 

3  Yes,  yes,  yes. 

We  love  Thee  one  and  all ; 

With  gifts  so  bright  this  Christmas  night, 

II :  Dear  Jesus,  bless  us,  great  and  small.:  |1     - 

4  Thanks,  thanks,  thanks, 
O  Child,  we  love  so  well ! 

We  children  here  pray,   Savior  dear, 

11 :  Thou  in  our  heart  alone  wilt  dwell.  :|| 

F.  W.  Herzberger,  Tr. 


I    ET  the  earth  now  praise  the  Lord, 
*-^    Who  hath  truly  kept  His  word, 

And  the  sinners'  Help  and  Friend 

Now  at  last  to  us  doth  send. 

166  Christmas 

2  What  the  fathers  most  desired, 
What  the  prophets'  heart  inspired, 
What  they  longed  for  many  a  year, 
Stands  fulfilled  in  glory  here. 

3  Abram's  promised  great  Reward, 
Zion's  Helper,  Jacob's  Lord, 
Him  of  twofold  race  behold. 
Truly  came,  as  long  foretold. 

4  Welcome,   O  my   Savior,   now! 
Hail !  my  portion.  Lord,  art  Thou ! 
Here,  too,  in  my  heart,  I  pray, 

0  prepare  Thyself  a  way. 

5  King  of  glory,  enter  in ! 
Cleanse  it  from  the  filth  of  sin. 
As  Thou  hast  so  often  done; 

It  belongs  to  Thee  alone. 

6  As  Thy  coming  was  in  peace. 
Noiseless,  full  of  gentleness. 
Let  the  same  mind  dwell  in  me 
That  was  ever  found  in  Thee. 

7  Bruise  for  me  the  serpent's  head, 
That,  set  free  from  doubt  and  dread, 

1  may  cleave  to  Thee  in  faith, 
Safely  kept  through  life  and  death. 

8  And  when  Thou  dost  come  again 
As  a  glorious  King  to  reign, 

I  with  joy  may  see  Thy  face. 
Truly  ransomed  by  Thy  grace. 

H.    Held. 
C.    Winkworth,    Tr. 

Christmas  167 


ET  us  all  with  gladsome  voice 
■^    Praise  the  God  of  heaven, 
Who  to  bid  our  hearts  rejoice 
His  own  Son  hath  given. 

To  this  vale  of  tears  He  comes, 

Here  to  serve  in  sadness. 
That  with  Him  in  heav'n's  fair  homes 

We  may  reign  in  gladness. 

We  are  rich  for  He  was  poor ; 

Is  not  this  a  wonder ! 
Therefore  paise  God  evermore, 

Here  on  earth  and  yonder ! 

O  Lord  Christ,  our  Savior  dear, 

Be  Thou  ever  near  us : 
Grant  us  now  a  glad  New  Year; 

Amen,  Jesus,  hear  us ! 

U.  Langhans. 
C.    Winkworth.    Tr. 


W/HILE    shepherds    watched    their    flocks    by 

^  night, 

All  seated  on  the  ground, 
The  angel  of  the  Lord  came  down, 
And  glory  shone  around. 

2  "Fear  not,"  said  He,  for  mighty  dread 
Had  seized  their  troubled  mind : 
"Glad  tidings  of  great  joy  I  bring 
,  To  3^ou  and  all  mankind. 

168  Christmas 

3  "To  you,  in  David's  town,  this  day 

Is  born,  of  David's  line, 
The  Savior,  who  is  Christ  the  Lord; 
And  this  shall  be  the  sign : 

4  'The  Heavenly  Babe  you  there  shall  find, 

To  human  view  displayed. 
All  meanly  wrapt  in  swathing  bands. 
And  in  a  manger  laid." 

5  Thus  spake  the  seraph,  and  forthwith 

Appeared  a  shining  throng 
Of  angels,  praising  God,  who  thus 
Addressed  their  joyful  song: 

6  "All  glory  be  to  God  on  high, 

And  to  the  earth  be  peace ; 
Good-will  henceforth  from  heaven  to  men 
Begin,  and  never  cease." 

N.   Tate. 


A    GREAT  and  mighty  wonder 
^~^  Our  Christmas  festal  brings: 
On  earth  a  lowly  infant, 
Behold  the  King  of  kings ! 

2  The  Word  is  made  incarnate, 
Descending  from  on  high ; 
And  cherubim  sing  anthems 
To  shepherds  from  the  sky. 

Christmas  169 

3  And  we  with  them,  triumphant. 

Repeat  the  hymn  again: 
"To  God  on  high  be  glory, 
And  peace  on  earth  to  men!" 

4  While  thus  they  sing  your  Monarch, 

Those  bright  angelic  bands, 
Rejoice,  ye  vales  and  mountains ! 
Ye  oceans,  clap  your  hands ! 

5  Since  all  He  comes  to  ransom, 

By  all  be  He  adored ; 
The  Infant  born  in  Bethle'm, 
The  Savior  and  the  Lord! 

6  And  idol  forms  shall  perish. 

And  error  shall  decay, 
And  Christ  shall  wield  His  scepter, 
Our  Lord  and  God  for  aye. 

J.   M.  Neale,  Tr. 


/^  OOD  news  from  heav'n  the  angels  bring, 
^^  Glad  tidings  to  the  earth  they  sing: 
To  us  this  day  a  Child  is  giv'n, 
To  crown  us  with  the  joy  of  heav'n. 

2  This  is  the  Christ,  our  God  and  Lord, 
Who  in  all  need  shall  aid  afford; 
He  will  Himself  our  Savior  be, 
From  all  our  sins  to  set  us  free. 

170  Christmas 

3  All  hail,  Thou  noble  Guest,  this  morn, 
Whose  love  did  not  the  sinner  scorn ; 
In  my  distress  Thou  com'st  to  me; 
What  thanks  shall  I  return  to  Thee? 

4  Were  earth  a  thousand  times  as  fair. 
Beset  with  gold  and  jewels  rare, 
She  yet  were  far  too  poor  to  be 

A  narrow  cradle.  Lord,  for  Thee. 

5  Ah,  dearest  Jesus,  Holy  Child, 
Make  Thee  a  bed,  soft,  undefiled, 
W'ithin  my  heart,  that  it  may  be 
A  quiet  chamber  kept  for  Thee. 

6  Praise  God  upon  His  heavenly  throne. 
Who  gave  to  us  His  only  Son ; 

For  this  His  hosts,  on  joyful  wing, 
A  blest  New  Year  of  mercy  sing. 

M.   Luther. 

A.   T.   Russell,   Tr. 

C.    Winkworth,    Tr. 


/^OME,  and  Christ  the  Lord  be  praising, 
^    Heart  and  mind  to  Him  be  raising, 

Celebrate  His  love  amazing. 

Worthy  folk  of  Christendom. 

2  Sin,  death,  hell  may  all  be  grieving, 
Satan  shame  feel  to  him  cleaving; 
We,  salvation  free  receiving, 
Cast  our  every  care  away. 

Christmas  171 

3  See  what  God  for  us  provideth, 
Life  that  in  His  Son  abideth, 
And  our  weary  steps  He  guideth 
From  earth's  woe  to  heavenly  joy. 

4  His  soul  deeply  for  us  feeleth, 
He  His  love  to  us  revealeth, 

He  who  in  the  heavens  dwelleth 
Came  to  save  us  from  the  foe. 

5  Jacob's  Star  his  advent  maketh, 
Soothes  the  longing  heart  that  acheth, 
And  the  serpent's  head  He  breaketh, 
Loathing  all  the  powers  of  hell. 

6  Opened  hath  He,  freedom  gained  us. 
Now  the  prison  that  contained  us ; 
Where  much  grief  and  sorrow  pained  us, 
And  our  hearts  w^ere  bowed  with  woe. 

7  O  bless'd  hour  when  we  received, 
From  the  foe  who  us  deceived. 
Liberty,  when  we  believed, 

And  Thee,  gracious  Spirit,  praised. 

8  Beauteous  Lifant  in  the  manger,  >. 

0  befriend  us !  beyond  danger, 
Bring  us  where  is  turned  God's  anger. 
Where  with  angel  hosts  we'll  praise. 

p.  Gerhardt. 
J.    Kelly,    Tr. 


f  SAW  three  ships  come  sailing  in, 

-*       On  Christmas  day,  on  Christmas  day ; 

1  saw  three  ships  come  sailing  in. 
On  Christmas  day  in  the  morning. 

172  Christmas 

2  And  what  was  in  those  ships  all  three, 
On  Christmas  day,  on  Christmas  day? 
And  what  was  in  those  ships  all  three. 
On  Christmas  day  in  the  morning? 

3  II :  Our  Savior  Christ  and  His  ladie. :  j] 

4  II :  Pray,     whither     sailed     those     ships     all 

three?:  II 

Oh,  they  sailed  into  Bethlehem. :  || 
And  all  the  bells  on  earth  shall  ring. :  || 
And  all  the  angels  in  heaven  shall  sing. :  H 
And  all  the  souls  on  earth  shall  sing. :  || 
Then  let  us  all  rejoice  amain.:  1| 



\TOW  found  is  the  Fairest  of  Roses, 
^  ^    Its  beauty  'mong  thorns  it  discloses ; 
This  Rose,  seen  in  Sharon's  fair  meadow, 
Is  Jesus  'mong  men  in  death's  shadow. 

2  Since  sin  of  God's  image  bereft  us, 
No  glory  or  merit  was  left  us ; 
We,  stript  of  our  fairest  possessions. 
Were  dead  in  our  sins  and  transgressions. 

Christmas  -       173 

3  But  God  in  His  mercy  would  save  us, 
A  Rose  full  of  fragrance  He  gave  us; 
It  made  of  the  desert  a  garden, 

By  bringing  to  us  life  and  pardon. 

4  Now  blossoms  the  church  through  its  merit 
To  bring  forth  the  fruit  of  the  Spirit ; 

For  Jesus  her  growth  e'er  doth  nourish. 
In  Him  she  doth  live  and  doth  flourish. 

5  All  mankind  now  ought  to  adore  Him, 
And  joyful  sing  anthems  before  Him; 
But  few  in  their  hearts  will  enthrone  Him, 
The  many,  alas,  do  disown  Him. 

6  Ye  sinners  hard-hearted  remaining. 
Why  are  ye  the  Savior  disdaining? 
Why  are  ye  so  proud  in  your  spirit, 
And  trust  in  yourselves  and  your  merit? 

7  Ah,  seek  ye  the  places  most  lowly, 
And  weep  before  Jesus,  the  Holy; 
Come  down,  leave  all  sin  and  all  malice. 
Then  find  ye  the  Rose  of  the  valleys. 

8  O  Jesus,  I  ever  adore  Thee, 

My  Rose,  and  my  Crown,  and  my  Glory, 
Thou  wholly  my  heart  art  possessing, 
Thy  sweetness  is  fulness  of  blessing. 

9  My  Rose  is  my  godly  adorning, 

My  Rose  is  my  joy  night  and  morning; 

The  sinful  desires  it  suppresses, 

And  sweetens  my  griefs  and  distresses. 

174  Christmas 

10  The  world  may  of  all  things  bereave  me, 
Her  thorns,  they  may  tear  me  and  grieve  me, 
And  death  may  all  earthly  ties  sever, 
My  Rose  still  is  mine — mine  forever. 

H.    A.     Brorson. 
C.     Doving,    Tr. 



VIRGIN   most   pure,   as   the   prophets   did 

Hath  brought  forth  a  Savior,  as  it  hath  befell, 

To  be  our  Redeemer,  from  death,  hell  and  sin, 

Which  Adam's  transgression  had  wrapped  us 


Rejoice  and  be  merry,  set  sorrow  aside, 

Christ  Jesus,  our  Savior,  was  born  on  this 


2  In  Bethlehem  city  in  Judah  it  was 
Where  Joseph  and  Mary  together  did  pass. 
And  there  to  be  taxed  with  many  one  moe. 
For  Caesar  commanded  the  same  should  be 

Rejoice  and  be  merry,  etc. 

3  But  when  they  had  entered  the  city  so  fair, 
A  number  of  people  so  mighty  w^as  there 
That  Joseph  and  Mary,  w^hose  substance  was 

Could  procure  in  the  inn  no  lodging  at  all. 
Rejoice  and  be  merry,  etc. 

Christmas  175 

4  Then  they  were  constrained  in  a  stable  to  He, 

Where  oxen  and  asses  they  used  there  to  tie ; 

Their  lodging  so  simple,  they  held  it  no  scorn, 

But  against  the  next  morning  our  Savior  was 


Rejoice  and  be  merry,  etc. 

5  The    King    of    glory    to    this    world    being 
Small   store   of  fine  linen  to   wrap   Him   was 

sought ; 
When  Mary  had  swaddled  her  young  Son  so 

Within  an  ox  manger  she  laid  Him  to  sleep. 
Rejoice  and  be  merry,  etc. 

6  Then  God  sent  an  angel  from  heaven  so  high 
To  certain  poor  shepherds  in  fields  where  they 

And    charged   them   no   longer   in   sorrow   to 

Because   that   our   Savior   was   born   on   this 
Rejoice  and  be  merry,  etc. 

7  Then  presently  after  the  shepherds   did  spy 
A  number  of  angels  appear  in  the  sky. 
Who  joyfully  talked  and  sweetly  did  sing, 
"To  God  be  all  glory,  our  heavenly  King." 
Rejoice  and  be  merry,  etc. 


176  Christmas 


CEE,  amid  the  winter's  snow, 
*^     Born  for  us  on  earth  below, 
See,  the  tender  Lamb  appears, 
Promised  from  eternal  years! 
Hail,  thou  ever  blessed  morn. 
Hail,  Redemption's  happy  dawn. 
Sing  through  all  Jerusalem, 
Christ  is  born  in  Bethlehem. 

2  Lo,  within  a  manger  lies 

He  who  built  the  starry  skies. 
He,  who  throned  in  height  sublime, 
Sits  amid  the  Cherubim. 
Hail,  thou  ever-blessed,  etc. 

3  Say,  ye  holy  shepherds,  say. 
What  your  joyful  news  today? 
Wherefore  have  you  left  your  sheep 
On  the  lonely  mountain  steep? 

Hail,  thou  ever-blessed,  etc. 

4  *'As  we  watched  at  dead  of  night, 
Lo,  we  saw  a  wondrous  light ; 
Angels  singing,  'peace  on  earth*. 
Told  us  of  the  Savior's  birth." 

Hail,  thou  ever-blessed,  etc. 

5  Sacred  Infant,  all  Divine, 
What  a  tender  love  was  Thine, 
Thus  to  come  from  highest  bliss 
Down  to  C5uch  a  world  as  this. 

Hail,  thou  ever-blessed,  etc. 

Christmas  177 

Teach,  O  teach  us,  Holy  Child, 
By  Thy  face  so  meek  and  mild; 
Teach  us  to  resemble  Thee, 
In  Thy  sweet  humility  ! 

Hail,  thou  ever-blessed,  etc. 

E.    Caswall. 


A  LL  praise  to  Jesus'  hallowed  name, 
^^  Who  of  virgin  pure  became 
True  man  for  us !  the  angels  sing. 
As  the  glad  news  to  earth  they  bring, 
Kyrie  Eleis ! 

2  The  heavenly  Father's  only  Son 
For  a  manger  leaves  His  throne ; 
Disguised  in  our  poor  flesh  and  blood 
Is  now  the  everlasting  Good. 

Kyrie  Eleis ! 

3  He  whom  the  world  could  not  inclose 
Doth  in  Mary's  lap  repose ; 

He  is  become  an  infant  small, 
Who  by  His  might  upholdeth  all. 
Kyrie  Eleis ! 

4  Th'  eternal  Light,  come  down  from  heaven, 
Hath  to  us  new  sunshine  given  ; 

It  shineth  in  the  midst  of  night, 
And  maketh  us  the  sons  of  light. 
Kyrie  Eleis ! 

178  Christmas 

5  The  Father's  Son,  God  ever  blest, 
In  the  world  become  a  guest; 

He  leads  us  from  this  vale  of  tears, 
And  makes  us  in  His  kingdom  heirs. 
Kyrie  Eleis ! 

6  He  came  to  earth  despised  and  poor 
Man  to  pity  and  restore, 

And  make  us  rich  in  heaven  above. 
Alike  with  angels  through  His  love. 
Kyrie  Eleis ! 

7  All  thin  He  did.  that  He  might  prove 
To  us  sinners  His  great  love ; 

For  this  let  Christendom  adore 
And  praise  His  name   forevermore. 
Kyrie  Eleis! 

:^r.    Luther. 
R.   Massie.  Tr. 


AS  EACH  happy  Christmas 
'**•  Dawns  on  earth  again. 
Comes  the  holy  Christ-child 
To  the  hearts  of  men. 

2  Enters  with  His  blessing 

Into  every  home, 
Guides  and  guards  our  footsteps 
As  we  go  and  come. 

3  All  unknown  beside  me 

He  will  ever  stand, 
And  will  safely  lead  me 
With  His  own  right  hand. 

G.    F.   Kavser. 
R.    Krauth,    Tr. 

Christmas  179 


TJARK!  the  herald  angels  sing, 
'■'  •■■  Glory  to  the  new-born  King 
Peace  on  earth  and  mercy  mild, 
God  and  sinners  reconciled ! 
Joyful,  all  ye  nations,  rise, 
Join  the  triumph  of  the  skies ; 
Universal  nature  say, 
Christ  the  Lord  is  born  today. 
Hark !  the  herald  angels  sing. 
Glory  to  the  new-born  King? 

Christ,  by  highest  heaven  adored; 
Christ  the  everlasting  Lord ; 
Late  in  time  behold  Him  come. 
Offspring  of  a  virgin's  womb : 
Veiled  in  flesh  the  Godhead  see ; 
Hail,  th'  incarnate  Deity, 
Pleased  as  man  with  men  to  dwell, 
Jesus,  our  Immanuel ! 
Hark !  the  herald  angels,  etc. 

Hail  the  heavenly  Prince  of  Peace, 
Hail  the  Sun  of  Righteousness ; 
Life  and  light  to  all  He  brings, 
Ris'n  with  healing  in  His  wings. 
Mild,  He  lays  His  glory  by. 
Born  that  man  no  more  may  die, 
Born  to  raise  the  sons  of  earth. 
Born  to  give  them  second  birth. 
Hark !  the  herald  angels,  etc. 

180  Christmas 

4  Come,  Desire  of  nations,  come, 
Fix  in  us  Thy  humble  home ; 
Rise,  the  woman's  conquering  seed, 
Bruise  in  us  the  serpent's  head. 
Adam's  hkeness,  Lord,  efface; 
Stamp  Thy  Hkeness  in  its  place; 
Oh,  to  all  Thyself  impart. 
Formed  in  each  believing  heart. 
Hark !  the  herald  angels,  etc. 

Ch.    Wesley. 


UALLELUJAH,  hallelujah,   hallelujah,  halle- 
^^  lujah ! 

Hallelujah,    hallelujah,    hallelujah,    hallelu- 
Hallelujah,    hallelujah,    hallelujah,    hallelu- 
O  rejoice,  ye  Christians,  loudly. 
For  our  joy  has  now  begun; 
Wondrous  things  our  God  hath  done; 
Tell  abroad  His  goodness  proudly, 
Who  our  race  hath  honored  thus 
That  He  deigns  to  dwell  with  us. 

Joy,  O  joy,  beyond  all  gladness ! 
Christ  hath  done  away  with  sadness! 
Hence,  all  sorrow  and  repining, 
For  the  Sun  of  grace  is  shining! 

2  Hallelujah,  etc. 

See,  my  soul,  thy  Savior  chooses 
Weakness  here  and  poverty ; 
In  such  love  He  comes  to  thee, 

Christmas  181 

Nor  the  hardest  couch  refuses; 
All  He  suffers  for  thy  good. 
To  redeem  thee  by  His  blood. 
Joy,  O  joy,  etc. 

3  Hallelujah,  etc. 

Lord,  how  shall  I  thank  Thee  rightly! 
I  acknowledge  that  by  Thee 
I   am   saved  eternally. 
Let  me  not  forget  it  lightly,  ■[ 

But  to  Thee  through  all  things  cleave, 
And  my  heart  true  peace  receive. 
Joy,  O  joy,  etc. 

4  Hallelujah,  etc. 

Jesus,  guide  and  guard  Thy  members ; 
Fill  Thy  brethren  with  Thy  grace, 
Hear  their  prayers  in  every  place; 
Quicken  now  life's  faintest  embers ; 
Grant  all   Christians,  far  and  near, 
Holy  peace,  a  glad  New  Year ! 
Joy,  O  joy,  etc. 

C.    Keymann. 
C.    Winkworth,    Tr. 


"•OME  now,  ye  shepherds,   away  from  your 

Come,  the  dear  lovable  Child  to  behold ; 
Gaze  with  delight  on  Christ,  the  Anointed, 
By  God  as  Savior  for  us  appointed, 
Banish  all  fear! 

182  Christmas 

2  Yea,  let  us  witness  in  Bethlehem's  stall 
What   we  have   heard   through   the  heavenly 

call ; 
There,  with  glad  voices,  publish  the  story. 
Sing  of  the  Savior's  wonderful  glorv. 

3  Truly  the  angels  are  singing  today 
Unto  the  shepherds  this  beautiful  lay : 
Peace  in  its  fulness  to  you  is  granted, 
Good  will  to  mortals  in  all  hearts  planted. 

Glory  to  God! 

p.  Gerhardt. 
H.    Brueckner,    Tr. 


/^HRIST  was  born  on  Christmas  day, 
^^    Wreathe  the  holy,  twine  the  bay ; 
Light  and  life  and  joy  is  He, 

The  Babe,  the  Son,  the  Holy  One  of  Mary. 

2  He  is  born  to  set  us  free, 

He  is  born  our  Lord  to  be ; 
Carol,    Christians,   joyfully; 
The  God,  the  Lord,  by  all  adored  forever. 

3  Christian  men,  rejoice  and  sing, 

Tis  the  birthday  of  our  King; 
Carol,  Christians,  joyfully; 

The  God,  the  Lord,  by  all  adored  forever. 

4  Sing  out  with  bliss, 

His  name  is  this  :     Immanuel ! 
As  'twas  foretold  in  days  of  old, 
By  Gabriel. 

J.    M.    Neale. 

Christinas  183 


DE  YE  joyful,  earth  and  sky, 

^        Hallelujah ! 

Unto  us  God's  Son  came  nigh, 

He  for  our  salvation 
Left  God's  habitation, 
Yes,  He  left  God's  habitation. 

2  Here  the  fairest  Rose  we  see. 

Hallelujah ! 
Blooming  forth  from  Jesse's  tree, 

Hallelujah ! 
He  for  our  salvation 
Left  God's  habitation, 
Yes,  He  left  God's  habitation. 

3  He,  the  great  incarnate  Word, 

Jesus  Christ  doth  help  afford, 

Hallelujah  1 
He  for  our  salvation 
Left  God's  habitation, 
Yes,  He  left  God's  habitation. 

H.  Brueckner,  Tr. 


AS  JOSEPH  was  a-walking, 
***•  He  heard  an  angel  sing. 

This  night  shall  be  the  birthday 
Of  Christ,  the  heav'nly  King. 

184  Christmas 

2  He  neither  shall  be  bornen 

In  housen  nor  in  hall, 
Nor  in  the  place  of  paradise,. 
But  in  an  oxen's  stall. 

3  He  neither  shall  be  clothed 

In  purple  nor  in  pall, 

But  in  the  fair  white  linen 

That  usen  babies  all. 

4  He  neither  shall  be  rocked 

In  silver  nor  in  gold, 
But  in  a  wooden  manger 
That  resteth  on  the  mould. 

5  As   Joseph   was   a-walking 

There  did  an  angel  sing; 

And  Mary's  Child  at  midnight 

Was  born  to  be  our  King. 

6  Then  be  ye  glad,  good  people, 

This  night  of  all  the  year. 
And  light  ye  up  your  candles, 
For  His  star  shineth  clear. 



A  LL  my  heart  this  night  rejoices, 
^*'       As  I  hear, 

Far  and  near, 
Sweetest  angel  voices; 
''Christ  is  born,"  their  choirs  are  singing, 
Till  the  air 
.  Now  with  joy  is  ringing. 



2  Hark !  a  voice  from  yonder  manger, 

Soft  and  sweet, 

Doth  entreat, 
Flee  from  woe   and   danger; 
Brethren,  come;  from  all  that  grieves  you 

You  are  freed ; 

All  you  need 
I  will  surely  give  you. 

Come,  then,  let  us  hasten  yonder ; 

Here  let  all, 

Great  and  small, 
Kneel  in  awe  and  wonder; 
Love  Him  who  with  love  is  yearning; 

Hail  the  star 

That  from  far 
Bright  with  hope  is  burning. 

p.  Gerhardt. 
Winkworth,  Tr. 

%  ^ 

N^m  l^ar 


JESUS  !     Name  of  wondrous  love, 
Name,  all  other  names  above ; 
Name,  at  which  must  ev'ry  knee 
Bow  in  deep  humility. 

2  Jesus !     Name  of  priceless  worth 
To  the  fallen  sons  of  earth. 
For  the  promise  that  it  gave — 
"Jesus  shall  His  people  save." 

3  Jesus  !     Name  of  mercy  mild, 
Given  to  the  Holy  Child, 
When  the  cup  of  human  woe 
First  He  tasted  here  below. 

4  Jesus  !    Only  name  that's  given 
Under  all  the  mighty  heaven. 
Whereby  man,  to  sin  enslaved, 
Burst  his  fetters,  and  is  saved. 

5  Jesus  !     Name  of  wondrous  love  ! 
Human  name  of  Him  above ! 
Pleading  only  this  we  flee, 
Helpless,  O  our  God,  to  Thee ! 

W.   W.   How. 


"ROM  glory  unto  glory ! 

Be  this  our  joyous  song; 
As  on  the  King's  own  highway, 

New  Year  /  187 

We  bravely  march  along: 
From  glory  unto  glory ! 

O  word  of  stirring  cheer, 
As  dawns  the  solemn  brightness  of 

Another  glad  New  Year. 

2  From  glory  unto  glory ! 

What  great  things  He  hath  done ! 
What  wonders  He  hath  shown  us, 

What  triumphs  He  hath  won ! 
From  glory  unto  glory ! 

What  mighty  blessings  crown 
The  lives  for  which  our  Lord  hath  laid 

His  own  so  freely  down ! 

3  The  fulness  of  His  blessing 

Encompasseth  our  way ; 
The  fulness  of  His  promises 

Crowns  every  brightening  day ; 
The  fulness  of  His  glory 

Is  beaming  from   above, 
While  more  and  more  are  taught  of  God 

To  know  that  mighty  love. 

4  And  closer  yet  and  closer 

The  golden  bonds  shall  be, 
Uniting  all  who  love  our  Lord 

In  pure  sincerity; 
And  wider  yet  and  wider  shall 

The  circling  glory  glow, 
As  more  and  more  are  taught  of  God 

That  mighty  love  to  know. 

188  New  Year 

5  Oh,  let  our  adoration 

For  all  that  He  hath  done, 
Peal  out  beyond  the  stars  of  God, 

While  voice  and  life  are  one; 
And  let  our  consecration 

Be  real,  and  deep,  and  true ; 
Oh,  even  now  our  hearts  shall  bow, 

And  joyful  vows  renew. 

6  Now  onward,  ever  onward, 

From  strength  to  strength  we  go, 
While  grace  for  grace  abundantly 

Shall  from  His   fulness  flow. 
To  glory's  full  fruition. 

From  glory's  foretaste  here, 
Until  His  very  presence  crown 

Our  happiest  New  Year. 

¥.   R.   Havergal. 



OW  let  us  come  before  Him, 

With  songs  and  prayers  adore  Him, 
Who  to  our  life  from  heaven 
All  needed  strength  hath  given. 

2  The  stream  of  years  is  flowing. 
And  we  are  onward  going, 
From  old  to  new  surviving. 
And  by  His  mercy  thriving. 

3  In  woe  we  often  languish. 

And  pass  through  times  of  anguish, 
Of  wars  and  trepidation, 
Alarming  every  nation. : 

New  Year  •     189 

4  A  faithful  mother  keepeth 
Guard,  while  her  infant  sleepeth, 
Its  fear  and  grief  assuaging, 
When  angry  storms  are  raging; — 

5  Thus  God  His  children  shieldeth, 
And  full  protection  yieldeth ; 
When  need  and  woe  distress  them, 
His  loving  arms  caress  them. 

6  In  vain  is  all  our  doing; 
The  labor  we're  pursuing 

In  our  hands  prosper  never, 
Unless  God  watches  ever.  ' 

7  Our  song  to  Thee  ascendeth, 
Whose  mercy  never  endeth ; 
Our  thanks  to  Thee  we  render. 
Who  art  our  strong  Defender. 

8  O  God  of  mercy !  hear  us  ; 

Our  Father!  be  Thou  near  us; 

'Mid  crosses  and  in  sadness 

Be  Thou  our  Fount  of  Gladness. 

9  To  all  that  bow  before  Thee, 
And  for  Thy  grace  implore  Thee, 
O  grant  Thy  benediction 

And  patience  in  affliction. 

10  With  richest  blessmg  crown  us; 
In  all  our  ways.  Lord !  own  us ; 
Give  grace,  who  grace  bestowest, 
To  all,  e'en  to  the  lowest. 

190  New  Year 

11  To  all  forlorn  be  Father; 
Thy  erring  children  gather. 
And  of  the  poor  and  needy 
Be  Thou  the  Helper  speedy. 

12  Grant  help  to  all  afflicted ; 
And  to  the  souls  dejected. 
By  trouble  deeply  haunted, 

May  cheerful  thoughts  be  granted, 

13  O  Lord!  assistance  lend  us, 
Thy  Holy  Spirit  send  us, 

That  He  may  make  us  glorious, 
And  lead  to  Thee  victorious. 

14  All  this  Thy  hand  bestoweth. 

Thou  Life,  whence  our  life  floweth  ; 

To  me  and  all  believers 

Grant,  Lord,  these  New  Year's  favors. 

p.    r.erhardt. 
T.    Kelly,    Tr. 


■^HE  year  is  gone,  beyond  recall. 
•     With  all  its  hopes  and  fears. 
With  all  its  bright  and  gladd'ning  smiles, 

With  all  its  mourners'  tears ; 
Thy  thankful  people  praise  Thee, 

Lord,  for  countless  gifts  received ; 
And  pray  for  grace  to  keep  the  faith 

Which  saints  of  old  believed. 

New  Year  '  191 

2  To  Thee  we  come,  O  gracious  Lord, 

The  newborn  year  to  bless  ; 
Defend  our  land  from  pestilence; 

Give  peace  and  plenteousness ; 
Forgive  this  nation's  many  sins ; 

The  growth  of  vice  restrain ; 
And  help  us  all  with  sin  to  strive,     . 

And  crowns  of  life  to  gain. 

3  From  evil  deeds  that  stain  the  past 

We  now  desire  to  flee ; 
And  pray  that  future  years  may  all 

Be  spent,  good  Lord,  for  Thee. 
O  Father,  let  Thy  watchful  eye 

Still  look  on  us  in  love. 
That  we  may  praise  Thee,  year  by  year. 

With  angel-host  above. 

From  the  Latin. 
F.    Pott,    Tr. 


"T^HE  old  year  now  hath  passed  away. 

We  thank  Thee,  Christ,  our  Lord,  today. 
That  Thou  hast  kept  us  through  the  year, 
When  danger  and  distress  were  near. 

2  We  pray  Thee,  O  Eternal  Son, 
Who  with  the  Father  reign'st  as  One, 
To  guard  and  rule  Thy  Christendom 
Through  all  the  ages  yet  to  come. 

3  Take  not  Thy  saving  Word  away. 

Our  soul's  true  comfort,  staff,  and  stay ; 
Abide  with  us,  and  keep  us  free 
From  all  false  doctrines  graciously. 

192  New  Year 

4  O  help  us  to  forsake  all  sin, 
A  new  and  holy  life  begin ; 

h^roni   last  year's  sins,  Lord,  hide  Thy  face, 
In  this  new  year  grant  us  Thy  grace: 

5  That  as  true  Christians  we  may  live, 
Or  die  in  peace  that  Thou  wilt  give, 
To  rise  again  when  Thou  shalt  come. 
And  enter  our  eternal  home. 

J.     Steuerlein. 
C.   Winkworth,  Tr. 


I'M  A  pilgrim  and  will  walk  with  Jesus, 
In  Him  only  shall  our  life  be  blest; 
All  the  way  from  doubts  and  fears  He  frees 
11  :  He  alone  keeps  heart  and  mind  at  rest. :  || 

2  Seas,  lands,  vales,  and  mountains  firm  abid- 

Joyful  I  traverse,  held  by  His  hand ; 
But  for  this,  my  Savior's  loving  guiding, 
II  :  I  could  never  reach  the  promised  land. :  || 

3  When  I  sleep  He  keepeth  guard  around  me ; 

When  I  wake  He  is  my  strength  and  stay ; 
He  takes  care  that  nothing  shall  confound  me, 
1) :  Leads    me    right    when    doubtful    is    the 
way. :  || 

4  In  Him  ever  would  I  be  abiding. 

In  Him  meat  and  drink  and  peace  I  have, 
In  His  gracious  arms  my  place  of  hiding; 
II :  Soul  and  body  both  His  love  will  save.  :|i 

New  Year  193 

5  Him  I  follow  till  my  days  are  ended, 

Till  Himself  shall  call  me  home  to  rest ; 
In  the  Father's  house  there'll  be  extended 
II :  The  ^lad  welcome  of  a  heavenly  .e^uest.  :ll 

p.   Schueck 
C.  W.  Schaeffer,  Tr. 

/^  GOD,  our  help  in  ages  past, 
^^  Our  hope  for  years  to  come. 
Our  shelter  from  the  stormy  blast, 
And  our  eternal  home ! 

2  Under  the  shadow  of  Thy  throne 

Thy  saints  have  dwelt  secure; 
Sufficient  is  Thine  arm  alone, 
And  our  defense  is  sure. 

3  Before  the  hills  in  order  stood. 

Or  earth  received  her  frame, 
From  everlasting-  Thou  art  God, 
To  endless  years  the  same. 

4  A  thousand  ages  in  Thy  sight 

Are  like  the  evening  gone ; 
Short  as  the  watch  that  ends  the  night 
Before  the  rising  sun. 

5  Time,    like    an   ever-rolling   stream, 

Bears  all  its  sons  away ; 
They  fly,  forgotten  as  a  dream 
Dies  at  the  opening  day. 

6  O  God,  our  help  in  ages  past. 

Our  hope  for  years  to  come, 
Be  Thou  our  guide  while  life  shall  last. 
And  our  eternal  home. 

I.    Watts. 



A  S  WITH  gladness  men  of  old 
^^  Did  the  guiding  star  behold ; 
As  with  joy  they  hailed  its  light. 
Leading   onward,    beaming   bright; 
So,  most  gracious  Lord,  may  we 
Evermore  be  led  to  Thee. 

2  As  with  joyful  steps  they  sped 
To  that  lowly  manger-bed ; 
There  to  bend  the  knee  before 
Him  Whom  heaven  and  earth  adore 
So  may  we  with  willing  feet 

Ever  seek  the  m.ercy-seat. 

3  As  they  offered  gifts  most  rare 
At  the  manger  rude  and  bare; 
So  may  we  with  holy  joy, 
Pure  and  free  from  sin's  alloy. 
All  our  costliest  treasures  bring, 
Christ!  to  Thee,  our  heavenly  King. 

4  Holy  Jesus !  every  day 
Keep  us  in  the  narrow  way; 
And,  when  earthly  things  are  past, 
Bring  our  ransomed  souls  at  last 
Where  they  need  no  star  to  guide, 
Where  no  clouds  Thy  glory  hide. 

Epiphany  195 

In  the  heavenly  country  bright 
Need  they  no  created  Hght ; 
Thou  its  Light,  its  Joy,  its  Crown, 
Thou  its  Sun  which  goes  not  down. 
There  forever  may  we  sing 
Hallelujahs  to  our  King. 

W.  C.  Dix. 


T^HERE  came  three  kings  ere  break  of  day, 
•'•     All  on  Epiphany  ; 
Their  gifts  they  bare,  both  rich  and  rare. 

All,  all,  Lord  Christ,  for  Thee : 
Gold,  frankincense,  and  myrrh  are  there. — 

Where  is  the  King?     O  where?     O  where? 
Where  is  the  King?     O  where? 

2  The  star  shone  brightly  overhead. 

The  air  was  calm  and  still. 
O'er  Bethle'm's  field  its  rays  were  shed. 

The  dew  lay  on  the  hill : 
We  see  no  throne,  no  palace  fair, — 

Where  is  the  King?  etc. 

An  old  man  knelt  at  a  manger  low, 

A  Babe  lay  in  the  stall ; 
The  starlight  played  on  th'  Infant  brow, 

Deep  silence  lay  o'er  all ; 
A  maiden  knelt  o'er  th'  Babe  in  prayer, — 

There  is  the  King,  O  there,  O  there ! 

G.  Moultrie. 

196  Epiphany 



AIL  to  the  Lord's  Anointed, 

Great  David's  greater  Son! 
Hail,  in  the  time  appointed, 

His  reign  on  earth  begun ! 
He  comes  to  break  oppression, 

To  set  the  captive  free, 
To  take  away  transgression, 

And  rule  in  equity. 

He  comes  with  succor  speedy 

To  those  who   suffer  wrong; 
To  help  the  poor  and  needy, 

And  bid  the  weak  be  strong ; 
To  give  them  songs  for  sighing; 

Their  darkness  turn  to  light, 
Whose  souls,  condemned  and  dying. 

Were  precious  in  His  sight. 

3  He  shall  come  down  like  showers 

Upon  the  fruitful  earth ; 
And  love,  joy,  hope,  like  flowers. 

Spring  in  His  path  to  birth. 
Before  Him  on  the  mountains 

Shall  peace,  the  herald,  go; 
And  righteousness,  in  fountains, 

From  hill  to  valley  flow. 

4  For  Him  shall  prayer  unceasing 

And   daily  vows   ascend ; 
His  kingdom  still  increasing, 

A  kingdom  without  end. 
The  tide  of  time  shall  never 

Epiphany  197 

His  covenant  remove: 
His  name  shall   stand   forever; 
That  name  to  us  is  Love. 

J.  Montgomery. 


IlOSANNA!     Raise  the  pealing  hymn 
*  ^  To  David's  Son  and  Lord ; 
With  cherubim  and  seraphim 
Exalt  th'  incarnate  Word. 

2  Hosanna!     Lord,  our  feeble  tongue 

No  lofty  strains  can  raise : 
But  Thou  wilt  not  despise  the  young, 
Who  meekly  chant  Thy  praise. 

3  Hosanna !     Master,  lo !  we  bring 

Our  offerings  to  Thy  throne ; 
Not  gold,  nor  myrrh,  nor  mortal  thing, 
But  hearts  to  be  Thine  own. 

4  Hosanna !    Once  Thy  gracious  ear 

Approved   a   lisping  throng: 
Be  gracious  still,  and  deign  to  hear 
Our  poor  but  grateful  song. 

5  O  Savior,  if,  redeemed  by  Thee, 

Thy  temple  we  behold, 
Hosannas,  through  eternity, 
We'll  sing  to  harps  of  gold, 

W.   H.   Havergal. 

198  Epiphany 


W/E  THREE  kings  of  Orient  are, 
^    Bearing  gifts  we  traverse  far, 
Field  and  fountain,  moor  and  mountain. 
Following  yonder  star. 

Oh,  star  of  wonder,  star  of  might, 
Star  with  royal  beauty  bright. 
Westward  leading,  still  proceeding. 
Guide  us  to  the  perfect  light. 

2  Born  a  Babe  on  Bethlehem's  plain. 
Gold  we  bring  to  crown  Him  again; 
King  for  ever — ceasing  never — 
Over  us  all  to  reign. 

Oh,  star  of  wonder,  etc. 

3  Frankincense  to  offer  have  I ; 
Incense  owns  a  Deity  nigh ; 
Prayer  and  praising  all  men  raising, 
Worship  Him,  God  on  High. 

Oh,  star  of  wonder,  etc. 

4  Myrrh  is  mine ;  its  bitter  perfume 
Breathes  a  life  of  gathering  gloom  : 
Sorrowing,   sighing,   bleeding,   dying, 
Sealed  in  the  stone-cold  tomb. 

Oh,  star  of  wonder,  etc. 

5  Glorious  now  behold  Him  rise, 
King  and  God  and  Sacrifice ; 
"Hallelujah!     Hallelujah!" 
Heaven  and  earth  replies. 

Oh,  star  of  wonder,  etc. 



Epiphany  199 


HAT  star  is  this,  with  beams  so  bright, 
A  stranger  midst  the  orbs  of  light? 
It  shines  to  herald  forth  the  King, 
Glad  tidings  of  our  God  to  bring. 

2  See  now  fulfilled  what  God  decreed, 
"From  Jacob  shall  a  Star  proceed:" 
And  lo !  the  eastern  sages  stand. 

To  read  in  heaven  the  Lord'scommand. 

3  Oh,  while  the  Star  of  heavenly  grace 
Invites  us,  Lord,  to  seek  Thy  face. 
May  we  no  more  that  grace  repel. 

Or  quench  the  light  which  shines  so  well. 

Turle's    Psalms    and    Hymns. 



RIGHTEST  and  best  of  the  sons  of  the  mor- 

Dawn  on  our  darkness,  and  lend  us  Thine 
Star  of  the  East,  the  horrizon  adorning. 
Guide  where  our  infant  Redeemer  is  laid. 

2  Cold  on  His  cradle  the  dew-drops  are  shining; 
Low  lies  His  head  with  the  beasts  of  the 
stall : 
Angels  adore  Him  in  slumber  reclining, 
Maker,  and  Monarch,  and  Savior  of  all ! 

200  Epiphany 

3  Sa3%  shall  we  yield  Him,  in  costly  devotion, 

Odors  of  Edom,  and  offerings  divine? 
Gems    of    the   mountain,    and    pearls    of    the 

Myrrh   from  the  forest,  or  gold  from  the 


4  Vainly  we  offer  each  ample  oblation; 

Vainly  with  gifts  would  His  favor  secure : 
Richer  by  far  is  the  heart's  adoration ; 

Dearer  to  God  are  the  pray'rs  of  the  poor. 

5  Brightest  and  best  of  the  sons  of  the  morning. 

Dawn  on  our  darkness,  and  lend  us  Thine 
Star  of  the  East,  the  horizon  adorning, 

Guide  where  our  infant  Redeemer  is  laid. 

R.   Ileber. 



AH,  HOLY  Jesus,  how  hast  Thou  offended, 
"^  That  man  to  judge  Thee  hath  in  hate  pre- 
By  foes  derided,  by  Thine  own  rejected, 

0  most  afflhcted. 

2  Who  was  the  guilty,  who  brought  this  upon 

Alas,  my  treason,  Jesus,  hath  undone  Thee ! 
'Twas  I,  Lord  Jesus,  I  it  was  denied  Thee : 

1  crucified  Thee. 

3  Lo,  the  good  Shepherd  for  the  sheep  is  of- 

fered ; 

The  slave  hath  sinned,  and  the  Son  hath  suf- 
fered ; 

For  man's  atonement,  while  he  nothing  heed- 
God  intercedeth. 

4  For  me,  kind  Jesus,  was  Thy  incarnation. 
Thy  mortal  sorrow,  and  Thy  life's  oblation  ; 
Thy  death  of  anguish,  and  Thy  bitter  passion. 

For  my  salvation. 

5  Therefore,    kind    Jesus,    since    I    cannot    pay 

I  do  adore  Thee,  and  will  ever  pray  Thee : 
Think  on  Thy  pity  and  Thy  love  unswerving. 
Not  my  deserving. 

J.    Ileermann. 
R.   Bridges,   Tr. 

202  Lent 



DARKEST  woe ! 

Ye  tears,  forth  flow ! 
Has  earth  so  sad  a  wonder, 
That  the  Father's  only  Son 
Now  Hes  buried  yonder. 

O  sinful  man, 

It  was  the  ban 

Of  death  on  thee  that  brought  Him 

Down  to  suffer  for  thy  sins. 

And  such  woe  hath  wrought  Him. 

Behold  thy  Lord, 
The  Lamb  of  God, 
Blood-sprinkled  lies  before  thee, 
Pouring  out  His  life  that  He 
May  to  life  restore  thee. 

4  O  Ground  of  faith, 
Laid  low  in  death ! 
Sweet  lips  now  silent  sleeping! 
Surely  all  that  live  must  mourn 
Here  with  bitter  weeping^ 

Yea,  blest  is  he 
Whose  heart  shall  be 
Fixed  here  and  apprehendeth 
Why  the  Lord  of  glory  thus 
To  the  grave  descendeth. 

Lent  203 

O  Jesus  blest! 

My  help  and  rest! 

With  tears  I  pray — Lord,  hear  me; 

Make  me  love  Thee  to  the  last, 

In  the  grave  be  near  me ! 

J.   Rist. 
Winkworth,  Tr. 



EAR  the  cross  was  Mary  weeping. 

There  her  mournful  station  keeping, 
Gazing  on  her  dying  Son. 

2  There  with  speechless  grief  oppressed. 
Anguish-  stricken,  and  distressed ; 
Through  her  soul  the  sword  had  gone. 

3  Who,  upon  that  Sufferer  gazing, 
Bowed  in  sorrow  so  amazing, 
Would  not  with  His  mother  mourn? 

4  'Twas  our  sins  brought  Him  from  heaven 
These  the  cruel  nails  had  driven ; 

All  His  griefs  for  us  were  borne. 

5  When  no  eye  its  pity  gave  us. 
When  there  was  no  arm  to  save  us, 
He  His  love  and  power  displayed. 

6  By  His  stripes  He  wrought  our  healing; 
By  His  death  our  life  revealing, 

He  for  us  the  ransom  paid. 

204  Lent 

7  Jesus,  may  Thy  love  constrain  us 
That  from   sin  we  may   refrain  us, 
In  Thy  griefs  may  deeply  grieve. 

8  Thee  our  best  affections  giving, 
To  Thy  glory  ever  living, 
May  we  in  Thy  glory  live. 

From  "Stabat  Mater." 
H.    Mills.   Tr. 


'T'HERE  is  a  fountain  filled  with  blood 
'        Drawn  from  Immanuel's  veins, 
And  sinners,  plunged  beneath  that  flood, 
II :  Lose  all  their  guilty  stains. :  H 

2  The  dying  thief  rejoiced  to  see 

That  fountain  in  his  day ; 
And  there  have  I,  as  vile  as  he, 
II :  Washed  all  my  sins  away. :  1| 

3  Dear  dying  Lamb,  Thy  precious  blood 

Shall  never  lose  its  power. 
Till  all  the  ransomed  church  of  God 
II :  Be  saved  to  sin  no  more. :  || 

4  E'er  since,  by  faith,  I  saw  the  stream 

Thy  flowing  wounds   supply, 
Redeeming  love  has  been  my  theme, 
11 :  And  shall  be,  till  I  die.:|| 

5  Then  in  a  nobler,  sweeter  song 

ril  sing  Thy  power  to  save. 
When  this  poor  lisping,  stammering  tongue 
II :  Lies  silent  in  the  grave.:  || 

W.    Cowper. 

Lent  205 


/^  WHAT  precious  balm  and  healing, 
^^  Jesus,  in  Thy  wounds  I  find ! 
Ev'ry  hour  that  I  am  feeling 
Pains  of  body  and  of  mind ; 
Should  some  evil  thought  rush  in. 

And  provoke  my  soul  to  sin, 
Thoughts  of  Thy  deep  wounds  from  sinning 
Keep  me  in  its  first  beginning. 

2  Should  some  lust  or  some  temptation 

Prove  too  strong  for  flesh  and  blood, 
Lo  1     I  think  upon  Thy  passion, . 

And  the  breach  is  soon  made  good : 
Or  should  Satan  press  me  hard. 

Thinking  I  am  off  my  guard, 
Christ,  I  say,  for  me  was  wounded, 

And  the  tempter  flees  confounded. 

3  If  the  world  my  heart  entices 

On  the  broad  and  easy  road, 
And  both  by  its  gay  devices 

Silence  ev'ry  thought  of  God, 
When  the  heavy  load  I  see 

Which,  dear  Lord,  was  laid  on  Thee, 
I  can  still  each  wild  emotion, 

Calm  and  blest  in  my  devotion. 

4  Yes,  whate'er  may  pain  or  grieve  me. 

Thy  dear  wounds  can  make  me  whole; 
When  my  heart  sinks,  they  revive  me. 

Life  pours  in  upon  my  soul : 
May  Thy  comfort  render  sweet 

206  Lent 

Ev'ry  bitter  cup  I  meet ; 
Thou,  who  by  Thy  death  and  passion 
Hast  procured  my  soul's  salvation. 

J.    Heermann. 
R.  Massie.  Tr. 



COME  and  mourn  with  me  awhile, 
And  tarry  here  the  cross  beside ; 

O  come  together,  let  us  mourn 
Jesus,  our  Lord,  is  crucified ! 

2  Have  we  no  tears  to  shed  for  Him, 

While   soldiers   scoff   and  Jews   deride? 
Ah !  look,  how  patiently  He  hangs ; 
Jesus,  our  Lord,  is  crucified ! 

3  Sev'n  times  He  spakC;  sev'n  words  of  love ; 

And  all  three  hours  His  silence  cried 
For  mercy  on  the  souls  of  men ; 
Jesus,  our  Lord,  is  crucified ! 

4  O  love  of  God !     O  sin  of  man ! 

In  this  dread  act  your  strength  is  tried ; 
And  victory   remains  with  love : 
For  Thou,  our  Lord,  art  crucified  ! 

F.    W.    Faber 


p  LORY  be  to  Jesus, 
^^   Wlio  in  bitter  pains 

Poured  for  me  the  life-blood 
From  His  sacred  veins. 

Lent  207 

2  Grace  and  life  eternal 

In  that  blood  I  find. 
Blest  be  His  compassion 
Infinitely  kind ! 

3  Blest  through  endless  ages 

Be  the  precious  stream, 
Which  from  sin  and  sorrow- 
Does  the  world  redeem ! 

4  Abel's  blood  for  vengeance 

Pleaded  to  the  skies ; 
But  the  blood  of  Jesus 
For  our  pardon  cries. 

5  Oft  as  earth  exulting 

Wafts  its  praise  on  high, 
Angel  hosts,  rejoicing. 
Make  their  glad  reply. 

6  Lift  ye  then  your  voices ; 

Swell  the  mighty  flood; 
Louder  still  and  louder, 
Praise  the  precious  Blood! 

E.  Caswall,  Tr. 


npHERE  is  a  green  hill  far  away, 
•■■     Without  a  city  wall, 
Where  the  dear  Lord  was   crucified, 
Who  died  to  save  us  all. 

2  W'e  may  not  know,  we  cannot  tell, 
What  pains  He  had  to  bear. 
But  we  believe  it  was  for  us 
He  hung  and  suffered  there. 

208  Lent 

3  He  died  that  we  might  be  forgiven, 

He  died  to  make  us  good, 
That  we  might  go  at  last  to  heaven, 
Saved  by  His  precious  Blood. 

4  There  was  no  other  good  enough 

To  pay  the  price  of  sin, 

He  only  could  unlock  the  gate 

Of  heaven,  and  let  us  in. 

5  Oh,  dearly,  dearly  has  He  loved ! 

And  we  must  love  Him  too, 
And  trust  in  His  redeeming  blood. 
And  try  His  works  to  do. 

C.    F,    Alexander. 


ORD  Jesus  Christ, 
"    My  Savior  blest. 
My  Hope  and  my  Salvation ! 
I  trust  in  Thee, 
Deliver  me 
From  misery ; 
Thy  word's  my  consolation. 

As  Thou  dost  will, 

Lead  Thou  me  still. 

That  I  may  truly  serve  Thee; 

My  God,  I  pray. 

Teach  me  Thy  way, 

To  my  last  day 

In  Thy  true  faith  preserve  me. 

Lent  209 

3  Most  heartily 

I  trust  in  Thee, 

Thy  mercy  fails  me  never. 

Dear  Lord,  abide 

My  Helper  tried, 

Thou  crucified. 

From  evil  keep  me  ever. 

4  Now  henceforth  must 
I  put  my  trust 

In  Thee,  O  dearest  Savior; 
Thy  comfort  choice, 
Thy  word  and  voice 
My  heart  rejoice, 
Despite  my  ill  behavior. 

5  When  sorrows  rise, 
My  refuge  lies 

In  Thy  compassion  tender; 

Within  Thine  arm 

Can  naught  alarm ; 

Keep  ]  :e  from  harm, 

Be  Thou  my  strong  Defender. 

6  I  have  Thy  Word, 
Christ  Jesus,  Lord, 

Thou  never  wilt  forsake  me; 

This  will  I  plead 

In  time  of  need ; 

O  help  with  speed. 

When  troubles  overtake  me! 

7  Grant,  Lord,  we  pray, 
Thy  grace  each  day, 

That  we  Thy  law  revering, 

210  ,  Lent 

May  live  with  Thee, 

And  happy  be 


Before  Thy  throne  appearing. 

H.    C.    Sthen. 
H.   R.  Spaeth,  Tr. 


/^ROWN  Him  with  many  crowns, 
^^    The  Lamb  upon  His  throne; 

Hark !  how  the  heav'nly  anthem  drowns 

All  music  but  its  own ! 
Awake,  my   soul,  and   sing- 

Of  Him  who  died  for  thee ; 
And  hail  Him  as  thy  matchless  King 
Through  all  eternity. 

2  Crown  Him  the  Son  of  God 

Before  the  worlds  began ; 
And  ye,  who  tread  where  He  hath  trod, 

Crown  Him  the  Son  of  man ; 
Who  every  grief  hath  known 

That  wings  the  human  breast. 
And  takes  and  bears  them  for  His  own, 

That  all  in  Him  may  rest. 

3  Crown  Him  the  Lord  of  Life, 

Who  triumphed  o'er  the  grave. 
And  rose  victorious  in  the  strife 

For  those  He  came  to   save. 
His  glories  now  we  sing 

Who  died  and  rose  on  high. 
Who  died,  eternal  life  to  bring. 

And  lives  that  death  mav  die. 

Lent  211 

4  Crown  Him  of  lords  the  Lord, 

Who  over  all  doth  reign. 
Who  once  on  earth,  th'  Incarnate  Word. 

For  ransomed  sinners  slain, 
Now  lives  in  realms  of  light, 

Where  saints  with  angels  sing 
Their  songs  before  Him  day  and  night, 

Their   God,   Redeemer,   King. 

5  Crown  Him  the  Lord  of  heaven, 

Enthroned  in  worlds  above ; 
Crown  Him  the  King,  to  Whom  is  given 

The  wondrous  name  of  Love. 
Crown  Him  with  many  crowns, 

As  thrones  before  Him  fall, 
Crown  Him,  ye  kings,  with  many  crowns, 

For  He  is  King  of  all. 

M.   Bridges. 
G.  Thring,  Tr. 


pHRIST,  the  Life  of  all  the  living, 
^    Christ  the  Death  of  death  our  foe, 
Who  Thyself  for  us  once  giving 
To  the  darkest  depths  of  woe, 
Madest  reconciliation. 
And  didst  save  me  from  damnation; 
Thousand,  thousand  thanks  shall  be, 
Dearest  Jesus,  unto  Thee. 

2  Thou,  ah !  Thou  hast  taken  on  Thee 
Bonds,   and   stripes,    a   cruel   rod ; 
Pain  and  scorn  were  heaped  upon  Thee, 
O  Thou  sinless  Son  of  God ! 

212  .     '  Lent 

Thus  didst  Thou  my  soul  deliver 
From  the  bonds  of  sin  forever. 
Thousand,  thousand  thanks,  etc. 

3  Thou  didst  bear  the  smiting  only 

That  my  wounds  might  all   be  whole; 
Thou  didst  suffer,  sad  and  lonely, 

Rest  to  give  my  weary  soul. 
Yea,  the  curse  of  God  enduredst, 
Blessing  thus  to  me  securedst. 

Thousand,  thousand  thanks,  etc. 

4  Heartless  scoffers  did  surround  Thee, 

Treating  Thee   with   cruel   scorn; 
E'en  with  piercing  thorns  they  crowned  Thee ; 

All  disgrace  Thou,  Lord,  hast  borne. 
That  as  Thine  Thou  mightest  own  me, 
And  with  heavenly  glory  crown  me. 

Thousand,    thousand   thanks,   etc. 

5  Thou  didst  suffer  men  to  bruise  Thee, 

That  from  pain  I  might  be  free ; 
Falsely  did  Thy  foes  accuse  Thee ; 

Thence  I  gain  security : 
Comfortless  once  Thou  didst  languish, 
Me  to  comfort  in  my  anguish. 

Thousand,  thousand  thanks,  etc. 

6  Thou  didst  suft'er  great  affliction, 

And  endure  it  patiently ; 
Even  death  by  crucifixion, 

Thr.t  Thou  might'st  atone  for  me; 
Thou  didst  choose  to  be  tormented, 
That  my  doom  should  be  prevented. 

Thousand,  thousand  thanks,  etc. 

Lent  213 

That  Thou  wast  so  meek  and  stainless. 

Doth  atone  for  my  proud  mood ; 
And  Thy  death  makes  dying  painless. 

"And  Thy  ills  have  wrought  our  good. 
Yea,   Thy   deep    humiliation 
Tendeth  to  my  exaltation. 

Thousand,  thousand  thanks,  etc. 

Then,  for  all  that  wrought  our  pardon, 

For  Thy  sorrows  deep  and  sore. 
For  Thine  anguish  in  the  garden, 

I  will  thank  Thee  evermore ; 
Thank  Thee  for  Thy  groans  and  sighing. 
For  Thy  bleeding  and  Thy  dying. 
For  that  last  most  bitter  cry, 
And  shall  praise  Thee,  Lord,  on  high. 

E.   C.  Homburg. 
C.  Winkworth,  Tr. 


^    167 

SACRED  Head  now  wounded, 

With  grief  and  shame  weighed  down, 
Now  scornfully  surrounded 

With  thorns,  Thy  only  crown. 
O  Sacred  Head,  what  glory. 

What  bliss,  till  now,  was  Thine! 
Yet  though  despised  and  gory, 

I  joy  to  call  Thee  mine. 

2  How  art  Thou  pale  with  anguish, 
W^ith  sore  abuse  and  scorn ! 
How  does  that  visage  languish, 
Which  once  was  bright  as  morn! 

214  Lent 

What  Thou,  my  Lord,  hast  suffered, 
Was  all  for  sinners'  gain ; 

Mine,  mine  was  the  transgression, 
But  Thine  the  deadly  pain. 

3  Lo,  here  I  fall,  my  Savior! 

'Tis  I  deserve  Thy  place ! 
Look  on  me  with  Thy  favor, 

Vouchsafe  to  me  Thy  grace. 
Receive  me,  my  Redeemer ; 

My  Shepherd,  make  me  Thine ! 
Of  every  good  the  Fountain, 

Thou  art  the  Spring  of  mine ! 

4  What  language  shall  I  borrow 

To  thank  Thee,  dearest  Friend, 
For  this  Thy  dying  sorrow. 

Thy  pity  without  end! 
O  make  me  Thine  forever. 

And  should  I  fainting  be, 
Lord,  let  me  never,  never. 

Outlive  my  love  to  Thee. 

5  When  hence  I  must  betake  me, 

Lord,  do  not  Thou  depart! 
O  nevermore  forsake  me. 

When  death  is  at  my  heart ! 
When   soul   and   body   languish, 

O  leave  me  not  alone, 
But  take  away  mine  anguish, 

By  virtue  of  Thine  own! 

6  Be  near  when  I  am  dymg; 

O  show  Thy  cross  to  me ; 
Lord,  on  Thy  help  relying, 

Lent  215 

Come  Thou  and  set  me  free ; 
These  eyes,  new  faith  receiving, 

From  Thee  shall  never  move ; 
For  He  who  dies  believing 

Dies  safely  through  Thy  love. 

p.   3erhardt. 
J.   W.  Alexander,  Tr. 
St.   5,  H.   W.   Baker.  Tr. 


OAVIOR,  when  in  dust  to  Thee 
'^     Low  we  bend  th'  adoring  knee ; 
When,  repentant  to  the  skies 
Scarce  we  lift  our  weeping  eyes ; 
O,  by  all  Thy  pain  and  woe 
Suffered  once  for  man  below. 
Bending  from  Thy  throne  on  high, 
Hear  our  solemn  Litany ! 

2  By  Thy  helpless  infant  years, 
By  Thy  life  of  want  and  tears, 
By  Thy  days  of  sore  distress 
In  the  savage  wilderness ; 

By  the  dread  mysterious  hour 
Of  th'  insulting  tempter's  power; 
Turn.  O  turn  a  favoring  eye, 
Hear  our  solemn  Litany ! 

3  By  Thine  hour  of  dire  despair. 
By  Thine  agony  of  prayer ; 

By  the  cross,  the  nail,  the  thorn. 
Piercing  spear,  and  torturing  scorn 
By  the  gloom  that  veiled  the  skies 
O'er  the  dreadful  sacrifice : 
Listen  to  our  humble  cry, 
Hear  our  solemn  Litany! 

216  Lent 

4  By  Thy  deep,  expiring  groan 
By  the  sad  sepulchral  stone; 
By  the  vault  whose  dark  abode 
Held  in  vain  the  rising  God; 
O,  from  earth  to  heaven  restored, 
Mighty,  re-ascended  Lord, 
Listen,  listen  to  the  cry 
Of  our  solemn  Litany  ! 


T   AMB  of  God  most  holy ! 

•*— '    Who  on  the  cross  didst  suffer; 
Patient  still  and  lowly, 

Thyself  to  scorn  didst  offer; 
Our  sins  by  Thee  were  taken. 
Or  Hope  had  us  forsaken : 
Have  mercy  on  us,  O  Jesus ! 

2  Lamb  of  God  most  holy ! 

Who  on  the  cross  didst  suft'er, 
Patient  still  and  lowly, 

Thyself  to  scorn  didst  offer; 
Our  sins  by  Thee  were  taken, 
Or  hope  hath  us  forsaken : 
Thy  peace  be  with  us,  O  Jesus ! 

3  Lamb  of  God  most  holy ! 

Who  on  the  cross  didst  suffer, 
Patient  still  and  lowly, 

Thyself  to  scorn  didst  offer; 
Our  sins  by  Thee  were  taken, 
Or  hope  had  us  forsaken : 
Thy  peace  be  with  us,  O  Jesus ! 

R.    Grant. 

N.     Decius 
A.  T.   Russell,  Tr. 

Lent  21: 



OLY  Jesus,  by  Thy  Passion, 
By  the  woes  which  none  can  share, 
Borne  in  more  than  kingly  fashion, 
By  Thy  love  beyond  compare : 
Crucified,  I  turn  to  Thee, 
Son  of  Mary,  plead  for  me. 

By  the  treachery  and  trial. 

By  the  blows  and  sore  distress, 

By  desertion  and  denial. 

By   Thine    awful    loneliness : 
Crucified,  I  turn    etc. 

3  By  Thy  look  so  sweet  and  lowly. 

While  they  smote  Thee  on  the  face, 
By  Thy  patience,  calm  and  holy, 
In  the  midst  of  keen  disgrace : 
Crucified,  I  turn   etc. 

4  By  the  hour  of  condemnation. 

By  the  blood  which  trickled  down, 
When  for  us  and  our  salvation 

Thou  didst  wear  the  robe  and  crown 
Crucified,  I  turn   etc. 

5  By  the  path  of  sorrows  dreary, 

By  the  cross,  Thy  dreadful  load, 
By  the  pain,  when,  faint  and  weary. 
Thou  didst  sink  upon  the  road: 
Crucified,  I  turn   etc. 

218  Lent 

6  By  the  spirit  which  could  render 
Love  for  hate  and  good  for  ill, 
By  the  mercy,  sweet  and  tender, 

Poured   upon   Thy    murderers   still : 
Crucified,  I  turn    etc. 



piVE  wells  I  know 

■■•       From  which  do  flow 

Peace,  joy,  life,  hope,  salvation: 

These  fill  my  soul, 

And  make  it  whole 

In  ev'ry  tribulation. 

^2  Thy  wounds,  O  Lord, 
Such  help  afford, 
They  are  the  fount  of  blessing, 
And  comfort  me 
Most  graciously 
When  troubles  come  depressing. 

3  O  let  to  me 

Thy  sufferings  be 

A  constant  admonition. 

To  quench  all  sin 

That  lurks  within 

By  means  of  deep  contrition. 

4  O  Lamb  divine, 
O  Savior  mine. 

The  soul's  true  Joy-spring  ever, 

From  sin  made  free. 

Bind  me  to  Thee 

With  ties  no  power  can  sever ! 

Lent  219 

5  Thus  will  I  end 

Life's  course,  and  wend 

My  way  to  heaven's  portal; 

The  battle  o'er, 

I  will  adore 

My  Lord  in  hymns  immortal. 

Nuernberger    Gesangbuch. 
H.    Brueckner,    Tr. 

172       > 

CEE,  world,  thy  Life  assailed, 
*^     On  the  accursed  tree  nailed ; 
Thy  Savior  sinks  in  deatli ! 
The  mighty  Prince  from  heaven 
Himself  hath  freely  given 

To  shame,  and  blows,  and  cruel  wrath ! 

2  Come  hither  now  and  ponder, 
'Twill  fill  Thy  soul  with  wonder, 

Blood  streams  from  every  pore : 
Through  grief  whose  depth  none  knoweth, 
From  His  great  heart  there  floweth 

Sigh  after  sigh  of  anguish  o'er ! 

3  The  load  Thou  takest  on  Thee, 
That  pressed  so  sorely  on  me, 

Than  stone  more  heavily. 
A  curse.  Lord,  Thou  becamest, 
Thus  blessings  for  me  claimest, 

Thy  pain  must  all  my  comfort  be. 

4  Not  much  can  I  be  giving 
In  this  poor  life  I'm  living, 

But  one  thing  do  I  say: 

220  Lent 

Thy  death  and  sorrows  ever, 
Till  soul  from  body  sever, 

My  heart  remember  shall  for  aye. 

5  Thy  groaning  and  Thy  sighing, 
Thy  thousand  tears  and  crying, 

That  once  were  heard  from  Thee: 
They'll  lead  me  to  Thy  glory, 
Where  I  shall  joy  before  Thee, 
And  evermore  at  rest  shall  be. 

p.    Gerhardt. 
J.  Kelly,  Tr. 


JESUS,  and  shall  it  ever  be, 
A  mortal  man  ashamed  of  Th'ee? 
Ashamed  of  Thee,  whom  angels  praise, 
Whose  glories  shine  through  endless  days? 

2  Ashamed  of  Jesus !  sooner  far 
Let  evening  blush  to  own  a  star: 
He  sheds  the  beams  of  light  divine 
O'er  this  benighted  soul  of  mine. 

3  Ashamed  of  Jesus  !  just  as  soon 
Let  midnight  be  ashamed  of  noon : 
'Tis  midnight  with  my  soul,  till  He, 
Bright  Morning  Star,  bid  darkness  flee. 

4  Ashamed  of  Jesus,  that  dear  Friend 
On  whom  my  hopes  of  heaven  depend! 
No,  when  I  blush,  be  this  my  shame, 
That  I  no  more  revere  His  name. 



5  Ashamed  of  Jesus !  yes,  I  may, 
When  I've  no  guilt  to  wash  away, 
No  tear  to  wipe,  no  good  to  crave, 
No  fear  to  quell,  no  soul  to  save. 

6  Till  then,  nor  is  my  boasting  vain, 
Till  then  I  boast  a  Savior  slain, 
And  O.  may  this  my  glory  be. 
That  Christ  is  not  ashamed  of  me. 

J-    Grigg. 

Palm  S>uniay 


LJOSANNA  we  sing,  like  the  children  dear, 
^  ^  In  the  olden  days  when  the  Lord  lived  here. 
He  bless'd  little  children  and  smiled  on  them, 
While  they  chanted  His  praise  in  Jerusalem. 
Hallelujah  we  sing  like  the  children  bright. 
With  their  harps   of  gold   and  their  raiment 

As   they   follow   their   Shepherd   with   loving 

Through  the  beautiful  valleys  of  Paradise. 

2  Hosanna  we  sing,  for  He  bends  His  ear. 
And  rejoices  the  hymns  of  His  own  to  hear; 
We  know  that  His  heart  will  never  wax  cold 
To  the  lambs  that  He  feeds  in  His  earthly 

Hallelujah  we  sing  in  the  church  we  love. 
Hallelujah  resounds  in  the  church  above; 
To  Th}^  little  ones,  Lord,  may  such  grace  be 

That   we   lose   not   our   part   in   the   song   of 


G.   S.   Hodges. 


^LL  GLORY,  praise  and  honor 
*•  To  Thee,  Redeemer,  King! 
To  whom  the  lips  of  children 
Made  sweet  hosannas  ring. 

Palm    Sunday  223 

Thou  art  the  King  of  Israel, 

Thou  David's  royal  Son, 
Who  in  the  Lord's  name  comest, 

The  King-  and  blessed  One. 

2  The  company  of  angels 

Are  praising  Thee  on  high ; 
And  mortal  men,  and  all  things 

Created,  make  reply. 
The  people  of  the  Hebrews 

With  palms  before  Thee  went : 
Our  praise  and  prayer  and  anthems 

Before  Thee  we  present. 

3  To  Thee  before  Thy  passion 

They  sang  their  hymns  of  praise: 
To  Thee,  now  high  exalted, 

Our  melody  we  raise. 
Thou  didst  accept  their  praises  ; 

Accept  the  prayers  we  bring. 
Who  in  all  good  delightest. 

Thou  good  and  gracious  King. 

J.    M.    Neale,    Tr. 



HEN  His  salvation  bringing, 

To  Zion  Jesus  came, 
The   children   all   stood   singing 

Hosanna  to  His  name; 
Nor  did  their  zeal  offend  Him, 

But  as  He  rode  along, 
He  let  them  still  attend  Him, 

And  smiled  to  hear  their  song. 

224  Palm  Sunday 

2  And  since  the  Lord  retaineth 

His  love  to  children  still, 
Though  now  as  King-  He  reigneth 

On  Zion's  heavenly  hill ; 
We'll  flock  around  His  banner, 

Who  sits  upon  the  throne, 
And  cry  aloud  :    Hosanna 

To  David's  royal  Son. 

3  For  should  we  fail  proclaiming 

Our  great  Redeemer's  praise, 
The  stones,  our  silence  shaming, 

Might  well  Hosannas  raise. 
But   shall   we   only   render 

The  tribute  of  our  words? 
No,  while  our  hearts  are  tender, 

They  too  shall  be  the  Lord's. 

J.    King. 



pHRIST  the  Lord  is  ris'n  again ; 
^^    Christ  hath  broken  ev'ry  chain; 

Hark,  angehc  voices  cry, 

Singing  evermore  on  high, 

.2  He  who  gave  for  us  His  life, 
Who  for  us  endured  the  strife, 
Is  our  Paschal  Lamb  today ; 
We  too,  sing  for  joy  and  say, 
Hallelujah ! 

3  He,  who  bore  all  pain  and  loss 
Comfortless  upon  the  cross, 
Lives  in  glory  now  on  high. 
Pleads  for  us  and  hears  our  cry: 


4  He  whose  path  no  records  tell, 
Who  descended  into  hell. 

Who  the  strong  man  armed  hath  bound. 
Now  in  highest  heaven  is  crowned. 
Hallelujah ! 

5  He  who  slumbered  in  the  grave, 
Is  exalted  now  to  save; 

Now  through  Christendom  it  rings 
That  the  Lamb  is  King  of  kings. 

226  Easter 

6  Now  He  bids  us  tell  abroad, 
How  the  lost  may  be  restored, 
How  the  penitent  forgiven, 
How  we,  too,  may  enter  heaven. 

Hallelujah ! 

7  Thou  our  Paschal  Lamb  indeed, 
Christ,  Thy  ransomed  people  feed 
Take  our  guilt  and  sins  away, 
That  we  all  may  sing  for  aye, 


M.    Weiss. 
C.    Winkworth,   Tr. 


T  KNOW  that  my  Redeemer  lives, 
^       And  ever  prays  for  me ; 
A  token  of  His  love  He  gives, 
A  pledge  of  liberty. 

2  I  find  Him  lifting  up  my  head ; 

He  brings  salvation  near; 
His  presence  makes  me  free  indeed, 
And  He  will  soon  appear. 

3  He  wills  that  I  should  holy  be: 

Wliat  can  withstand  His  will? 
The  counsel  of  His  grace  in  me 
He  surely  shall  fulfill. 

4  Jesus,  I  hang  upon  Thy  word  : 

I  steadfastly  believe 
Thou  wilt  return,  and  claim  me,  Lord, 
And  to  Thyself  receive. 

Easter  227 

5  When  God  is  mine,  and  I  am  His, 
Of  Paradise  possessed, 
I  taste  unutterable  bliss 
And  everlasting  rest. 

C.    Wesley. 


/^  OD  hath  sent  His  angels  to  the  earth  again, 

^^  Bringing  joyful  tidings  to  the  Sons  of  men. 

They   who   first   at   Christmas,   thronged   the 

heav'nly  way, 
Now  beside  the  tomb-door,  sit  on  Easter  Day. 
Angels,   sing  His   triumph   as   you  sang  His 
"Christ,  the  Lord  is  risen," 
"Peace,  good  will  on  earth." 

2  In  the  dreadful  desert,  where  the  Lord  was 

There   the    faithful    angels   gathered    at   His 

And  when,  in  the  garden,  grief  and  pain  and 

Bowed  Him   down  with   anguish,   they  were 

with  Him  there. 
Angels,  sing  His  triumph,  etc. 

3  Yet  the  Christ  they  honor,  is  the  same  Christ 

Who,  in  light  and  darkness,  did  His  Father's 

will  • 
And  the  tomb  deserted,  shineth  like  the  sky, 
Since  He  passed  out  from  it,  into  victory. 
Angels,  sing  His  triumph,  etc. 

228  Easter 

4  God  has  still  His  angels,  helping  at  His  word, 
And  His  faithful  children,  like  their  faithful 

Soothing   them    in    sorrow,    arming    them    in 

Opening  wide   the   tomb-doors,    leading   into 

Angels,  sing  His  triumph,  etc. 

5  Father,  send  Thine  angels  unto  us,  we  pray ; 
Leave  us  not  to  wander,  all  alone  our  way ; 
Let  them  guard  and  guide  us,  wheresoe'er  we 

Till  our  resurrection  brings  us  home  to  Thee. 
Angels,  sing  His  triumph,  etc. 

Ph.    Brooks. 


LIE  LIVES!    My  Lord  has  left  the  grave! 
*  ''■  Let  ev'ry  mortal  hear! 

He  lives,  who  died  the  world  to  save ! 
Ring  out  this  note  of  cheer ! 

2  May  friend  to  friend  the  message  tell, 

That  soon  will  dawn  the  day 
When,  overruling  death  and  hell, 
His  kingdom  shall  hold  sway. 

3  To  mortal  man  He  doth  impart 

A  life  that  never  ends, 
And  that  to  every  trusting  heart 
Both  joy  and  comfort  lends. ' 

Easter  229 

4  The  night  of  death,  so  dark  and  drear, 

To  me  seems  terror-free; 
The  future  opens  bright  and  clear, 
Eternal  light  I  see. 

5  The  gloomy  path  my  Savior  trod 

Leads  up  to  mansions  fair, 
Where  He,  the  living  son  of  God, 
With  us  His  home  will  share. 

6  Nor  should  we  mourn  when  those  we  love 

Must  leave  their  earthly  home ; 
For  we  shall  meet  them  all  above 
In  God's  celestial  don>e. 

7  He  lives !  and  now  forevermore 

Is  with  us  on  our  way. 
O  let  us,  then.  His  name  adore 
An  this  great  festal  day. 

F.     Novalis. 
H.    Brueckner,    Tr. 



E  IS  risen !     He  is  risen ! 

Tell  it  with  a  joyful  voice; 
He  has  burst  His  three  days'  prison, 

Let  the  whole  wide  world  rejoice 
Death  is  conquered,  man  is  free, 
Christ  has  won  the  victory. 

2  Tell  it  to  the  sinner,  weeping 
Over  deeds  in  darkness  done ; 
Weary  fast  and  vigil  keeping. 

Brightly  breaks  their  Easter  sun; 
Blood  can  wash  all  sins  away, 
Christ  has  conquered  hell  today. 

230  Easter 

3  Come,  with  high  and  holy  gladness, 

Chant  our  Lord's  triumphal  lay ; 
Not  one  touch  of  twilight  sadness 

Dims  His  Resurrection  Day ; 
Brightly  dawns  the  radiant  East, 
Brighter  far  our  Easter  Feast. 

4  He  is  risen !     He  is  risen ! 

Opened  the  eternal  gate ; 
We  are  free  from  sin's  dark  prison, 

Risen  to  a  holier  state ; 
Soon  a  brighter  Easter  beam 
On  our  longing  eyes  shall  stream. 

C.     F.     Alexander. 


1  KNOW  that  my  Redeemer  lives ! 

*       What  comfort  this  sweet  sentence  gives ! 
He  lives,  He  lives,  who  once  was  dead. 
He  lives,  my  ever-living  Head. 

2  He  lives,  triumphant  from  the  grave; 
He  lives,  eternally  to  save; 

He  lives,  all  glorious  in  the  sky ; 
He  lives,  exalted  there  on  high. 

3  He  lives,  to  bless  me  with  His  love; 
He  lives,  to  plead  for  me  above; 
He  lives,  my  hungry  soul  to  feed ; 
He  lives,  to  help  in  time  of  need. 

4  He  lives,  to  grant  me  rich  supply; 
He  lives,  to  guide  me  with  His  eye; 
He  lives,  to  comfort  me  when  faint; 
He  lives,  to  hear  my  soul's  complaint. 

Easter  231 

5  He  lives,  to  silence  all  my  fears ; 
He  lives,  to  wipe  away  my  tears; 
He  lives,  to  calm  my  troubled  heart; 
He  lives,  all  blessing  to  impart. 

6  He  lives,  my  kind,  wise,  heav'nly  Friend; 
He  lives  and  loves  me  to  the  end; 

He  lives,  and  while  He  lives,  I'll  sing: 
He  lives,  my  Prophet,  Priest,  and  King! 


He  lives,  and  grants  me  daily  breath; 
He  lives,  and  I  shall  conquer  death ; 
He  lives,  my  mansion  to  prepare; 
He  lives,  to  bring  me  safely  there. 

(S  He  lives,  all  glory  to  His  name ! 
He  lives,  my  Jesus,  still  the  same ; 
O  the  sweet  joy  this  sentence  gives, 
"I  know  that  my  Redeemer  lives !" 

S.     Medley, 


TESUS  Christ  is  ris'n  today.  Hallelujah! 
^       Our  triumphant  holy  day,  Hallelujah ! 

Who  did  once  upon  the  cross,  Hallelujah ! 

Suffer  to  redeem  our  loss.  Hallelujah  ! 

2  Hymns  of  praise  then  let  us  sing,  Hallelujah ! 
Unto  Christ,  our  heavenly  King,  Hallelujah! 
Who  endured  the  cross  and  grave,  Hallelujah ! 
Sinners  to  redeem  and  save,  Hallelujah ! 

232  Easter 

3  But  the  pains  which  He  endured,  Hallelujah ! 
Our   salvation  have   procured,   Hallelujah! 
Now  above  the  sky  He's  King,  Hallelujah ! 
Where  the  angels  ever  sing,  Hallelujah! 

From    the    Latin. 
Lyra  Davidica,  Tr. 

184      . 

JESUS  lives  I  no  longer  now 

^      Can  thy  terrors,  death,  appall  us; 

Jesus  lives !  by  this  we  know 

From  the  grave  He  will  recall  us. 

Brighter  scenes  will  there  commence ! 

This  shall  be  our  confidence. 

2  Jesus  lives  I  to  Him  the  throne 

High  o'er  heaven  and  earth  is  given ; 
We  shall  go  where  He  is  gone. 

Live  and  reign  with  Him  in  heaven. 
God  is  pledged ;  weak  doubtings  hence ! 
This  shall  be  our  confidence. 

3  Jesus  lives !    We  know  full  well. 

Naught  from  us  His  love  shall  sever ; 
Life,  nor  death,  nor  pow'rs  of  hell 

Part  us  now  from  Christ  forever. 
God  will  be  a  sure  defense: 
This  shall  be  our  confidence. 

4  Jesus  lives !  henceforth  is  death 

But  the  gate  of  life  immortal ; 
This  shall  calm  our  trembling  breath 

Easter  233 

When  we  pass  its  gloomy  portal ; 
Faith  shall  cry,  as  fails  each  sense: 
"Lord,  Thou  art  our  confidence!" 

C.  F.  Gellert. 
F.  E.   Cox,   Tr. 


TIALLELUJAH !     Hallelujah!     Hallelujah! 
*^  The  strife  is  o'er,  the  battle  done! 

The  victory  of  life  is  won ! 

The  song  of  triumph  hath  begun. 

2  The  powers  of  death  have  done  their  worst, 
But  Christ  their  legion  hath  dispersed: 
Let  shouts  of  holy  joy  outburst : 


3  The  three  sad  days  have  quickly  sped ; 
He  rises  glorious  from  the  dead : 

All  glory  to  our  risen  Head! 

Hallelujah !  ;, ' 

4  He  closed  the  yawning  gates  of  hell ; 
The  bars  from  heaven's  high  portals  fell ; 
Let  hymns  of  praise  His  triumphs  tell. 

'  Hallelujah ! 

5  Lord,  by  the  stripes  which  wounded  Thee, 
From  death's  dread  sting  Thy  servants  free, 
That  we  may  live  and  sing  to  Thee, 

Hallelujah ! 

From  the  Latin. 
F.    Pott,    Tr. 

234  Easter 

•  186 


E  WILL  carol  joyfully, 
On  this  holy  festal  day; 
To  our  risen  Lord  and  King 
Grateful  homage  we  will  bring. 
Carol,  carol,  carol,  carol 
To  our  risen  Lord  and  King. 

We  will  carol  joyfully, 

As  with  sweet  accord  we  bring 
Praise  from  every  heart  and  voice 

To  our  risen  Lord  and  King. 
Carol,  carol,  etc. 

3  We  will  carol  joyfully. 

While  our  love  and  thanks  we  give 
To  our  risen  Lord  and  King, 

Him  who  died  that  we  might  live. 
Carol,  carol,  etc. 

4  We  will  carol  joyfully. 

And  to  Him  our  offerings  bring — 
Grateful  hearts,  with  love  and  praise. 
To  our  risen  Lord  and  King. 
Carol,  carol,  etc. 




RAW  us  to  Thee, 

In  mind  and  heart, 
On  hcav'nly  things  attending; 
II  spirit  hence 
Le   us  depart, 
To  Thee,  O  Lord,  ascending. 

Draw  us  to  Thee, 

O  Christ,  and  guide 

Our  erring  feet  to  heaven ; 

If  Thou,  O  Lord, 

With  us  abide, 

Light  to  our  path  is  given. 

Draw  us  to  Thee, 

O  Thou  whose  love 

The  angels  praise  adoring; 

Receive  our  souls 

To  Thee  above. 

Thy  name  in  death  imploring. 

Draw  us  to  Thee, 

Grant  us  to  rise 

To  yon  abode  of  glory; 

On  Thee  to  rest 

With  joyful  eyes. 

And  fall  in  praise  before  Thee. 

F.    Funcke. 
A.   T.   Russell.  Tr. 

236  Ascension 


OOK,  ye  saints  !  the  sight  is  glorious ! 
''    See  the  Man  of  Sorrows  now! 
From   the   fight   return'd   victorious, 

Ev'ry  knee  to  Him  shall  bow: 
Crown  Him  !     Crown  Him ! 

Crowns  become  the  Victor's  brow. 

Crown  the  Savior!  angels,  crown  Him! 

Rich  the  trophies  Jesus  brings ; 
On  the  seat  of  power  enthrone  Him, 

While  the  vault  of  heaven  rings: 
Crown  Him  !     Crown  Him  ! 

Crown  the  Savior  King  of  kings. 

Sinners  in  derision  crowned  Him, 
Mocking  thus  the  Savior's  claim ; 

Saints  and  angels  crowd  around  Him, 
Own  His  title,  praise  His  name: 

Crown  Him  !     Crown  Him ! 

Spread  abroad  the  Victor's  fame! 

Hark!  those  bursts  of  acclamation! 

Hark!  those  loud  triumphant  chords! 
Jesus  takes  the  highest  station ; 

O  what  joy  the  sight  affords ! 
Crown  Him  !     Crown  Him  ! 

King  of  kings,  and  Lord  of  lords ! 

T.    Kelly. 

Ascension  237 


■"H'  ETERNAL  gates  lift  up  their  heads, 

The  doors   are  opened  wide; 
The  King  of  glory  is  gone  up 

Unto  His  Father's  side. 

2  Thou  art  gone  in  before  us,  Lord, 
Thou  hast  prepared  a  place, 
That  we  may  be  where  now  Thou  art, 
And  look  upon  Thv  face. 

3  And  ever  on  Thine  earthly  path 

A  gleam  of  glory  lies ; 
A  light  still  breaks  behind  the  clouds 
That  veil  Thee  from  our  eyes. 

4  Lift  up  our  thoughts,  lift  up  our  songs. 

And  let  Thy  grace  be  given. 
That  while  we  linger  yet  below, 
Our  hearts  may  be  in  heaven. 

5  That  where  Thou  art  at  God's  right  hand, 

Our  hope,  our  love  may  be : 
Dwell  in  us  now,  that  we  may  dwell 
Forevermore  with  Thee. 

C.    F.   Alexander. 



OME,  Holy  Spirit,  God  and  Lord! 

Be  all  Thy  graces  now  outpoured 
On  the  believer's  mind  and  soul, 
To  strengthen,  save,  and  make  us  whole. 
Lord,  by  the  brightness  of  Thy  light, 
Thou  in  the  faith  dost  men  unite. 
Of  ev'ry  land  and  ev'ry  tongue : 
This  to  Thy  praise,  O  Lord,  be  sung. 
Hallelujah!    Hallelujah! 

2  Thou  strong  Defense,  Thou  holy  Light, 
Teach  us  to  know  our  God  aright. 
And  call  Him  Father  from  the  heart ; 
The  word  of  life  and  truth  impart. 
That  we  may  love  not  doctrines  strange, 
Nor  e'er  to  other  teachers  range. 

But  Jesus  for  our  Master  own. 
And  put  our  trust  in  Him  alone. 
Hallelujah!    Hallelujah! 

3  Thou  sacred  Ardor,  Comfort  sweet, 
Help  us  to  wait  with  ready  feet. 
And  willing  heart  at  Thy  command. 
Nor  trial  fright  us  from  Thy  band. 
Lord,  make  us  ready  with  Thy  powers ; 
Strengthen  the  flesh  in  weaker  hours. 
That  as  good  warriors  we  may  force 
Through  life  and  death  to  Thee  our  course! 

Hallelujah!    Hallelujah! 

M.    Luther. 
C.   Winkworth,   Tr. 

Pentecost  239 


/7RACIOUS  Spirit,  Dove  divine! 

^^    Let  Thy  light  within  me  shine; 
All  my  guilty  fears  remove, 
Fill  me  with  Thy  heav'nly  love. 

2  Speak  Thy  pardoning  grace  to  me, 
Set  the  burdened  sinner  free; 
Lead  me  to  the  Lamb  of  God ; 
Wash  me  in  His  precious  blood. 

3  Life  and  peace  to  me  impart, 
Seal  salvation  on  my  heart ; 
Breathe  Thyself  into  my  breast, 
Earnest  of  eternal  rest. 

4  Let  me  never  from  Thee  stray, 
Keep  me  in  the  narrow  way ; 
Fill  my  soul  with  joy  divine. 
Keep  me,  Lord,  forever  Thine. 

J.   Stocker. 


/^OME,  gracious  Spirit,  heav'nly  Dove, 
With  light  and  comfort  from  above ; 
Be  Thou  our  Guardian,  Thou  our  Guide; 
O'er  ev'ry  thought  and  step  preside. 

2  The  light  of  truth  to  us  display, 

And  make  us  know  and  choose  Thy  way; 
Plant  holy  fear  in  every  heart. 
That  we  from  Thee  may  ne'er  depart. 

240  Pentecost 

3  Lead  us  to  Christ,  the  living  Way, 
Nor  let  us  from  His  precepts  stray; 
Lead  us  to  holiness,  the  road 

That  we  must  take  to  dwell  with  God. 

4  Lead  us  to  heaven,  that  we  may  share 
Fullness  of  joy  forever  there; 

Lead  us  to  God,  our  final  rest, 
To  be  with  Him  forever  blest. 

S.     Brown. 


pOME,  Holy  Ghost,  Creator  blest, 
^^    Vouchsafe  within  our  souls  to  rest; 
Come  with  Thy  grace  and  heav'nly  aid. 
And  fill  the  hearts  which  Thou  hast  made. 

2  To  Thee,  the  Comforter,  we  cry, 

To  Thee,  the  Gift  of  God  most  high, 
The  Fount  of  Life,  the  Fire  of  Love, 
The  souls'  Anointing  from  above. 

3  The  sev'nfold  gifts  of  grace  art  Thine, 
O  Finger  of  the  hand  divine; 

True  promise  of  the  Father  Thou, 

Who  dost  the  tongue  with  speech  endow. 

4  Thy  light  to  ev'ry  thought  impart, 
And  shed  Thy  love  in  every  heart; 
The  weakness  of  our  mortal  state 
With  deathless  might  invigorate. 

Pentecost  241 

5  Drive  far  away  our  wily  foe, 
And  Thine  abiding  peace  bestow ; 
If  Thou  be  our  preventing  Guide, 
No  evil  can  our  steps  betide. 

6  Make  Thou  us  to  the  Father  known; 
Teach  us  th'  eternal  Son  to  own, 
And  Thee,  whose  name  we  ever  bless. 
Of  both  the  Spirit,  to  confess. 

7  Praise  we  the  Father  and  the  Son, 
And  Holy  Spirit,  Three  in  One; 
And  may  the  Son  on  us  bestow 
The  gifts  that  from  the  Spirit  flow. 

M.     Luther. 
E.  Caswall,  Tr. 


LJOLY  Spirit !  hear  us 
On  this  sacred  day ; 
Come  to  us  with  blessing, 
Come  with  us  to  stay. 

2  Come  as  Thou  once  camest 

To  the  faithful  few. 
Patiently  awaiting 
Jesus'  promise  true. 

3  Up  to  heav'n  ascending 

Our  dear  Lord  has  gone; 
Yet  His  little  children 
Leaves  He  not  alone. 

242  Pentecost 

4  To  His  blessed  promise 

Now  in  faith  we  cling: 
Comforter,  most  holy ! 
Spread  o'er  us  Thy  wing. 

5  Lighten  Thou  our  darkness. 

Be  Thyself  our  light; 
Strengthen  Thou  our  weakness, 
Spirit  of  all  might ! 

6  Spirit  of  blessed  unction! 
•   Make  us  overflow 

With  Thy  sev'nfold  blessing, 
And  in  grace  to  grow. 

7  Into  Christ  baptized 

Grant  that  we  may  be. 
Day  and  night,  dear  Spirit, 
Perfected  by  Thee! 


r\  HOLY  Spirit,  enter  in, 

^^  Among  these  hearts  Thy  work  begin, 

Thy  temple  deign  to  make  us ; 

Sun  of  the  soul,  Thou  Light  divine. 

Around  and  in  us  brightly  shine. 

To  strength  and  gladness  wake  us. 

Where  Thou  shinest, 

Life  from  heaven  there  is  given  ; 

W'e  before  Thee. 

For  that  precious  gift  implore  Thee. 

W.   H.   Parkei 

Pentecost  243 

Thou  Fountain  whence  all  wisdom  flows. 

Which  God  on  pious  hearts  bestows, 

Grant  us  Thy  consolation  ; 

That  in  our  pure  faith's  unity 

We  faithful  witnesses  may  be 

Of  e^race  that  brings  salvation. 

Hear  us,  cheer  us 

Bv  Thy  teaching;  let  our  preaching 

And  our  labor 

Praise  Thee,  Lord,  and  bless  our  neighbor 

Left  to  ourselves  we  shall  but  stray; 

O  lead  us  on  the  narrow  way, 

With  wisest  counsel  guide  us ; 

And  give  us   steadfastness,  that  we 

May   henceforth   truly   follow  Thee, 

Whatever  woes  betide  us ; 

Heal  Thou  gently 

Hearts  now  broken  ;  give  some  token 

Thou  art  near  us. 

Whom  we  trust  to  light  and  cheer  us. 

Thy  heavenly  strength  sustain  our  heart, 

That  we  may  act  the  valiant  part. 

With  Thee  as  our  reliance ; 

Be  Thou  our  refuge  and  our  shield. 

That  we  may  never  quit  the  field, 

Bidding  all  foes  defiance ; 

Descend,  defend 

From  all  errors  and  earth's  terrors: 

Thy  salvation 

Be  our  constant  consolation. 

244  Pentecost 

5  O  Mighty  Rock!     O  Source  of  Life! 
Let  Thy  dear  word,  'mid  doubt  and  strife, 
Be  so  within  us  burning, 

That  we  be  faithful  unto  death 

In  thy  pure  love  and  holy  faith, 

From  Thee  true  wisdom  learning. 

Lord,  Thy  graces 

On  us  shower ;  by  Thy  power 

Christ  confessing, 

Let  us  win  His  grace  and  blessing. 

6  O  gentle  Dew,  from  heaven  now  fall 
With  power  upon  the  hearts  of  all, 
Thy  tender  love  instilling ; 

That  heart  to   heart  more  closely  bound, 

Fruitful  in  kindly  deeds  be  found. 

The  law  of  love  fulfilling; 

Then,  Lord,  discord 

Shall  not  grieve  Thee ;  we  receive  Thee ; 

Where  Thou  livest, 

Peace,  and  love,  and  joy  Thou  givest. 

7  Grant  that  our  days,  while  life  shall  last, 
In  purest  holiness  be  passed ; 

Our  minds  so  rule  and  strengthen 

That  they  may  rise  o'er  things  of  earth, 

The  hopes  and  joys  that  here  have  birth; 

And  if  our  course  Thou  lengthen, 

Keep  Thou  pure.  Lord, 

From  offences,  heart  and  senses ; 

Blessed  Spirit, 

Bid  us  thus  true  life  inherit. 

M.  Schirmer. 
C.   Wink  worth,   Tr. 

Pentecost  245 


r\  ENTER,  Lord,  Thy  temple, 
^^   Be  Thou  my  spirit's  guest, 
Who,  at  my  birth,  didst  give  me 

A  second  birth  more  blest ; 
Thou  in  the  God-head,  Lord, 

Though  here  to  dwell  Thou  deignest, 
Forever  equal  reignest. 
Art  equally  adored. 

2  O  enter,  let  me  know  Thee, 

And  feel  Thy  power  within, 
The  power  that  breaks  our  fetters, 

And  rescues  us  from  sin. 
O  wash  and  cleanse  Thou  me, 

That  I  may  serve  Thee  truly, 
To  render  honor  duly 

With  perfect  heart  to  Thee. 

3  'Tis  Thou,  O  Spirit,  teachest 

The  soul  to  pray  aright; 
Thy  songs  have  sweetest  music, 

Thy  prayers  have  wondrous  might; 
Unheard  they  cannot  fall, 

The}^  pierce  the  highest  heaven, 
Till  He  His  help  hath  given 

Who  surely  helpeth  all. 

4  Joy  is  Thy  gift,  O  Spirit! 

Thou  wouldst  not  have  us  pine ; 
In  darkest  hours  Thy  comfort 

Doth  aye  most  brightly  shine. 
Ah,  then  how  oft  Thy  voice 

246  Pentecost 

Hath  shed  its  sweetness  o'er  me, 
And  opened  heaven  before  me, 
And  bid  my  heart  rejoice. 

5  All  love  is  Thine,  O  Spirit! 

Thou  hatest  enmity ; 
Thou  lovest  peace  and  friendship, 

All  strife  wouldst  have  us  flee ; 
Where  wrath  and  discord  reign 

Thy  whisper  inly  pleadeth. 
And  to  the  heart  that  heedeth 

Brings  love  and  light  again. 

6  The  whole  Avide  world,  O  Spirit, 

Doth  on  Thy  presence  rest : 
Our   wayward   hearts   Thou   turnest 

As  it  may  seem  Thee  best. 
Once  more  Thy  power  make  known, 

As  Thou  hast  done  so  often : 
Convert  the  wicked,  soften 

And  break  the  heart  of  stone. 

7  With  holy  zeal  then  fill  us. 

To  keep  the  faith  still  pure; 
And  bless  our  lands  and  houses 

With  wealth  that  may  endure; 
And  make  that  foe  to  flee 

Who  in  us  with  Thee  striveth  ; 
From  out  our  heart  he  driveth 

Whate'er  delighteth  Thee. 

8  Order  our  path  in  all  things 

According  to  Thy  mind, 
And  when  this  life  is  over, 

Pentecost  247 

And  all  must  be  resigned, 
O  grant  us  then  to  die 

With  calm  and  fearless  spirit, 
And  after  death  inherit 

Eternal  life  on  high. 

p.    Gerhardt. 
C.  Winkworth,  Tr. 



OW  do  we  pray  God,,  the  Holy  Ghost, 

For  the  true  faith  which  we  need  the  most, 
And  that  He  defend  us,  when  life  is  ending. 
And  from  exile  home  we  shall  be  wending. 
Lord,  have  mercy ! 

2  Shine  in  our  hearts,  O  most  precious  Light. 
That  we  Jesus  Christ  may  know  aright. 
Clinging    to    our    Savior,    whose    blood    has 

bought  us, 
Who  again  to  our  true  home  has  brought  us. 
Lord,  have  mercy ! 

3  Thou  sweetest  Love,  grace  on  us  bestow ; 
Set  our  hearts  with  heavenly  fire  aglow. 
That  with  hearts  united  we  love  each  other 
Of  one  mind,  in  peace  with  ever}-  brother. 

Lord,  have  mercy ! 

4  Thou  highest  Comfort  in  every  need ! 
Grant  that  neither  shame  nor  death  we  heed; 
That  e'en  then  our  courage  may  never  fail  us. 
When  at  last  our  old  foe  shall  assail  us. 

Lord,  have  mercv ! 

M.    Luther. 
R.     Massie,     Tr. 

2-18  Pentecost 



DAY  full  of  grace,  which  we  behold, 

Now  gently  to  view  ascending; 
Thou  over  the  earth  Thy  reign  unfold, 

Good  cheer  to  all  mortals  lending, 
That  children  of  light  in  ev'ry  clime 

May  prove  that  the  night  is  ending. 

How  blest  was  that  gracious  midnight  hour, 
When  God  in  our  flesh  was  given ; 

There  flushed  the  dawn  with  light  and  power, 
That  spread  o'er  the  darkened  heaven ; 

Then  rose  o'er  the  world  that  Sun  divine 
Which  gloom  from  our  hearts  had  driven. 

3  Yea,  were  ev'ry  tree  endowed  with  speech, 

And  every  leaflet  singing. 
They    never    with    praise    His    worth    could 
Though  earth  with  their  praise  were  ring- 

\\  ho  fully  could  praise  the  Light  of  life. 
Who  light  to  our  souls  is  bringing? 

4  As  birds  in  the  morning  sing  God's  praise, 

His  fatherly  love  we  cherish, 
For  giving  to  us  this  day  of  grace, 

For  life  that  shall  never  perish : 
His    church    He    hath    kept    these    thousand 

And  hungering  souls  did  nourish. 

Pentecost  249 

Pass  on  to  thy  close,  O  Whit-Sunday, 
With  sunHght  about  thee  beaming. 

And  scatter  thy  blessings  on  thy  way, 

As  brooks  through  the  meadows  streaming 

E'er  leave  in  their  wake  the  woods  and  fields 
In  beauty  and  fruitfulness  dreaming. 

With  joy  we  depart  for  our  Fatherland, 
Where  God  our  Father  is  dwelling, 

Where  ready  for  us  His  mansions  stand. 
Where  heaven  with  praise  is   swelling ; 

And  there  we  shall  walk  in  endless  light. 
With  blest  ones  His  praise  forth  telling. 

N.  F.  S.  Grundtvig. 
Smeby,  Rygh,  Doving,  Trs. 


OVE  divine,  all  love  excelling, 
"*    Joy  of  heav'n,  to  earth  come  down ! 
Fix  in  us  Thy  humble  dwelling, 

All  Thy  faithful  mercies  crown. 
Jesus,  Thou  art  all  compassion, 

Pure,  unbounded  love  Thou  art ; 
Visit  us  with  Thy  salvation, 

Enter  ev'ry   trembling  heart. 

Breathe,  O  breathe  Thy  loving  Spirit 

Into  every  troubled  breast ! 
Let  us  all  in  Thee  inherit. 

Let  us  find  that  promised  rest, 
Take  away  that  love  of  sinning. 

Alpha  and  Omega  be ; 
End  of  faith   as  its  beginning, 

Set  our  hearts  at  liberty. 

!50  Pentecost 

)  Come,  Almighty  to  deliver, 

Let  us  all  Thy  life  receive ; 
Come  to  us,  dear  Lord,  and  never, 

Never  more  Thy  temples  leave. 
Thee  we  would  be  always  blessing-. 

Serve  Thee  as  Thy  hosts  above; 
Pray  and  praise  Thee  without  ceasing 

Glory  in  Thy  perfect  love. 

(■  Finish  then  Thy  new  creation, 

Pure  and  spotless  let  us  be : 
Let  us  see  our  whole  salvation 

Perfectly  secured  in  Thee ; 
Changed  from  glory  into  glory. 

Till  in  heaven  we  take  our  place ; 
Till  we  cast  our  crowns  before  Thee, 

Lost  in  wonder,  love  and  praise. 

C.    Wesley. 



HOLY  Ghost,  Thou  Gift  divine, 

And  Giver  of  all  blessing, 
Thou  with  the  Father  and  the  Son. 

True  God-head  art  possessing, 
And  from  them  both  art  shed  abroad, 
Eternal  Spirit,  Lord  and  God, 

In  Thee  all  Christians  glory. 

2  O  Spirit  blest,  w^e  Thee  entreat; 
O  grant  us  that  we  ever, 
\\'ith  heart  and  soul,  as  it  is  meet, 

Pentecost  251 

May  serve  our  Lord  and  Savior. 
And  Him  confess  till  our  last  breath, 
As  Lord  of  life  and  Lord  of  death, 

And  give  Him  praise  and  honor. 

Our  hearts  let  new-created  be. 
Our  walk  make  pure  and  holy ; 

Help  us  offense  and  sin  to  flee. 
And  ever  serve  God  solely. 

So  that  our  faith  in  Christ  our  Lord 

May  prove  itself  in  deed  and  word 
Before  the  world  about  us. 

Thy  gracious  heavenly  dew  let  fall, 
Thy  fainting  church  to  quicken ; 

Thy  soothing  ointment  pour  on  all 
Whose  souls  are  sad  and  stricken ; 

Sustain  us,  Lord,  in  evil  days, 

And  let  our  lives  in  all  our  ways, 
Abound  in  love  and  mercy. 

Give  strength  and  courage  to  contend 

Against  the  hosts  of  evil, 
That  we  may  vanquish,  in  the  end, 

The  world,  the  flesh,  the  Devil ; 
And  when  death's  billow  o'er  us  rolls. 
Bear  Thou  to  heaven  our  ransomed  souls. 

While  dust  to  dust  returneth. 

B.  Rin^waldt. 
O.  H.   Smeby,  Tr. 

252  Pentecost 


COME,  O  come,  Thou  quick'ning  Spirit, 
Thou  forever  art  divine ; 
Let  Thy  power  never  fail  me, 

Always  fill  this  heart  of  mine : 
Thus  shall  grace,  and  truth  and  light 
Dissipate  the  gloom  of  night. 

2  Grant  my  mind  and  my  affections 
Wisdom,  counsel,  purity, 
That  I  may  be  ever  seeking 

Naught  but  that  which  pleases  Thee; 
Let  Thy  knowledge  spread  and  grow, 
Working  error's  overthrow. 

3  Holy  Spirit,  strong  and  mighty, 
Thou  who  makest  all  things  new, 
Make  Thy  work  within  me  perfect, 

Help  me  by  Thy  word  so  true; 
Arm  me  with  that  sword  of  Thine, 
And  the  vict'ry  shall  be  mine. 

In  the  faith,  O  make  me  steadfast; 

Let  not  Satan,  death,  or  shame 
Of  my  confidence  deprive  me ; 

Lord,  my  refuge  is  Thy  name: 
When  the  flesh  inclines  to  ill, 
Let  Thy  word  prove  stronger  still. 

H.  Held. 
C.  W.  Schaeffer,  Tr. 



LJOLY,  holy,  holy!     Lord  God  Almighty! 
*  *  Early  in  the  morning  our  song  shall  rise  to 
Thee ! 

Holy,  holy,  holy  !     Merciful  and  mighty  ! 

God  in  three  persons,  blessed  Trinity ! 

2  Holy,  holy,  holy !     All  the  saints  adore  Thee, 
Casting  down  their  golden  crowns  around  the 

glassy  sea; 
Cherubim  and  seraphim  falling  down  before 

Which  wert,  and  art,  and  evermore  shalt  be. 

3  Holy,  holy,  holy !     Though  the  darkness  hide 

Though  the  eye  of  sinful  man  Thy  glory  may 

not  see, 
Only    Thou    art    holy;    there   is    none    beside 

Perfect  in  power,  in  love  and  purity. 

4  Holy,  holy,  holy!     Lord  God  Almighty! 
All    Thy    works    shall   praise    Thy    name,    in 

earth,  and  sky,  and  sea : 
Holy,  holy,  holy  !     Merciful  and  mighty ! 
God  in  three  persons,  blessed  Trinity ! 

R.    Heber. 

254  Trinity 


ANCIENT   of   days,   Who   sittest   throned   in 

To  Thee  all  knees  are  bent,  all  voices  pray ; 
Thy  love  has  blest  the  wide  world's  wondrous 

With   light  and  life  since   Eden's   dawning 


2  O  Holy  Father.  Who  hast  led  Thy  children 

In  all  the  ages,  with  the  Fire  and  Cloud, 
Through  seas  dry-shod,  through  weary  wastes 

bewild'ring ; 
To  Thee,  in  reverent  love,  our  hearts  are 


3  O  Holy  Jesus,   Prince  of  Peace  and   Savior, 

To  Thee  we  owe  the  peace  that  still  pre- 
Stilling  the  rude  wills  of  men's  wild  beha\ior. 

And    calming   passion's    fierce    and    storm}' 

4  O  Holy  Ghost,  the  Lord  and  the  Life-giver, 

Thine  is  the  quickening  power  that  give.s 

increase ; 
From  Thee  have  flowed,  as   from  a  pleasant 

Our  plenty,  wealth,  prosperity,  and  peace. 

5  ( )  Triune  God,  with  heart  and  voice  adoring. 

Praise  we  the  goodness  that  doth  crown  our 
days ; 

Pray  we  that  Thou  will  hear  us.  still  implor- 
Thy  love  and  favor,  kept  to  us  always. 

W.  C.  Doane. 


1  ORD,  Thy  glory  tills  the  heaven ; 
^    Earth  is  with  its  fuhiess  stored ; 

Unto  Thee  be  glory  given, 

Holy,  holy,  holy  Lord ! 
Heav'n  is  still  with  anthems  ringing; 

Earth  takes  up  the  angels'  cry ; 
Holy,  holy,  holy,  singing. 

Lord  of  hosts,  Thou  Lord  most  high ! 

2  Ever  thus  in  God's  high  i)raises, 

Brethren,  let  our  tongues  unite. 
AX'hile  our  thoughts  His  greatness  raises, 

And  our  love  His  gifts  excite. 
With  His  seraph  train  before  Him, 

With  His  holy  church  below, 
Thus  invite  we  to  adore  Him, 

Bid  we  thus  our  anthem  flow. 

3  Lord,  Thy  glory  fills  the  heaven. 

Earth  is  with  its  fulness  stored ; 
LTnto  Thee  be  glory  given. 

Holy,  holy,  holy  Lord ! 
Thus,  Thy  glorious  day  confessing, 

We  adopt  the  angels'  cry ; 
Holy,  holy,  holy,  blessing 

Thee,  the  Lord  our  God  most  high ! 

R.  Mant. 

256  Trinity 


p  LORY  to  the  Father  give, 
^^  God  in  whom  we  move  and  live ; 
Children's  prayers  He  deigns  to  hear, 
Children's  songs  delight  His  ear. 

2  Glory  to  the  Son  we  bring, 

Christ  our  Prophet,  Priest  and  King; 
Children,  raise  your  sweetest  strain 
To  the  Lamb,  for  He  was  slain. 

3  Glory  to  the  Holy  Ghost, 
Who  reclaims  the  sinner  lost; 
Children's  minds  may  He  inspire, 
Touch  their  tongues  with  holy  fire. 

4  Glory  in  the  highest  be 
To  the  blessed  Trinity, 
For  the  gospel  from  above. 
For  the  word  that  God  is  love. 

J.   Montgomery. 


r>  LORY  be  to  God  the  Father ! 
^-*   Glory  be  to  God  the  Son ! 

Glory  be  to  God  the  Spirit ! 
Great  Jehovah,  Three  in  One! 

11  :  Glory,  glory,:  |1 
While  eternal  ages  run ! 

Trinity  257 

Glory  be  to  Him  Who  loved  us, 

Washed  us  from  each  spot  and  stain ! 

Glory  be  to  Him  Who  bought  us. 
Made  us  kings  with  Him  to  reign  ! 

II  :  Glory,  glory,:  || 
To  the  Lamb  that  once  was  slain ! 

3  Glory  to  the  King  of  angels ! 

Glory  to  the  church's   King! 
Glory  to  the  King  of  nations ! 

Heaven  and  earth  your  praises  bring! 

II  :  Glory,  glory,:  || 
To  the  King  of  glory  bring. 

4  Glory,  blessing,  praise  eternal ! 

Thus  the  choir  of  angels  sings ; 
Honor,  riches,  power,  dominion ! 
Thus  its  praise  creation  bi  higs ; 

II:  Glory,  glory,:  ||  _ 
Glory  to  the  King  of  kings ! 

11.  Bonar. 


'•OME,  Thou  Almighty  King, 
^    Help  us  Thy  name  to  sing, 

Help  us  to  praise! 
Father  all-glorious. 
O'er  all  victorious, 
Come  and  reign  over  us. 

Ancient  of  days ! 


Come,  Thou  incarnate  W'ord, 
Gird  on  Thy  mighty  sword, 

Our  prayer  attend ! 
Come,  and  Thy  people  bless ; 
Come,  give  Thy  Word  success ; 
'Stablish  Thy  righteousness, 

Savior  and  Friend ! 

Come,  Holy  Comforter, 
Thy  sacred  witness  bear. 

In  this  glad  hour! 
Thou,  who  almighty  art. 
Now  rule  in  every  heart, 
And  ne'er  from  us  depart, 

Spirit  of  power! 

To  Thee,  great  One  in  Three, 
The  highest  praises  be 

Hence  evermore ; 
Thy  sovereign  majesty 
May  we  in  glory  see, 
And  to  eternity 

Love  and  adore. 




E  ALL  believe  in  one  true  God, 
Maker  of  the  earth  and  heaven ; 
The  Father,  who  to  us  in  love 

Hath  the  right  of  children  given; 

Trinity  259 

He  both  soul  and  body  feedeth. 

All  we  want  He  doth  provide  us; 

He  through  snares  and  perils  leadeth, 
Watching  that  i  i  harm  betide  us ; 

He  cares  for  us  by  day  and  night ; 

All  things  are  governed  by  His  might. 

And  we  believe  in  Jesus  Christ. 

His  own  Son,  our  Lord,  possessing 
An  equal  Godhead,  throne,  and  might, 

Through   whom  comes  the   Father's  bless- 
Of  the  Holy  Ghost  conceived. 

Born  of  Mary,  virgin-mother. 
That  lost  man  might  life  inherit, 

Made  true  man.  our  Elder  Brother, 
Was  crucified  for  sinful  men, 
And  raised  by  God  to  live  again. 

Also  the  Holy  Ghost  we  own. 

\\'ho  sweet  grace  and  comfort  giveth, 
And  with  the  Father  and  the  Son 

In  eternal  glory  liveth ; 
\Mio  the  Christian  Church  doth  even 

Keep  in  unity  of  spirit: 
Sins  are  truly  here  forgiven 

Through  the  blest  Redeemer's  merit : 
All  flesh  shall  raise  again,  and  we 
Shall  live  with  God  eternallv.     Amen. 

M.  l.uUier. 
C.    Winkworth.   Tr. 

260  Trinity 


pRAISED  be  the  Lord,  my  God, 
*       My  Light,  my  Life  from  heaven, 
My  Maker,  who  to  me 

Hath  soul  and  body  given ; 
My  Father,  who  protects 

My  Hfe  from  infancy, 
Who  always  hath  bestowed 
Great  gifts  of  love  on  me. 

2  Praised  be  the  Lord,  my  God, 

My  Bliss,  my  Life  from  heaven, 
The  Father's  loved  Son 

W'lio  for  mankind  was  given, 
Who  hath  atoned  for  me 

With  His  most  precious  blood, 
Who  giveth  to  my  faith 

The  greatest  heavenly  good. 

3  Praised  be  the  Lord,  my  God, 

My  Trust,  My  Life  from  heaven, 
The  Father's  Spirit,  whom 

The  Son  to  me  hath  given  ; 
He  who  revives  my  heart 

And  gives  new  strength  and  power, 
Aid,  comfort,  and  support 

In  sorrow's  gloomy  hour. 

4  Praised  be  the  Lord,  my  God, 

He  who  forever  liveth. 
To  whom  the  heavenly  host 
E'er  praise  and  honor  giveth; 

Trinity  261 

Praised  be  the  Lord,  our  God, 
In  whose  great  name  we  boast. 

The  Father,  God  the  Son, 
And  God  the  Holy  Ghost. 

J.  Olearius. 
W.  E.  Axon.  Tr. 



E  ALL  believe  in  one  true  God, 
Father,  Son,  and  Holy  Ghost ; 
Present  Helper  in  all  need, 

Praised  by  all  the  heav'nly  host, 
By  whose  mighty  pow'r  alone 
All  is  made  and  wisely  done. 

And  we  believe  in  Jesus  Christ, 
Son  of  God  and  Mary's  Son, 

Who  descended  from  His  throne, 
And  for  us  salvation  won ; 

By  whose  death  and  agony 

\\'e  are  saved  from  miser)^ 

And  we  confess  the  Holy  Ghost, 
\\'ho  from  Father,  Son  proceeds; 

\Mio  upholds  and  comforts  us 
In  the  midst  of  fears  and  needs  ; 

Blest  and  Holy  Trinity, 

Praise  forever  be  to  Thee ! 

T.    riausnitzer. 
C.    Winkworth,   Tr. 


Sefnrmattntt,  (Elyurrl|,  ilt0s!0tts 


MIGHTY  fortress  is  our  God, 
A  trusty  shield  and  weapon ; 
He  helps  us  free  from  ev'ry  need 
That  has  us  now  o'ertaken. 

The  old  evil  foe 

Now  means  deadly  woe ; 

Deep  guile  and  great  might 

Are  his  dread  arms  in  fight ; 
On  earth  is  not  his  equal. 

\\'ith  might  of  ours  can  naught  be  done, 

Soon  were  our  loss  effected ; 
But  for  us  fights  the  Valiant  One, 
Whom   God  Himself  elected. 
Ask  ye,  Who  this  is  ? 
Jesus  Christ  it  is, 
The  Lord  Sabaoth, 
And  there's  none  other  God, — 
He  holds  the  field  forever. 

Though  devils  all  the  world  should  fill, 

All  eager  to  devour  us, 
We  tremble  not,  we  fear  no  ill, 
They  shall  not  overpow'r  us. 
This  world's  prince  may  still 
Scowl  fierce  as  he  will. 
He  can  harm  us  none ; 
He's  judged;  the  deed  is  done; 
One  little  word  can  fell  him. 

Reformation,  Churcii,  Missions  263 

The  word  they  still  shall  let  remain, 

And  not  a  thank  have  for  it ; 
He's  by  our  side  upon  the  plain 
With  His  good  gifts  and  Spirit. 
And  take  they  our  life, 
Goods,  fame,  child  and  wife : 
Let  these  all  be  gone, 
They  yet  have  nothing  won ; 
The  kingdom  ours  remaineth. 

M.     Luther. 
Tr.    Composite. 


nrHE  Church's  one  foundation 
•*■     Is  Jesus  Christ  her  Lord; 
She  is  His  new  creation 

By  water  and  the  word ; 
From  heav'n  He  came  and  sought  her 

To  be  His  holy  bride; 
With  His  own  blood  He  bought  her, 
And  for  her  life  He  died. 

2  Elect  from  every  nation 

Yet  one  o'er  all  the  earth, 
Her  charter  of  salvation 

One  Lord,  one  faith,  one  birth ; 
One  holy  Name  she  blesses, 

Partakes  one  holy  food, 
And  to  one  hope  she  presses, 

With  every  grace  endued. 

3  Though  with  a  scornful  wonder 

Men  see  her  sore  opprest, 

264  Reformation.  Cliurcli,  Missions 

By  schisms  rent  asunder, 

By  heresies  distrest; 
Yet  saints  their  watch  are  keeping, 

Their  cry  goes  up,  "How  long?'* 
And  soon  the  night  of  weeping 

Shall  be  the  morn  of  song. 

4  'Mid  toil  and  tribulation, 

And  tumult  of  her  war, 
She  waits  the  consummation 

Of  peace  forevermore; 
Till  with  the  vision  glorious 

Her  longing  eyes  are  blest, 
And  the  great  Church  victorious 

Shall  be  the  Church  at  rest. 

Yet  she  on  earth  hath  union 

With  God  the  Three  in  One, 
And  mystic  sweet  communion 

With  those  whose  rest  is  vron; 
O  happy  ones  and  holy! 

Lord,  give  us  grace,  that  we. 
Like  them,  the  meek  and  lowly. 

On  high  may  dwell  w4th  Thee ! 

S.   J.    Stone. 


'ORWARD  still !    Forward  still ! 

Zion,  rise  and  onward  move; 
Let  thy  light  be  brightly  glowing, 

Cease  not  from  thy  early  love: 
Seek  the  Fount  of  life  that's  flowing 

Reformation,  Church,  Missions  265 

Strait  the  gate,  yet  on  with  steadfast  will. 
Forward  still !     Forward  still ! 

2  II  :  Firm  endure!  :ll 

Zion,  though  with  every  breath 
Anguish,  scorn  and  grief  swell  o'er  thee, 

Be  thou  faithful  unto  death : 
See  the  crown  of  life  before  thee ; 
E'en  the  serpent's  sting  hath  found  a  cure. 

II :  Firm  endure! :  || 

3  II:  Follow  not!:  II 

Zion,  follow  not  the  world: 
Vain  its  pledge  to  make  thee  greater. 

Vain  its  bribes,  its  gifts  impearled; 
Be  no  dragon's  slave,  no  traitor ; 
Zion,  soon  the  promise  is  forgot. 

II:  Follow  not!:  || 

4  II  :  On  once  more! :  jl 

Zion,  in  thy  might,  display 
Brother-love,  all  warm  and  fervent; 

Show  the  love  of  Christ,  today, 
Wrought  by  Him,  in  thee,  His  servant: 
Zion,  through  the  widely  opened  door, 

II  :  On  once  more ! :  || 

5  11 :  Still  hold  fast!:  II 

Be  thou  faithful  as  of  old, 
Lukewarm  let  not  Jesus  find  thee, 

On,  soon  comes  thy  crown  of  gold ! 
On,  forget  what  is  behind  thee ; 
Zion,  in  the  battle's  strife,  at  last, 

llStill  hold  fast!:  || 

J.    E.    Schmidt. 
C.    A.    Miller,    Tr. 

266  Reformation.  Church.  Missions 


VV/ATCHMAN,  is  the  darkness  waning? 
"    Watchman,  is  the  morning;  near? 
Oft  we  count  the  hours  remaining 

Till  the  glorious  dawn  appear; 
Till  the  dark  today  be  bidden 
And  the  stars'  faint  gleams  be  hidden ; 
Till  the  sun-beams  warm  and  bright, 
Flood  the  vales  and  hills  with  light. 

2  God  of  power  and  might  unbounded, 

Lo,  we  stand  in  strange  surprise. 
By  Thy  glorious  deeds  confounded : 

Yea,  'tis  marv'lous  in  our  eyes. 
Many  a  soul  to  Thee  Thou  sealest; 
Many  an  open  door  revealest ; 
Many  a  pledge  dost  give,  and  sign 
That  the  heathen  shall  be  Thine. 

3  On  Thy  little  troop  is  pressing 

To  the  farthest  hostile  shore ; 
On  they  go,  the  land  possessing; 

On  Thy  banner  goes  before. 
E'en  when  hope  is  long  debating. 
Open  doors  are  Avaiting.  waiting; 
Where  our  feeble  feet  are  slow, 
Swiftly  Thine  to  vict'ry  go. 

4  Hindered  ever,  even  halted, 

Often  hardnesses  we  bear; 
But  from  heights  serene,  exalted. 

Soon  Thy  hand  Avorks  ev'rywhere. 
Thy  great  deeds  with  wonder  viewing. 

Reformation,  Church,  Missions  267 

We  have  yet  short  time  for  doing ; 
Lead  us,  Lord ;  we  should  not  stay 
When  Thine  arm  prepares  the  way, 

5  Led  by  Thee,  though  few  and  feeble, 

Blessings  round  our  path  shall  throng; 

\\' hen  Thy  streams  refresh  Thy  people 
Desert  lands  will  bloom  ere  long. 

Nations  to  Thy  gates  are  flowing; 

Ev'rywhere  the  sound  of  going; 

Filled  with  joy  Thy  light  to  see, 

Lo,  the  Gentiles  come  to  Thee. 

C.    G.    Barth. 
A.  Ramsey,  Tr. 


IWTY    CHURCH!    my    church!    my    dear    old 
^^^  church. 

My  fathers'  and  my  own. 
On  prophets  and  apostles  built. 

And  Christ  the  corner-stone ; 
AH  else  beside,  by  storm  or  tide. 

May  yet  be  overthrown ; 
But  not  my  church,  my  dear  old  church, 
My  fathers'  and  my  own. 

2  My  church!  my  church!  my  dear  old  church! 

My  glory  and  my  pride ! 
Firm  in  the  faith  Immanuel  taught. 

She  holds  no  faith  beside. 
Upon  this  Rock,  'gainst  every  shock. 

Though  gates  of  hell  assail. 
She  stands  secure,  with  promise  sure — 

'They  never  shall  prevail." 

268  Reformation,  Church,  Missions 

3  My  church !  my  church !  I  love  my  church. 

For  she  exalts  my  Lord ! 
She  speaks,  she  breathes,  she  teaches  not, 

But  from  His  written  word. 
And  if  her  voice  bids  me  rejoice, 

From  all  my  sins  released, 
'Tis  through  th'  atoning  sacrifice, 

And  Jesus  is  the  Priest. 

4  My  church  !  my  church  !  I  love  my  church, 

For  she  doth  lead  me  on 
To  Zion's  palace  beautiful, 

Where  Christ  the  Lord  hath  gone. 
From  all  below  she  bids  me  go 

To  Him,  the  Life,  the  Way, 
The  Truth  to  guide  my  erring  feet 

From  darkness  into  day. 



1  ORD,  keep  us  in  Thy  Word  and  work. 
^    Restrain  the  murd'rous  Pope  and  Turk, 

Who  fain  would  tear  from  off  Thy  throne 
Christ  Jesus,  Thy  beloved  Son. 

2  Lord  Jesus  Christ,  Thy  power  make  known. 
For  Thou  art  Lord  of  lords  alone ; 

Shield  Thy  poor  Christendom,  that  we 
May  evermore  sing  praise  to  Thee. 

3  Thou  Comforter  of  priceless  worth 
Give  one  mind  to  Thy  flock  on  earth; 
Stand  by  us  in  our  final  strife. 

And  lead  us  out  of  death  to  life. 

Reformation,  Church,  Missions  269 

4  Destroy  their  counsels,  Lord  our  God, 
And  smite  them  with  an  iron  rod, 
And  let  them  fall  into  the  snare 
Which  for  Thy  Christians  they  prepare. 

5  So  that  at  last  they  may  perceive 
That  Lord  our  God,  Thou  still  dost  live, 
And  dost  deliver  mightily 

All  those  who  put  their  trust  in  Thee. 

AI.     Luther. 
C.   Winkworth,   Tr. 


/^HRIST  is  made  the  sure  foundation, 
^^    Christ  the  Head  and  Cornerstone, 
Chosen  of  the  Lord  and  precious. 
Binding-  all  the  church  in  one ; 
Holy  Zion's  help  forever. 
And  her  confidence  alone. 

All  that  dedicated  city. 

Dearly  loved  of  God  on  high. 

An  exultant  jubilation 
Pours  perpetual  melody  ; 

God  the  One  in  Three  adoring 
In  glad  hymns  eternally. 

To  this  temple,  where  we  call  Thee, 
Come,  O  Lord  of  host,  today ; 

With  Thy  wonted  loving-kindness 
Hear  Thy  people  as  they  pray ; 

And  Thy  fullest  benediction 
Shed  within  its  walls  alway. 

270  Reformation.  Churcli,  Missions 

4  Here  vouchsafe  to  all  Th}^  servants, 

What  they  ask  of  Thee  to  gain, 
What  they  gain  from  Thee  forever 

With  the  blessed  to  retain. 
And  hereafter  in  Thy  glory 

Evermore  with  Thee  to  reign. 

5  Laud  and  honor  to  the  Father, 

Laud  and  honor  to  the  Son, 
Laud  and  honor  to  the  Spirit, 

Ever  Three  and  ever  One; 
One  in  might,  and  One  in  glory 

While  unending  ages  run. 

M.   Xeale,  Tr. 


'"THERE  is  within  this  heart  of  mine 
•"■     A  little  church  with  sacred  shrine, 
And  stained  forever  with  the  blood 
Of  Jesus  Christ,  the  Lamb  of  God. 

2  Here  dwelleth  God,  the  Father.  Son, 
And  Holy  Spirit,  Three  in  One; 

He  is  my  soul's  beloved  Guest, 

And  grants  my  heart  true  peace  and  rest. 

3  This  little  church  looks  poor  and  old ; 
But  being  the  abode  of  God 

It  has  a  glorious,  peerless  grace : 
It  is  God's  royal  dwelling-place. 

Reformation,  Church,  Missions  271 

4  This  little  church,  Lord,  I  commend 
Unto  Thy  care,  and  pray :     Defend 
And  shield  it  from  calamity, 
Dwell  there  now  and  eternally. 

J.    Pomarius. 
Tr.    Anon. 


pROM  Greenland's  icy  mountains, 
^       From  India's  coral  strand, 
Where  Afric's   sunny   fountains 
Roll  down  their  golden  sand; 
From  many  an  ancient  river, 
From  many  a  palmy  plain. 
They  call  us  to  deliver 

Their  land  from  error's  chain. 

2  What  though  the  spicy  breezes 

Blow  soft  o'er  Ceylon's   isle; 
Though  every  prospect  pleases. 

And  only  man  is  vile; 
In  vain  with  lavish  kindness 

The  gifts  of  God  are  strown ; 
The  heathen  in  his  blindness 

Bows  down  to  wood  and  stone. 

3  Can  we,  whose  souls  are  lighted 

With  wisdom  from  on  high ; 
Can  we  to  men  benighted 

The  lamp  of  life  deny? 
Salvation,  O  salvation ! 

The  joyful  sound  proclaim. 
Till  each  remotest  nation 

Has  learned  Messiah's   name. 

272  Reformation,  Church.  Missions 

4  Waft,  waft,  ye  winds,  His  story; 

And  you,  ye  waters,  roll. 
Till,  like  a  sea  of  glory. 

It  spreads  from  pole  to  pole; 
Till  o'er  our  ransomed  nature, 

The  Lamb   for  sinners   slain, 
Redeemer,  King,  Creator, 

In  bliss  returns  to  reign. 


R.   Heber. 

1  LOVE  Thy  Zion,  Lord, 

"■-       The  house  of  Thine  abode; 

The  church  our  blest  Redeemer  saved 
With  His  own  precious  blood. 

2  I  love  Thy  church,  O  God ! 

Her  walls  before  Thee  stand. 
Dear  as  the  apple  of  Thine  eye, 
And  graven  on  Thy  hand. 

3  For  her  my  tears  shall  fall ; 

For  her  my  prayers  ascend ! 
To  her  my  cares  and  toils  be  given 
Till  toils  and  cares  shall  end. 

4  Beyond  my  highest  joy 

I  prize  her  heavenly  ways, 
Her  sweet  communion,  solemn  vows, 
Her  hymns  of  love  and  praise. 

5  Jesus,  Thou  Friend  divine. 

Our  Savior  and  our  King, 
Thy  hand  from  every  snare  and  foe 
Shall  great  deliverance  bring. 

Reformation.  Church,  Missions  216 

6  Sure  as  Th}^  truth  shall  last, 
To  Zion  shall  be  given 
The  brightest  glories  earth  can  yield, 
And  brighter  bliss  of  heaven. 



"^  LORIOUS  things  of  thee  are  spoken, 
"*  Zion,  city  of  our  God; 
He  whose  word  can  not  be  broken. 

Formed  Thee  for  His  own  abode. 
On  the  Rock  of  ages  founded, 

What  can  shake  thy  sure  repose! 
With  salvation's  walls  surrounded. 

Thou  may'st  smile  at  all  thy  foes. 

See,  the  streams  of  living  waters 

Springing  from  eternal  Love, 
Well  supply  thy  sons  and  daughters. 

And  all  fear  of  want  remove. 
Who  can  faint,  while  such  a  river 

Ever  flows  their  thirst  t'  assuage? 
Grace,  which  like  the  Lord,  the  Giver, 

Never  fails  from  age  to  age. 

Round  each  habitation  hovering, 

See  the  cloud  and  fire  appear 
For  a  glory  and  a  covering, 

Showing  that  the  Lord  is  near : 
Thus  they  march,  the  pillar  leading, 

Light  by  night,  and  shade  by  day ; 
Daily  on  the  manna  feeding 

Which  He  gives  them  when  they  pray 

274  Reformation,  Church,  Missions 

4  Savior,  if  of  Zion  City 

I,  through  grace,  a  member  am, 
Let  the  world  deride  or  pity, 

I  will  glory  in  Thy  name. 
Fading  is  the  worldling's  pleasure, 

All  his  boasted  pomp  and  show ; 
Solid  joys  and  lasting  treasure 

None  but  Zion's  children  know. 

J.    Newton. 


r^  OD  is  our  refuge  and  defense ; 
^^   In  trouble  our  unfailing  aid  : 
Secure  in  His  omnipotence, 

What  foe  can  make  our  souls  afraid! 

2  Yea,  though  the  earth's  foundations  rock. 

And  mountains  down  the  gulf  be  hurled, 
His  people  smile  amid  the  shock : 

They  look  beyond  this  transient  world. 

3  There  is   a   river,   pure   and   bright, 

Whose    streams    make    glad    the    heavenly 
Where  in  eternity  of  light 

The  city  of  our  God  remains. 

4  Built  by  the  word  of  His  command, 

With  His  unclouded  presence  blest. 
Firm  as  His  throne  the  bulwarks  stand ; 
There  is  our  home,  our  hope,  our  rest. 

(i.   Rawson, 

Reformation,  Church,  Missions  275 


T    ORD  Jesus  Christ,  the  cause  is  Thine, 
^    The  cause  for  which  we  pray ; 

And  since  it  is  of  Thy  design, 
It  can  not  pass  away. 

Yet  ev'ry  seed,  its  Hfe  to  show, 

And  as  a  fruitful  plant  to  grow, 

Must  perish  in  the  silent  grave ; 

Thus  losing  life,  our  life  we  save, 
Our  life  we  save, 

Our  mortal  life  we  save. 

2  Through  sorrow's  vale  Thy  pathway  led 

To  heaven's  joyful  plain, 
And  we  must  follow  Thee,  our  Head, 

If  we  that  joy  would  gain. 
O  let  us,  then.  Thy  sufferings  share. 
And  lead  us  to  Thy  kingdom  fair; 
May  we,  who  sorrow  here  with  Thee, 
In  yonder  life  Thy  glory  see, 

Thy  glory  see, 
Thy  wondrous  glory  see. 

3  Thou  art  in  truth  the  grain  of  wheat 

That  sank  into  the  grave ; 
But  now  in  heaven  is  Thy  seat, 

And  Thou  hast  power  to  save. 
So  let  Thy  messengers  proclaim 
To  all  the  world  Thy  glorious  name, 
Thy  name  repleat  wnth  bliss  and  joy, 
And  keep  us  too  in  Thine  employ, 

In  Thine  employ, 
Keep  us  in  Thine  employ. 

S.    Preiswerk. 
H.  Brueckner,   Tr. 

276  Reformation,  Church,  Missions 


A  RM  of  the  Lord,  awake !  awake ! 
■**•  Put  on  Thy  strength !  the  nations  shake ! 
And  let  the  world  adoring  see 
Triumph  of  mercy  wrought  by  Thee. 

2  Say  to  the  heathen  from  Thy  throne, 
I  am  Jehovah,  God  alone : 

Thy  voice  their  idols  shall  confound, 
And  cast  their  altars  to  the  ground. 

3  Let  Zion's  time  of  favor  come ; 
Oh,  bring  the  tribes  of  Israel  home ; 
And  let  our  wondering  eyes  behold 
Gentiles  and  Jews  in  Jesus'  fold. 

4  Almighty  God,  Thy  grace  proclaim 
In  every  clime,  of  every  name ; 

Let  adverse  powers  before  Thee  fall, 
And  crown  the  Savior  Lord  of  all. 

W.    .Shrubsole. 


W/ITH  hearts  in  love  abounding, 
"    Prepare  we  now  to  sing 
A  lofty  theme,   resounding 

Thy  praise,  almighty  King; 
Whose  love,  rich  gifts  bestowing. 

Redeemed  the  human  race ; 
Whose  lips  with  zeal  o'erflowing, 
Breathe  words  of  truth  and  grace. 

Reformation,  Church,  Missions  277 

2  So  reign.  O  Ciod  of  heaven, 

Eternally  the  same ; 
And  endless  praise  be  given 

To  Thy  almighty  name. 
Cloth'd  in  Thy  dazzling  brightness, 

Thy  church  on  earth  behold. 
In  robe  of  purest  whiteness. 

In  raiment  wrought  with  g-oUl. 

3  And  let  each  Gentile  nation 

Come  gladly  in  her  train. 
To  share  Thy  great  salvation, 

And  join  her  grateful  strain : 
Then  ne'er  shall  note  of  sadness 

Awake  the  trembling  string; 
One  song  of  joy  and  gladness 

The  ransomed  world  shall  sing. 

IT.    Auber. 



HE  morning  light  is   breaking; 

The  darkness  disappears ; 
The  sons  of  earth  are  waking 

To  penitential  tears ; 
Each  breeze  that  sweeps  the  ocean 

Brings  tidings  from  afar. 
Of  nations  in  commotion, 

Prepared  for  Zion's  war. 

2  See  heathen  nations  bending 
Before  the  Ciod  we  love. 
And  thousand  hearts  ascending 

8  Reformation,  Church,  Missions 

In  gratitude  above ; 
While  sinners,  now  confessing. 

The  Gospel  call  obey. 
And  seek  the  Savior's  blessing, 

A  nation  in  a  day. 

Blest  river  of  salvation, 

Pursue  thy  onward  way  ; 
Flow  thou  to  every  nation, 

Nor  in  thy  richness  stay : 
Stay  not  till  all  the  lowly 

Triumphant  reach  their  home ; 
Stay  not  till  all  the  holy 

Proclaim,  'The  Lord  is  cornel" 

S.   F.   Smith 



OW  beauteous  are  their  feet. 
Who  stand  on  Zion's  hill ! 
\\'ho  bring  salvation  on  their  tongues 
And  words  of  peace  revea] 

2  How  charming  is  their  voice ! 

How  sweet  the  tidings  are ! 
"Zion,  behold  thy  Savior  King, 
He  reigns  and  triumphs  here.'' 

3  How  happy  are  our  ears, 

That  hear  this  joyful  sound, 
Which  kings  and  prophets  waited  for, 
And  sought,  but  never  found ! 

Reformation,  Church,  Missions  279 

4  How  blessed  are  our  eyes. 

That  see  this  heavenly  Light ! 
Prophets  and  kings  desired  it  long. 
But  died  without  the  sight. 


5  The  watchmen  join  their  voice, 

And  tuneful  notes  employ ; 
Jerusalem  breaks  forth  in  songs, 
And  deserts  learn  the  joy. 

6  The  Lord  makes  bare  His  arm 
Through  all  the  earth  abroad ; 

Let  all  the  nations  now  behold 
Their  Savior  and  their  God. 

I.    Watts. 



E  NOT  dismayed,  thou  little  flock. 

Although  the  foe's  fierce  battle  shock, 

Loud  on  all  sides,  assail  thee. 

Though  o'er  thy  fall  they  laugh  secure, 

Their  triumph  cannot  long  endure ; 

Let  not  thy  courage  fail  thee. 

Thy  cause  is  God's — go  at  His  call. 
And  to  His  hands  commit  thine  all; 

Fear  thou  no  ill  impending : 
His  Gid'on  shall  arise  for  thee, 
God's  word  and  people  manfully. 

In  God's  own  time,  defending. 

280  Reformation,  Church,  Missions 

3  Amen,  Lord  Jesus,  hear  our  cry ; 
Stir  up  Thy  power,  come  from  on  high, 

Defend  Thy  congregation ; 
So  shall  Thy  church,  through  endless  days, 
Give  thanks  to  Thee  and  chant  Thy  praise 

In  joy  and  adoration. 

J.  M.   Altenburg. 
E.    R.    Charles.   L.   D.    Reed,   Trs. 


"•HOU  whose  almighty  word 
Chaos  and  darkness  heard, 
And  took  their  flight, 
Hear  us,  we  humbly  pray, 
And  where  the  gospel's  day 
Sheds  not  its  glorious  ray, 
"Let  there  be  light!'' 

Thou !  who  didst  come  to  bring 
On  Thy  redeeming  wing. 

Healing  and  sight. 
Health  to  the  sick  in  mind, 
Sight  to  the  inly  blind. 
Oh,  now  to  all  mankind, 

Let  there  be  light ! 

Spirit  of  truth  and  love, 
Life-giving  Holy  Dove! 

Speed  forth  Thy  flight : 
Move  o'er  the  water's  face. 
Bearing  the  lamp  of  grace. 
And  in  earth's  darkest  place, 

**Lct  there  be  light!" 

Reformation,  Church,  Missions  281 

Holy  and  blessed  Three, 
All-glorious  Trinity, — 

Wisdom,  Love,  Alight! 
Boundless  as  ocean's  tide 
Rolling-  in  fullest  pride, 
Through  the  world  far  and  wide. — 

"Let  there  be  light!" 

J.   Marriott. 



CHRIST,  our  true  and  only  light. 
Illumine  those  who  sit  in  night ; 
Let  those  afar  now  hear  Thy  voice, 
And  in  Thy  fold  with  us  rejoice. 

2  Fill  with  the  radiance  of  Th}'  grace 
The  souls  now  lost  in  error's  maze. 
And  all  whom  in  their  secret  minds 
Some  dark  delusion  haunts  and  l)linds. 

3  And  all  who  else  have  strayed  from  Thee, 
O  gently  seek !     Thy  healing  be 

To  ev'ry  wounded  conscience  giv'n. 
And  let  them  also  share  Thy  heaven. 

4  O  make  the  deaf  to  hear  Thy  word, 

And  teach  the  dumb  to  speak,  dear  Lortl, 
Who  dare  not  yet  the  faith  avow. 
Though  secretly  they  hold  it  now. 


Reformation,  Church,  Missions 

5  Shine  on  the  darkened  and  the  cold, 
Recall  the  wand'rers  from  Thy  fold, 
Unite  all  those  who  walk  apart, 
Confirm  the  weak  and  doubting-  heart. 

6  So  they  with  us  may  evermore 

Such  grace  with  wond'ring  thanks  adore, 
And  endless  praise  to  Thee  be  given 
By  all  Thy  church  in  earth  and  heaven. 

J.    Herrmann. 

C.  Winkvvorth,  Tr. 




PON  a  mount  there  stood  a  tree, 

With  golden  fruit  weighed  down ; 
That  tree  was  seen  throughout  the  land, 

And  great  was  its  renown. 
In  countless  numbers  people  came, 

Some  early  and  some  late; 
They  shook  the  tree  with  eager  hand, 

And  of  its  fruit  they  ate. 

Yet,  while  so  many  pluck  its  fruit. 

Now  as  in  days  of  yore. 
The  goodly  tree  no  bareness  shows. 

Nor  loses  of  its  lore. 
In  countless  numbers  people  came, 

Some  early  and  some  late; 
They  shook  the  tree  with  eager  hand, 

And  of  its  fruit  they  ate. 

Who  knows  this  tree  with  golden  fruit, 

This  tree  of  wondrous  fame? 
Now  let  us  make  a  ready  guess  : 

'The  Bible"  is  its  name. 
In  countless  numbers  people  came. 

Some  early  and  some  late ; 
They  shook  the  tree  with  eager  hand, 

And  of  its  fruit  they  ate. 

C.    G.    Barth. 
H.  Brueckner,  Tr. 

284  The   Word   of   God 



S  AFTER  the  water  brooks  panteth 
The  heart  when  it  sinks  in  the  chase, 

So  thirsteth  my  soul,  as  it  fainteth, 
For  Thee,  O  my  God,  and  Thy  grace ; 

For  Thou  are  the  Fount  everHving-, 

Who  unto  the  thirsty  art  giving 
The  water  of  Hfe  that  I  need. 

2  Thou,  Thou  art  my  Rock  of  salvation. 

My  house  I  have  built  upon  Thee ; 

0  if  Thou  shouldst  fail  as  foundation, 
My  ruin  it  surely  would  be ; 

Lord,  deep  unto  deep  now  is  calling. 
Thy  waves  and  Thy  billows  appalling 
Arise  to  go  over  my  soul. 

3  His  light  and  His  truth,  they  shall  lead  me 

In  peace  to  His  temple  at  last ; 

1  rest  on  His  Word,  He  will  speed  me, 
And  conflict  and  sorrow  are  past ; 

Yea,  joyful  I  anthems  will  raise  Him, 
With  heart  and  with  voice  will  I  praise  Him, 
My  Health  and  my  Life  and  my  God. 

N.   F.   S.   (irundtvig. 
C.   Doving,   Tr. 


CPREAD,  O  spread,  Thou  mighty  Word, 
*^     Spread  the  kingdom  of  the  Lord 
Wheresoe'er  His  breath  has  giv'n 
Life  to  beings  meant  for  heav'n. 

The   Word   of   God  285 

2  Tell  them  how  the  Father's  will 
Made  the  world  and  keeps  it  still; 
How  His  only  Son  He  gave. 
Man  from  sin  and  death  to  save. 

3  Tell  of  our  Redeemer's  love, 
Who  forever  doth  remove, 
By  His  holy  sacrifice, 
All  the  guilt  that  on  us  lies. 

4  Tell  them  of  the  Spirit  giv'n 
Now  to  guide  us  up  to  heav'n. 
Strong  and  holy,  just  and  true, 
Working  both  to  will  and  do. 

5  Word  of  Life,  most  pure  and  strong, 
Lo,  for  Thee  the  nations  long ; 
Spread,  till  from  its  dreary  night 
All  the  world  awakes  to  light. 

Lord  of  harvest,  let  there  be 
Joy  and  strength  to  work  for  Thee ; 
Let  the  nations  far  and  near. 
See  Thy  light  and  learn  Thy  fear. 

J.    F.    Bahnmaier. 
C.  Winkworth,  Tr. 


'ATHER,  Son,  and  Holy  Spirit 
I'm  baptized  in  Thy  dear  name; 

In  the  seed  Thou  dost  inherit, 
With  the  people  Thou  dost  clami, 

II  :  I  am  reckoned  ; :  Ij 
And  for  me  the  Savior  came. 

2  Thou  receivest  me,  O  Father, 

As  a  child  and  heir  of  Thine; 
Jesus,  Thou  who  diedst,  yea,  rather 
Ever  livest.  Thou  art  mine. 

II:  Thou,  O  Spirit,:  || 
Art  my  Guide,  my  Light  divine 

3  I  have  pledged,  and  would  not  falter, 

Truth,  obedience,  love  to  Thee ; 
I  have  vows  upon  Thine  altar 
Ever  Thine  alone  to  be, 

II  :  And  forever, :  || 
Sin  and  all  its  lusts  to  flee. 

Gracious  God,  all  Thou  hast  spoken 
In  this  cov'nant  shall  take  place ; 

But  if  I,  alas !  have  broken 

These  my  vows,  hide  not  Thy  face ; 

II  :  And  from  falling, :  || 
O  restore  me  by  Thy  grace ! 



Lord,  to  Thee  I  now  surrender 

All  I  have,  and  all  I  am : 
Make  my  heart  more  true  and  tender, 

Glorify  in  me  Thy  name; 
II :  Let  obedience:  || 

To  Thy  will  be  all  my  aim. 

Help  me  in  this  high  endeavor, 

Father,  Son,  and  Holy  Ghost ! 
Bind  my  heart  to  Thee  forever. 

Till  I  join  the  heavenly  host : 
II  :  Living,    dying,:  || 

Let  me  make  in  Thee  my  boast. 

J.  J.   Rambach. 
C.    VV.    Schaeffer.    Tr. 



piRMLY  in  my  hand  I  hold 

"*•       A  most  precious  staff  of  gold: 

It  was  sent  me  from  on  high, 

And' it  points  up  to  the  sky. 

Tis  the  staff  of  faith  I  cherish, 

And  ahhough  my  body  perish 

When  my  earthly  life  will  end, 

On  this  staff  I  shall  depend. 

2  And  an  angel,  wondrous  fair, 
God's  own  image  made  to  bear. 
Quietly  dwells  in  my  soul, 
Making  it  both  pure  and  whole. 
'Tis  love's  angel  come  from  heaven, 
And  to  us  as  guide  is  given. 

May  this  angel  evermore 

Join  our  hearts  on  yonder  shore. 

3  And  in  heaven,  from  afar, 
I  behold  a  radiant  star: 
How  it  seems  to  beckon  me, 
And  its  shining  light  I  see. 
Star  of  hope,  so  brightly  shining, 
Thou  dost  keep  our  hearts  from  pining; 
Leadest  us,  as  here  we  roam, 

On  to  our  celestial  home. 

H.  Brueckner,  Tr. 

Childhood  289 

240  *  ^ 

C  AVIOR,  who  Thy  flock  art  feeding 
*^     With  the  Shepherd's  tender  care, 
All  the  feeble  gently  leading, 

While  the  lambs  Thy  bosom  share: 

2  Now  these  little  ones  receiving, 

Fold  them  in  Thy  gracious  arm ; 
There  we  know,  Thy  Word  beheving, 
Only  there  secure  from  harm. 

3  Never  from  Thy  pasture  roving. 

Let  them  be  the  lion's  prey ; 
Let  Thy  tenderness,  so  loving, 

Keep  them  through  life's  dangerous  way. 

4  Then  within  Thy  fold  eternal 

Let  them  find  a  resting-place ; 
Feed  in  pastures  ever  vernal. 
Drink  the  rivers  of  Thy  grace. 

W.  A.   Muehlenberg. 



HERE'S  a  Friend  for  little  children, 

Above  the  bright  blue  sky, 
A  Friend  w^ho  never  changes, 

Whose  love  will  never  die. 
Unlike  our  friends  by  nature, 

Who  change  with  changing  years, 
This  Friend  is  always  worthy 

The  precious  name  He  bears; 
This  Friend  is  always  worthy 

The  precious  name  He  bears. 

290  Childhood 

2  There's  a  rest  for  little  children, 

Above  the  bright  blue  sky, 
Who  love  the  blessed  Savior, 

And  to  the  Father  cry. 
A  rest  from  every  trouble, 

From  sin  and  danger  free; 
II  :  There  every  little  pilgrim 

Shall  rest  eternally. :  || 

3  There's  a  home  for  little  children, 

Above  the  bright  blue  sky. 
Where  Jesus  reigns  in  glory, 

A  home  of  peace  and  joy; 
No  home  on  earth  is  like  it. 

Nor  can  with  it  compare, 
II :  For  every  one  is  happy. 

Nor  can  be  happier  there. :  || 

4  There  are  crowns  for  little  children, 

Above  the  bright  blue  sky, 
And  all  who  look  to  Jesus 

Shall  wear  them  by  and  by; 
Yea,  crowns  of  brightest  glory 

Which  He  shall  sure  bestow 
II  :  On  all  who  loved  the  Savior 

And  walked  with  Him  below. :  || 

5  There  are  songs  for  little  children, 
Above  the  bright  blue  sky, 

And  harps  of  sweetest  music, 
And  hymns  of  victory : 

And  all  above  is  pleasure, 

Childhood  291 

And  found  in  Christ  alone ; 

:  Lord,  grant  Thy  little  children, 

To  know  Thee  as  their  own. :  || 

A.    Midlane. 


CHEPHERD  of  tender  youth, 
*^     Guiding  in  love  and  truth, 
Through  devious  ways ; 
Christ  our  triumphant  King, 
We  come  Thy  name  to  sing, 
And  here  our  children  bring, 
To  shout  Thy  praise. 

2  Thou  art  our  holy  Lord, 
O  all-subduing  Word, 

Healer  of  strife: 
Thou  didst  Thyself  abase. 
That  from  sin's  deep  disgrace 
Thou  mightest  save  our  race, 

And  give  us  life. 

3  Thou  art  the  great  High-Priest; 
Thou  hast  prepared  the  feast 

Of  holy  love : 
And  in  our  mortal  pain. 
None  call  on  Thee  in  vain; 
Help  Thou  dost  not  disdain, 

Help  from  above. 

4  Ever  be  near  our  side, 

Our  Shepherd  and  our  Guide, 
Our  Staff  and  Song: 

292  Childhood 

Jesus,  Thou  Christ  of  God, 
By  Thine  enduring  Word 
Lead  us  where  Thou  hast  trod; 
Make  our  faith  strong. 

5  So  now,  until  we  die, 

Sound  we  Thy  praises  high, 

And  joyful  sing: 
Let  all  the  holy  throng, 
\Mio  to  Thy  church  belong. 
Unite  and  swell  the  song 

To  Christ  our  King ! 


Clement     of    Alexandria. 
H.   M.   Dexter,   Tr. 


HE  truest  Friend  abides  in  heaven : 
On  earth  our  friends  are  rare  and  few ; 

The  world  to  faithlessness  is  given; 
Her  children  often  prove  untrue : 

And  therefore  I  must  here  contend 

That  Jesus  is  my  truest  Friend. 

2  Men  like  a  cradle  sway  and  falter. 

But  Jesus  like  a  rock  doth  stand ; 
Though  storms  of  woe  my  fortune  alter, 

He  holds  me  firmly  by  the  hand : 
Yea,  He  stands  by  me  to  the  end, 
So  Jesus  is  my  truest  Friend. 

3  For  me  He  suffers  crucifixion. 

For  me  He  sheds  His  precious  blood, 
He  lends  me  help  in  my  affliction, 

Childhood  293 

His  counsels  all  are  wise  and  good : 
Upon  His  word  I  may  depend, 
And  thus  He  is  my  truest  Friend. 

My  Friend,  such  faithfulness  possessing; 

My  Friend,  whose  own  I  am  for  aye ; 
My  Friend,  so  tender  and  caressing ; 

My  Friend  e'en  unto  death  will  stay. 
Then  let  me  evermore  contend 
That  Jesus  is  my  truest  Friend 

B.    Schmolcke. 
H.   Brueckner,   Tr. 



HERE  is  a  gentle  Gard'ner, 

Who  owns  a  garden  fair. 
Where  countless  blooming  flowers 

Enjoy  His  tender  care. 
Where  countless  blooming  flowers 

Enjoy  His  tender  care. 

2  He  grants  them  radiant  sunshine. 

And  soft,  refreshing  rain ; 
II  :  Thus  nurtured,  they  must  flourish 
And  sweetest  fragrance  gain.:  || 

3  They  fondly  love  the  Gard'ner, 

And  all  to  Him  incline, 
II  :  While  with  their  clinging  tendrils 
They  seek  Him  to  entwine.  :|! 

4  And  when  their  day  is  ended 

He  takes  them  to  His  breast, 
II  :  And  heavenward  He  bears  them 
To  regions  ever  blest. :  || 

294  Childhood 

5  There  shall  those  flowers  glisten 

In  beauty  evermore, 
!l :  Nor  cold  nor  frost  shall  blight  them 
On  that  celestial  shore.:  !| 

6  Thou  Gard'ner  true  and  gentle, 

Care  for  us  every  day, 
II  :  That  we  in  yonder  garden 

Mav  thrive  and  bloom  for  ave. :  II 

M.    von    Schenkendorf. 
H.    Brueckner,   Tr. 



ITH  noiseless  step  an  angel 
Doth  pass  through  ev'ry  land ; 
No  human  eye  can  see  him, 

Though  he  is  near  at  hand. 
From  heaven,  the  eternal  home, 
God  sent  him,  here  on  earth  to  roam. 

From  house  to  house  he  wanders, 

And  where  a  child  obeys 
Its  father  and  its  mother, 

The  kindly  angel  stays 
To  give  the  child  his  faithful  care, 
And  to  attend  it  everywhere. 

He  shares  its  joyful  moments, 

And  guards  it  while  at  play ; 
He  teaches  it  to  study 

And  promptly  to  obey. 
Of  all  he  says  the  child  takes  heed. 
And  so  improves  in  word  and  deed. 

K.  L.  T.  Lieth. 
H.    Brueckner,   Tr. 

Childhood  295 


fjUSH'D  was  the  evening  hymn, 

*^  The  temple  courts  were  dark; 
The  lamp  was  burning  dim 

Before  the  sacred  ark ; 
When  suddenly  a  voice  divine 
Rang  through  the  silence  of  the  shrine. 

2  The  old  man,  meek  and  mild. 

The  priest  of  Israel,  slept ; 
His  watch  the  temple-child, 

The  little  Levite,  kept ; 
And  what  from  Eli's  sense  was  sealed, 
The  Lord  to  Hannah's  son  revealed. 

3  O  give  me  Samuel's  ear, 

The  open  ear,  O  Lord, 
Alive  and  quick  to  hear 

Each  whisper  of  Thy  Word ; 
Like  him  to  answer  at  Thy  call, 
And  to  obey  Thee  first  of  alL 

4  O  give  me  Samuel's  heart, 

A  lowly  heart  that  waits 
Where  in  Thy  house  Thou  art, 

Or  watches  at  Thy  gates 
By  day  and  night ;  a  heart  that  still 
Moves  at  the  breathing  of  Thy  will. 

5  O  give  me  Samuel's  mind, 

A  sweet,  unmurmuring  faith, 
Obedient  and  resigned 

To  Thee  in  life  and  death  ; 
That  I  may  read  with  child-like  eyes 
Truths  that  are  hidden  from  the  wise. 

J.    D.    Burns. 

296  •_  Cliildhood 


1  AM  Jesus'  little  lamb, 

*       Ever  glad  at  heart  I  am; 
Jesus  loves  me,  Jesus  knows  me, 
All  things  fair  and  good  He  shows  me; 
Even  calls  me  by  my  name ; 
Ev'ry  day  He  is  the  same. 

2  Safely  in  and  out  I  go, 
Jesus  guides  me  here  below ; 
When  I  hunger  Jesus  feeds  me ; 
When  I  thirst,  my  Shepherd  leads  me 
Where  the  waters  softly  flow, 
Where  the  sweetest  pastures  grow. 

3  Should  I  not  be  always  glad  ? 
None  whom  Jesus  loves  are  sad; 
And  when  this  short  life  is  ended. 
Those  whom  the  good  Shepherd  tended 
Will  be  taken  to  the  skies, 

There  to  dwell  in  Paradise. 

H.   von  Hayn. 
W.    F.    Stevenson, 



r^  LORY  and  praise  and  honor 
^-*  To  Thee,  Redeemer  King, 
To  whom  the  lips  of  children 
Made  sweet  hosannas  ring. 
Glory  and  praise  and  honor, 
To  Thee,  Redeemer  King, 
To  whom  the  lips  of  children 
Made  sweet  hosannas  ring. 

Childhood  297 

2  The  people  of  the  Hebrews 

With  palms  before  Thee  went ; 
Our  praise  and  prayer  and  anthems 

Before  Thee  we  present. 
Glory  and  praise  and  honor,  etc. 

3  Thou  wentest  to  Thy  passion 

Amid  their  shouts  of  praise: 
Thou  reignest  now  in  glory, 

While  we  our  anthems  raise. 
Glory  and  praise  and  honor,  etc. 

4  Thou  didst  accept  their  praises ; 

Accept  the  prayers  we  bring. 
Who  in  all  good  delightest. 

Thou  good  and  gracious  King. 
Glory  and  praise  and  honor,  etc. 

J.    M.    Neale 



r^ROM  His  throne  in  heaven, 

Where  the  angels  be, 

God  with  eyes  of  kindness 

Ev'ry  child  doth  see. 

2  To  its  prayer  He  barkens, 

Both  by  night  and  day, 
And  at  every   footstep 
Guards  it  on  its  way. 

3  Like  a  lovnig  father 

He  each  child  doth  feed, 
And  in  times  of  sorrow 
Well  supplies  its  need. 

298  Childhood 

4  Tell  it  to  the  children 
That  a  Father's  care 
They  above  all  others 
Here  on  earth  shall  share. 

W.    Hey. 
H.    Brueckner,   Tr. 


/^  KIND  and  gentle  Savior, 
^^  Who  art  the  children's  Friend, 
We  pray  Thee  now  receive  us, 

Thy  blessing  on  us  send; 
Our  joys  and  all  our  sorrows, 

Thou  wiliest  we  should  bring, 
And  lay  them  all  before  Thee, 
Our  good  and  gracious  King. 

2  To  Thee  of  old  their  children 

The  people  came  and  brought; 
From  Thee  Thy  grace  and  favor 

For  little  ones  they  sought; 
And  Thou  didst  not  forbid  them, 

For  Thou  art  good  and  kind; 
In  Thee  a  loving  Savior 

May   we.   Thy   children,   find. 

3  Let  not  our  ways  and  doings 

Dishonor  Thy  dear  name. 
Nor  words,  nor  deeds  of  evil 

Our  Christian  calling  shame. 
Grant  us  Thy  grace,  that  boldly 

We  may  our  Lord  confess ; 
While  for  all  gifts  Thou  givest, 

Thy  holy  name  we  bless. 



/FATHERED  here,  we  join  our  hands,  O  Sa- 
^^  vior, 

And  upon  Thy  death  unite, 
Ever  to  be  true  in  our  behavior 

Unto  Thee,  eternal  Light. 
And  as  here  Thy  praises,  Lord,  are  spoken, 

Enter  Thou  into  our  midst  in  token 
Of  Thy  love  so  pure  and  true. 
Saying:    "Peace  I  give  to  you." 

C.   N.   L.   von   Zinzendorf. 
H.    Brueckner,   Tr. 


ESUS,  now  Thine  own  forever, 

True  and  steadfast  w^ould  I  be ; 
And  be  parted  from  Thee  never. 

Walking  day  by  day  with  Thee. 
Thine  the  life  that  in  me  liveth, 

All  my  strength  by  Thee  supplied, 
As  the  vine  its  vigor  giveth 

To  the  branches  that  abide. 

2  Could  aught   better   e'er  betide  me, 

Than  with  Thee  to  have  my  place, 
Who  dost  evermore  provide  me 

Thrice  ten  thousand  gifts  of  grace? 
Could  I  be  more  cheerful  even 

Than  when  Thou,   O   Christ,   art  near, 
Unto  whom  all  power  is  given 

Both  in  heaven  above  and  here? 

3  Where  is  there  a  Lord  so  gracious 

Who  would  do  as  Thou  hast  done; 

300  Confirmation 

Who  with  His  own  blood  and  ])recious 
Me  from  sin  and  death  hath  won? 

Should  I  not  be  His  possession 
Who  gave  up  His  life  for  me; 

Make  to  Him  a  good  confession, 
And  till  death  all  faithful  be? 

4  Lord,  in  pleasure  as  in  sorrow 

Thy  companion  would  I  be ; 
Now  and  for  my  each  tomorrow 

I  surrender  all  to  Thee. 
Make  me  quick  when  Thou  dost  beckon, 

E'en  though  'twere  to  call  me  hence ; 
Who  His  life  as  Thine  doth  reckon, 

Waits  e'en  death  in  confidence. 

5  Through  my  earthly  life  be  near  me. 

Be  Thou  with  me  when  it  ends  ; 
When  the  evening  gathers,  cheer  me; 

Bless  me  when  the  night  descends. 
Lay  Thy  holy  hand  in  blessing 

On  my  weary,  drooping  head ; 
Tell  me : — Child,  all  faith  possessing. 

Thou  shalt  live  though  thou  wert  dead. 

6  Stay  Thou  with  me,  O  Lord  Jesus, 

When  cold  death  at  last  comes  on 
As  the  chill  and  piercing  breezes 

Just  before  the  heavenly  dawn. 
Light  my  heart  nor  suffer  sadness 

When  the  darkness  dims  my  sight; 
Then  shall  I  go  forth  with  gladness 

As  one  journeys  home  at  night. 

K.  J.   p.   Spitta. 
A.     Ramsey,    Tr. 


J^ECK  thyself,  my  soul,  with  gladness, 
^   Leave  the  gloomy  haunts  of  sadness, 
Come  into  the  daylight's  splendor. 
There  with  joy  thy  i)raises  render 
Unto  Him,  whose  grace  unbounded. 
Hath  this  wondrous  bancjuet  founded ; 
High  o'er  all  the  heav'ns  He  rcigneth, 
Yet  to  dwell  with  thee  He  deigneth. 

2  Hasten  as  a  bride  to  meet  Him. 
And  with  loving  reverence  greet  I  Tim  ; 
For  with  words  of  life  immortal 
Now  He  knocketh  at  thy  portal  : 
Haste  to  ope  the  gates  before  llini. 
Saying,  while  thou  dost  adore  1  lim, 
"Suffer,  Lord,  that  I  receive  Thee, 
And  1  nevermore  will  leave  Thee." 

3  Ah,  how  hungers  all  my  spirit 
For  the  love  I  do  not  merit ! 

Oft  have  I,  w^ith  sighs  fast  thronging, 
Thought  U])on  this  food  with  longing. 
In  the  battle  well-nigh  worsted. 
For  this  cup  of  life  have  thirsted. 
For  the  P'riend,  who  here  invites  us, 
And  to  Clod  Himself  unites  us. 

4  Now  T  sink  before  Thee  lowly. 
I^'illed  with  joy  most  dee])   and  holy, 
As  with  trembling  awe  and  wonder 

302  The  Lord's  Supper 

On  Thy  mighty  work  I  ponder ; 
How,  by  mystery  surrounded, 
Depths  no  man  hath  ever  sounded. 
None  may  dare  to  pierce  unbidden. 
Secrets  that  with  Thee  are  hidden. 

5  Sun,  who  all  my  life  dost  brighten. 
Light,  who  dost  my  soul  enlighten. 
Joy,  the  sweetest  man  e'er  knoweth, 
Fount,  whence  all  my  being  flowelh. — 
At  Thy  feet  I  cry,  my  Maker, 

Let  me  be  a  fit  partaker 

Of  this  blessed  food  from  heaven, 

For  our  good.  Thy  glory,  given. 

6  Jesus,  Bread  of  life,  I  pray  Thee, 
Let  me  gladly  here  obey  Thee : 
Never  to  my  heart  invited, 

Be  Thy  love  with  love  requited ; 
From  this  banquet  let  me  measure. 
Lord,  how  vast  and  deep  its  treasure; 
Through  the  gifts  Thou  here  dost  give  me. 
As  Thy  guest  in  heaven  receive  me. 

J.     Franck. 

C.  Winkworth.  Tr. 



iJST  as  I  am,  without  one  plea. 

But  that  Thy  blood  was  shed  fo-  me. 

And  that  Thou  bidd'st  me  come  to  l^hee, 
O  Lamb  of  God,  I  come,  I  come. 

The  Lord's  Supper  303 

2  Just  as  I  am,  and  waiting  not 

To  rid  my  soul  of  one  dark  blot; 
To  Thee,  whose  blood  can  cleanse  each  spot, 
O  Lamb  of  God,  I  come,  I  come. 

3  Just  as  I  am,  though  tossed  about 
With  many  a  conflict,  many  a  doubt, 
Fightings  and  fears  within,  without, 

O  Lamb  of  God,  I  come,  I  come. 

4  Just  as  I  am,  poor,  wretched,  blind, 
Sight,  riches,  healing  of  the  mind, 
Yea,  all  I  need,  in  Thee  to  find, 

O  Lamb  of  God,  I  come,  I  come. 

5  Just  as  I  am,  Thou  wilt  receive, 
Wilt  welcome,  pardon,  cleanse,  relieve; 
Because  Thy  promise  I  believe, 

O  Lamb  of  God,  I  come,  I  come. 

6  Just  as  I  am,  Thy  love  unknown 
Has  broken  every  barrier  down ; 
Now  to  be  Thine,  yea.  Thine  alone, 

O  Lamb  of  God.  I  come.  I  come. 

C.    Elliott. 


N  LIVING  Bread  from  heaven. 
How  hast  Thou  fed  Thy  guest! 

The  gifts  Thou  now  hast  given 
Have  filled  mv  heart  with  rest. 

304  The  Lord's  Supper 

O  wondrous  food  of  blessing-, 
O  cup  that  heals  our  woes ! 

My  heart,  this  gift  possessing, 
In  thankful  song  o'erflow^s. 

2  My  Lord,  Thou  here  hast  led  me 

Within  Thy  holiest  place. 
And  there  Thyself  hast  fed  me 

With  treasures  of  Thy  grace : 
And  Thou  hast  freely  given. 

What  earth  could  never  buy, — 
The  bread  of  life  from  heaven, 

That  now  I  shall  not  die. 

3  Thou  gav'st  the  food  I  wanted. 

Its  power  can  dec^th  destroy ; 
And  Thou  hast  freely  granted 

The  cup  of  endless  joy. 
Ah,  Lord,  I  do  not  merit 

The  favor  Thou  hast  shown, 
And  all  my  soul  and  spirit 

Bow  down  before  Thy  throne. 

4  Lord,  grant  me,  that  thus  strengthened 

With  heavenly  food,  while  here 
My  course  on  earth  is  lengthened, 

I  serve  wnth  holy  fear : 
And  when  Thou  call'st  my  spirit 

To  leave  this  world  below. 
I  enter,  through  Thy  merit. 

Where  joys  unmingled  flvjw. 

T.     Rist. 
C.   Wink  worth,   Tr. 

The  Lord's  Supper  305 


LAY  my  sins  on  Jesus, 

The  spotless  Lamb  of  God; 
He  bears  them  all,  and  frees  us 

From  the  accursed  load. 
I  bring  my  guilt  to  Jesus, 

To  wash  my  crimson  stains 
White  in  His  blood  most  precious, 

Till  not  a  stain  remains. 

I  lay  my  wants  on  Jesus; 

All  fullness  dwells  in  Him: 
He  heals  all  my  diseases, 

He  doth  my  soul  redeem. 
I  lay  my  griefs  on  Jesus, 

My  burdens  and  my  cares : 
He  from  them  all  releases, 

He  all  my  sorrows  shares. 

I  long  to  be  like  Jesus, 

Meek,  loving,  lowly,  mild: 
I  long  to  be  like  Jesus. 

The  Father's  holy  Child. 
I  long  to  be  with  Jesus, 

Amid  the  heavenly  throng. 
To  sing  v/ith  saints  His  praises, 

To  learn  the  angels'  song. 

H.   Bonar. 


S^attli  in  3p0ua 


LL  hail  the  pow'r  of  Jesus'  name! 

Let  angels  prostrate  fall ! 
Bring  forth  the  royal  diadem. 

And  crown  Him  Lord  of  all ! 
Bring  forth  the  royal  diadem, 

And  crown  Him  Lord  of  all ! 

2  Crown  Him,  ye  martyrs  of  our  God, 

Who  from  His  altar  call ; 
11  :  Extol  the  stem  of  Jesse's  rod, 
And  crown  Him  Lord  of  all ! :  1| 

3  Hail  Him,  the  Heir  of  David's  line, 

Whom  David  Lord  did  call : 
II  :  The  God  incarnate!     Man  divine! 
And  crown  Him  Lord  of  all ! :  || 

4  Ye,  Gentile  sinners,  ne'er  forget 

The  wormwood  and  the  gall ; 
II  :  Go  spread  your  trophies  at  His  feet, 
And  crown  Him  Lord  of  all!:  || 

5  Let  every  kindred,  every  tribe, 

On  this  terrestrial  ball, 
II :  To  Him  all  majesty  ascribe, 
And  crown  Him  Lord  of  all!:  |1 

6  O  that  wnth  yonder  sacred  throng 

W>  at  His  feet  may  fall ; 
II  :  We'll  join  the  everlasting  song. 
And  crown  Him  Lord  of  all ! :  || 

E.    Perronet. 

Faith  ill  Jesus  307 


nrHERE  is  a  name  I  love  to  hear; 
^     I  love  to  sing  its  worth  ; 
It  sounds  like  music  in  mine  ear, 
The  sweetest  name  on  earth. 

2  It  tells  me  of  a  Savior's  love, 

Who  died  to  set  me  free; 
It  tells  me  of  His  precious  blood, 
The  sinner's  perfect  plea. 

3  It  tells  me  of  a  Father's  smile 

That  beams  upon  His  child ; 
It  cheers  me  through  this  little  while, 
Through  desert,  waste,  and  wild. 

4  And  there  with  all  the  blood-bought  throng, 

From  sin  and  sorrow  free, 
I'll  sing  the  new  eternal  song, 
Of  Jesus'  love  to  me ! 

F.    Whitfield. 


'X'HE  Lord  my  faithful  Shepherd  is, 

And  me  He  safely  guideth ; 

I  shall  not  want,  for  I  am  His, 

Who  all  things  good  provideth : 

I  follow  Him,  I  hear  His  voice. 

In  Him,  my  Lord,  I  do  rejoice: 

Blest  am  I  in  His  keeping. 

308  Faith  in  Jesus 

2  A  tender  shepherd   leads   his   sheep, 

Where  pastures  green  are  growing, 
And  there  his  flock  doth  guard  and  keep, 

Beside  still  water  flowing. 
Thus  Christ,  my  Shepherd,  leadeth  me. 
My  soul  and  body  feedeth  He, 

And  for  their  wants  provideth. 

3  And  if  I  ever  go  astray, 

My  wayward  soul  He  turneth, 
To  save  the  lost,  to  guide  the  way, 

For  this  He  ever  yearneth ; 
He  leadeth  me  my  soul  to  bless, 
In  His   own  path   of   righteousness, 

For  His  name's  sake  and  glory. 

4  Why  should  I  ever  fear,  O  Lord, 

Whilst  Thee  I  have  beside  me? 
Thou  by  Thy  Spirit  and  Thy  word 

Dost  comfort  and  dost  guide  me ; 
In  death's  dark  vale  I  fear  no  ill, 
For  Thou,  O  Lord,  art  with  me  still, 

Thy  rod  and  staff  shall  stay  me. 

5  Thou  art  my  Host ;  for  me  Thy  guest, 

A  table  Thou  providest : 
Though  foes  be  near,  I  am  at  rest ; 

Thou  still  with  me  abidest. 
With  oil  anointest  Thou  my  head ; 
On  me  Thy  blessing  rich  is  shed. 

My  cup  with  bliss  o'erfloweth. 

6  Thy  goodness  and  Thy  mercy,  Lord, 

Shall  follow  me,  attending 
The  days  Thou  dost  to  me  afford, 


Faith  in  Jesus  309 

Until  they  reach  their  ending : 
Thereafter  shall  I  in  Thy  love 
Dwell  in  Thy  house  in  heaven  above 

Forever  and  forever. 

C.     Becker. 
C.   Doving,  Tr. 


ESUS,  Jesus,  only  Jesus, 

Can  my  heartfelt  longing  still ; 
See,  I  pledge  myself  to  Jesus, 

What  He  v^ills,  alone  to  will. 
For  my  heart  which  He  hath  filled, 
Ever  cries :    Lord,  as  Thou  wilt. 

2  One  there  is  for  whom  Vm  living, 

Whom  I  love  most  tenderly; 
Jesus,  unto  whom  Vm  giving. 

What  in  love  He  gave  to  me ; 
Jesus'  blood  hides  all  my  guilt ; 
Lead  me,  Lord,  then,  as  Thou  wilt. 

3  Seems  a  thing  to  me  a  treasure, 

Wliich  displeasing  is  to  Thee, 
Then  remove  such  dangerous  pleasure ; 

Give  instead  what  profits  me. 
Let  my  heart  by  Thee  be  stilled. 
Make  me  thine.  Lord,  as  Thou  wilt. 

4  Grant  that  I  may  e'er  endeavor 

Thy  good  pleasure  to  fulfill  ; 
In  me,  through  me,  with  me  ever. 

Lord  accomplish  Thou  Thy  will. 
Let  me  die,  Lord,  on  Thee  built. 
When,  and  where,  and  as  Thou  wilt. 

310  Faith  in  Jesus 

5  Lord,  my  praise  shall  be  unceasing, 
For  Thou  gav'st  Thyself  to  me, 
And  besides  so  many  a  blessing 

That  I  now  sing  joyfully: 
Be  it  unto  me,  my  Shield, 
As  Thou  wilt,  Lord,  as  Thou  wilt. 

Ludaemilie   Elisabeth   von    Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. 

A.  Crull.  Tr. 


IV^Y  JESUS,  I   love  Thee,  I  know  Thou  art 
For  Thee  all  the  follies  of  sin  I  resign ; 
My  gracious  Redeemer,  my  Savior  art  Thou, 
If  ever  I  love  Thee,  my  Jesus,  'tis  now. 

2  I  love  Thee,  because  Thou  hast  first  loved  me, 
And  purchased  my  pardon  on  Calvary's  tree ; 
I  love  Thee  for  wearing  the  thorns  on  Thy 

If  ever  I  loved  Thee,  my  Jesus,  'tis  now. 

3  I'll  love  Thee  in  life,  I  will  love  Thee  in  death, 
And  praise  Thee  as  long  as  Thou  lendest  me 

breath ; 
And  say,  when  the  death-dew  lies  cold  on  my 

If  ever  I  loved  Thee,  my  Jesus,  'tis  now. 

4  In  mansions  of  glory  and  endless  delight, 
I'll  ever  adore  Thee  in  heaven  so  bright ; 

I'll    sing    with    the    glittering    crown    on    my 

If  ever  I  loved  Thee,  my  Jesus,  'tis  now. 


Faith  in  Jesus  311 



.EAUTIFUL  Savior!     King  of  creation! 

Son  of  God  and  Son  of  man ! 
Iruly  I'd  love  Thee,  Truly  I'd  serve  Thee, 

Light  of  my  soul,  my  Joy,  my  Crown. 

2  Fair  are  the  meadows,  fair  are  the  woodlands, 

Robed  in  flowers  of  blooming  spring; 
Jesus  is  fairer,  Jesus  is  purer ; 

He  makes  our  sorrowing  spirit  sing. 

3  Fair  is  the  sunshine,  fair  is  the  moonlight, 

Bright  the  sparkling  stars  on  high ; 
Jesus  shines  brighter,  Jesus  shines  purer. 
Than  all  the  angels  in  the  sky. 

4  Beautiful  Savior !     Lord  of  the  nations  ! 

Son  of  God  and  Son  of  man! 
Glory  and  honor,  praise,   adoration, 
Now  and   forevermore  be   Thine ! 

Crusaders'   Hymn. 
J.    A.    Seiss,    Tr. 


O.EST  of  the  w^eary, 
•■-'    Joy  of  the  sad; 
Hope  of  the  dreary, 
Light  of  the  glad; 
Home  of  the  stranger, 
Strength  to  the  end; 
Refuge  from  danger. 
Savior  and  Friend. 

312  Faith  in  Jesus 

2  Pillow,  where,  lying, 

Love  rests  its  head; 
Peace  of  the  dying, 

Life  of  the  dead. 
Path  of  the  lowly. 

Prize  at  the  end ; 
Breath  of  the  holy, 

Savior  and  Friend. 

3  When  my  feet  stumble, 

I'll  to  Thee  cry; 
Crown  of  the  humble, 

Cross  of  the  high: 
When  my  steps  wander, 

Over  me  bend. 
Truer  and  fonder 

Savior  and  Friend. 

4  Ever  confessing 

Thee,  will  I  raise 
Unto  Thee  blessing, 

Glory  and  praise : — 
All  my  endeavor, 

World  without  end, 
Thine  to  be  ever, 

Savior  and  Friend. 

R.   Palmer. 


W/ITH  all  my  heart  Llove  Thee,  Lord; 
^    Forsake  me  not,  but  still  afford 
Thy  ready  help  and  favor; 
The  world,  its  joys  deligh-t  me  not, 

Faith  in  Jesus  313 

Nor  earth  nor  heav'n  could  be  my  lot, 

Wert  Thou  not  mine  forever. 
And  should  my  heart  with  sorrow  break, 
Thyself  my  portion  I  will  make, 
My  trust,  my  heart's  delight,  my  all. 
Whose  blood  redeemed  me  from  the  fall : 

Lord  Jesus  Christ ! 
My  God  and  Lord !     Thy  gracious  name 
Preserve  me  from  eternal  shame. 

My  body,  soul,  and  all  I  have 

Are  Thine,  O  Lord,  to  keep  and  save, 

Li  this  our  life  of  sadness : 
I  pray  Thee  grant  me  daily  grace, 
To  use  each  gift  to  Thy  sole  praise. 

For  other's  good  and  gladness : 
From  doctrine  false,  from,  error  wdld. 
From  Satan's  lies  pYotect  Thy  child! 
My  soul  with  Thy  whole  strength  prepare, 
My  cross  is  meekest  love  to  bear : 

Lord  Jesus  Christ! 
My  God  and  Lord !    Thy  gracious  name 
Preserve  me  from  eternal  shame. 

My  soul  let  Thine  own  angels  dear, 
To  Abram's  bosom  bear  and  cheer, 

When  she  her  flight  is  taking: 
My  body,  in  its  chamber  still, 
Securely  keep  from  wTong  and  ill, 

Till  earth's  last  great  awaking: 
Then  raise  me.  Lord,  to  be  with  Thee, 
That  these  mine  eyes  with  joy  may  see, 
O  Son  of  God,  Thy  glorious  face. 
My  Savior,  and  my  fount  of  grace ! 

314  Faith  in  Jesus 

Lord  Jesus  Christ, 
Thy  servant  hear !  hear,  I  emplore, 
That  I  may  praise  Thee  evermore ! 

M.     Schalling. 
H.     G.     de     Bunsen,    Tr. 



Y  FAITH  looks  up  to  Thee, 
Thou   Lamb   of   Calvary, 
Savior  divine! 

Now  hear  me  while  I  pray ; 

Take  all  my  guilt  away; 

Oh,  let  me  from  this  day 
Be  wholly  Thine! 

2  May  Thy  rich  grace  impart 
Strength  to  my  fainting  heart, 

My  zeal  inspire; 
As  Thou  hast  died  for  me, 
Oh,  may  my  love  to  Thee, 
Pure,  warm,  and  changeless  be,— 

A  living  fire! 

3  While  life's  dark  maze  I  tread. 
And  griefs   around  me   spread, 

Be  Thou  my  guide ; 
Bid  darkness  turn  to  day. 
Wipe  sorrow's  tears  away, 
Nor  let  me  ever  stray 

From  Thee  aside ! 

4  Wlien  ends  life's  transient  dream, 
When  death's  cold,' sullen  stream 

Shall  o'er  me  roll ; 

Faith  in  Jesus  315 

Blest  Savior,  then  in  love. 
Fear  and   distrust  remove; 
Oh,  bear  me  safe  above, 
A  ransomed  soul ! 

R.    Palmer. 



ESUS  sinners  doth  receive :" 

Word  of  surest  consolation, 
\\^ord  all  sorrow  to  relieve, 

Word  of  pardon,  peace,  salvation ! 
Naught  like  this  can  comfort  give : 
"Jesus  sinners  doth  receive." 

2  On  God's  grace  we  have  no  claim. 

Yet  to  us  His  pledge  is  given ; 
He  hath  sworn  by  His  own  name, 

Open  are  the  gates  of  heaven. 
Take  to  heart  this  word  and  live : 
"Jesus  sinners  doth  receive." 

3  When  a  helpless  lamb  doth  stray. 

After  it,  the  Shepherd,  pressing 
Through  each  dark  and  dangerous  way, 

Brings  it  back,  His  own  possessing. 
Jesus,  seeks  Thee,  O  believe: 
"Jesus  sinners  doth  receive." 

4  Sorrowing,  Lord,  I  yield  to  Thee, 

Weary  of  sin's  heavy  burden ; 
Let  Thy  grace  my  portion  be. 

All  I  crave  for  is  Thy  pardon. 
This,  Thy  promise,  I  believe : 
"Jesus  sinners  doth  receive." 

E.     Xeiinieister. 
Tr.     Composite. 

316  Faith  in  Jesus 


]V/[Y  DEAR  Jesus  I'll  not  leave, 
^^^  Who   for  me  Himself  hath  given; 
Therefore  unto  Him  I'll  cleave, 

Nor  from  Him  be  ever  driven ; 
Life  from  Him  doth  light  receive : 
My  dear  Jesus  I'll  not  leave. 

2  Jesus  will  I  never  leave, 

While  on  earth  I  am  abidmg; 
My  full  trust  He  shall  receive; 

What  I  have  without  dividing, 
All  to  Him  I  freely  give : 
My  dear  Jesus  I'll  not  leave. 

3  Though  my  sight  shall  pass  away. 

Hearing,  taste  and  feeling  fail  me ; 
Though  the  earth's  last  light  of  day 

Shall  o'ertake  and  sore  assail  me ; 
E'en  when  my  last  sigh  I  heave. 
My  dear  Jesus  I'll  not  leave. 

4  Nor  will  I  my  Jesus  leave 

A\'hen  at  length  I  shall  come  thither 
Where  His  saints  He  will  receive. 

That  in  bliss  they  live  together ; 
Endless  joy  to  me  He'll  give; — 
My  dear  Jesus  I'll  not  leave. 

5  Not  for  earth's  vain  joys  I  crave, 

Not  for  heaven's  glorious  pleasure; 
Jesus  who  my  soul  did  save 

Faith  in  Jesus  317 

Shall  be  my  Desire  and  Treasure; 
He  redemption  did  achieve : 
My  dear  Jesus  I'll  not  leave. 

6  Jesus  shall  I  never  leave, 

To  His  side  still  firmly  clinging: 

Christ  leads  all  who  Him  receive 
To  life's  waters  ever  springing. 

Blessed  they  who  to  Him  cleave ! — 

My  dear  Jesus  I'll  not  leave. 

C.   Keymann. 

Tr.     Anon. 



ESUS,  the  very  thought  of  Thee 
With  Sweetness  fills  my  breast ; 

But  sweeter  far  Thy  face  to  see, 
And  in  Thy  presence  rest. 

2  Nor  voice  can  sing,  nor  heart  can  frame, 

Nor  can  the  memory  find 
A  sweeter  sound  than  Thy  blest  name, 
O  Savior  of  mankind  ! 

3  O  Hope  of  every  contrite  heart, 

O  Joy  of  all  the  meek! 
To  those  who  fall,  how  kind  Thou  art, 
How  good  to  those  who  seek ! 

4  Jesus,  our  only  Joy  be  Thou ! 

As  Thou  our  prize  wilt  be ; 
Jesus,  be  Thou  our  glory  now, 

And  through  eternity.  » 

Bernard  of  Clairvaux. 
E.   Caswall,  Tr. 

318  Faith  in  Jesus 


nrAKE  Thou  my  hand,  O  Father, 
'■'     And  lead  Thou  me, 
Until  my  journey  endeth. 

Alone  I  will  not  wander 

One  single  day ; 
Be  Thou  my  true  Companion 
And  with  me  stay. 

2  O  cover  with  Thy  mercy 

My  poor,  weak  heart ! 
Let  every  thought  rebellious 

From  me  depart. 
Permit  Thy  child  to  linger 

Here  at  Thy  feet, 
And  blindly  trust  Thy  goodness 

With  faith  complete. 

3  Though  naught  of  Thy  great  power 

May  move  my  soul, 
A\'ith  Thee  through  night  and  darkness 

I  reach  the  goal. 
Take,  then,  my  hands,  O  Father, 

And  lead  Thou  me 
Until  my  journey  endeth 


J.    V.    Haussmann. 
H.    Brueckner,   Tr. 


p    ^^    In 

POW'R  of  love,  all  else  transcending, 
Jesus  present  evermore. 
I  worship  Thee,  in  homage  bending. 

Faith  in  Jesus  319 

And  sing  of  Thy  celestial  lore : 
Yea,  let  my  soul,  in  deep  devotion, 
Bathe  in  love's  mighty  boundless  ocean. 

Thou  art  my  rest,  no  earthly  treasure 

Can  satisfy  my  yearning  heart, 
And  naught  can  give  to  me  the  pleasure 

I   find   in  Thee,   my   chosen   part. 
Thy  love,  so  tender  and  caressing, 
Is  joy  to  me,  and  every  blessing. 

To  Thee  my  heart  and  life  be  given, 
Thou  art  in  truth  my  highest  Good ; 

For  me  Thy  sacred  side  was  riven. 
For  me  was  shed  Thy  precious  blood. 

O  Thou  who  art  the  world's  salvation. 

Be  Thine  my  love  and  adoration. 

G.    Ti  rsteegen. 
H.    Brueckner,   Tr. 


JESUS,  Thy  blood  and  righteousness 
My  beauty  are,  my  glorious  dress ; 
Midst  flaming  worlds,  in  these  arrayed. 
With  joy  shall  I  lift  up  my  head. 

2  The  holy,  meek,  unspotted  Lamb, 
Who  from  the  Father's  bosom  came. 
Who  died  for  me,  sin  to  atone. 
Now  as  my  Lord  and  God  I  own. 

3  Lord,  I  believe  Thy  precious  blood, 
Which  at  the  mercy-seat  of  God 
Forever  doth  for  sinners  plead, 
For  me,  e'en  for  my  soul  was  shed. 

320  Faith  in  Jesus 

4  Lord,  I  believe,  were  sinners  more 
Than  sands  upon  the  ocean-shore, 
Thou  hast  for  all  a  ransom  paid, 
For  all  a  full  atonement  made. 

5  When  from  the  dust  of  death  I  rise 
To  claim  my  mansion  in  the  skies, 
E'en  then  this  shall  be  all  my  plea, — 
Jesus  hath  lived, — hath  died  for  me' 

N.   L.   von   Zinzendorf. 
C.   Wesley,  Tr. 


•yHOU  art  the  Way,  the  Truth,  the  Life  from 
"*■  heaven, 

This  blest  assurance  Thou  to  us  hast  given; 
O  wilt  Thou  teach  us,  Lord  to  win  Thy  plea- 
In  fullest  measure. 

2  Thou  are  the  Way:  to  reach  our  destination 
We  sorely  need  Thee,  Fount  of  our  salvation : 
Lest  we  should  stumble  when  our  sins  beset 

Do  not  forget  us. 

3  Thou  art  the  Truth :  though  darkness  over- 

take us. 
Thy   heavenly   light   will   nevermore    forsake 

O  shine  within  us,  all  our  gloom  dispelling, 
Make  us  Thy  dwelling. 

Faith  in  Jesus  321 

4  Thou  art  the  Life:   to  all  Thine  own  Thou 
Eternal  life  where  Thou  forever  livest; 
There   without   ceasing,    as   we   stand   before 
Let  us  adore  Thee. 

F.    A.    Krummacher. 
H.    Brueckner,   Tr. 


JESUS,  Lover  of  my  soul, 
Let  me  to  Thy  bosom  fly ; 
While  the  nearer  waters  roll, 

While  the  tempest  still  is  high; 
Hide  me,  O  my  Savior,  hide, 

Till  the  storm  of  life  be  past; 
Safe  into  the  haven  guide, 
Oh,  receive  my  soul  at  last ! 

2  Other  refuge  have  I  none. 

Hangs  my  helpless  soul  on  Thee; 
Leave,  ah !  leave  me  not  alone. 

Still  support  and  comfort  me ! 
All  my  trust  on  Thee  be  stayed. 

All  my  help  from  Thee  I  bring; 
Cover  my  defenseless  head 

With  the  shadow  of  Thy  wing. 

3  Plenteous  grace  with  Thee  is  found, 

Grace  to  cover  all  my  sin ; 
Let  the  healing  streams  abound, 
Make  and  keep  me  pure  within, 

yil  Faith  in  Jesus 

Thou  of  life  the  fountain  art ; 

Freely  let  me  take  of  Thee; 
Spring  Thou  up  within  my  heart, 

Rise  to  all  eternity. 

C.     Wesley. 



ESUS  loves  me,  Jesus  loves  me, 
He  is  always,  always  near ; 

If  I  try  to  please  Him  truly, 
There  is  naught  that  I  can  fear. 

2  Jesus  loves  me, — well  I  know  it. 

For  to  save  my  soul  He  died ; 

He  for  me  bore  pain  and  sorrow, 

Nailed  hands  and  pierced  side. 

3  Jesus  loves  me, — night  and  morning 

Jesus  hears  the  prayers  I  pray; 
And  He  never,  never  leaves  me, 
When  I  work  or  when  I  play. 

4  Jesus  loves  me, — and  He  watches 

Over  me  with  loving  eye. 
And  He  sends  His  holy  angels, 
Safe  to  keep  me  till  I  die. 

5  Jesus  loves  me, — O  Lord  Jesus, 

Now  I  pray  Thee  by  Thy  love, 
Keep  me  ever  pure  and  holy. 
Till  I  come  to  Thee  above. 

W.   Carey. 

Faith  in  Jesus  323 


JESUS,  priceless  treasure, 
Source  of  purest  pleasure, 
Truest  Friend  to  me : 
Ah,  how  long  Fve  panted 
And  my  heart  hath  fainted. 
Thirsting,  Lord,  for  Thee. 
Thine  I  am,  O  spotless  Lamb ! 
I  will  suffer  naught  to  hide  Thee, 
.     Naught  I  ask  beside  Thee. 

2  In  Thine  arms  I  rest  me. 
Foes  who  would  molest  me 

Cannot  reach  me  here. 
Though  the  earth  be  shaking. 
Every  heart  be  quaking. 

Jesus  calms  my  fear ; 
Fires  may  flash  and  thunder  crash, 
Yea,  and  sin  and  hell  assail  me,^ 
Jesus  will  not  fail  me. 

3  Hence  with  earthly  treasure ! 
Thou  art  all  my  pleasure, 

Jesus,  all  my  choice ; 
Hence,  thou  empty  glory ! 
Naught  to  me  thy  story. 

Told  with  tempting  voice ; 
Pain  or  loss,  or  shame,  or  cross. 
Shall  not  from  my.  Savior  move  me 
Since  He  deigns  to  love  me. 

4  Fare  thee  well  that  errest, 
Thou  that  earth  preferrest, 

Thou  wilt  tempt  in  vain; 

324  Faith  in  Jesus 

Fare  thee  well,  transgression, 
Hence,  abhorred  possession, 

Come  not  forth  again. 
Past  your  hour,  O  pride  and  power, 
Worldly  life,  thy  bonds  I  sever. 
Fare  thee  well  forever ! 

5  Hence  all  fear  and  sadness ! 
For  the  Lord  of  gladness, 

Jesus,  enters  in; 
Those  who  love  the  Father 
Though  the  storms  may  gather, 

Still  have  peace  within; 
Yea,  whate'er  I  here  must  bear, 
Thou  art  still  my  purest  pleasure, 
Jesus,  priceless  treasure. 

J.    Franck. 
C.   Winkworth.   Tr. 


TIE  LEADETH  me!     O  blessed  thought! 
^  O  words  with  heav'nly  comfort  fraught! 
Whate'er  I  do,  whate'er  I  be. 
Still  'tis  God's  hand  that  leadeth  me ! 

He  leadeth  me!     He  leadeth  me! 

By  His  own  hand  He  leadeth  me ! 

His  faithful  foll'wer  I  would  be, 

For  by  His  hand  He  leadeth  me. 

2  Sometimes  'midst  scenes  of  deepest  gloom, 
Sometimes  where  Eden's  bowers  bloom, 
By  waters  calm,  o'er  troubled  sea, 
Still  'tis  His  hand  that  leadeth  me. 
He  leadeth  me,  etc. 

Faith  in  Jesus  325 

3  Lord,  I  would  clasp  Thy  hand  in  mine, 
Nor  even  murmur  nor  repine : 
Content,  whatever  lot  I  see. 

Since  'tis  my  God  that  leadeth  me. 
He  leadeth  me,  etc. 

4  And  when  my  task  on  earth  is  done. 
When,  by  Thy  grace,  the  victory's  won, 
E'en  death's  cold  wave  I  will  not  flee. 
Since  God  through  Jordan  leadeth  me. 

He  leadeth  me,  etc. 

J.   H.   Gilmore. 


JESUS,  Jesus,  come  to  me ; 
How  my  soul  longs  after  Thee ! 
When,  my  best,  my  dearest  Friend, 
Shall  our  separation  end? 

2  Lord,  my  longings  never  cease ; 
Without  Thee  I  find  no  peace : 
'Tis  my  constant  cry  to  Thee, — 
Jesus,  Jesus,  come  to  me ! 

3  Mean  the  joys  of  earth  appear, 
All  below  is  dark  and  drear ; 
Naught  by  Thy  beloved  voice 
Can  my  wretched  heart  rejoice. 

4  Thou  alone,  my  gracious  Lord, 
Art  my  shield  and  great  reward; 
All  my  hope,  my  Savior  Thou, — 
To  Thy  sovereign  will  I  bow. 

5  Come  and  dwell  within  my  heart ; 
Purge  its  sin,  and  heal  its  smart; 

326  Faith  in  Jesus 

See,  I  ever  cry  to  Thee, — 
Jesus,  Jesus,  come  to  me ! 

6  Patiently  I  wait  Thy  day ; 
For  this  gift  alone  I  pray, 
That,  when  death  shall  visit  me. 
Thou  my  light  and  life  wilt  be. 

J.    Scheffler. 
li.   P.   Dunn,  Tr. 


COULD  not  do  without  Thee. 

0  Savior  of  the  lost, 

Whose  precious  blood  redeemed  me 
At  such  tremendous  cost : 

Thy  righteousness.   Thy  pardon. 
Thy  precious  blood,  must  be 

My  only  hope  and  comfort. 
My  glory  and  my  plea. 

I  could  not  do  without  Thee. 

1  cannot  stand  alone, 

I  have  no  strength  or  goodness. 

No  wisdom  of  my  own  ; 
But  Thou,  beloved  Savior, 

Art  all  in  all  to  me. 
And  weakness  will  be  power 

If  leaning  hard  on  Thee. 

I  could  not  do  without  Thee, 
For,  oh,  the  way  is  long, 

And  I  am  often  weary. 
And  sigh  replaces  song: 

How  could  I  do  without  Thee? 
I  do  not  know  the  wav ; 

Faith  in  Jesus  32 

Thou  knowest,  and  Thou  leadest, 
And  wilt  not  let  me  stray. 

4  I  could  not  do  without  Thee, 

0  Jesus,  Savior  dear; 

E'en  when  my  eyes  are  holden, 

1  know  that  Thou  art  near. 
How  dreary  and  how  lonely 

This  changeful  life  would  be, 
Without  the  sweet  communion, 
The  secret  rest  with  Thee ! 

5  I  could  not  do  without  Thee, 

For  years  are  fleeting  fast, 
And  soon  in  solemn  stillness 

The  river  must  be  passed; 
But  Thou  wilt  never  leave  me, 

And  though  the  waves  roll  high, 
I  know  Thou  wilt  be  near  me. 

And  whisper,  "It  is  T." 

F.  R.  Havergal. 


I'VE  found  the  Pearl  of  greatest  price, 
■*•       My  heart  doth  sing  for  joy ; 
And  sing  I  must,  a  Christ  I  love, 
O  what  a  Christ  have  I ! 

2  Christ  is  a  Prophet,  Priest  and  King, 

A  Prophet   full   of  light, 
A  Priest  that  stands  'twixt  God  and  man, 
A  King  that  rules  with  might. 

3  My  Christ,  He  is  the  Lord  of  lords, 

He  is  the  King  of  kings  ; 

328  Faith  in  Jesus 

He  is  the  Son  of  Righteousness, 
With  heahng  in  His  wings. 

4  My  Christ,  He  is  the  Heaven  of  heavens. 
My  Christ,  what  shall  I  call? 
My  Christ  is  First,  my  Christ  is  Last, 
My  Christ  is  All  in  all ! 


"•ROM  God  shall  naught  divide  me, 

For  He  is  true  for  aye, 
And  on  my  path  shall  guide  me, 

Who  else  should  often  stray ; 
His  ever  bounteous  hand 

By  night  and  day  is  heedful. 

And  gives  me  what  is  needful, 
Where'er  I  go  or  stand. 

If  sorrow  comes,  He  sent  it; 

In  Him  I  put  my  trust; 
I  never  shall  repent  it, 

For  He  is  true  and  just, 
And  loves  to  bless  us  still ; 

My  life  and  soul,  I  owe  them 

To  Him  who  doth  bestow  them. 
Let  Him  do  as  He  will. 

Whate'er  shall  be  His  pleasure 

Is  surely  best  for  me ; 
He  gave  His  dearest  treasure. 

That  our  weak  hearts  might  see 
How  good  His  will  toward  us ; 

And  in  His  Son  He  gave  us 

J.    Mason. 

Faith  in  Jesus  329 

Whatever  could  bless  and  save  us : 
Praise  Him  who  loveth  thus ! 

4  O  praise  Him,  for  He  never 

Forgets  our  daily  need ; 
O  blest  the  hour  whenever 

To  Him  our  thoughts  can  speed; 
Yea,  all  the  time  we  spend 

Without  Him  is  but  wasted, 

Till  we  His  joy  have  tasted. 
The  joy  that  hath  no  end. 

5  For  when  the  world  is  passing 

With  all  its  pomp  and  pride, 
All  we  were  here  amassing 

No  longer  may  abide; 
But  in  our  earthly  bed. 

Where  softly  we  are  sleeping, 

God  hath  us  in  His  keeping, 
To  wake  us  from  the  dead. 

6  Then,  though  on  earth  I  suffer 

Much  trial,  well  I  know 

I  merit  ways  still  rougher. 
And  'tis  to  heaven  I  go ; 
For  Christ  I  know  and  love. 

To  Him  I  now  am  hasting, 

And  gladness  everlasting 
With  Him  this  heart  shall  prove. 

7  For  such  His  will  who  made  us; 

The  Father  seeks  our  good ; 
The  Son  hath  grace  to  aid  us, 

And  save  us  by  His  blood; 
His  Spirit  rules  our  ways, 

330  Faith  in  Jesus 

By  faith  in  us  abiding, 
To  heaven  our  footsteps  guiding; 
To  Him  be  thanks  and  praise. 

L.    Helmbold. 
C.  Winkworth,  Tr. 



HO  is  there  like  Thee, 
Jesus,  unto  me? 
None  are  like  Thee,  none  above  Thee, 
Thou  art  altogether  lovely; 
None  on  earth  have  we. 
None  in  heav'n  like  Thee. 

Love  that  warmly  glowed, 

Blood  that  freely  flowed  ; 

Life  that  stooped  to  death  to  save  me. 

And  a  deathless  being  gave  me. 

Bore  my  guilty  load. 

Brought  me  back  to  God ! 

Plant  Thyself  in  me, 

I  will  learn  of  Thee, 

To  be  holy,  meek,  and  tender, 

Wrath  and  pride  and  self  surrender: 

Nothing  shouldst  Thou  see 

But  Th3'self  in  me. 

^^^hen  on  death's  cold  strand 

I  one  day  shall  stand. 

Let  Thy  presence  go  beside  me. 

Through  the  gloomy  waters  guide  me : 

Grant  me  then  to  stand. 

Lord,  at  Thy  right  hand. 

J.  A.   Freylinghausen. 
J.    S.    Stallybrass,   Tr. 


Olrnsa  unh  Qlomfort 


HEN  in  the  hour  of  utmost  need 
We  know  not  where  to  look  for  aid ; 
When  days  and  nights  of  anxious  thought 
Nor  help  nor  counsel  yet  have  brought ; 

2  Then  this  our  comfort  is  alone. 
That  we  may  meet  before  Thy  throne, 
And  cry,  O  faithful  God,  to  Thee 
For  rescue  from  our  misery ; 

3  To  Thee  may  raise  our  hearts  and  eyes, 
Repenting  sore  with  bitter  sighs, 

And  seek  Thy  pardon  for  our  sin, 
And  respite  from  our  griefs  within. 

4  For  Thou  hast  promised  graciously 
To  hear  all  those  who  cry  to  Thee, 
Through  Him  whose  name  alone  is  great, 
Our  Savior  and  our  Advocate. 

5  O,  hide  not  for  our  sins  Thy  face. 
Absolve  us  through  Thy  boundless  grace, 
Be  with  us  in  our  anguish  still, 

Free  us  at  last  from  every  ill ; 

6  That  so  with  all  our  hearts  we  may 
To  Thee  our  glad  thanksgiving  pay, 
And  walk  obedient  to  Thy  word, 
And  now  and  ever  praise  the  Lord. 

p.    Eber. 
C.   Winkworth.  Tr. 

332  Cross  and  Comfort 


jN  the  hour  of  trial, 
^       Jesus,  plead  for  me; 
Lest  by  base  denial 

I  depart  from  Thee ; 
When  Thou  see'st  me  waver, 

With  a  look  recall, 
Nor  from  fear  or  favor 
Suffer  me  to  fall. 

2  With  forbidden  pleasures 

Would  this  vain  world  charm 
Or  its  sordid  treasures 

Spread  to  work  me  harm ; 
Bring  to  my  remembrance 

Sad  Gethsemane. 
Or,  in  darker  semblance, 

Cross-crowned  Calvary. 

3  Should  Thy  mercy  send  me 

Sorrow,  toil,  and  woe; 
Or  should  pain  attend  me 

On  my  path  below ; 
Grant  that  I  may  never 

Fail  Thy  hand  to  see; 
■  Grant  that  I  may  ever 

Cast  my  care  on  Thee. 

4  When  my  last  hour  cometh. 

Fraught  with  strife  and  pain, 
W'hen  my  dust  returneth 
To  the  dust  again; 

Cross  and  Comfort  333 

On  Thy  truth  relying. 

Through  that  mortal  strife, 
Jesus,  take  me,  dying, 

To  eternal  life. 

J.  Montgomery. 



HEN  our  heads  are  bowed  with  woe, 
When  our  bitter  tears  o'erflow, 
When  we  mourn  the  lost,  the  dear, 
Jesus,  Son  of  Mary,  hear ! 

2  Thou  our  throbbing  flesh  hast  worn, 
Thou  our  mortal  griefs  hast  borne, 
Thou  hast  shed  the  human  tear ; 
Jesus,  Son  of  Mary,  hear ! 

3  When  the  solemn  death-bell  tolls 
For  our  own  departing  souls, 
When  our  final  doom  is  near, 
Jesus,  Son  of  Mary,  hear ! 

4  Thou  hast  bowed  the  dying  head, 
Thou  the  blood  of  life  hast  shed, 
Thou  hast  filled  a  mortal  bier; 
Jesus,  Son  of  Mary,  hear ! 

5  When  the  heart  is  sad  within. 
With  the  thought  of  all  its  sin, 
When  the  spirit  shrinks  with  fear, 
Jesus,  Son  of  Mary,  hear ! 

334  Cross  and  Comfort 

6  Thou  the  shame,  the  grief,  hast  known, 
Though  the  sins  were  not  Thine  own ; 
Thou  hast  deigned  their  load  to  bear ! 
Jesus,  Son  of  Mary,  hear ! 

H.  H.   Milman. 


TN  god,  my  faithful  God, 

■'•       I  trust  when  dar"k  my   road; 

Though  many  w^oes  o'ertake  me. 

Yet  He  will  not  forsake  me ; 

His  love  it  is  doth  send  them, 

And  when  'tis  best  will  end  them. 

2  My  sins  assail  me  sore. 
But  I  despair  no  more ; 

I  build  on  Christ  who  loves  me. 
From  this  Rock  nothing  moves  me ; 
To  Him  I  all  surrender. 
To  Him,  my  soul's  Defender. 

3  If  death  my  portion  be. 
Then  death  is  gain  to  me, 
And  Christ  my  life  forever. 
From  whom  death  cannot  sever ; 
Come  when  it  may,  He'll  shield  me, 
To  Him  I  w^holly  yield  me. 

4  O  Jesus  Christ,  my  Lord, 
So  meek  in  deed  and  word, 
Thou  once  didst  die  to  save  us, 
Because  Thou  fain  wouldst  have  us 
After  this  life  of  sadness 

Heirs  of  Thy  heavenly  gladness. 

Cross  and  Comfort  335 

"So  be  it,"  then  I  say, 
With  all  my  heart  each  day : 
We  too,  dear  Lord,  adore  Thee, 
We  sing-  for  joy  before  Thee: 
Guide  us  while  here  we  wander. 
Till  safely  landed  yonder. 

S.     Weingaertner. 
C.  Winkworth,  Tr. 



ESUS,  still  lead  on, 

Till  our  rest  be  won ; 
And  although  the  way  be  cheerless, 
Wt  will  follow,  calm  and  fearless ; 
Guide  us  by  Thy  hand 
To  our  fatherland. 

If  the  way  be  drear, 

If  the  foe  be  near. 

Let  not  faithless  fears  o'er  take  us. 

Let  not  faith  and  hope  forsake  us; 

For  through  many  a  foe 

To  our  home  we  go. 

When  we  seek  relief 

From  a  long-felt  grief. 

When  temptations  come  alluring^. 

Make  us  patient  and  enduring; 

Show  us  that  bright  shore 

Where  we  weep  no  more. 

4  Jesus,  still  lead  on, 
Till  our  rest  be  won ; 
Heavenly  Leader,  still  direct  us, 

336  Cross  and  Comfort 

Still  support,  console,  protect  us, 
Till  we  safely  stand 
In  our  fatherland. 

N.     L.     von     Zinzendorf. 
J.    Borthwick,   Tr. 


TN  THEE  is  gladness 
■'•       Amid  all  sadness, 

Jesus,  sunshine  of  the  heart; 

By  Thee  are  given 

The  gifts  of  heaven, 

Thou  the  true  Redeemer  art. 

Our  souls  Thou  wakest, 

Our  bonds  Thou  breakest, 

Who  trusts  Thee  surely 

Hath  built  securely. 

He  stands  forever : 

Our  hearts  are  pining 

To  see  Thy  shining, 

Dying  or  living. 

To  Thee  are  cleaving, 

Naught  can  us  sever : 
Hallelujah ! 

2  If  He  is  ours 

We  fear  no  powers. 

Nor  of  earth,  nor  sin,  nor  death, 

He  sees  and  blesses 

In  worst  distresses, 

He  can  change  them  wnth  a  breath. 

\\^herefore  the  story 

Tell  of  His  glory 

Cross  and  Comfort  337 

With  heart  and  voices ; 
All  heaven  rejoices 
In  Him  forever: 

We  shout  for  gladness, 
Triumph  o'er  sadness, 
Love  Him  and  praise  Him, 
And  still  shall  raise  Him 
Glad  hymns  forever : 

Hallelujah ! 


COUL,  with  all  thine  anguish, 
^     Wait  on  the  Lord, 
Nor  in  sorrow  languish ; 

He  will  help  afford. 
Have  thou  no  fear, 
Morning  draweth  near, 
And,  the  winter  leaving, 
Springtime  will  appear. 
In  storms  appalling. 

In  perils  sore, 
He  will  heed  thy  calling 

2  Soul,  with  all  thine  anguish, 
\\' ait  on  the  Lord ; 
Nor  in  sorrow  languish, 

He  will  help  afford. 
When  all  things  fail. 
Still  thou  shalt  prevail. 
He  in   strength   surpassing 

J.    Lindemann. 
Winkworth,  Tr. 

338  Cross  and  Comfort 

E'en  the  strongest  gale. 
Thou  God  of  power, 

Thou  Helper  true, 
When  huge  billows  tower, 

Help  Thou  me  through. 

F.    Raeder. 
H.   Brueckner,   Tr. 


HEARD  the  voice  of  Jesus  say : 

''Come  unto  Me  and  rest ; 
Lay  down,  thou  weary  one.  lay  down 

Thy  head  upon  My  breast." 
I  came  to  Jesus  as  I  was, 

Weary,  and  worn,  and  sad ; 
I  found  in  Him  a  resting-place, 

And  He  has  made  me  glad. 

I  heard  the  voice  of  Jesus  say : 

"Behold,  I  freely  give 
The  living  water ;  thirsty  one. 

Stoop  down,  and  drink,  and  live!" 
I  came  to  Jesus,  and  I  drank 

Of  that  life-giving  stream ; 
My  thirst  was  quenched,  my  soul  revived, 

And  now  I  live  in  Him. 

v3  I  heard  the  voice  of  Jesus  say : 
'T  am  this  dark  world's  Light; 
Look  unto  Me ;  thy  morn  shall  rise. 

And  all  thy  day  be  bright!" 
I  looked  to  Jesus,  and  I  found 

Cross  and  Comfort  339 

In  Him  my  Star,  my  Sun, 
And  in  that  light  of  life  I'll  walk 
Till  traveling  days  are  done. 

II.    Bonar. 



OW  the  wind  in  fury  blind 
Sets  the  sea  a-going! 
Where,  then,  can  we  shelter  find 

While  the  gale  is  blowing? 
One  there  is  who  in  the  night 
Well  doth  guard  us  by  His  might : 
Christ,  come  to  be 
With  us  upon  the  sea ! 

2  How  the  star-lit  sky  grows  black, 

And  the  clouds  are  flying! 
If  the  ship's  frail  rudder  crack. 

Who  will  hear  our  crying? 
One  there  is  who  hears  our  cries, — 
See  the  Day-star  in  the  skies ! 
Christ,  deign  to  be 
With  us  upon  the  sea! 

3  When  the  storm  has  ceased  to  blow. 

And  the  stars  are  glowing, 
Through  the  waves  we  safely  row. 

Praise  on  Him  bestowing. 
Him  we  laud  with  heart  and  voice, 
Yea,  in  Him  we  e'er  rejoice. 
Hail,  Christ,  to  Thee, 
Thou  Sovereign  of  the  sea ! 

J.   D.  Falk. 
H.   Brueckner,   Tr. 

340  Cross  and  Comfort 


nrHY  way  and  all  thy  sorrows 
■'•     Give  thou  into  His  hand ; 
His  gracious  care  unfailing, 

Who  doth  the  heav'ns  command; 
Their  course  and  path  He  giveth 

To  clouds  and  air  and  wind : 
A  Avay  thy  feet  may  follow 
He,  too,  for  thee  will  find. 

2  On  Him  be  thy  reliance, 

If  thou  wouldst  prosper  well: 
To  make  thy  work  enduring 

Thy  mind  on  Him  must  dwell. 
And  yieldeth  naught  to  sorrow 

And  self-tormenting  care : 
Naught,  naught  with  Him  availeth, 

No  power  save  that  of  prayer. 

3  Thy  truth  and  grace,  O  Father, 

Behold  and  surely  know. 
Both  what  is  good  and  evil, 

For  mortal  man  below ; 
And  whatsoe'er  Thou   choosest 

Thou  dost,  great  God,  fulfill, 
And  into  being  bringest 

Whate'er  is  in  Thy  will. 

4  Thy  way  is  ever  open ; 

Thou  dost  on  naught  depend ; 
Thine  act  is  only  blessing, 

Thy  path  light  without  end. 
Thy  work  can  no  man  hinder; 

Cross  and  Comfort  341 

Thy  purpose  none  can  stay, 
Since  Thou  to  bless  Thy  children 
Through  all  dost  make  a  way. 

Give,  Lord,  this  consummation 

To  all  our  heart's  distress, 
Our  hands,  our  feet,  O  strengthen, 

In  death  our  spirits  bless. 
Thy  truth  and  Thy  protection 

Forevermore  we  pray ; 
With  these  in  heavenly  glory 

Shall  end  our  certain  way. 

p.    Gerhardt. 
A.  T.   Russell,  Tr. 


r^OME,  ye  disconsolate,  where'er  you  languish, 
^    Come  to  the  mercy-seat,  fervently  kneel ; 
Here   bring  your   wounded   hearts,   here   tell 
your  anguish ; 
Earth   has   no   sorrow   that   heav'n   cannot 

2  Joy  of  the  desolate,  light  of  the  straying, 

Hope  of  the  penitent,  fadeless  and  pure. 
Here  speaks  the  Comforter,  tenderly  saying, 
"Earth  has  no  sorrow  that  heav'n  cannot 

3  Here  see  the  Bread  of  life ;  see  waters  flowing 

Forth  from  the  throne  of  God,  pure  from 
above ; 

342  Cross  and  Comfort 

Come  to  the  feast  of  love,  come,  ever  knowing 
Earth  has   no   sorrow  but  heav'n   can  re- 

Th.    Moore. 


TF  THOU  but  suffer  God  to  guide  thee, 
•■       And  hope  in  Him  through  all  thy  w^ays, 
He'll  give  thee  strength,  whate'er  betide  thee, 

And  bear  thee  through  the  evil  days : 
Who  trusts  in  God's  unchanging  love 
Builds  on  the  rock  that  naught  can  move. 

2  \\^hat  can  these  anxious  cares  avail  thee. 

These  never-ceasing  moans   and   sighs ! 
What  can  it  help,  if  thou  bewail  thee 

O'er  each  dark  moment  as  it  flies? 
Our  cross  and  trials  do  but  press 
The  heavier  for  our  bitterness. 

3  All   are  alike  before  the  Highest; 

'Tis  easy  for  our  God,  we  know. 
To  raise  thee  up  though  low  thou  liest, 

To  make  the  rich  man  poor  and  low; 
True  wonders  still  by  Him  are  wrought 
Who  setteth  up  and  brings  to  naught. 

4  Sing,  pray,  and  keep  His  ways  unswerving, 

So  do  thine  own  part  faithfully, 
And  trust  His  word ; — though  undeserving, 

Thou  shalt  yet  find  it  true  for  thee ; 
God  never  yet  forsook  at  need 
The  soul  that  trusted  Him  indeed. 

G.    Neumark. 
C.  Winkworth,  Tr. 


Cross  and  Comfort  343 


OCK  of  Ages,  cleft  for  me, 

Let  me  hide  myself  in  Thee ; 
Let  the  water  and  the  blood, 
From  Thy  side,  a  healing  flood, 
Be  of  sin  the  double  cure. 
Save  from  wrath  and  make  me  pure. 

2  Not  the  labors  of  my  hands 
Can  fulfill  Thy  law's  demands ; 
Could  my  zeal  no  respite  know, 
Could  my  tears  forever  flow. 
All  for  sin  could  not  atone; 
Thou  must  save,  and  Thou  alone. 

3  Nothing  in  my  hand  I  bring, 
Simply  to  Thy  cross  I  cling; 
Naked,  come  to  Thee  for  dress. 
Helpless,  look  to  Thee  for  grace; 
Foul,  I  to  the  fountain  fly : 
Wash  me.  Savior,  or  I  die! 

4  While  I  draw  this  fleeting  breath, 
When  my  eyelids  close  in  death. 
When  I  soar  to  worlds  unknown, 
See  Thee  on  Thy  judgment  throne : 
Rock  of  Ages,  cleft  for  me. 

Let  me  hide  myself  in  Thee ! 

A.  M.  Toplady. 


KTEARER,  my  God,  to  Thee, 
^  ^    Nearer  to  Thee, 

E'en  though  it  be  a  cross 
That  raiseth  me; 

344  Cross  and  Comfort 

Still  all  my  song  shall  be. 
Nearer,  my  God,  to  Thee, 

Nearer,  my  God,  to  Thee, 
Nearer  to  Thee. 

2  Though  like  the  wanderer. 

The  sun  gone  down, 
Darkness  be  over  me, 

My  rest  c.  stone. 
Yet  in  my  dreams  I'd  be 
II :  Nearer,  my  God,  to  Thee, :  || 

Nearer  to  Thee ! 

3  There  let  the  way  appear 

Steps  unto  heaven ; 
All  that  Thou  sendest  me 

In  mercy  given ; 
Angels  to  beckon  me 
II :  Nearer,  my  God,  to  Thee, :  || 

Nearer  to  Thee! 

4  There  with  my  waking  thoughts 

Bright  with  Thy  praise. 
Out  of  my  stony  griefs 

Bethel  I'll  raise ; 
So  by  my  woes  to  be 
II :  Nearer,  my  God,  to  Thee, :  || 

Nearer  to  Thee! 

5  Or  if  on  joyful  wing. 

Cleaving  the  sky. 
Sun,  moon,  and  stars  forgot, 
Upward  I  fly. 

Cross  and  Comfort  345 

Still  all  my  song  shall  be, 
II :  Nearer,  my  God,  to  Thee, 
Nearer  to  Thee ! 

S.     Adams. 


T    EAD,     kindly     Light,     amid     th'     encircling 
*-^  gloom. 

Lead  Thou  me  on ! 
The  night  is  dark,  and  I  am  far  from  home, 

Lead  Thou  me  on ! 
Keep  Thou  my  feet !     I  do  not  ask  to  see 
The  distant  scene;  one  step  enough  for  me. 

2  I  was  not  ever  thus,  nor  prayed  that  Thou 

Shouldst  lead  me  on ; 
I  loved  to  choose  and  see  my  path ;  but  now 

Lead  Thou  me  on! 
I  loved  the  garish  day;  and,  spite  of  fears, 
Pride  ruled  my  will :  remember  not  past  years. 

3  So  long  Thy  power  has  blest  me,  sure  it  still 

Will  lead  me  on 
O'er  moor  and  fen,  o'er  crag  and  torrent,  till 

The  night  is  gone ; 
And  with  the  morn  those  angel  faces  smile, 
Which    I    have    loved    long    since,    and    lost 

J.  H.  Newman. 

VWE  GATHER  to  worship  Jehovah,  the  right- 
Who  verily  sitteth  in  judgment  severe; 
The  good  by  the  evil  shall  not  be  overpow- 
The  Lord  will  prevent  it,  our  prayer  He  will 

2  Amid  the  great  conflict  He  ever  stood  by  us, 

That  we  His  own  people  the  victors  might 
The  battle's  beginning  foretold  its  good  out- 

For  Thou.  Lord,  wast  with  us,  all  glory  to 

3  Wq  praise  Thee,  O  God,  Thou  great  Ruler  of 

l)attles  : 
O. grant  that  Thy  help  we  may  furthermore 
see ; 
In  mercy  Thy  people's  enslavement  prevent- 
*  iiig, 
The  enemy  vanquish,  O  Lord,  make  us  free ! 

A.    Valerius. 
H.   Brueckner,   Tr. 


r\  SAVIOR,  precious  Savior, 
^^^  Whom  yet  unseen  we  love 
O  name  of  might  and  favor, 
All  other  names  above! 

Prayer  347 

We  worship  Thee,  we  bless  Thee, 
To  Thee,  O  Christ,  we  sing ; 

We  praise  Thee  and  confess  Thee, 
Our  holy  Lord  and  King! 

O  Bringer  of  salvation, 

Who  wondrously  hast  wrought, 
Thyself  the  revelation 

Of  love  beyond  our  thought; 
We  worship  Thee,  we  bless  Thee, 

To  Thee,  O  Christ,  we  sing,  etc. 

In  Thee  all  fullness  dwelleth. 
All  grace  and  power  divine ; 

The  glory  that  excelleth, 
O  Son  of  God,  is  Thine: 

We  worship  Thee,  etc. 

O  grant  the  consummation 

Of  this  our  song  above, 
In  endless  adoration, 

And  everlasting  love : 
We  worship  Thee,  etc. 


R,  F.  Littledale. 


NE  thing  needful !    Lord,  I  pray  Thee, 

Teach  me  this  alone  to  know: 
All  but  this,  though  fair  as  may  be. 

Is  a  heavy  yoke  of  woe. 
Beneath    it    the   heart    with    remorse   is   tor- 
mented ; 

348  Prayer 

Is  seeking,  but  never  is  truly  contented; 
This  one  thing  I  long  for,  well  worth  all  alone, 
That  I  may  be  gladdened  by  all  things  in  one. 

2  O  my  soul,  if  thou  wouldst  find  it. 

Ask  no  creature  to  advise ; 
Neither  seek  of  earth,  nor  mind  it ; 

Mount  o'er  nature  to  the  skies, 
Where  God  is  with  man  in  One  Person  united ; 
Where  all  by  His  perfected  fullness  is  lighted. 
There,  then,  thy  most  needful,   best  portion 

extol, — 
My  welfare  eternal,  my  Savior,  my  all. 

3  E'en  as  Mary,  all  else  quitting, 

On  this  only  bliss  intent. 
At  the  feet  of  Jesus  sitting, 

In  a  pure  devotion  pent: 
Her  spirit  within  her  in  ecstasy  glowing, 
Desiring  the  one  thing  her  Lord  was  bestow- 

And  lost  in  her  Savior,  to  all  things  beside, 
Receiving  the   one   thing  with   all   was   sup- 
plied ; — 

4  So  doth  strong  desire  possess  me, 

Savior  dear,  for  Thee  alone 
May  I  faithfully  confess  Thee; 

Make  me,  Lord,  Thy  very  own. 
The  many  are  e'en  to  the  multitude  turning, 
But  Thee  will  I  seek,  Lord,  with  love  for  Thee 

Thy  word  is  both  spirit  and  life  unto  me : 
What  is  there  of  good  that  is  not  found  in 

Prayer  349 

Wisdom,  Lord,  in  Thee  abiding. 

Though  in  fulhiess  unrevealed, 
May  my  will  obey  Thy  guiding 

And  to  Thee  in  all  things  yield. 
Let  meekness  and  holy  simplicity  rule  me ; 
In  heavenly  wisdom,  O  Lord,  let  them  school 

If  truly  I  only  know  Thee  as  my  Lord, 
Ah,   then   I   have   wisdom's   most   perfect   re- 

Naught  can  I  bring,  God,  that  pleases 
But  Thyself,  Thou  Boon  most  blest; 

In  Thy  crimson  blood,  O  Jesus. 
My  prosperity  must  rest. 

That  most  perfect  righteousness,  Lord,  is  as- 
sured me, 

Which  Thou  by  Thy  death  on  the  cross  hast 
secured  me ; 

The  robes  of  salvation  I  fondly  desire, 

My  faith's  everlasting  and  glorious  attire. 

7  Grant  my  soul  in  slumber  lying, 
In  Thy  likeness.  Lord,  to  wake; 
Made  of  God  my  sanctifying. 

Thee  my  only  choice  I  make: 
For  all  things  that  serve  godly  life  and  be- 
Are  given  me  only  in  Thee,  Holy  Savior. 
Within  me  all  lusts  of  the  moment  dethrone 
The   power   of  Thy  blest   resurrection   make 

350  Prayer 

8  Then,  my  Savior,  naught  can  move  me; 
Thou  my  All  in  All  shalt  be : 
Search  my  heart's  intent  and  prove  me, 

Purging  all  hypocrisy. 
See  whether  the  slippery  places  impede  me, 
And  then  in  the  way  everlasting  still  lead  me : 
The  world  I  count  worthless  and  all  it  may 

That  I  may  find  Thee,  Lord,  the  one  needful 

J.    R.    Schroeder. 
A.  Ramsey,  Tr. 



ASS  me  not,  O  gentle  Savior, 

Hear  my  humble  cry ; 
While  on  others  Thou  art  smiling. 

Do  not  pass  me  by. 
Savior,  Savior,  hear  my  humble  cry ; 

While  on  others  Thou  art  calling, 
Do  not  pass  me  by. 

2  Let  me  at  the  throne  of  mercy 

Find  a  sweet  relief; 
Kneeling  there  in  deep  contrition. 

Help  my  unbelief. 
Savior,  Savior,  hear  my  humble  cry,  etc. 

3  Trusting  only  in  Thy  merit, 

Would  I  seek  Thy  face; 
Heal  my  wounded,  broken  spirit 

Save  me  by  Thy  grace. 
Savior,  Savior,  hear  my  humble  cry,  etc. 

Prayer  351 

4  Thou  the  Spring  of  all  my  comfort, 
More  than  life  to  me. 
Whom  have  I  on  earth  beside  Thee? 

Whom  in  heaven  but  Thee? 
Savior,  Savior,  hear  m}^  humble  cry,  etc. 

F.     Crosby. 


/^UR  Father,  Thou  in  heav'n  above, 
^^  Who  biddest  us  to  dwell  in  love. 
As  brethren  of  one  family, 
And  cry  for  all  we  need  to  Thee ; 
Teach  us  to  mean  the  words  we  say, 
And  from  the  inmost  heart  to  pray. 

2  All  hallowed  be  Thy  name,  O  Lord ! 
O  let  us  firmly  keep  Thy  word, 
And  lead,  according  to  Thy  name, 
A  holy  life,  untouched  by  blame ; 
Let  no  false  teachings  do  us  hurt — 
All  poor  deluded  souls  convert. 

3  Thy  kingdom  come !     Thine  let  it  be 
In  time  and  through  eternity ! 

O  let  Thy  Holy  Spirit  dwell 
W^ith  us,  to  rule  and  guide  us  well ; 
From  Satan's  mighty  power  and  rage. 
Preserve  Thy  church  from  age  to  age. 

4  Thy  will  be  done  on  earth,  O  Lord, 
As  wdiere  in  heaven  Thou  art  adored ! 
Patience  in  time  of  grief  bestow, 
Obedience  true  in  weal  and  woe ; 
Our  sinful  flesh  and  blood  control 
That  thwart  Thy  will  within  the  soul. 

352  Prayer 

5  Give  us  this  day  our  daily  bread, 
Let  us  be  duly  clothed  and  fed ; 
And  keep  Thou  from  our  homes  afar 
Famine  and  pestilence  and  war, 
That  we  may  live  in  godly  peace, 
Unvexed  by  cares  and  avarice. 

6  Forgive  our  sins,  that  they  no  more 
May  grieve  and  haunt  us  as  before, 
As  we  forgive  their  trespasses 

Who  unto  us  have  done  amiss ; 
Thus  let  us  dwell  in  charity. 
And  serve  each  other  willingly. 

7  Into  temptation  lead  us  not, 

And  when  the  foe  doth  war  and  plot 
Against  our  souls  on  every  hand, 
Then  armed  with  faith,  O  may  we  stand 
Against  him  as  a  valiant  host 
Through  comfort  of  the  Holy  Ghost. 

8  Deliverance  from  all  evil  give. 
For  yet  in  evil  days  we  live ; 
Redeem  us  from  eternal  death, 

And  when  we  yield  our  dying  breath, 
Console  us,  grant  us  calm  release, 
And  take  our  souls  to  Thee  in  peace. 

9  Amen !  that  is.  So  let  it  be ! 
Strenghten  our  faith  and  trust  in  Thee, 
That  we  may  doubt  not,  but  believe, 
That  what  we  ask  wg  shall  receive : 
Thus  in  Thy  name  and  at  Thy  word 
We  say  Amen ;  now  hear  us,  Lord ! 

M.    Ldther. 
C.   Winkworth.   Tr. 

Prayer  353 



GOD,  Thou  faithful  God, 

Thou  Fountain  ever  flowing, 
Without  whom  nothing  is, 

All  perfect  gifts  bestowing; 
A  pure  and  healthy  frame 

O  give  me,  and  within 
A  conscience  free  from  blame, 

A  soul  unhurt  by  sin. 

2  And  grant  me,  Lord,  to  do. 

With  ready  heart  and  willing, 
Whate'er  Thou  shalt  command, 

My  calling  here  fulfilling; 
And  do  it  when  I  ought. 

With  all  my  strength,  and  bless 
The  work  I  thus  have  wrought, 

For  Thou  must  give  success. 

3  And  let  me  promise  naught 

But  I  can  keep  it  truly, 
Abstain  from  idle  words, 

And  guard  my  lips  still  duly; 
And  grant,  when  in  my  place 

I  must  and  ought  to  speak. 
Thy  words  due  power  and  grace ; 

Nor  let  me  wound  the  weak. 

4  If  dangers  gather  round, 

Still  keep  me  calm  and  fearless : 
Help  me  to  bear  the  cross 

When  life  is  dark  and  cheerless; 

54  Prayer 

To  overcome  my  foe 

With  words  and  actions  kind 
When  counsel  I  would  know, 

Good  counsel  let  me  find. 

And  let  me  be  with  all 

In  peace  and  friendship  living. 
As  far  as  Christians  may ; 

And  if  Thou  aught  art  giving 
Of  wealth  and  honors  fair. 

O  this  refuse  me  not, 
That  naught  be  mingled  there 

Of  goods  unjustly  got. 

6  And  if  a  longer  life 

Be  here  on  earth  decreed  me. 
And  Thou  through  many  a  strife 

To  age  at  last  wilt  lead  me. 
Thy  patience  in  me  shed. 

Avert  all  sin  and  shame. 
And  crown  my  hoary  head 

With  pure,  untarnished  fame. 

Let  nothing  that  may  chance, 

Me  from  my  Savior  sever : 
And  dying  with  Him,  take 

My  soul  to  Thee  forever; 
And  let  my  body  have 

A  little  space  to  sleep 
Beside  my  father's  grave, 

And  friends  that  o'er  it  weep. 

Prayer  355 

And  when  the  end  is  come. 

And  all  the  dead  are  waking, 
O  reach  me  down  Thy  hand, 

Thyself  my  slumbers  breaking; 
Then  let  me  hear  Thy  voice. 

And  change  this  earthly  frame, 
And  bid  me  aye  rejoice 

With  those  who  love  Thy  name. 


JESUS  Christ  our  Savior, 
Once  for  us  a  child, 
In  Thy  whole  behavior 
Meek,  obedient,  mild ; 
In  Thy  foot-steps  treading 
We  Thy  lambs  will  be. 
For  no  danger  dreading 
While  we  follow  Thee. 

2  For  all  Thou  bestowest. 

All  Thou  dost  withhold; 
Whatsoe'er  Thou  knowest 

Best  for  us.  Thy  fold ; 
For  all  gifts  and  graces 

While  we  live  below, 
Till  in  heavenly  places 

We  Thy  face  shall  know 

3  We  Thy  children,  raising 

Unto  Thee  our  hearts. 
In  Thy  constant  praising 
Bear  our  duteous  parts. 

J.    Heermann. 
C.  Winkworth,  Tr. 

W.    Whiting. 

356  Prayer 

As  Thy  love  hath  won  us 

From  the  world  away. 
Still  Thy  hands  put  on  us; 

Bless  us  day  by  day. 

4  Let  Thine  angels  guide  us; 

Let  Thine  arms  enfold; 
In  Thy  bosom  hide  us. 

Sheltered  from  the  cold. 
To  Thyself  us  gather, 

'Mid  the  ransomed  host. 
Praising  Thee,  the  Father, 

And  the  Holy  Ghost. 

f^  OD  in  heaven,  hear  our  singing ! 
^-''  Only  little  ones  are  we ; 
Yet  a  great  petition  bringing. 
Father,  now  we  come  to  Thee. 

2  Let  Thy  kingdom  come,  we  pray  Thee ; 

Let  the  world  in  Thee  find  rest ! 
Let  all  know  Thee  and  obey  Thee. 
Loving,    praising,    blessing,    blest ! 

3  Let  the  sweet  and  joyful  story 

Of  the  Savior's  wondrous  love. 
Wake  on  earth  a  song  of  glory. 
Like  the  angels'  song  above ! 

4  Father,  send  the  glorious  hour ! 

Every  heart  be  Thine  alone! 
For  the  kingdom,  and  the  power, 
And  the  glory  are  Thine  own. 

F.  R.  Ilavergal. 


Prayer  357 


ERE  behold  me,  as  I  cast  me 
'Neath  Thy  throne,  O  glorious  King! 
Sorrows  thronging,  child-like  longing, 
Son  of  Man,  to  Thee  I  bring. 
Let  me  find  Thee ! 
Let  me  find  Thee! 
Me,  a  poor  and  worthless  thing. 

2  Look  upon  me,  Lord,  I  pray  Thee, 
Let  Thy  Spirit  dwell  in  mine; 
Thou  hast  sought  me.  Thou  hast  bought  me, 
Only  Thee  to  know  I  pine. 
II:  Let  me  find  Thee!:  || 
Take  my  heart  and  own  me  Thine ! 

Naught  I  ask  for,  naught  I  strive  for, 
But  Thy  grace,  so  rich  and  free. 

That  Thou  givest  whom  Thou  lovest, 
And  who  truly  cleave  to  Thee. 

[|:Let  me  find  Thee!:  || 
He  hath  all  things  who  hath  Thee. 

4  Earthly  treasure,  mirth  and  pleasure, 
Glorious  name,  or  golden  hoard 
Are  but  weary,  void  and  dreary. 
To  the  heart  that  longs  for  God. 

II:  Let  me  find  Thee!:  || 
I  am  Thine,  O  mighty  Lord! 

J.     Neander. 
C.   Winkworth.   Tr. 

358  Prayer 


]W[Y  SOUL,  be  on  thy  guard ! 
^^^  Ten  thousand  foes  arise; 

The  hosts  of  sin  are  pressing  hard 
To  draw  thee  from  the  skies. 

2  Oh,  watch,  and  fight,  and  pray ! 

The  battle  ne'er  give  o'er; 
Renew  it  boldly  every  day, 
And  help  divine  implore. 

3  Ne'er  think  the  victory  won, 

Nor  lay  thine  armor  down : 
Thy  arduous  work  will  not  be  done 
Till  thou  obtain  thy  crown. 

4  Fight  on,  my  soul,  till  death 

Shall  bring  thee  to  thy  God ! 
He'll  take  thee,  at  thy  parting  breath. 
Up  to  His  blest  abode. 

G.    Heath. 


JEHOVAH,  let  me  now  adore  Thee. 
J       For  where  is  there  a  God,  such,  Lord,  as 
With  songs  I  fain  would  come  before  Thee ; 
O  let  Thy  Spirit  deign  to  teach  me  now. 
To  praise  Thee  in  His  name,  through  whom 
Our  songs  can  please  Thee,  through  Thy 
blessed  Son. 

Prayer  359 

Yes,  draw  me  to  the  Son,  O  Father, 

That  so  the  Son  may  draw  me  up  to  Thee; 

Let  every  power  within  me  gather, 

To  own  Thy  sway,  O  Spirit — rule  in  me, 

That  so  the  peace  of  God  may  in  me  dwell, 
And  I  may  sing  for  joy  and  praise  Thee 

Grant  me  Thy  Spirit ;  then  my  praises 

Will  sound  aright,  no  jarring  tone  or  word; 

Sweet  are  the  songs  the  heart  then  raises. 
Then  I  can  pray  in  truth  and  spirit,  Lord ; 

Thy  Spirit  bears  mine  up  on  eagles'  wing. 
To  ioin  the  psalms  the  heav'nly  choirs  now 

For  He  can  plead  for  me  with  sighings 
That  are  unutterable  to  lips  like  mine; 

He  bids  me  pray  with  earnest  cryings. 

Bears    witness    with    my    soul    that    I    am 

An  heir  with  Christ,  and  thus  may  dare  to  say, 
O  Abba,  Father,  hear  me  when  I  pray. 

When  thus  Thy  Spirit  in  me  burneth. 

And  makes  this  cry  to  break  from  out  my 
Thy  heart,  O  Father,  toward  me  yearneth. 

And  longs  all  precious  blessings  to  impart ; 
Thy  ready  love  rejoiceth  to  fulfill 

The  prayer  breath'd  out  according  to  Thy 

360  Prayer 

6  And  what  Thy  Spirit  thus  hath  taught  nie 

To  seek  from  Thee,  must  needs  be  such  a 
As  Thou  wilt  grant,  through  Him  who  bought 
And  raised  me  up  to  be  Thy  child  and  heir ; 
In  Jesus'  name  I  fearless  seek  Thy  face, 
And  take  from  Thee,  my  Father,  grace  for 

7  O  joy,  our  hope  and  trust  are  founded 

On  His  sure  word  and  witness  in  the  heart ; 
I  know  Thy  mercies  are  unbounded. 

And  all  good  gifts  Thou  freely  wilt  impart. 
Nay,  more  is  lavished  by  Thy  bounteous  hand 

Than  we  can  ask  or  seek  or  understand. 

8  O  joy!     In  His  name  we  draw  near  Thee, 

Who  ever  pleadeth  for  the  sons  of  men ; 
I  ask  in  faith  and  Thou  wilt  hear  me, 

In  Him  Thy  promises  are  all  Amen. 
O  joy  for  me!    And  praise  be  ever  Thine, 

Whose  wondrous  love  has  made  such  bles- 

sings mine ! 


JESUS,  Sun  of  gladness. 
Fountain  Thou  of  grace; 
Cure  for  ev'ry  sadness. 

Turn  to  me  Thy  face ; 
Look  in  mercy  tender 

On  Thy  child  today, 
Help  and  solace  render, 
Be  my  staff  and  stay. 

B.     Crasselius. 
Winkworth,  Tr. 

Prayer  361 

2  Purge  me,  O  my  Savior, 

By  Thy  precious  blood ; 
Teach  me  true  behavior, 

O  my  highest  God ; 
Ev'ry  day  and  hour 

Suffer  me  to  see, 
Lord,  the  cleansing  power 

Of  Thy  death  for  me. 

3  Lord,  nw  sole  desire 

Is  to  serve  Thee  well, 
And  I  would  aspire 

E'er  with  Thee  to  dwell. 
Joyous  praise  be  given 

To  Thy  name,  O  Lord. 
Who  art  both  in  heaven 

And  on  earth  adored. 

G.     Knak. 
H.    Brueckner,   Tr. 



\MB  of  God,  I  look  to  Thee ; 
Thou  shalt  m}^  example  be : 
Thou  art  gentle,  meek  and  mild. 
Thou  wast  once  a  little  child. 

2  Fain  I  would  be  as  Thou  art. 
Give  me  Thy  obedient  heart; 
Thou  art  pitiful  and  kind  : 
Let  me  have  Thy  loving  mind. 

3  Loving  Jesus,  gentle  Lamb, 
In  Thy  gracious  hands  I  am  ; 
Make  me.  Savior,  what  Thou  art, 
Live  Thvself  within  mv  heart. 

362  Prayer 

4  I  shall  then  show  forth  Thy  praise, 
Serve  Thee  all  my  happy  days : 
Then  the  world  shall  always  see 
Christ,  the  holy  Child,  in  me. 

C.    Wesley. 


pVER  is  a  peril  near  me, 

•*-^    Ever  have  I  grace  to  cheer  me, 

Ever  in  my  woes  1  sigh, 

Ever  see  I  Jesus  nigh. 

2  Ever  do  my  sins  upbraid  me, 
Ever  Jesus  comes  to  aid  me, 
Ever  woes  around  me  throng. 
Ever  am  I  full  of  song. 

3  Now  I  seated  am  in  gladness. 
Now  I  fall  and  lie  in  sadness, 
Often  weary  and  distressed. 
Ever  find  in  Jesus  rest. 

4  Thus  in  grief  linked  to  my  gladness, 
Sweet  and  bitter,  joy  and  sadness, 
Fill  the  cup  that  I  must  drain 

In  this  life  of  joy  and  pain. 

5  But,  O  Jesus,  'mid  life's  sadness, 

Grant  that  faith's  true  joy  and  gladness 
Over  sin  and  grief  that  quail, 
Ever,  ever  may  prevail. 

C.    Doving 

T.    Kingo. 
ing,   Tr. 

LJUMBLE  praises,  holy  Jesus, 
*  *-  Infant  voices  raise  to  Thee; 
In  Thy  mercy,  O  receive  us ! 
Suffer  us  Thy  lambs  to  be. 
Hallelujah,  sweetly  singing, 

Joyful  tribute  now  we  bring; 
Hallelujah,  Hallelujah, 

Hallelujah  to  our  King! 

Hallelujah,  sweetly  singing, 

Hallelujah  to  our  King! 

2  Gracious  Savior,  be  Thou  with  us ; 
Let  Thy  mercy  richly  flow : 
Give  Thy  Spirit,  Blessed  Jesus ! 
Light  and  life  on  us  bestow ! 
Hallelujah,  sweetly  singing,  etc. 


'"PO  THEE  all  praise  ascendeth. 

Almighty,  ever  blessed  Ciod  ; 
The  anthem  never  endeth 

Around  Thy  throne,  O  holy  Lord! 
E'en  here  in  tribulation, 

When  we  are  sorely  tried, 
Thou  art  our  consolation, 

The  Refuge  where  we  hide. 
Day  unto  day  Thy  glory, 

Thy  goodness  doth  confess, 
And  we  take  up  the  story 

Of  all  Thy  faithfulness. 


364  Praise 

2  Our  hearts  o'erflow  with  gladness, 

For  we  have  learned  Thy  power  and  grace 
We  may  not  sink  in  sadness, 

We  stand,  in  Christ,  before  Thy  face. 
Thy  name  be  ever  praised. 

Thou  doest  wonders  great : 
Our  voice  may  well  be  raised. 

Thy  mercies  to  relate. 
Oh !  be  it  all  our  pleasure 

Whilst    pilgrim-days    endure, 
To  find  in  Thee  our  treasure. 

To  rest  in  Thee  secure. 

3  Thy  name,  O  Lord,  abideth. 

Thou  shalt  be  honored  on  the  earth ; 
Thy  hand  our  all  provideth, 

Thou  carest  for  us  ere  our  birth. 
O  Lord !  w'hat  shall  w^e  -render 

For  all  the  debt  we  owe. 
For  all  Thy  care  so  tender. 

Thy  love  too  vast  to  know^? 
The  theme  of  Thy  salvation 

Shall  be  our  one  employ ; 
We  bless  Thee  for  creation, 

And  for  eternal  joy ! 

J.  Rist. 
Tr.    Anon. 


\WOULD  you  know  my  greatest  prize  ? 
"    Would  you  know  w-hat  makes  me  wise? 
Would  you  know,  and  would  you  own 
What  I  glory  in  alone? — 
Jesus  Christ,  the  Crucified ! 
Jesus  Christ,  the  Crucified! 

Praise  365 

Who,  of  faith  the  Substance  true. 
Fills  the  mouth  with  praises  too? 
Who,  for  sin  the  perfect  Cure, 
Maketh  my  salvation  sure? — 
II :  Jesus  Christ,  the  Crucified! :  | 

Who  in  trial  makes  me  strong? 
Who  delivers  me  from  wrong? 
Who  is  He  that  makes  me  free. 
Even  God's  own  child  to  be? — 
II :  Jesus  Christ,  the  Crucified  ! : 

4  Who  lends  comfort  here  below? 
Who  protects  me  from  the  foe? 
W^ho  is  He  that  heals  my  heart, 
Soothing  well  the  wounds  that  smart?— 
II :  Jesus  Christ,  the  Crucified  ! :  || 

Wlio  from  death  removes  the  sting? 
W^ho  doth  shield  me  'neath  His  wing? 
Who,  when  life's  short  dream  is  o'er, 
Bids  me  to  His  kingdom  soar? — 
II :  Jesus  Christ,  the  Crucified ! :  || 

Knowing  Him  to  be  my  Goal, 
I  shall  strive  with  all  my  soul 
So  to  live  and  so  to  die 
That  mine  eyes  may  see  on  high 
II :  Jesus  Christ,  the  Crucified! :  jl 

J.  C.  Schwedler. 
H.   Brueckner.   Tr. 

366  Praise 


TJOLY  God,  we  praise  Thy  name ; 
*^  Lord  of  all,  we  bow  before  Thee; 

All  on  earth  Thy  scepter  claim, 
All  in  heav'n  above  adore  Thee. 

Infinite  Thy  vast  domain, 

Everlasting-  is  Thy  reign. 

2  Hark,  the  loud  celestial  hymn. 

Angel  choirs  above  are  raising; 
Cherubim  and  Seraphim, 

In  unceasing  chorus  praising. 
Fill  the  heavens  with  sweet  accord: 
Holy,  holy,  holy.  Lord. 

3  Holy  Father,  Holy  Son, 

Holy  Spirit,  Three  we  name  Thee; 
While  in  essence  only  One, 

Undivided  God  we  claim  Thee. 
And  adoring  bend  the  knee. 
While  we  sing  our  praise  to  Thee. 

Te     Deum. 
C.  Winkworth,  Tr. 



HAT  our  Father  does  is  well: 
Blessed  truth  !    His  children  tell ; 
Though  He  send  for  plenty  want. 
Though  the  harvest  store  be  scant, 
Yet  we  rest  upon  His  love, 
Seeking  better  things  above. 

Praise  367 

2  What  our  Father  does  is  well : 
Shall  the  willful  heart  rebel 
If  a  blessing  He  withhold 
In  the  field,  or  in  the  fold? 

Is  He  not  Himself  to  be 
All  our  Store  eternally? 

3  What  our  Father  does  is  well : 
Though  He  sadden  hill  and  dell. 
Upward  yet  our  praises  rise 

For  the  strength  His  Word  supplies ; 
He  has  called  us  Sons  of  God ; 
Can  we  murmur  at  His  rod? 

4  What  our  Father  does  is  well : 
May  the  thought  within  us  dwell ; 
Though  nor  milk  nor  honey  flow 
In  our  barren  Canaan  now, 
God  can  save  us  in  our  need, 
God  can  bless  us,  God  can  feed. 

5  Therefore  unto  Him  we  raise 
Hymns  of  glory,  songs  of  praise; 
To  the  Father  and  the  Son 
And  the  Spirit,  Three  in  One, 
Honor,  might,  and  glory  be, 
Now  and  through  eternity. 

B.    Schmolcke. 
W.   H.   Baker,  Tr. 



OW  thank  we  all  our  God 

With  heart  and  hands  and  voices, 
Who    wondrous    things    hath    done, 

In  whom  His  world  rejoices; 

368  Praise 

Who  from  our  mother's  arms 
Hath  blest  us  on  our  way 

With  countless  gifts  of  love, 
And  still  is  ours  today. 

2  O  may  this  bounteous  God 

Through  all  our  life  be  near  us, 
W'ith  ever  joyful  hearts. 

And  blessed  peace  to  cheer  us ; 
And  keep  us  in  His  grace, 

And  guide  us  when  perplexed, 
And  free  us  from  all  ills. 

In  this  world  and  the  next. 

3  All  praise  and  thanks  to  God 

The  Father  now  be  given, 
The  Son,  and  Him  who  reigns 

With  them  in  highest  heaven; 
The  one  eternal  God 

Whom  earth  and  heaven  adore; 
For  thus  it  was,  is  now. 

And  shall  be  evermore ! 

M.    Rinkart. 
C.   Wink  worth,  Tr. 


"HEE  will  I  love,  my  Strength,  my  Tower, 
Thee  will  I  love,  my  Hope,  my  Joy, 

Thee  will  I  love  with  all  my  power, 
With  ardor  time  shall  ne'er  destroy. 

Thee  will  I  love,  O  Light  divine, 

So  long  as  life  is  mine ! 

Praise  369 

2  Thee  will  I  love,  my  Life,  my  Savior, 

Who  art  my  best  and  truest  Friend ; 
Thee  will  I  love  and  praise  forever, 

For  never  shall  Thy  kindness  end; 
Thee  will  I  love  with  all  my  heart, 
For  Thou  my  Bridegroom  art. 

3  Alas !  that  I  so  late  have  known  Thee, 

Who  art  the  Fairest  and  the  Best; 
Nor  sooner  for  my  Lord  could  own  Thee, 

Our  highest  Good,  our  only  Rest ! 
Now  bitter  shame  and  grief  I  prove 
O'er  this  my  tardy  love. 

4  I  wandered  long  in  willing  blindness, 

I  sought  Thee,  but  I  found  Thee  not. 
For  still  I  shunned  Thy  beams  of  kindness, 

The  creature-light  filled  all  my  thought; 
And  if  at  last  I  see  Thee  now 
'Twas  Thou  to  me  didst  bow ! 

5  I  thank  Thee,  Jesus,  Sun  from  heaven, 

Whose  shining  hath  brought  light  to  me; 
I  thank  Thee,  who  hast  richly  given 

All  that  could  make  me  glad  and  free; 
I  thank  Thee  that  my  soul  is  healed 
By  what  Thy  lips  revealed. 

6  O  keep  me  watchful  then  and  humble, 

And  suffer  me  no  more  to  stray ; 
Uphold  me  when  my  feet  would  stumble, 

Nor  let  me  loiter  by  the  way ; 
Fill  all  my  nature  with  Thy  light, 
O  Radiance  strong  and  bright. 

370  Praise 

7  Thee  will  I  love,  ni}-  Crown  of  gladness, 
Thee  will  I  love,  my  God  and  Lord, 
Amid  the  darkest  depths  of  sadness, 
Not  for  the  hope  of  high  reward, 
For  Thine  own  sake,  O  Light  divine. 
So  long  as  life  is  mine. 

T.     Scheffler. 
C.   Winkworth,   Tr. 


VV/E  GATHER,  we  gather,  dear  Jesus,  to  bring 
"    The  breathings  of  love  'mid  the  blossoms  of 
spring ; 
Our  Maker,  Redeemer,  we  gratefully  raise 
Our  hearts  and  our  voices  in  hymning  Thy 

2  When  stooping  to  earth  from  the  brightness 

of  heaven, 
Thy    blood    for    our    ransom    so    freely    was 

given ; 
Thou  deignest  to  listen  while  children  adored. 
With  joyful  hosannas,  the  blest  of  the  Lord. 

3  Those  arms  which  embraced  little  children  of 

Still  love  to  encircle  the  lambs  of  the  fold ; 
That    grace    which    inviteth    the    w^andering 

Hath  never  forbidden  the  youngest  to  come. 

4  Hosanna,   hosanna,   Great  Teacher !   we   raise 

Praise  371 

Our  hearts  and  our  voices  in  hymnini>-  Thy 

For     ])recc])t     and     promise     so     {graciously 

given, —  , 
For    blessings    of    earth,    and    for   glories    of 


J.   N.  van  Harlingeu. 


CUMMER  suns  are  glowing 
*^     Over  land  and  sea  ; 
Happy  light  is  flowing, 

Bountiful   and   free ; 
Ev'rything  rejoices 

In  the  mellow  rays ; 
All  earth's  thousand  voices 
Swell  the  psalm  of  praise. 

2  God's  free  mercy  streameth 

Over  all  the   world, 
And  His  banner  gleanieth 

Everywhere  unfurled  ; 
Broad  and  deep  and  glorious, 

As  the  heav'n  above, 
Shines  in  might  victorious 

His  eternal  love. 

3  Lord,  upon  our  blindness 

Thy  pure  radiance  pour, 
For  Thy  loving-kindness 

Makes  us  love  Thee  more; 
And  when  clouds  are  drifting 

Dark  across  the  sky, 
Then,  the  veil  uplifting. 

Father,  be  Thou  nigh. 

372  Praise 

4  We  will  never  doubt  Thee, 

Though  Thou  veil  Thy  light; 
Life  is  dark  without  Thee, 

Death  with  Thee  is  bright ; 
Light  of  light,  shine  o'er  us 

In  our  pilgrim  way, 
Go  Thou  still  before  us 

To  the  endless  day. 

W.    W.    How. 

322  • 

pRAISE  to  the  Lord,  the  Almighty,  the  King 
''•  of  creation ! 

O  my  soul,  praise  Him,  for  He  is  thy  health 
and  salvation ! 
All  ye  who  hear, 
Now  to  His  temple  draw  near; 
Praise  Him  in  glad  adoration. 

2  Praise  to  the  Lord !     Who  o'er  all  things  so 

wondrously    reigneth. 
Shelters  thee  under  His  wings,  yea,  so  gently 

sustaineth ; 
Hast  Thou  not  seen 
How  thy  desires  e'er  have  been 
Granted  in  what  He  ordaineth  ? 

3  Praise  to  the  Lord !     Who  doth  prosper  thy 

work  and  defend  thee ; 
Surely   His   goodness    and   mercy   here   daily 

attend  thee; 
Ponder  anew 

What  the  Almighty  can  do. 
If  with  His  love  He  befriend  thee! 

Praise  373 

4  Praise  to  the  Lord!    O  let  all  that  is  in  me 
adore  Him ! 
All  that  hath  life  and  breath,  come  now  with 
praises  before  Him ! 
Let  the  Amen 

Sound  from  His  people  ag^ain; 
Gladly  for  aye  we  adore  Him. 

J.     Xeander. 
C.   Winkworth.   Tr. 


r^OME,  let  us  sing  of  Jesus, 
^^    While  hearts  and  accents  blend 
Come,  let  us  sing  of  Jesus, 

The  sinners'  only  Friend ; 
His  holy  soul  rejoices 

Amid  the  choirs  above, 
To  hear  our  youthful  voices 
Exulting  in  His  love. 

2  We  love  to  sing  of  Jesus, 

Who  wept  our  path  along; 
\\'e  love  to  sing  of  Jesus, 

The  tempted  and  the  strong; 
None  who  besought  His  healing, 

He  passed  unheeded  by; 
And  still  retains  His  feeling 

For  us  above  the  sky. 

3  We  love  to  sing  of  Jesus 

Who'  died  our  souls  to  save; 
We  love  to  sing  of  Jesus, 
Triumphant  o'er  the  grave ; 

374  Praise 

-  And  in  our  hour  of  danger, 
We'll  trust  His  love  alone, 
Who  once  slept  in  a  manger, 
And  now  sits  on  a  throne. 

1  Then  let  us  sing  of  Jesus, 

While  yet  on  earth  we  stay, 
And  hope  to  sing  of  Jesus 

Throughout  eternal  day. 
For  those  who  here  confess  Him, 

He  will  in  heaven  confess, 
And  faithful  hearts  that  bless  Him, 

He  will  forever  bless. 

G.  W.  Bethune. 


I^H,  WHAT  praises,  shall  we  render 
^^   To  the  Lord  who  reigns  above, 
For  His  mercies,  constant  tender. 

For  His  condescending  love! 
Though  we  often  have  offended. 
And  transgressed  His  holy  will, 
Still   has   He  our   souls   befriended; 
W^e  may  call  Him  Father  still. 

2  Heavenly  Father,  Thou  hast  taught  us 

Thus  to  seek  Thee  in  our  youth ; 
Hitherto  Thy  grace  hath  brought  us, 

Lead  us  onward  in  Thy  truth. 
We  are  weak,  do  Thou  uphold  us. 

And  from  every  snare  defend ; 
Let  Thy  mighty  arms  enfold  us, 

Save  us,  keep  us,  to  the  end. 

Praise  375 

3  Oh,  our  Father,  great  and  glorious ! 

Draw  our  youthful  hearts  to  Thee ; 
Let  Thy  grace  be  there  victorious, 

Let  Thy  love  our  portion  be. 
May  we  know  Thy  great  salvation. 

Serve  and  love  Thee  all  our  days ; 
Then  in  heaven,  Thy  habitation, 

Join  to  sing  Thine  endless  praise. 




LL  nations  that  on  earth  do  dwell, 
Give  thanks  and  glorify 
The  Lord  whose  praises  ever  swell 
In  seraph  songs  on  high. 

2  Lift  up  your  hearts  in  praise  to  (^od— 

Himself  best   Boon   of   all, — 
Who  works  His  wonders  all  abroad, 
Upholding  great  and  small. 

3  E'er  since  we  first  began  to  be 

He  has  preserved  our  frame : 
And  when  man's  strength  was  vanity, 
He  as  our  Helper  came. 

4  Though  oft  we  did  His  patience  fret, 

We  need  not  dread  His  frown ; 
In  mercy  He  forgave  our  debt. 
And  poured  new  blessings  down. 

5  'Tis  He  revives  our  fainting  soul ; 

Gives  joyful  hearts  to  men ; 
And  when  great  waves  of  trouble  roll. 
He  drives  them  back  again. 

376  Praise 

6  He  makes  His  peace  to  dwell  within 

The  house  of  Israel ; 
He  prospers  what  our  hai]ds  begin, 
And  gives  us  health  as  well, 

7  He  crowns  with  loving  kindnesses ; 

Our  mouths  with  goods  He  fills  ; 
And  when  life's  woes  bring  dire  distress. 
Our  troubled  hearts  He  stills. 

8  Long-  as  we  tarry  here  below 

Our  saving  Health  is  He; 
And  when  from  earth  to  heaven  we  go 
He  will  our  Portion  be. 

9  He  giveth  His  beloved  sleep 

When  these  frail  heart-beats  cease ; 
And  in  His  presence  then  will  keep 
Our  souls  in  endless  peace. 

p.    r.erharilt. 
A.   Ramsey,  Tr. 


r^  OD,  who  made  the  earth, 
^^  The  air,  the  sky,  the  sea ; 
Who  gave  the  light  its  birth, 
Careth  for  me. 

2  God,  who  made  the  grass. 

The  flower,  the  fruit,  the  tree, 
The  day  and  night  to  pass, 
Careth  for  me. 

Praise  ,       377 

3  God,  who  made  the  sun. 

The  moon,  and  stars,  is  He 
Who,  when  life's  clouds  come  on, 
Careth  for  me. 

4  God,  who  made  all  things 

On  earth,  in  air,  in  sea, 
Who  changing-  seasons  brings, 
Careth  for  me. 

5  God,  who  gave  me  health, 

Be  this  my  prayer  to  Thee, 
That  when  I  sink  in  death 
Thou  care  for  me. 

6  God,  who  sent  His  Son 

To  die  on  Calvary, 
He,  if  I  lean  on  Him, 
Will  care  for  me. 

7  When  in  heav'ns  bright  land 

I  all  His  loved  ones  see, 
I'll  sing  with  that  blest  band, 
God  cared  for  me. 

S.  B.   Rhodes. 


IGHTY  God,  while  angels  bless  Thee, 
May  a  mortal  sing  Thy  name? 
Lord  of  men  as  well  as  angels. 
Thou  art  ev'ry  creature's  theme. 

Hallelujah  !        Hallelujah  !       Hallelujah  ! 


378  Praise 

2  Lord  of  every  land  and  nation, 

Ancient  of  eternal  days, 
Sounded  through  the  wide  creation 
Be  Thy  just  and  lawful  praise : 
Hallelujah !  etc. 

3  For  the  grandeur  of  Thy  nature. 

Grand  beyond  a  seraph's  thought ; 
For  created  works  of  power, 

Works  with   skill   and  kindeness  wrought 
Hallelujah !  etc. 

4  But  Thy  rich,  Thy  free  redemption. 

Dark  through  brightness  all  along — 
Thought  is  poor,  and  poor  expression, 
Who  dare  sing  that  awful  song? 
Hallelujah !  etc. 

5  Brightness  of  the  Father's  glory, 

Shall  Thy  praise  unuttered  lie? 
Fly,  my  tongue,  such  guilty  silence. 
Sing  the  Lord,  who  came  to  die: 
Hallelujah !  etc. 

6  From  the  highest  throne  in  glory, 

To  the  cross  of  deepest  woe, 
All  to  ransom  guilty  captives, — 
Flow  my  praise,  forever  flow. 
Hallelujah !  etc. 

7  Go,  return,  Immortal  Savior, 

Leave  Thy  footstool,  take  Thy  throne, 
Thence  return,  and  reign  forever. 
Be  the  kingdom  all  Thine  own. 
Hallelujah !  etc. 

R.    Robinson. 

Praise  379 


pRAISE  ye  the  Lord  In  simple  joyous  mea- 
*  sure ; 

He  hears  each  word  Of  children's  praise  with 
pleasure;  "    , 

Praise  ye  the  Lord,  praise  ye  the  Lord. 

2  Though  children,  we  Thy  glorious  praise  are 

Attentive   be,   From   heaven   Thy   holy   dwel- 

Thou  calledst  little  ones  to  Thee. 

3  Thy   praise   alone   Our   hearts   would    render 


Up  to  Thy  throne  Ascends  our  weak  endea- 

Our  outpoured  song  accept  and  own. 

4  Our    stammering,     Our    feeble    voice    Thou 

hearest ; 
O  gracious  King,   E'en  for  our  praise  Thou 

carest ; 
Triumphant  then,  to  Thee  we  sing. 

5  In  glory  we,  Our  heavenly  Father  praising. 
Shall  happy  be.  New  songs  unnumbered  rais- 
ing ; 
Unceasing  through  eternity. 

G.    Gessner. 
H.   R.   Spaeth,  Tr. 

380  Praise 


r\  WOULD,  my  God,  that  I  could  praise  Thee 

^^  With  thousand  tongues,  by  day  and  night! 

How  many  songs  my  lips  should  raise  Thee, 

Who  order'st  all  things  here  aright ! 
My  thankful  heart  would  ever  be 
Telling  what  God  hath  done  for  me. 

2  O  all  ye  powers  that  He  implanted, 

Arise,  keep  silence  thus  no  more ; 
Put  forth  the  strength  that  He  hath  granted, 

Your  noblest  work  is  to  adore : 
O  soul  and  body,  make  ye  meet 
With  heartfelt  praise  your  Lord  to  greet. 

3  Ye  forest  leaves  so  green  and  tender. 

That  dance  for  joy  in  summer  air; 
Ye  meadow-grasses  bright  and  slender, 

Ye  flowers  so  wondrous  sweet  and  fair; 
Ye  live  to  show  His  praise  alone, 
Help  me  to  make  His  glory  known. 

4  O  all  things  that  have  breath  and  motion, 

That  throng  with  life  earth,  sea  and  sky. 
Now  join  me  in  my  heart's  devotion, 

Help  me  to  raise  His  praises  high : 
My  utmost  powers  can  ne'er  aright 
Declare  the  wonders  of  His  might. 

5  But  I  will  tell,  while  I  am  living, 

His  goodness  forth  with  every  breath. 
And  greet  each  morning  with  thanksgiving. 
Until  my  heart  is  still  in  death : 

Praise  381 

Nay,  when  at  last  my  lips  grow  cold, 
His  praise  shall  in  my  sighs  be  told. 

O  Father,  deign  Thou,  I  beseech  Thee, 

To  listen  to  my  earthly  lays ; 
A  nobler  strain  in  heaven  shall  reach  Thee, 

When  I  with  angels  hymn  Thy  praise, 
And  learn  amid  their  choirs  to  sing 
Loud  hallelujahs  to  my  King. 

J.    Mentzer. 
C.   Winkworth.  Tr. 


f   ORD  God,  we  worship  Thee ! 
■^    In  loud  and  happy  chorus ; 
We  praise  Thy  love  and  pow'r, 

Whose  goodness  reigneth  o'er  us. 
To  heav'n  our  song  shall  soar, 

Forever  shall  it  be 
Resounding  o'er  and  o'er; 

Lord  God,  we  worship  Thee ! 

2  Lord  God,  we  worship  Thee !    • 

For  Thou  our  land  defendest ; 
Thou  pourest  down  Thy  grace, 

And  strife  and  war  Thou  endest. 
Since  golden  peace,  O  Lord, 

Thou  grantest  us  to  see, 
Our  land  with  one  accord, 

Lord  God,  gives  thanks  to  Thee! 

3  Lord  God,  we  worship  Thee ! 

Thou  didst  indeed  chastise  us, 
Yet  still  Thy  anger  spares, 

582  Praise 

And  still  Thy  mercy  tries  us : 
Once  more  our  Father's  hand 

Doth  bid  our  sorrows  flee.  . 
And  peace  rejoice  our  land: 

Lord  God,  we  worship  Thee! 

4  Lord  God,  we  worship  Thee ! 

And  pray  Thee,  Who  hast  blessed  us, 
That  we  may  live  in  peace. 

And  none  henceforth  molest  us : 
O  crown  us  with  Thy  love ; 

FulfiH  our  cry  to  Thee : 
O  Father,  grant  our  prayer : 

Lord  God,  we  worship  Thee ! 

J.    P'ranck. 
C.   Winkworth,  Tr. 


JESUS,  high  in  glory, 
Lend  a  list'ning  ear ; 
W'hen  we  bow  before  Thee, 
Children's  praises  hear. 

2  Though  Thou  art  so  holy. 

Heaven's  almighty  King, 
Thou  wilt  stoop  to  listen, 
When  Thy  praise  we  sing. 

3  We  are  little  children. 

Weak  and  apt  to  stray ; 
Savior,  guide  and  keep  us 
In  the  heavenly  way. 

Praise  383 

4  Save  us,  Lord,  from  sinning; 

Watch  us  day  by  day ; 
Help  us  now  to  love  Thee ; 

Take  our  sins  away.  .        , 

5  Then,  when  Thou  dost  call  us 

To  our  heavenly  home. 
We  shall  gladly  answer. 
Savior,  Lord,  we  come. 

J.    E.    Clark, 


pRx\ISE,  my  soul,  tl\e  King  of  heaven, 
*       To  His  feet  thy  tribute  bring; 
Ransomed,   healed,   restored,  forgiven, 

\Mio,  like  me.  His  praise  should  sing? 
Praise  Him,  praise  Him,  praise  Him,  praise 
Praise  the  everlasting  King! 

2  Praise  Him  for  His  grace  and  favor 

To  our  fathers  in  distress  ; 
Praise  Him,  still  the  same  forever, 

Slow  to  chide,  and  swift  to  bless ; 
Praise  Him,  praise  Him,  etc., 

Glorious  in  His  faithfulness. 

3  Father-like,  He  tends  and  spares  us ; 

Well  our  feeble  frame  He  knows ; 
In  His  hands  He  gently  bears  us. 

Rescues  us  from  all  our  foes ; 
Praise  Him,  praise  Him,  etc.. 

Widely  as  His  mercy  goes ! 

384  Praise 

4  Angels,  help  us  to  adore  Him, 

Ye  behold  Him  face  to  face; 
Sun  and  moon  bow  down  before  Him; 

Dwellers  all  in  time  and  space, 
Praise  Him,  praise  Him,  etc., 

Praise  with  us  the  God  of  grace ! 

H.    F.    Lyte. 


pRAISE  the  Lord  of  heaven, 

^       Praise  Him  in  the  hei-ght, 

Praise  Him,  all  ye  angels, 

Praise  Him,  stars  and  light: 
Praise  Him,  clouds  and  waters. 

Which  above  the  skies, 
When  His  word  commanded. 
Did  established  rise. 

2  Praise  the  Lord,  ye  fountains 

Of  the  deeps  and  seas, 
Rocks,  and  hills,  and  mountains, 

Cedars,  and  all  trees ; 
Praise  Him,  clouds  and  vapors, 

Snow,  and  hail,  and  fire, 
Stormy  wind,  fulfilHng 

Only  His  desire. 

3  Praise  Him,  fowls  and  cattle. 

Princes  and  all  kings ; 
Praise  Him,  men  and  maidens, 

All  created  things : 
For  the  name  of  God  is 

Praise  385 

Excellent  alone, 
Over  earth  His  footstool, 
Over  heaven  His  throne. 


JESUS,  King  of  glory. 
Throned  ahove  the  sky, 
Jesus,  tender  Savior, 

Hear  Thy  children  cry. 
Pardon  onr  transgressions, 

Cleanse  us  from  our  sin ; 
By  Thy  Spirit  help  us 

Heav'nly  life  to  win. 
Jesus,  King  of  glory, 

Throned  above  the  sky, 
Jesus,  tender  Savior, 

Hear  Thy  children  cry. 

2  On  this  day  of  gladness, 

Bending  low  the  knee, 
In  Thine  earthly  temple, 

Lord,  we  worship  Thee ; 
Celebrate  Thy  goodness, 

Mercy,  grace  and  truth, 
All  Thy  loving  guidance 

Of  our  heedless  youth. 
Jesus,  King  of  glory. 

Throned  above  the  sky, 
Jesus,  tender  Savior, 

Hear  our  grateful  cry. 

T.    B.    Browne. 

386  Praise 

3  For  the  little  children 

\\'ho  have  come  to  Thee ; 
For  the  glad,  bright  spirits 

\\'ho  Thy  glory  see ; 
For  the  loved  ones  resting 

In  Thy  dear  embrace; 
For  the  pure  and  holy 

Who  behold  Thy  face, 
Jesus,   King  of  glory. 

Throned  above  the  sky, 
Jesus,  tender  Savior, 

Hear  our  grateful  cry. 

4  For  Thy  faithful  servants 

\\'ho  have  entered  in ; 
For  Thy  fearless  soldiers 

Who  have  conquered  sin ; 
For  the  countless  legions 

Who  have  followed  Thee, 
Heedless  of  the  danger. 

On  to  victory ; 
Jesus,  King  of  glory. 

Throned  above  the   sky, 
Jesus,  tender  Savior, 

Hear  our  grateful  cry. 

5  \\*hen  the  shadows  lengthen, 

Show  us,  Lord,  Thy  way; 
Through  the  darkness  lead  us 

To  the  heav'nly  day. 
When  our  course  is  finished. 

Ended  all  the  strife. 
Grant  us  with  the  faithful. 

Palms  and  crowns  of  life. 

Praise  38/ 

E.    Ilarland. 

Jesus,  King  of  glory, 
Throned  above  the  sky. 

Jesus,  tender  Savior. 
Hear  Thy  children  cry. 


y HANK  ye  the  Lord, 

Give  thanks  to  the  Lord  ! 
For  He  is  gracious. 

His  mercy  shall  endure  forevermore. 
Endure  forevermore,  endure  forevermore. 

2  Praise  ye  the  Lord ! 

My  soul,  sing  His  praise 
With  joy  and  gladness, 

Forgetting  not  His  many  benefits. 

His  many  benefits,   His  many  benefits. 

3  He  is  the  power! 
Almighty  is  God ! 
He  ruleth  wisely, 

And  every  morn  His  kindness  is  renewed. 
His   kindness   is   renewed.   His  kindness   is 

4  Great  is  the  Lord! 
Yea,  great  is  the  Lord ! 
His  name  is  holy. 

And  all  the  earth  is  of  His  glory  full. 

Is  of  His  glor}'  full,  is  of  His  glory  full. 

388  Praise 

5  Worship  the  Lord! 
Yes,  worship  the  Lord ! 
His  name  so  mighty 

Be  used  by  us  with  deepest  reverence, 
With  deepest  reverence,  with  deepest  rever- 

6  Sing  to  the  Lord ! 
Sing  praises  to  Him 
In  joyful  chorus ; 

For    surely    He    doth    hear    our    hymns    of 

Doth  hear  our  hymns  of  praise,  doth  hear 

our  hymns  of  praise. 

K.   F.  W.  Herrose. 
H.    Brueckner,   Tr. 

^       337 

1  SING  to  Thee  with  voice  and  heart, 
^       Of  all  my  joys  the  well ; 

I  sing,  that,  what  I  know  Thou  art 
My  lips  to  all  may  tell. 

2  That  Thou  a  Fountain  art  of  grace, 

With  blessings  richly  stored 
For  all  in  every  time  and  place, 
This  well  I  know,  O  Lord. 

3  Cheer  up,  faint  heart,  rejoice  and  sing, 

All  anxious  fear  resign; 
For  God  the  Sovereign  Lord  and  King, 
Is  thy  God,  even  thine. 

Praise  2i 

4  He  is  thy  portion,  He  thy  Joy, 

Thy  Life,  and  Light,  and  Lord; 
Thy  Counsellor  when  doubts  annoy, 
Thy  Shield  and  great  Award. 

5  In  restless  thoughts  or  dark  despair 

Why  spend  the  day  and  night? 
On  Him  who  loves  thee  cast  thy  care; 
He  makes  our  burdens  light : 

6  Did  not  His  love,  and  truth,  and  ])o\ver 

Watch  o'er  thy  childhood's  day? 
Hath  He  not  oft,  in  threatening  hour, 
Turned  dreaded  ills  away ! 

7  His  wisdom  never  plans  in  vain, 

Ne'er  falters,  or  mistakes ; 
All  that  His  counsels  wise  ordain 
A  happy  ending  makes : 

8  Upon  thy  mouth,  then  lay  thy  hand. 

And  trust  His  guiding  eye ; 
Thus,  firm  as  rock,  thy  feet  shall  stand, 
Now  and  eternally. 

p.    Gerhardt. 
%  F.   E.  Cox.  Tr. 


lyi Y  SOUL,  now  bless  thy  Maker ! 
^ '"*•  Let  all  within  me  bless  His  name, 

W' ho  maketh  thee  partaker 

Of  mercies  more  than  thou  dar'st  claim. 

Forget  Him  not  whose  meekness 

390  Praise 

Forgiveth  all  thy  sin; 
Who  healeth  all  thy  weakness, 

Renews  thy  life  within ; 
Whose  grace  and  care  are  endless, 

Who  saved  thee  through  the  past ; 
Who  leaves  no  suff'rer  friendless. 

But  rights  the  wronged  at  last. 

2  He  shows  to  man  His  treasure 

Of  judgment,  truth,  and  righteousness, 
His  love  beyond  all  measure. 

His  yearning  pity  o'er  distress; 
Nor  treats  us  as  we  merit, 

But  lays   His   anger  by ; 
The  humble,  contrite  spirit 

Finds  His   compassion  nigh; 
And  high  as  heaven  above  us. 

As  break  from  close  of  day. 
So  far,  since  He  doth  love  us, 

He  puts  our  sins  away. 

3  For  as  a  tender  father 

Hath  pity  on  his  children  here. 
He  in  His  arms  doth  gather 

All  who  are  His  in  childlike  fear: 
He  knows  how  frail  our  powers, 

Who  but  from  dust  are  made : 
We  flourish  as  the  flowers, 

And  even  so  we  fade; 
A  storm  but  o'er  them  passes, 

And  all  their  bloom  is  o'er, — 
We  wither  like  the  grasses. 

Our  place  knows  us  no  more. 

Praise  391 

4  God's  grace  alone  endureth. 

And  children's  children  yet  shall  prove 
How  He  with  strength  assureth 

The  hearts  of  all  that  seek  His  love, 
In  heaven  is  fixed  His  dwelling, 

His  rule  is  over  all ; 
Angels,  in  might  excelling, 

Bright  hosts,  before  Him  fall. 
Praise  Him  who  ever  reigneth, 

All  ye  who  hear  His  w^ord. 
Nor  our  poor  hymns  disdaineth, — 

My  soul,  O  praise  the  Lord. 

J.    Graumann. 
C.   Winkworth,  Tr. 


Qllirtattan  ICtf?  ani  ^nmtt 


LEST  be  the  tie  that  binds 
Our  hearts  in  Christian  love; 

The  fellowship  of  kindred  minds 
Is  like  to  that  above. 

2  Before  our  Father's  throne 

We  pour  our  ardent  prayers  ; 
Our  fears,  our  hopes,  our  aims  are  one, 
Our  comforts  and  our  cares. 

3  We  share  our  mutual  woes, 

Our  mutual  burdens  bear; 
And  often  for  each  other  flows 
The  sympathizing  tear. 

4  When  we  at  death  must  part, 

It  gives  us  inward  pain, 
But  we  shall  still  be  joined  in  heart, 
And  hope  to  meet  again. 

5  From  sorrow,  toil  and  pain, 

And  sin  we  shall  be  free ; 
And  perfect  love  and  friendship  reign 
Through  all  eternity. 

J.    Fawcett. 


CTRIVE  aright  when  God  doth  call  thee, 
^     \Mien  He  draws  thee  by  His  grace, 
Cast  off  all  that  would  enthrall  thee 
And  deter  thee  from  the  race. 

Christian  Life  and  Service    .  393 

2  Wrestle,  till  thy  zeal  is  burning. 
And  thy  love  is  glowing-  warm, 
All  that  earth  can  give  thee  spurning — 
Half  love  will  not  bide  the  storm. 

3  Combat,  though  thy  life  thou  givest, 
Storm  the  kingdom,  but  prevail ; 
Let  not  him  with  whom  thou  strivest 
Ever  make  thee  faint  or  quail. 

4  Perfect  truth  will  never  waver, 
Wars  with  evil  day  and  night, 
Changes  not  for  fear  or  favor. 
Only  cares  to  win  the  fight. 

5  Perfect  truth  will  love  to  follow 
\\'atchfully  our  Master's  ways; 
Seeks  not  comfort  poor  and  hollow, 
Looks  not  for  reward  or  praise. 

6  Perfect  truth  frorn  worldly  pleasure, 
Worldly  turmoil,  stands  apart ; 
For  in  heaven  is  hid  our  treasure, 
There  must  also  be  our  heart. 

7  Soldiers  of  the  cross,  take  courage! 
Watch  and  war  'mid  fear  and  pain; 
Daily  conquering  sin  and  sorroAV, 
Till  our  King  o'er  earth  shall  reign. 

J.     J.     Winckler. 
C.   Winkworth,   Tr. 

394  Christian  Lift  and  Service 



E  PLOW   the  fields  and  scatter 
The  good  seed  on  the  land, 
But  it  is  fed  and  watered 

By  God's  almighty  hand; 
He  sends  the  snow  in  winter, 

The  warmth  to  swell  the  grain, 
The  breezes  and  the  sunshine, 
And  soft,  refreshing  rain. 
All  good  gifts  around  us 

Are  sent  from  heav'n  above ; 
Then  thank  the  Lord,  oh,  thank  the  Lord 
For  all  His  love. 

He  only  is  the  Maker 

Of  all  things  near  and  far; 
He  paints  the  wayside  flower, 

And  lights  the  evening  star ; 
The  winds  and  waves  obey  Him, 

By  Him  the  birds  are  fed; 
Much  more  to  us  His  children, 

He  gives  our  daily  bread. 
All  good  gifts,  etc. 

We  thank  Thee,  then.  O  Father, 

For  all  things  bright  and  good, 
The  seed-time  and  the  harvest, 

Our  life,  our  health,  our  food; 
Accept  the  gifts  we  offer 

For  all  Thy  love  imparts, 
And,  what  Thou  most  desirest. 

Our  humble,  thankful  hearts. 
All  good  gifts,  etc. 

M.    Claudius. 
J.   M.    Campbell,   Tr. 


Christian  Life  and  Service  395 


H,  CHRISTIANS  leagued  together, 
To  battle  for  the  right, 
Arise,  and  don  your  armor 

Put  the  foe  to  flight ; 
We've  given  our  allegiance 

To  serve  without  surcease, 
The  mighty  Lord  of  armies 
And  gentle  Prince  of  Peace. 
All  hail,  our  royal  colors. 
For  kingly  lives  unfold. 
Beneath  our  Luther  ensign. 

Black,  red,  white,  blue  and  gold. 

Then  onward  be  the  war  cry. 

And  onward  still,  so  long 
As  we  have  self  to  conquer, 

Souls  to  cheer  with  song: 
Let  sound  the  martial  music, 

Ring  out  the  bugle  call, 
To  rally  for  the  conflict 

Our  people  one  and  all ! 
All  hail,  etc. 

We  proudly  bear  as  banner 

A  cross  within  the  heart. 
To  show  that  we  have  chosen 

Christ,  the  better  part. 
Then  joy,  and  peace,  and  comfort 

Shall  blossom  as  a  rose, 
Until  our  earthly  blessings 

The  worth  of  heav'n  disclose. 
All  h^il  etc. 

L.  VV.  Cassaday. 

396  Christian  Life  and  Service 


f\  BLESSED  house,  that  cheerfully  receiveth 
^^  Thy    visits,    Jesus    Christ,    the    soul's    true 
That,  far  beyond  all  other  guests,  believeth. 
It  must  to  Thee  its  warmest  cheer  extend ; 
Where  ev'ry  heart  to  Thee  is  fondly  turning, 
Where   ev'ry   eye   for   Thee   with   pleasure 
Where  all  to  know  Thy  will  are  truly  yearn- 
And  ev'ry  one  to  do  it  promptly  seeks. 

2  O  blessed  house,  where  man  and  wife,  united 

In  Thy  true  love,  have  both  one  heart  and 
Where  both  to  Thy  salvation  are  invited, 

And  in  Thy  doctrine  both  contentment  find ; 
Where  both  to  Thee,  in  truth,  forever  cleav- 

In  joy,  in  grief,  make  Thee  their  only  stay, 
And  fondly  hope  in  Thee  to  be  believing, 
Both  in  the  good  and  in  the.  evil  day. 

3  O  blessed  house,  where  little  children  tender 

Are   laid   upon  Thy   heart,   with   hands  of 
Thou    Friend    of    children,   Who   wilt   freely 
To  them  more  than  a  mother's  loving  care, 
Where  round  Thy  feet  they  gather,  to  Thee 

Christian  Life  and  Service  397 

And  hear  Thy  loving  voice  most  wilHngly, 
And  in  their  songs,  Thy  hearty  praises  ring- 
Rejoice  in  Thee,  O  blessed  Lord,  in  Thee. 

K.    T.    p.    Spitta. 
C.  W.  SchaeflFer.  Tr. 



ET  us  ever  v^^alk  with  Jesus, 
Follow  His  example  pure ; 

Flee  the  world  that  would  deceive  us 
And  to  sin  our  'soul  allure. 

Ever  in  His  foot-steps  treading. 
Body  here,  yet  soul  above. 
Full  of  faith  and  hope  and  love, 

Let  us  do  the  Father's  bidding: 
Faithful  Lord,  abide  with  me; 
Savior,  lead,  I  follow  Thee. 

2  Let  us  suffer  here  with  Jesus, 
To  His  image  e'er  conform ; 

Heaven's  glory  soon  will  please  us, 
Sunshine  follow  on  the  storm. 

Having  sown  in  tears,  in  gladness 
We  shall  reap  with  patient  cheer; 
Let  us  hope,  and,  void  of  fear, 

Bide  the  turning  of  our  sadness. 
Christ,  I  sufifer  here  with  Thee, 
There,  O  share  Thy  joy  with  me. 

3  Let  us  also  die  with  Jesus ; 

His  death  from  the  second  death, 

398  Christian  Life  and  Service 

From  our  soul's  destruction,  frees  us, 

Quickens  us  with  life's  glad  breath. 
Let  us  mortify,  while  living, 

Flesh  and  blood,  and  die  to  sin; 

And  the  grave  that  shuts  us  in 
Shall  but  prove  the  gate  to  heaven. 

Jesus,  here  I  die  to  Thee, 

There  to  live  eternally. 

4  Let  us  also  live  with  Jesus ; 

Since  He's  risen  from  the  dead. 
Must  the  conquered  gravQ  release  us ; 

Jesus,  Thou  art  now  our  Head. 
We  Thy  body's  cherished  members. 

Where  Thou  livest,  live  shall  we ; 

Own  us  evermore  to  be, 
Dearest  Friend,  Thy-  loved  brethren, 

Jesus,  here  I  live  to  Thee, 

Yonder,  too,  eternally. 

S.   von   Birken. 
J.  A.   Rimbach,   Tr. 


"/^OME,  follow  Me,  the  Savior  spake, 
All  in  My  way  abiding: 
Deny  yourselves,  the  world  forsake, 

Obey  My  call  and  guiding; 
O  bear  the  cross,  whate'er  betide. 
Take  My  example  for  your  guide. 

2  'T  am  the  Light,  I  light  the  w^ay, 
A  virtuous  life  displaying; 
Who  comes  to  Me  and  follows,  aye, 

Christian  Life  and  Service  399 

I  lead  from  his  dark  straying: 
I  am  the  Way,  and  well  I  show- 
How  men  should  sojourn  here  below. 

3  "My  heart  in  lowliness  abounds. 

My  soul  with  love  is  glowing. 
And  from  My  mouth  are  words  and  sounds 

Of  meekness  overflowing: 
My  heart,  My  mind,  My  strength,  My  all 
To  God  I  yield,  on  Him  I  call. 

4  'T  teach  you  to  avoid  and  flee 

What  harms  your  soul's  salvation, 
Your  heart  to  purify  and  free 

From  sin's   abomination : 
Your  Rock  and  Fortress  e'er  am  I, 
And  lead  you  to  the  life  on  high. 

5  "But  if  too  hot  you  find  the  fray, 

I,  at  your  side,  stand  ready ; 
I  fight  Myself,  I  lead  the  way. 

At  all  times  firm  and  steady : 
A  coward  he  who  will  not  heed 
When  the  chief  Captain  takes  the  lead.. 

''Who  seeks  to  find  His  soul's  welfare 
Without  Me,  he  shall  lose  it ; 

But  who  to  lose  it  may  appear. 
In  God  shall  introduce  it : 

Who  bears  no  cross,  nor  follows  hard, 

Deserves  not  Me,  nor  Mv  reward." 

400  Christian  Life  and  Service 

Then  let  us  follow  our  dear  Lord, 
Bearing  the  cross   appointed. 

And  bravely  cleaving  to  His  word 
In  suffering  be  undaunted : 

Who  has  not  stood  the  battle's  strain 

The  crown  of  life  shall  not  obtain. 

J.     Scheffler. 
W.  Schaeffer,  Tr. 



OW  good  it  is  for  brethren 
Who  know  each  other  well, 

In  unity  together 

On  this  fair  earth  to  dwell ! 

In  unity   together 

On  this  fair  earth  to  dwell ! 

2  As  dew  from  lofty  Hermon 

Into  the  valley  flows, 
II :  So  God  upon  the  brethren 
His  choicest  gifts  bestows. :  l| 

3  And  through  them  He  ren.eweth 

That  city  fair  and  free, 
!!  :  Where  souls,  by  sin  polluted, 
Shall  pure  and  spotless  be.:  || 

4  And  all  the  chosen  people 

Shall  there  His  face  behold, 
II :  And  be  with  Him  forever, 
One  Shepherd  and  one  fold. :  !| 

F.   G.    Wetzel. 
H.   Brueckner,   Tr. 

Christian  Life  and  Service  401 


T    ET  me  learn  of  Jesus  ; 
"'— '    He  is  kind  to  me ; 
Once  He  died  to  save  me, 
Nailed  upon  the  tree. 

2  When  I  go  to  Jesus, 

He  will  hear  me  pray. 
Make  me  pure  and  holy, 
Take  my  sins  away. 

3  Let  me  think  of  Jesus ; 
He  is  full  of  love, 
Looking  down  upon  me 
From  His  throne  above. 

4  If  I  trust  in  Jesus, 

If  I  do  His  will. 
Then  I  shall  be  happy, 
Safe  from  every  ill. 

5  O  how  good  is  Jesus ! 

May  He  hold  my  hand, 
And  at  last  receive  me 
To  a  better  land. 

F.     Crosby. 

DRIGHTLY  gleams  our  banner 
*-^    Pointing  to  the  sky, 
Waving  wand'rers  onward 
To  their  home  on  high. 
Journeying  o'er  the  desert, 

Gladly  thus  we  pray, 
And  with  hearts  united 
Take  our  heav'nward  way. 
Brightly  gleams  our  banner 

Pointing  to  the  sky, 
Waving  wand'rers  on  ward 
To  their  home  on  high. 

2  Jesus,  Lord  and  Master, 

At  Thy  sacred  feet. 
Here  with  hearts  rejoicing 

See  Thy  children  meet : 
Often  have  we  left  Thee, 

Often  gone  astray ; 
Keep  us,  mighty  Savior, 

In  the  narrow  way. 
Brightly  gleams,  etc. 

3  All  our  days  direct  us 

In  the  way  we  go ; 
Lead  us  on  victorious 

Over  every  foe : 
Bid  Thine  angels  shield  us 

When  the  storm-clouds  lower; 
Pardon,  Lord,  and  save  us 

In  the  last  dread  hour. 
Brightly  gleams,  etc. 

Warfare  and  Processional  403 

Then  with  saints  and  angels 

May  we  join  above, 
Offering-  prayers  and  praises 

At  Thy  throne  of  love; 
When  the  toil  is  over, 

Then  come  rest  and  peace, 
Jesus  in  His  beauty. 

Songs  that  never  cease. 
Brightly  gleams,  etc. 


IN  THE  name  of  Jesus 
^       Ev'ry  knee  shall  bow, 
Ev'ry  tongue  confess  Him 

King  of  glory  now  ; 
'Tis  the  Father's  pleasure 

We  should  call  Him  Lord, 
Who  from  the  beginning 
Was  the  mighty  Word. 

2  At  His  voice  creation 

Sprang  at  once  to  sight ; 
All  the  angel  faces, 

All  the  hosts  of  light. 
Thrones   and    dominations, 

Stars  upon  their  way. 
All  the  heavenly  orders 

In  their  great  array. 

3  Humbled  for  a  season 

To  receive  a  name 
From  the  lips  of  sinners. 
Unto  whom  He  came, 

T.    J.    Potter. 

404  Warfare  and  Processional 

Faithfully  He  bore  it 

Spotless  to  the  last, 
Brought  it  back  victorious. 

When  from  death  He  passed ; 

Bore  it  up  triumphant, 

With  its  human  light. 
Through  all  ranks  of  creatures, 

To  the  central  height ; 
To  the  throne  of  Godhead. 

To  the  Father's  breast. 
Filled  it  with  the  glory 

Of  that  perfect  rest. 

5  In  your  hearts  enthrone  Him  ; 

There  let  Him  subdue 
All  that  is  not  holy, 

All  that  is  not  true : 
Crown  Him  as  your  Captain 

In  temptation's  hour ; 
Let  His  will  enfold  you 

In  its  light  and  power. 

6  Brothers,  this  Lord  Jesus 

Shall  return  again. 
With  His  Father's  glory, 

With  His  angel  train; 
For  all  wreaths  of  empire 

Meet  upon  His  brow, 
And  our  hearts  confess  Him 

King  of  glory  now. 

C  M.  Noel. 

Warfare  and  Processional  405 


/^NWARD,  Christian  soldiers, 
^^   Marching  as  to  war, 
With  the  cross  of  Jesus 

Going  on  before ! 
Christ,  the  royal  Master, 
Leads  against  the  foe; 
Forward  into  battle 
See,  His  banners  go! 

CHORUS :      , 

Onward.  Christian  soldiers, 
Marching  as  to  war, 

With  the  cross  of  Jesus 
Going  on  before ! 

At  the  sign  of  triumph 

Satan's  host  doth  flee ; 
On  then.  Christian  soldiers. 

On  to  victory ! 
Hell's  foundations  quiver 

At  the  shout  of  praise ; — 
Brothers,  lift  your  voices. 

Loud  your  anthems  raise! 


3  Like  a  mighty  army 

Moves  the  church  of  God; 
Brothers,  we  are  treading 
Where  the  saints  have  trod ; 

406  Warfare  and  Processional 

We  are  not  divided, 

All  one  body  we, 
One  in  hope  and  doctrine, 

One  in  charity. 


4  Crowns  and  thrones  may  perish, 

Kingdoms  rise  and  wane, 
But  the  church  of  Jesus 

Constant  will  remain ; 
Gates  of  hell  can  never 

'Gainst  that  church  prevail ; 
We  have  Christ's  own  promise, 

And  that  cannot  fail. 


5  Onward,  then,  ye  people ! 

Join  our  happy  throng; 
Blend  with  ours  your  voices 

In  the  triumph  song ! 
Glory,  laud  and  honor 

Unto  Christ  the  King! 
This  through  countless  ages 

Men  and  angels  sing. 


S.    Baring-Gould. 


E  MARCH,  we  march  to  victory, 
With  the  cross  of  the  Lord  before  us, 
With  His  loving  eye  looking  down  from  the 

Warfare  and  Processional  407 

And  His  holy  arm  spread  o'er  us, 
His  holy  arm  spread  o'er  us. 

1  We  come  in  the  might  of  the  Lord,    ... 

In  joyous  train  to  meet  Him; 
And  we  put  to  flight  the  armies  of  night. 
That  the  sons  of  the  day  may  greet  Him, 
The  sons  of  the  day  may  greet  Him. 
We  march,  etc. 

2  The  bands  of  the  aliens  flee  away. 

When  our  chant  goes  up  as  thunder. 
And  the  van  of  the  Lord  in  serried  array 
II :  Cleaves  Satan's  ranks  asunder. :  || 
We  march,  etc. 

3  Our  sword  is  the  Spirit  of  God  on  high, 

Our  helmet  His  salvation ; 
And  our  banner  the  cross  of  Calvary, 

!i :  And  our  w^atchword  :  The  Incarnation. :  || 
We  march,  etc. 

4-  We  tread  in  the  might  of  the  Lord  of  hosts. 
And  fear  not  man  nor  devil ; 
For    our    Captain    Himself    guards    well    our 
II :  To  defend  all  His  church  from  evil.:|| 
We  march,  etc. 

-5  He  marches  in  front  of  His  banner  unfurled 
Which  He  raised  that  His  own  might  find 
And    the    holy    church    throughout    all    the 
II :  Fall  in  rank  and  march  behind  Him. :  || 
We  march,  etc. 


Warfare  and  Processional 

6  And  the  angel  choir  with  its  song  awaits 
Our  march  to  the  golden  Zion ; 
For  our  Captain  has  broken  the  brazen  gates, 
11 :  And  burst  the  bars  of  iron. :  || 
We  march,  etc. 

7  Then  onward  we  march,  our  arms  to  prove, 

With  the  banner  of  Christ  before  us, 
•    With    His    eye    of    love    looking    down    from 
II  :  And  His  holy  arm  spread  o'er  us. :  || 
We  march,  etc. 

G.    Moultrie. 

Sitt>  Eternal 


/^NE  sweetly  solemn  thought 
^^   Comes  to  me  o'er  and  o'er, — 
Nearer  my  home,  today  am  I 
Than  e'er  I've  been  before. 

2  Nearer  my  Father's  house. 

Where  many  mansions  be ; 
Nearer  today  the  great  white  throne, 
Nearer  the  crystal  sea. 

3  Nearer  the  bound  of  life 

Where  burdens  are  laid  down ; 
Nearer  to  leave  the  heavy  cross ; 
Nearer  to  gain  the.  crown. 

4  But  lying  dark  between. 

Winding  down  through  the  night. 
There  rolls  the  silent  unknown  stream 
That  leads  at  last  to  light. 

5  E'en  now,  perchance,  my  feet 

Are  slipping  on  the  brink, 
And  I  today  am  nearer  home, — 
Nearer  than  now  I  think. 

6  Father,  perfect  my  trust ; 

Strengthen  my  spirit's   faith ; 
Nor  let  me  stand  at  last  alone 
Upon  the  shores  of  death. 

Ph.    Gary. 

410  Life   Eternal 


pROM  distant  shores  returning, 
"*•       The  pilgrim  wanders  home ; 
For  rest  his  heart  is  yearning, 
He  would  no  longer  roam. 

2  A  silent  grave  encloseth 

What  he  most  treasured  here ; 
His  heart  no  more  reposeth. 
But  looks  beyond  for  cheer. 

3  Though   royal  cities   tower 

In  strength  and  precious  gold, 
They  vanish  like  a  flower, 
And  soon  their  fall  is  told. 

4  The  rivers,  swiftly  flowing, 

Merge  with  the  ocean  deep ; 
The  mighty  winds  cease  blowing, 
And  waves  their  silence  keep. 

5  The  sound  of  harpstrings  waneth 

While  floating  on  the  air. 
Nor  day  nor  night  retaineth 
That  melody  so  fair. 

6  The  pilgrim  who  the  pleasures 

Of  yonder  world  can  taste, 
Cares  naught  for  earthly  treasures 
That  quickly  go  to  waste. 

7  He  longs  for  things  immortal, 

For  an  eternal  day. 
And  so  to  heaven's  portal 
He  ever  wends  his  way. 

C.   n.   Barth. 
II.    Brueckner,   Tr. 


Life  Eternal  411 


AKE,  awake,  for  night  is  flying, 

The  watchmen  on  the  heights  are  crying: 

Awake,  Jerusalem,  at  last ! 
Midnight  hears  the  welcome  voices, 
And  at  the  thrilling  cry  rejoices: 

Come  forth,  ye  virgins,  night  is  past! 
The  Bridegroom  comes,  awake, 
Your  lamps  with  gladness  take ; 

Hallelujah ! 
And  for  His  marriage  feast  prepare, 
For  ye  must  go  to  meet  Him  there. 

2  Zion  hears  the  watchmen  singing. 

And  all  her  heart  with  joy  is  springing; 

She  wakes,  she  rises  from  her  gloom  ; 
For  her  Lord  comes  down  all-glorious. 
The  strong  in  grace,  in  truth  victorious, 

Her  Star  is  risen,  her  Light  is  come ! 
Ah,  come,  Thou  blessed  Lord! 
O  Jesus,  Son  of  God, 

Hallelujah ! 
We  follow  till  the  halls  we  see 
Where  Thou  hast  bid  us  sup  with  Thee. 

Now  let  all  the  heavens  adore  Thee, 
And  men  and  angels  sing  before  Thee, 

With  harp  and  cymbal's  clearest  tone 
Of  one  pearl  each  shining  portal, 
Where  we  are  wath  the  choir  immortal. 

Of  angels  round  Thy  dazzling  throne 

412  Life   Eternal 

Nor  eye  hath  seen ;  nor  ear 
Hath  yet  attained  to  hear 

What  there  is  ours  ; 
But  we  rejoice  and  sing  to  Thee 
Our  hymn  of  joy  eternally. 

Ph.     Xicolai. 
C.   Winkworth,  Tr. 


HARK!  hark,  my  soul,  angelic  songs  are  swel- 
O'er  earth's  green  fields  and  ocean's  wave- 
beat  shore ; 
How  sweet  the  truth  those  blessed  strains  are 
Of  that  new  life  when  sin  shall  be  no  more! 
Angels  of  Jesus,  angels  of  light, 

Singing  to  welcome  the  pilgrims  of  the 

2  Onward  we  go,  for  still  we  hear  them  singing, 

''Come,    weary    souls,    for    Jesus    bids    you 
And  through  the  dark,  its  echoes  sweetly  ring- 
The  music  of  the  Gospel  leads  us  home. 
Angels  of  Jesus,  etc. 

3  Far,  far  away,  like  bells  at  ev'ning  pealing. 

The  voice  of  Jesus  sounds  o'er  land  and  sea. 
And  laden  souls  by  thousands,  meekly  steal- 
Kind  Shepherd,  turn  their  weary  steps  to 
Angels  of  Jesus,  etc. 

Life  Eternal  413 

4  Rest  comes  at  length,  though  life  be  long  and 

dreary ; 
The  day  must  dawn,  and  darksome  night  be 
Faith's  journeys  end  in  welcome  to  the  weary, 
And   heaven,    the    heart's   true   home,   will 
come  at  las. 
Angels  of  Jesus,  etc. 

5  Angels,  sing  on!  your  faithful  watches  keep- 

Sing    us    sweet    fragments    of    the    songs 
above ; 
Till    morning's    joy    shall    end    the    night    of 
And  life's  long  shadows  break  in  cloudless 
Angels  of  Jesus,  etc. 

F.    W.    Faber. 


T    ET  me  go,  let  me  go, 

*— •    Lord,  to  me  Thy  presence  show; 
Thither  still  my  heart  is  turning, 
For  Thy  heav'nly  courts  in  yearning, 
II :  There  Thy  perfect  rest  to  know, :  || 

2  II :  Sweetest  Light, :  I| 

Sun  that  scatter'st  clouds  in  flight, 
O  when  shall  I  come  before  Thee, 
When  shall  I  with  saints  adore  Thee. 

II :  Dwelling  in  Thy  presence  bright ! :  || 

414  Life  Eternal 

3  II  :  Ah,  how  clear, :  || 

Ring  the  angel  voices  there ! 
While  my  soul  for  wings  is  sighing, 
Wings  o'er  vale  and  mountain  flying, 

II :  Now  in  Zion  to  appear. :  || 

4  II:  What  shall  be, :  jj 

All  the  joy  laid  up  for  me, 
Lord,  I  know  not,  eyes  are  holden 
Till  Jersualem  the  golden 

II :  In  its  beauty  I  shall  see. :  || 

5  II:  Paradise,:  || 

Fairest  fruits  delight  our  eyes. 
Where  the  Tree  of  Life  is  planted, 
Bliss  beyond  our  dreams  is  granted; 

II :  Bring  us,  Lord,  to  Paradise! 

E.    Knak. 
H.   R.   Krauth,   Tr. 


T^HERE  many  shall  come  from  the  east  and 
'■'  the  west. 

And  sit  at  the  feast  of  salvation. 
With  Abraham,  Isaac  and  Jacob,  the  blest. 
Obeying  the  Lord's  invitation : 
Have  mercy  upon  us,  O  Jesus ! 

2  But  they  who  have  always  resisted  His  grace. 
And  on  their  owm  virtue  depended. 
Shall  then  be  condemned  and  cast  out  from 
His  face. 
Eternally  lost  and  unfriended. 
Have  mercy  upon  us,  O  Jesus! 

Life   Eternal  415 

3  O  may  we  all  hear  when  our  Shepherd  doth 
In  accents  persuasive  and  tender. 
That  while  there  is  time  we  make  haste,  one 
and  all, 
And  find  Him,  our  mighty  Defender ! 
Have  mercy  upon  us,  O  Jesus ! 

M.   B.   Landstad. 
P.  O.  Stromme,  Tr. 

/^'ER  the  distant  mountains  breaking, 
^^   Comes  the  reddening  dawn  of  day ; 
Rise,  my  soul,  from  sleep  awaking. 

Rise,  and  sing,  and  watch,  and  pray; 
'Tis  thy  Savior,  'tis  thy  Savior, 
On  His  bright  returning  way. 

2  O  Thou  long-expected,  weary 

Waits  my  anxious  soul  for  Thee, 
Life  is  dark,  and  earth  is  dreary, 
Where  Thy  light  I  do  not  see; 
O  my  Savior,  O  my  Savior, 
When  wilt  Thou  return  to  me  ? 

3  Nearer  is  my  soul's  salvation, 

Spent  tlie  night,  the  day  at  hand ; 
Keep  me  in  my  lowly  station. 

W^atching  for  Thee,  till  I  stand, 
O  my  Savior,  O  my  Savior, 
In  Thy  bright.  Thy  promised  land. 

416  Life  Eternal 

4  With  my  lamp  well  trimmed  and  burnin< 
Swift  to  hear  and  slow  to  roam. 
Watching  for  Thy  glad  returning 

To  restore  me  to  my  home ; 
Come,  my  Savior,  come,  my  Savior, 
Thou  hast  promised,  quickly  come. 

J.   S.  B.  Monsell. 



Y  LIFE  is  hid  in  Jesus, 
And  death  is  gain  to  me; 
Then,  whensoe'er  He  pleases, 
I  meet  it  willingly. 

2  For  Christ,  my  Lord  and  brother, 

I  leave  this  world  so  dim, 
And  gladly  seek  that  other. 
Where  I  shall  be  with  Him. 

3  My  woes  are  nearly  over. 

Though  long  and  dark  the  road ; 
My  sin  His  merits  cover. 
And  I  have  peace  with  God. 

4  Lord,  when  my  powers  are  failing 

My  breath  comes  heavily. 
And  words   are  unavailing, 
O  hear  my  sighs  to  Thee ! 

5  When   mind    and   thought,    O    Savior, 

Are  flickering,  like  a  light. 

That  to  and  fro  doth  waver. 

Ere  'tis  extinguished  quite. 

Life   Eternal  417 

6  In  that  last  hour,  O  grant  me 

To  slumber  soft  and  still, 
No  doubts  to  vex  or  haunt  me, 
Safe  anchored  on  Thy  will ; 

7  And  so  to  Thee  still  cleaving 

Through  all  death's  agony, 
■  To  fall  asleep  believing. 

And  wake  in  heaven  with  Thee. 

8  Amen!     Thou  Christ,  my  Savior. 

Wilt  grant  this  unto  me  : 
Thy  Spirit  lead  me  ever 
That  I  fare  happily. 

C.    Winkworth,   Tr. 


r\  WHERE   is    the    home    of    the    soul    to   be 

^  found  ? 

Who  knows   its  true  shelter  where  comforts 

abound  ? 
What  city  of  refuge  will  offer  a  place 
That  sin  cannot  enter,  the  soul  to  disgrace? 
Nowhere,  nowhere  do  we  behold 
On  earth  such  a  city  of  blessings  untold. 

2  So   leave  this  poor  earth  if  that  home  thou 

wouldst  see, 
The  home  of  the  sainted  from  sorrow  made 

Jerusalem,  city  resplendent  in  gold. 
\\'ilt  thou  to  the  soul  all  thy  beauties  unfold? 
Truly,  truly  thou  art  the  goal 
Where  rest  is  the  portion  of  every  pure  soul. 

418  Life   Eternal 

3   How  l)lissful  the  rest  in  that  city  so  fair, 
Where,  dwelHng  with  Jesus,  the  soul  hath  no 

The  sounding  of  harps  in  those  mansions  on 

Doth  bid  the  soul  welcome  to  heavenly  joy. 
Rest,  rest,  rest,  rest,  eternal  rest, 
I  long  to  embrace  thee,  to  be  with  the  blest. 

F.     L.     Joergens. 
H.    Brueckner,   Tr. 



HERE  is  a  kingdom  of  the  Lord, 
Not  built  on  golden  treasure. 

But  founded  on  God's  holy  Word, 
My  soul's  delight  and  pleasure. 

2  Here  Jesus  Christ  the  Lord  of  all, 

The  Son  of  God  is  dwelling; 
He  is  the  Bridegroom  of  my  soul, 
Li  holy  love  excelling. 

3  I  travel  in  a  pilgrim  band 

Whose  journey  soon  is  ended, 
And  when  I  reach  the  Fatherland 
I  shall  be  well  contented. 

4  I  poor  and  empty-handed  came 

Into  this  world  of  sorrow. 
With  empty  heart  depart  the  same 
When  death  comes  on  the  morrow. 

5  But  I  shall  wake  in  Jesus'  name 

And  rise  to  joy  and  glory! 
Nor  death  nor  grave  shall  hold  my  frame, 
No  ill  my  soul  shall  worry. 

Life   Eternal  419 

6  And  Jesus  calls  me  to  His  side : 

''I  am  thy  Lord  and  Savior ; 
Thou  art  redeemed  and  shalt  abide 
Forever  in  My  favor/' 

7  All  praise  and  thanks  and  glory  be 

To  God  forever  given, 
That  we  His  grace  and  mercy  see 
Now^  and  at  last  in  heaven. 

H.    C.    Sthen. 
D.    G.    Ristad.   Tr. 


TIEAV'NWARD  still  our  pathway  tends; 
•'•  *  Here  on  earth  we  are  but  strangers, 

Till  our  road  in  Canaan  ends. 

Safely  passed  this  world  of  dangers : 

Here  we  but  as  pilgrims  rove, 

For  our  home  is  there  above. 

2  Heav'nward  still,  my  soul,  ascend ! 

Thou  art  one  of  heaven's  creations ; 
Earth  can  ne'er  give  aim  or  end 

Fit  to  fill  thy  aspirations ; 
And  a  heaven-enlightened  mind 
Ever  turns,  its  source  to  find. 

3  Heav'nward  still !     God  calls  to  me 

In  His  Word,  so  loudly  speaking; 
Glimpses  in  that  Word  I  see 

Of  the  home  I'm  ever  seeking: 
While  my  heart  that  call  attends, 
Still  to  heaven  my  path  ascends. 

420  Life  Eternal 

4  Heav'nward !  this  I  always  think 

When  He  spreads  for  me  His  table, 
And  I  taste  the  meat  and  drink 

That  with  heavenly  strength  enable ; 
After  earth's  oft  bitter  bread 
There  His  marriage  feast  is  spread. 

5  Heav'nward !  far  beyond  the  skies 

Faith  my  portion's  joys  is  counting 
Till  my  heart  doth  upward  rise 

Sun  and  moon  and   stars  surmounlin- -. 
All  their  light  cannot  compare 
With  the  splendent  glory  there. 

6  Heav'nward  still  when  life  shall  close. 

Death  to  my  true  home  shall  guide  m. 
Then  triumphant  to  my  woes, 

Lasting  bliss  shall  God  provide  me : 
Christ  Himself  the  way  has  led; 
Joyful  in  His  steps  I  tread. 

7  Heav'nward  !     Heav'nward  !  this  my  song. 

This  my  watchword  oft  repeated. 
Here  for  heaven  I  fondly  long, 

Vain  delusions  all  defeated. 
Heav'nward  all  my  thoughts  ascend 
Till  in  heaven  my  path  shall  end. 

B.  Schmolckf. 
Stanzas  1,  2,  3,  6,  F.  E.  Cox,  Tr. 
Stanzas,  4,  5,  7  A.   Ramsey,  Tr. 


r\  HAPPY  day  when  we  shall  stand 
^^  Amid  the  heav'nly  throng, 

And  sing  with  hosts  from  ev'ry  land 
The  new  celestial  song. 

Life   Eternal  421 

2  O  blessed  day!     From  far  and  near 

The  servants  of  the  Lord 
Shall  meet  the  ransomed  millions  there 
Who   heard   God's    saving  Word. 

3  O  what  a  mighty,  rushing  flood 

Of  love  without  surcease, 
Shall  roll  about  the  throne  of  God 
In  joy  and  endless  peace! 

4  God,  may  Thy  bounteous  grace  inspire 

Our  hearts  so  that  we  may 
All  join  the  heavenly  white-robed  choir 
-  Upon  that  glorious  day. 

W.   A.   Wexels. 
G.  T.  Rygh,  Tr. 



PARADISE,  O  Paradise, 
Who  doth  not  crave  for  rest. 
Who  would  not  seek  the  happy  land 
Where  they  that  loved  are  iDlest? 
Where  loyal  hearts  and  true 

Stand  ever  in  the  light. 
All  rapture  through  and  through^ 
In  God's  most  holy  sight. 

O  Paradise,  O  Paradise, 
The  world  is  growing  old ; 

Who  would  not  be  at  rest  and  free 
Where  love  is  never  cold? 
Where  loyal  hearts,  etc. 

O  Paradise,  O  Paradise, 
We  long  to  sin  no  more, 

422  Life   Eternal 

We  long-  to  be  as  pure  on  earth 
As  on  thy  spotless  shore; 
Where  loyal  hearts,  etc. 

4  O  Paradise,  O  Paradise, 

We  shall  not  wait  for  long; 
E'en  now  the  loving  ear  may  catch 
Faint  fragments  of  Thy  song; 
Wliere  loyal  hearts,  etc. 

5  Lord  Jesus,  King  of  Paradise, 

O  keep  us  in  Thy  love. 
And  guide  us  to  that  happy  land 
Of  perfect  rest  above ; 
Where  loyal  hearts,  etc. 

F.    W.    Faber. 


HOW  blest  are  ye  whose  toils  are  ended ! 
Who.  through  death,  have  unto  God  ascend- 
Ye  have  arisen 
From  the  cares  wdiich  keep  us  still  in  prison. 

2  Christ  has  wiped  away  your  tears  forever; 
Ye  have  that  for  which  we  still  endeavor; 

To  you  are  chanted 
Songs  that  ne'er  to  mortal  ears  were  granted. 

3  Ah  !  who  would  then  not  depart  with  gladness. 
To   inherit   heaven   for   earthly   sadness? 

Who  here  would  languish 
Longer  in  bewailing  and  in  anguish? 


Life  Eternal  423 

4  Come,  O  Christ,  and  loose  the  chains  that  bind 
Lead  us  forth,  and  cast  this  world  behind  us! 

With  Thee,  th'  Anointed, 
Finds  the  soul  its  joy  and  rest  appointed. 

S.    Dach. 
H.  W.  Longfellow,  Tr. 


JERUSALEM,  thou  city  fair  and  high. 
J      Would  God  I  were  in  thee ! 

My  longing  heart  fain,  fain  to  thee  would  fly ! 

It  will  not  stay  with  me; 
Far  over  vale  and  mountain, 

Far  over  field  and  plain, 
It  hastes  to  seek  its  fountain. 
And  quit  this  world  of  pain. 

2  O  happy  day,  and  yet  far  happier  hour, 

When  wilt  thou  come  at  last? 
When  fearless  to  my  Father's  love  and  power, 

Whose  promise  standeth  fast. 
My  soul  I  gladly  render; 

For  surely  will  His  hand 
Lead  her,  with  guidance  tender, 

To  heaven  her  fatherland. 

3  O  what  the  nation,  what  the  glorious  host, 

Comes  sweeping  swiftly  down' 
The  chosen  ones  on  earth  who  wrought  the 

The  church's  brightest  crown. 
Our  Lord  has  sent  to  meet  me ; 

As  in  the  far-off  years. 
Their  words  oft  came  to  greet  me 

In  yonder  land  of  tears. 

424  Life   Eternal 

4  The  ])atriarchs'  and  prophets'  noble  train, 

With  all  Christ's  followers  true, 
Who  bore  the  cross,  and  could  the  worst  dis- 

That  tyrants  dare  to  do — 
I  see  them  shine  forever, 

All-glorious  as  the  sun, 
'Mid  Hght  that  fadeth  never, — 

Their  perfect  freedom  won. 

5  And  w^hen  within  that  lovel}-  Paradise 

At  last  I  safely  dwell. 
From  out  my  soul  what  songs  of  bliss  shall 

What  joy  my  lips  shall  tell ! 
While  holy  saints  are  singing 

Hosannas  o'er  and  o'er, 
Pure  hallelujahs  ringing 

Around  me  evermore  1 

J.   M.   Meyfart. 
C.   Winkworth.  Tr. 



ERUSALEM  the  golden ! 

With  milk  and  honey  blest. 
Beneath  thy   contemplation 

Sink  heart  and  voice  opprest. 
I  know  not,  oh,  I  know  not. 

What  joys  await  us  there! 
What  radiancy  of  glory ! 

What  bliss  beyond  compare ! 

They  stand,  those  halls  of  Zion, 
All  jubilant  with  song, 

And  bright  with  many  an  angel. 
And  all  the  martyr  throng. 

Life   Eternal  425 

The  Prince  is  ever  in  them, 
The  dayhght  is  serene; 

The  pastures  of  the  blessed 
Are  decked  in  orlorious  sheen. 


3  There  is  the  throne  of  David ; 

And  there,  from  care  released, 
The  shout  of  them  that  triumph, 

The  song  of  them  that  feast ; 
And  they,  who  with  their  Leader, 

Have  conquered  in  the  fight, 
Forever  and  forever 

Are  clad  in  robes  of  white. 

O  sweet  and  blessed  country, 

The  home  of  God's  elect ! 
O  sweet  and  blessed  country. 

That  cage**  hearts  expect ! 
Jesus,  in  mercy  bring  us 

To  that  dear  land  of  rest ! 
Who  art,  with  God  the  Father, 

And  Spirit,  ever  blest. 

Bernard   of  Cluny. 
J.   M.   Neale,  Tr. 


IWrlDST  the  lilies  blooming  yonder 
^^^  Thou  shalt  wander, 

O  my  soul,  and  be  at  home : 
Rise,  then,  as  on  eagle  pinions — 
Thy  dominions 
Are  above  where  angels  roam. 

426  Life  Eternal 

2  Guide  my  ship.  Thou  First-born  Brother, 

To  no  other 
Than  that  peaceful  haven  where, 
Sheltered  from  all  storms  forever, 
I  shall  never 
Know  of  sorrow,  sin  or  care. 

3  Thou  canst  fill  our  mouths  witli  laughter 

And  hereafter 
Make  our  tongues  to  sing  Thy  praise ; 
Thou  canst  softly  lead  us  mortals 

Through  death's  portals 
And  above  all  evils  raise. 

4  For  our  sins  and  grievous  errors 

All  the  terrors 
Of  the  cross  Thou  didst  endure : 
Death,  thy  sting  for  aye  has  vanished. 
Thou  art  banished, 
And  I  rest  from  thee  secure. 

J.   L.   K.   Allendor--. 
H.    Brueckner,   Tr. 


r\  WHAT  their  joy  and  their  glory  must  be. 
^^  Those  endless  Sabbaths  the  blessed  ones 

Crown  for  the  valiant,  to  weary  ones  rest ; 

God  shall  be  all  and  in  all  ever  blest. 

2  Truly  Jerusalem  name  we  that  shore, 

Visions  of  peace  that  brings  joy  evermore; 
Wish  and  fulfillment  can  sever'd  be  ne'er. 
Nor  the  thing  prayed  for  come  short  of  the 

Life   Eternal  427 

3  There,    where    no    troubles     distraction    can 

We  the  sweet  anthems  of  Zion  shall  sing; 
While  for  Thy  grace.   Lord,  their  voices  of 

Thy   blessed  people  eternally   raise. 

4  There  dawns  no  Sabbath,  no  Sabbath  is  o'er, 
Those   Sabbath-keepers   have   one   evermore; 
One  and  unending  is  that  triumph-song. 
Which  to  the  angels  and  us  shall  belong. 

5  Now,  in  the  meanwhile,  with  hearts  raised  on 

We   for   that   country   must   yearn   and  must 

sigh ; 
Seeking  Jerusalem,  dear  native  land, 
Through  our  long  exile  on  Babylon's  strand. 

6  Low  before  Him  with  our  praises  we  fall. 
Of  Whom,  and  in  Whom,  and  through  Whom 

are  all ; 
Of  Whom,   the   Father;    and   in   Whom,   the 

Through  Whom,  the  Spirit,  with  Them  ever 


p.  Abelard. 
J.    M.   Neale,   Tr. 


W/HEN  children,  young  and  tender, 
Their  infant  souls   surrender, 
And  leave  this  earthly  life. 
No  cause  have  we  for  weeping-, 
They  are  in  God's  own  keeping. 
Aloof  from  ev'ry  pain  and  strife. 

428  Life  Eternal 

2  Baptismal  grace  possessing, 
And  every  other  blessing 

That  Jesus  can  bestow, 
They  pass,  through  death's  dark  portal, 
To  life  and  joy  immortal. 

And  like  the  stars  forever  glow. 

3  This  child,  though  at  its  leaving 
Our  hearts  are  deeply  grieving. 

Went  ne'er  too  soon  away : 
Farewell,  thou  sacred  treasure, 
We  w'ish  thee  joy's  full  measure 

In  heav'n  where  thou  hast  gone  to  stay. 

J.  A.  Rothe. 
H.    Brueckner,   Tr. 



/^OD  bless  our  native  land! 
^-''  Firm  may  she  ever  stand, 
Through  storm  and  night! 
When  the  wild  tempests  rave, 
Ruler  of  wind  and  wave, 
Do  Thou  our  country  save 
By  Thy  great  might ! 

2  For  her  our  prayers  shall  rise 
To  God,  above  the  skies ; 

On  Him  we  wait : 
Thou  who  art  ever  nigh, 
Guarding  with  watchful  eye, 
To  Thee  aloud  we  cry: 

God  save  the  State ! 


C.   T.    Brooks, 

f^  OD  of  our  fathers,  Who  didst  guide, 
V-*"  O'er  pathless  seas  and  oceans  wide, 
To  these  fair  shores.  Thy  servants'  way, 
To  Thee  our  debts  of  praise  we  pay. 

2  In  perils  of  the  land  and  sea, 

Our  fathers   were  upheld  by  Thee; 
And  every  passing  year  has  brought 
Its  tokens  of  Thy  loving  thought. 

430  National 

3  Thou  knowest  how  with  faith  sublime. 
They  fought  for  freedom  in  their  time ; 
Their  courage  fed  by  heavenly  flame, 
Their  talisman  Thy  holy  name. 

4  Great  God,  our  fathers'  God,  defend 
Our  land  from  all  her  foes,  and  send 
On  us,  Thy  servants,  streams  of  grace, 
And  guide  our  feet  in  paths  of  peace. 

G.    A.    Warburioii 



Y  COUNTRY !  'tis  of  thee, 
Sweet  land  of  liberty, 
Of  thee  I  sing: 
Land  where  my  fathers  died, 
Land  of  the  pilgrims'  pride ! 
From  ev'ry  mountain  side 
Let  freedom  rine! 


My  native  country,  thee. 
Land  of  the  noble,  free, 

Thy  name  I  love ; 
I  love  thy  rocks  and  rills. 
Thy  woods  and  templed  hills ; 
My  heart  with  rapture  thrills 

Like  that  above. 

Let  music  swell  the  breeze. 
And  ring  from  all  the  trees 

Sweet  freedom's  song! 
Let  mortal  tongues  awake ; 
Let  all  that  breaths  partake ; 
Let  rocks  their  silence  break, 

The  sound  prolong. 

National  431 

Our  fathers'  God !  to  Thee, 
Author  of  Hberty, 

To  Thee  we  sing! 
Long  may  our  land  be  bright 
With  freedom's  holy  light; 
Protect  us  by  Thy  niight, 

S.    F.    Smith. 


T    ORD,  while  for  all  mankind  we  pray, 
■^    Of  ev'ry  clime  and  coast, 
O  hear  us  for  our  native  land, 
The  land  we  love  the  most. 

2  O  guard  our  shores  from  every  foe, 

With  peace  our  borders  bless. 
With  prosperous   times   our  cities   crown. 
Our  fields  with  plenteousness. 

3  Unite  us  in  the  sacred  love 

Of  knowledge,  truth  and  Thee ; 
And  let  our  hills  and  valleys  shout 
The  songs  of  liberty. 

4  Here  my  religion,  pure  and  mild, 

Smile  on  our  Sabbath  hours; 
And  piety  and  virtue  bless 
The  home  of  us  and  ours. 

5  Lord  of  the  nations,  thus  to  Thee 

Our  country  we  commend ; 
Be  Thou  her  refuge  and  her  trust. 
Her  everlasting  friend. 

J.    Jl.    Wi-eford. 

432  National 

/^H,  SAY,  can  you  see,  by  the  dawn's  earlv 
^  light, 

What  so  proudl}^  we  hailed  at  the  twilight's 
last  gleaming? 
Whose  broad  stripes  and  bright  stars,  through 
the  perilous  fight 
O'er  the  ramparts  we  watched,  were  so  gal- 
lantly streaming? 
And  the  rockets'  red  glare,  the  bombs  burst- 
ing in  air, 
Gave  proof  through  the  night  that  our  flag 

was  still  there. 
On,  say,  does  that  star-spangled  banner  still 

O'er  the  land  of  the  free  and  the  home  of  the 
brave  ? 

2  On  the  shore,  dimly  seen  through  the  mists 
of  the  deep, 
Where  the  foe's  haughty  host  in  dread  si- 
lence reposes. 

What  is  that  w^hich  the  breeze,  o'er  the  tow- 
ering steep. 
As  it  fitfully  blows,  half  conceals,  half  dis- 
closes ? 

Now  it  catches  the  gleam   of  the  morning's 
first  beam ; 

In    full   glory    reflected,    now   shines    on   the 
stream : 

'Tis  the  star-spangled  banner; — oh,  long  may 
it  wave 

O'er  the  land  of  the  free,  and  the  home  of  the 

National  433 

3  Oh,  thus  be  it  ever  when  freemen  shall  stand 
Between   their  loved   home   and   the   war's 
Blest  with  vict'ry  and  peace,  may  the  heav'n- 
rescued  land 
Praise  the  Pow'r  that  hath  made  and  pre- 
served us  a  nation! 
Then  conquer  we  must,  when  our  cause  it  is 

And  this  be  our  motto:  *Tn  God  is  our  trust!" 
And  the  star-spangled  banner  in  triumph  shall 

O'er  the  land  of  the  free,  and  the  home  of  the 
brave ! 

F.    S.     Key. 


Ach  bleib  mit  cleiner  Gnade    12 

Allein  Gott  in  der  Hoh'  sei  Ehr   11 

Alle  Jahre   wieder    131 

Auf  einem   Berg  ein  Baumlein   stand    235 

Auf  meinen  lieben   Gott    286 

Auf,  auf,   ihr   Reichsgenossen    77 

Aus  dem  Himmel  feme   249 

Aus   meines   Herzens    Grunde    28 

Befiehl   du    deine   Wege    292 

Bei  dir,  Jesu,_  will  ich  bleiben   252 

Christe,  du  bist  der  belle  Tag   48 

Christi   Blut  und   Gerechtigkeit    272 

Christus,  der  ist  mein  Leben   359 

Christus  ist  erstanden  von  des  Todes   177 

Danket  dem   Herrn    336 

Das   alte  Jahr  vergangen   ist    143 

Der   du  bist   drei   in   Einigkcii"    67 

Der  Herr  ist  mein  getreuer  Hirt  260 

Der  Pilger  aus  der  Feme   353 

Die    giildne    Sonne     37 

Die  Sach  ist  dein,  Herr  Jesu  Christ   277 

Dir,    dir,   Jehovah,    will    ich    singen    309 

Du  bist  der  Weg.  die  Wahrheit   273 

Du  Lebensbrot,   Herr  Jesu   Christ    256 

Du  lieber  heil'ger,  frommer  Christ   104 

Einen    giildnen    Wanderstab    239 

Ein  Gartner  geht  im  Garten   244 

Eins  ist  not ;  ach  Herr.  dies  eine  300 

Erhalt  uns,  Herr,  bei  deinem  Wort   220 

Erwacht    vom    si^ssen    Schlummer    38 

Es  geht  durch  alle  Lande  245 

Es    ist   ein   Reis    entsprungen    95 

Fahre    fort,    fahre    fort    217 

Freu  dich,  Erd'  und  Sternenzelt  136 

Freuet   euch,   ihr    Christen   alle    133 

Frohlich    soil    mein    Herze    springen    138 

Fiinf   Briinnlein    sind    171 

Gelobet    sei    der    Herr    213 

Gelobet   seist   du,   Jesu   Christ    130 

Index  of  Translated  Hymns  435 


Gott  des  Himmels  und  der  Erden  35 

Gottes  Sohn  ist  kommen  86 

Gott   ist   gegenwartig    12i 

Gott    sei    Dank    durch    alle    Welt    117 

Grosser    Gott,    wir   loben   dich    316 

Hallelujah,    schoner    Morgen    11 

Harre,    meine    Seele    289 

Herbei,   o    ihr    Glaubigen    105 

Herr  Gott,  dich  loben  wir;   regier  uns    331 

Herzliebster  Jesu,   was  hast  du  verbrochen    154 

Herzlich  lieb  liab  ich  dich,  o  Herr  265 

Himmelan  geht  unsre   Bahn    362 

Himmel,   Erde,  Luft  und  Meer    43 

Hinunter   ist   der   Sonnenschein    64 

Hosianna,   Davids    Sohn    82 

Hosianna,  gelobet   sei   der  da  kommt    81 

Hiiter,    ist    die    Nacht    verschwunden    218 

Ich  bete  an  die  Macht  der  Liebe   271 

Ich  bin  getauft  auf  deinen  Namen   238 

Ich  will  dich  lieben,  meine  Starke    319 

Ich  singe  dir  mit  Herz  und  Alund   337 

Ihr   Kinderlein,   kommet    99 

In   dir   ist   Freude    288 

Jerusalem,    du    hochgebaute    Stadt    366 

Jesu,   deine   tiefen  Wunden    159 

Jesu,    geh    voran     287 

Jesu,    Gnadensonne    310 

Jesu,   komm   doch   selbst   zu   mir 278 

Jesus,  Jesus,  nichts  als  Jesus    261 

Jesus  lebt,  mit  ihm  auch  ich 184 

Jesu,    meine    Freude     276 

Jesu,  meines  Lebens  Leben  166 

Jesus  nimmt   die   Siinder  an    267 

Kling,     Glockchen 115 

Komm,  Gott.  Schopfer.  heiliger  Geist  194 

Komm,  Heidenheiland,  Losegeld   87 

Kommet.   ihr   Hirten,   ihr   Manner  und    134 

Komm,  heiliger  Geist,  Herre  Gott    190 

Komm.  o  komm,  du  Geist  des  Lebens   205 

Kommt    und    lasst   uns    Christum    ehren    123 

Lasset  uns  mit  Jesu  ziehen   .344 

Lass    mich   dein   sein   und   bleiben    26 

436  Index  of  Translated  Hymns 


Lasst  mich  gehn   356 

Lasst  uns   alle   frohlich   sein    118 

Liebster  Jesu,  wir  sind  hier  1 

Lobt  froh  den  Herren    328 

Lobt  Gott,  ihr  Christen,  alle  gleich  101 

Man  lobt  dich  in  der  Stille 314 

Macht  hoch  die  Tiir,  die  Tor  macht  welt   83 

Meinen  Jesum  lass   ich  nicht    268 

Mir  nach,   spricht   Christus,  unser   Held    345 

Mit  dem  Herrn  fang  alles  an 6 

Morgenglanz   der   Ewigkeit    39 

Miide  bin  ich,  geh  zur  Ruh   59 

Nun  bitten   wir   den  heiligen   Geist    199 

Nun  danket  alle  Gott  •. 318 

Nun  danket  all  und  bringet  Ehr  325 

Nun  komm  der  Heiden  Heiland    88 

Nun  lasst  uns  gehn  und  treten    141 

Nun  lob  mein  Seel'  den  Herren   338 

Nun   ruhen  alle  Wiilder    65 

Nun  sich  der  Tag  geendet  hat  66 

Nun   singet  und   seid  froh    103 

Nur  mit  Jesu  will  ich  Pilger  wandern   144 

O,  dass   ich  tausend  Zungen  hiitte    329 

O    du    frohliche,    o    du    selige     91 

O   Gott,  du  frommer   Gott    304 

O   Haupt  voll   Blut  und  Wunden    167 

O  heil'ger  Geist,  du  hochster  Gut    204 

O  heil'ges  Kind,  wir  griissen  dich 108 

O  heilige  Dreifaltigkeit   44 

O  Jesu  Christe,   wahres  Licht    234 

O   Lamm    Gottes,   unschuldig    169 

O  selig  Haus,  wo  man  dich  aufgenommen   343 

O  Traurigkeit,  o  Herzeleid   155 

O  Welt,  sieh  hier  dein  Leben   172 

O  wie  selig  seid  ihr  doch,  ihr  Frommen  365 

Ringe    Recht,    wenn    Gottes    Gnade    340 

Schmi^icke  dich,  o  liebe  Seele  253 

Schonster  Herr  Jesu,    Schopfer  aller    263 

Segne    und    behiite    ^ 23 

Sieh    ,hier   bin    ich,    Ehrenkonig    307 

So  feierlich  und  stille    71 

So  nimm   denn   meine   Hande    270 

Index  of  Translated   Hymns  -Ml 


Still,    Still,    still,    die.   Augen    aufgemacht    116 

Stille    Nacht,    heilige    Nacht    113 

Tochter    Zion,    freue    dich    85 

Tut   mir   auf    die    schone    Pforte    75 

Unter   Lilien  jener  Freuden    368 

Vater  iinser  im  Himmelreich    303 

Verzage   nicht,    du   Hiiuflein   klein    232 

Vom  Himmel  hoch,  da  komm  ich  her   122 

Von    Gott    will    ich    nicht    lassen     281 

Wach  auf,  mein  Herz,  und  singe   41 

Wachet  auf,   ruft  uns   die  Stimme    354 

Walte,  walte  nah  und  fern    237 

Was  Gott  tut,  das  ist  wohlgetan   317 

Weil  ich  Jesu  Schaflein  bin    247 

Wenn  die  liebe  Sonne  34 

Wenn   kleine   Himmelserben    370 

Wenn  wir  in  hochsten  Noten  sein   283 

Wer  nur  den  lieben  Gott  lasst  walten   294 

Wer   ist   vvohl   wie   du    282 

Wie   lieblich    ist's   hienieden    346 

Wie  mit  grimm'gem  Unverstand    291 

Wie  schon  leuchtct  der  Morgenstern    30 

Wie  soil  ich  dich   empfangen    80 

Wir  glauben  all  an  einen  Gott.  Sch(3pfer  212 

Wir  glauben  all  an  einen  Gott,  Vater   214 

Wir  pfliigen  und  wir  streuen  341 

Wir   singen   dir,   Immanuel    93 

Wir   treten   zum   Beten 298 

W^o  findet  die  Seele,  die  Heimat,  die  Ruh   361 

Wollt   ihr   wissen,   was   mein    Preis    315 

Wo  willst  du  hin,  weil's  Abend  ist  49 

Zeuch    uns    nach    dir    187 

Zu  Bethlehem  geboren   , 109 

Mttrxtul  3nbtK  nf  Sumea 

3  Lines. 

Stabat  Mater. 

O  heirges  Kind. 

Lobt  froh  den  Herren. 

4  Lines 


God      who      made      the 


Abend  wird  es  wieder. 
Alle  Jahre  wieder. 
Aus  dem  Himmel  feme. 

Goldne    Abendsonne. 

Segne  und  behiite. 
6.6,8,6.      (Short    Meter.) 
Dulce  Domum, 
St.  Thomas. 


Ach     bleib     mit     deiner 

Der     Pilger     aus     der 

Erwacht       vom     siissen 

Lasst  uns   alle   frohlich 

So    feierlich    und    stille 

(with   Refrain). 
Wie    lieblich    ist's    hie- 


Puer   nobis   nascitur. 


Christus   ist  erstanden. 


Gott     sei     Dank     durch 

alle  Welt. 
Jesus  kom   dog   selv   til 

Miide  bm  ich,  geh  zur 

Nun  komm  der  Heiden 

Nun  lasst  uns  Gott  dem 

Redhead  No.  47. 

University  College. 


Worgan  (with  Hallelu- 

7.7,8,7.     • 

Breton  Chant. 

Metrical   Tnclex  of  Tunes 


Et  Barn  er  fodt  i  Beth- 
Puer  natus. 

Gloria   Tibi. . 
8,6.8,6.    (Common    Meter.) 
Angels'  Carol. 

Du  lieber  Gott  im  Him- 

mel,  du. 
God  bless  you  all. 

I  osten  stiger  solen  up. 
Ich  sag  es  jedem,   dass 

er  lebt. 
Ich   singe   dir   mit   Herz 

und  Mund. 
Lobt   Gott,   ihr  Christen 

alle  gleich. 
Nun     danket     all      und 

bringet   Ehr. 
Nun    sich    der   Tag   ge- 

endet  hat. 
St.  Agnes. 
St.  Anne. 
St.  Frances. 
Singt  Gottes  Lob. 

Alleluia    (Lowe)     [with 


Evening  Prayer. 
Jeg  ved  et  evigt. 

Lux  vitae. 

Ringe  recht.  wenn  Got- 
tes Gnade. 

Aldrig      er     jug      uden 

Quern    pastores     lauda- 

i.8.8.8.      (Long    Meter.) 
Christe,     du     bist     der 

helle  Tag. 
Christi     Blut    und    Ge- 

Christmas    Morning. 
Der  du  bist  drei  in  Ei- 

Det  kimmer  nu  til  Jule- 

Du  lieber  heil'ger  from- 

mer  Christ. 
Duke  Street. 
Erhalt     uns     Herr     bei 

deinem  Wort. 
Erschienen        ist        der 

herrlich     Tag      (with 

Federal  Street. 
Herr   Jesu    Christ,    dich 

zu  uns  wend. 
Herr_       Jesu         Christ, 

mein's  Lebens  Licht 

Komm,  Gott  Schopfer. 
Mir      ist      ein      kleines 

Missionary  Chant. 
Morning  Hymn. 


Metrical    Index  of  Tunes 

O  heilige  Dreifaltig- 

Old  Hundredth. 

Quae  Stella. 


St.  Cross. 


Veni  Redemptor  Gen- 

Vom  Himmel  hoch. 

Wenn  wir  in  hochsten 
Noten  sein. 

Wo  willst  du  hin  (with 



Den    yndigste     rose     er 

Med   sorgen   og  klagen. 

O    wie    selig    seid    ihr 

Regnator  orbis. 

Guds   menighed   syng. 

Morning  Star. 

Herzliebster  Jesu. 

Integer  vitae. 

Adeste  Fideles. 
Ihr     Kinderlein,     kom- 

My  Jesus,  I  love  Thee. 

Wir  treten  zum  Beten. 

5  Lines. 

O  Traurigkeit. 

Infants'   Carol. 

Wollt    ihr    wissen,    was 
mein  Preis? 

Gelobet   seist   du,   Jesus 

Kommet,  ihr  Hirten 

Til    slutning    saa    roek- 

Lobe    den    Herrep,    den 
machtigen  Konig. 

6  Lines. 

Ach  Gott  und  Herr. 

Ihr  Hirten,  erwacht. 

Schonster  Herr  Jesu. 


Metrical   Index  of  Tunes 


Far  verden  farvel. 

Beim     friihen     Morgen- 

Gottes    Sohn    ist    kom- 

Laudetur     Jesiis      Chri- 
Evening  Hymn. 

Auf  meinen  lieben  Gott. 

Lasst  mich  gehn. 

Zu    Bethlehem    geboren. 

Ein     Gartner     geht     im 


Es      geht      durch      alle 

O  Welt,   ich  muss   dich 

Fred  til  Bod. 
St.    Xinian. 

Treuer      Heiland,      wir 
sind  hier. 

Easter  Carol. 

Morgenglanz    der  Ewig- 

Grosser  Gott,  wir  loben 

Hosianna,  DjLvids    Sohn. 
Meinen   Jesum   lass    ich 


Liebster  Jesu,   wir   sind 

Mit     dem     Herrn     fang 
alles   an. 

Weil     ich    Jesu    Schaf- 
lein  bin. 

There  came  three  kings. 

Wir   glauben  all  an  ei- 
nen  Gott,  Vater. 



Amen.    Jesus    han    skal 

Gott   des    Himmels   und 

der  Erden. 
Holy  Jesus. 
Komm,     o     komm,     du 



Metrical  Index  of  Tunes 


Her  vil  ties. 

Praise  my  soul. 

Regent  Square. 

Sieh,   hier   bin   ich,   Eh- 

Unser  Herrscher,  unser 


Mach's  mit  mir,  Gott. 

Verzage         nicht,         du 
Hauflein  klein. 

Vater    unser    im    Him- 

Veni,    veni,    Immanuel. 

Ich     will     dich     lieben, 
meine  Starke. 

O,     dass     ich     tausend 

Zungen  hatte. 
Wer     nur     den     lieben 

Gott  lasst  walten. 

Den  signede  Dag. 
Der  beste  Freund. 

Ich   bete   an   die   Macht 
der  Liebe. 

Dir,  dir,  Jehovah. 

Wo  findet  die  Seele. 

Carol    (Traditional). 
Easter  Day. 

7   Lines. 

Fahre  fort. 

Herre  Jesus  Krist. 



O     Lamm     Gottes,     un- 

Freu     dich.     Erd'     und 

Es     ist     ein     Reis     ent- 

Pass  me  not. 

AUein       Gott      in       der 

Hoh'  sei  Ehr'. 
Es     ist     das     Heil     uns 

kommen    her. 
Es  ist  gewisslich  an  der 

Der  Christbaum  ist  der 
schonste  Baum. 

Metrical   Index  of  Tunes 


Som  torstige  hjort. 

Saa  vil  vi  nu  sige. 
8  Lines. 

Kling,  Glockchen. 

-    Calkin. 

Freiheit,   die  ich  meine. 

St.   Gertrude   (with  Re- 

Nun     singet     und     seid 

(Short  Meter  Double.) 
Diademata.    . . 

Nun   danket   alle   Gott. 
O     Gott.     du     frommer 

So    nimm     denn     meine 

Aus      meines      Herzens 


Von  Gott  will  ich  nicht 

Zeuch     ein     zu     deinen 


Wie      mit      grimm'gem 




Crux  Christi. 



Herzlich  tut  mich  ver- 

Jeg  vil  mig  herre  love. 


Missionary  Hymn. 


St.  Colomb. 



Valet  will  ich  dir  ge- 

Wir  pfliigen  und  wir 
streuen  (with  Re- 


Hail,  thou  ever-blessed 


Mendelssohn  (with  Re- 

See  amid  the  winter's 

Spanish   Hymn. 

Einen     goldnen     Wan- 


Metrical  Index  of  Tunes 

Kings  of  Orient. 

Frohlich        soil        mein 
Herze  springen. 


(Common  Meter  Double.) 
Auf     einem     Berg     ein 

Baumlein  stand. 
Carol    (Willis(. 
Vox  dilecti. 

Hvor  salig  er   den  lille 

Freu  dich  sehr,  o  meine 

Werde      munter,      mein 


Gloria  Patri 
O   gesegnetes    Regieren. 
St.  Asaph. 

Alle    Menschen    miissen 

Jesu,      meines      Lebens 


Eins  ist  not,  ach  Herr, 
dies  eine. 
Macht  hoch   die   Tur. 

(Long    Meter    Double.) 
He  leadeth  me. 
Schmucke         dich,         o 
liebe  Seele.- 

God  be  with  you  till  we 
meet  again. 

Jerusalem,    du    hochge- 
baute  Stadt. 
Fines    wiinsch    ich    mir. 

O  selig  Haus. 

9  Lines. 

Ein  feste  Burg. 

10  Lines 

5,5,5,5,10,5,6,5,6,6 -,10. 
Die  guld'ne  Sonne. 

Jesu,  meine  treude. 

Gott   ist  gegenwartig. 

Lasset     uns     mit     Jesu 

Vesper  Hymn. 

Metrical  Index  of  Tunes 



Die  Sach  ist  dein,  Herr 
Jesu  Christ. 


Freuet    euch    ihr    Chri- 
sten alle. 


Wir  glauben  all  an   ei- 
nen    Gott,    Schopfer. 


Komm,     hieiliger     Geist, 
Herre  Gott. 

12  Lines. 

5,4,5,4,4,5,6,5,5,4 ,6  ;4. 
Harre,   meine   Seele. 
St.  Alban. 

8,8,7,8,8,7,8,8,8,8, 8, -8. 

Herzlich    lieb    hab'    ich 
dich,  o  Herr. 

Wachet  auf,  ruft  uns. 
Irregular.  / 


Babe  of  Bethlehem. 
Danket    dem    Herrn. 
Hosanna  we  sing. 
Hosianna,  gelobet  sei. 
In  dir  ist  Freude. 
Luther  League   Hymn. 
Lux  Benigna. 
Noel.  _ 
Nun  bitten  wir  den  hei- 

ligen  Geist. 
Nun     lob,     mein     Seel', 

den    Herren. 
Nunc  Angelorum. 
Nur  mitjesu. 
O  Sanctissima. 

Star    Spangled    Banner. 
Still,  still,  still. 
Stille  Nacht. 
Unter  Lilien. 
Wie       schon       leuchtet 

der  Morgenstern. 



Abend   wird   es    wieder    195 

Ach  bleib  mit  deiner   Gnade    12,  359 

Ach  Gott  und  Herr    171,  187 

Adeste    Fideles    105 

Albany    207 

Aldrig  er  jcg  uden  vaade    312 

Alle  Jahre   wieder    131 

Alle    Menschen    miissen    stcrben    , 218 

Allein  Gott  in  der  Hoh'  sei  Ehr'  11 

Alleluia    (Lowe)     327 

Amen,   Jesus   ban   skal   raade    16 

America    371,  373 

Anatolius    55 

Angels'    Carol    119 

Antioch     106 

Arundel     15 

Athens     • 219 

Auf  einem  Berg  ein  Baumlein  stand   235 

Auf  meinen  lieben   Gott    286 

Aurelia    216 

Aus   dem   Himmel   feme    249 

Aus    meines    Herzens    Grunde    28 

Avison     114 

Babe    of    Bethlehem    98 

Beck    306 

Beecher     202 

Beim    friihen    Morgenlicht    31 

Bethany    296 

Bethlehem    120 

Boylston    70 

Bradford-Messiah     178 

Breton  Chant   96 

Calkin    305,  349 

Carlisle,    231 

Carol    (Traditional)     127 

Carol    (Willis)     107 

Caswall     161 

Christe,  du  bist  der  helle  Tag  48 

Christi   Blut  und   Gerechtigkeit    272 

Alphabetical   Index  of  Tunes  447 


Christmas     92 

Christmas   Morning    124 

Christus,    der    ist    mein    Leben    12,  359 

Christus   ist  erstanden    177 

Consolator    293 

Coronae    188 

Coronation     258 

Cowper    158 

Crucifix    257 

Crux   Christi    299 

Danket    dem    Herrn    339 

David    334 

Den    signede    Dag    201 

Den  yndigste  rose   er   fundcn    126 

Dennis     339 

Der    beste    Freund     243 

Der   Christbaum   ist   der   schonste   Baum    102 

Der  du  bist  drei  in  Einigkeit    67 

Der  Pilger  aus   der   Feme    50,  353 

Det  kimmer   nu   til   Julefest    97 

Diademata     165 

Die   giild'ne    Sonne    37 

Die  Sach  ist  dein,  Herr  Jesu  Christ  227 

Dir,  dir,  Jehovah    309 

Domenica     74 

Duke   Street    182 

Dulce  Domum    352 

Du  lieber  Gott  im  Himmel,  du    29 

Du  lieber  heirger,   frommer   Christ    104 

Easter   Carol    186 

Easter    Day    179 

Edyfield    311 

Ein    feste    Burg 215 

Ein   Gartner   geht   im   Garten    244 

Einen  goldnen  Wanderstab    239 

Eines  wiinsch   ich  mir    251 

Eins    ist    not,   ach    Herr,    (Layritz)    301 

Eins  ist  not,  ach  Herr.   (Schroder)    300 

Ellacombe    142 

Filers    18 

Emmaus    57 

Erhalt   uns    Herr,   bei    deinem   Wort    220 

448  Alphabetical  Index  of  Tunes 


Erschienen    ist    der    herrlich    Tag    93 

Erwacht    vom    siissen    Schlummer    38 

Es  geht  durch  alle  Lande  245 

Es   ist  das   Heil  uns  kommen  her    204 

Es    ist   ein    Reis    entsprungen    96 

Es  ist  gewisslich  an  der  Zeit 260 

Et  Barn  er  fodt  i  Bethlehem  90 

Evening    Hymn     246 

Evening    Prayer    i 61 

Eventide     45 

Ewing    367 

Faben    208 

Fahre    fort    217 

Far    verden    farvel    (Folktune)     53 

Far  verden   farvel    (Lindemann)    54 

Federal    Street    173,  193 

Fred  til   Bod 317 

Freiheit,   die  ich  meine    310 

Freshwater    56 

Freu    dich,    Erd'    und    Sternenzelt    136 

Freu   dich   sehr,   o   meine   Seele    20,  159 

Freuet  euch,  ihr  Christen  alle  133 

Friend 241 

Frohlich  soil  mein   Herze  springen    138 

Gelobet   seist   du,   Jesus    Christ    130 

Geneva    162 

Gloria    Patri     210 

Gloria  Tibi 1^ 

God  be  with  you  till   we  meet  again    24 

God  bless  you  all   110 

God  who  made  the  earth    Zld 

Goldne    Abendsonne    _.     34 

Gott  des   Himme's  und  der   Erden    35,  261 

Gott   ist  gegenwartig    1'^ 

Gott  sei  Dank  durch  alle  Welt 43,  52,  209 

Gottes   Sohn   ist_  kommen    86 

Grosser  Gott,  wir  loben  dich   316 

Guds   menighed   syng^ 3 

Hail,  thou  ever-blessed  morn   129 

Harre,  meine  Seele   289 

He  leadeth  me  277 

Her  vil  ties    358 

Alphabetical  Index  of  Tunes  449 


Herr  Jesu  Christ,  dich  zu  uns  wend    8 

Herr  Jesu  Christ,  mein's  Lebens  Licht   5,  234 

Herre  Jesus  Krist    164 

Herzlich  lieb  hab'  ich  dich,  o  Herr  265 

Herzlich  tut  mich  verlangen    167,  292 

Herzliebster  Jesu   154 

Holy  Jesus    170 

Horsley    163 

Hosanna  we  sing  ^,  174 

Hosianna,  Davids  Sohn 82,  184.  267,  362 

Hosianna,   gelobet   sei    81 

Howard    229 

Hursley    68 

Hvor  salig  er  den  lille  flok   21 

I  osten  stiger  solen  up S3 

Ich  bete  an  die  Macht  der  Liebe  271 

Ich  sag  es  jedem,  dass  er  lebt  180 

Ich  singe  dir  mit  Herz  und  Mund    337 

Ich  will  dich  lieben,  meine  Starke   319 

Ihr   Hirten,   erwacht    112 

Ihr  Kinderlein,  kommet    99,  320 

In  dir  ist  Freude  288 

Infants'    Carol    94 

Integer   vitae   ^ 46,    51,  273 

Jeg  ved  et   evigt    361 

]Gg  vil  mig  herre  love    256 

Jerusalem,    du    hochgebaute    Stadt    366 

Jesu,   meine   Freude    276 

Jesu,    meines    Lebens    Leben    166 

Jesus  kom  dog  selv  til  mig   278 

Kings    of    Orient    150 

Kling,    Glockchen    115 

Komm,   Gott   Schopfer    194 

Komm,  heiliger  Geist,  Herre  Gott   190 

Komm,  o  komm,  du  Geist    205 

Kommet,    ihr    Hirten     134 

Laban 308 

Lasset  uns  mit  Jesu  ziehen    344 

Lasst  mich  gehn  356 

Lasst  uns  alle  frohlich  sein  118 

Lassus     279 

Laudetur  Jesus  Christus   32 

450  Alphabetical   Index  of  Tunes 


Liebster  Jesu,  wir  sind  hier  1 

Lobe  den  Herren,  den  machtigen  Konig    322 

Lobt  froh  den  Herren    328 

Lobt  Gott,  ihr  Christen  alle  gleich    101 

Lucerne     9 

Luther  League  Hymn   342 

Lux    Benigna     297 

Lux    vitae    62,  275 

Maccabaeus     85 

Macfarren 363 

Mach's  mit  mir,  Gott  345 

Macht   hoch    die   Tiir    (Stobaus)    83 

Macht  hoch  die  Tiir  (Fre3'linghausen)    84 

Martyn 274 

Mason     14 

Matthews     332 

Med    sorgen    og    klagen    125 

Meinen  Jesum  lass   ich  nicht    268 

Mendelssohn     132 

Merrial    47 

Mir  ist  ein  kleines   Kirchelein    222 

Missionary    Chant    226 

Missionary  Hymn    223,  230 

Mit  dem  Herrn  fang  alles  an   (Grobe)    6 

Mit   dem    Herrn    fang    (Wonnberger)    7 

Morgenglanz    der    Ewigkeit    39 

Morning    Hymn    27 

Morning    Star    152 

Moscow 211,  233 

Miide  bin   ich,   geh  zur   Ruh    (Folktune)    59 

Miide  bin  ich,  geh  zur   Ruh  .  (Reinecke)    60 

My  Jesus,  I  love  Thee   262 

Nanini     157 

Nicaea    206 

Noel Ill 

Nun   bitten   wir   den   heiligen    Geist 199,  200 

Nun  danket  alle  Gott  213.  318.  331 

Nun  danket  all  und  bringet  Ehr   ....2.  42.  79.  259.  325 
Nun  komm  der  Heiden  Heiland  ...88,  117,  139.  191.  237 

Nun  lasst  uns   Gott  dem  Herren   41,  141 

Nun  lob,  mein  Seel',  den  Herren   314,  338 

Nun  sich  der  Tag  geendet  hat   66 

Alphabetical  Index  of  Tunes  451 


Nun  singet  und  seid  froh   103 

Nunc  Angelorum   135 

Nur  mit  Jesu   144 

O,  dass  ich  tausend  Zungen  hatte   (Konig)    329 

O,   dass    ich   tausend   Zungen    (Wagner)    330 

O  gesegnetes   Regieren    203,  252 

O  Gott,   du  frommer  Gott    304 

O    heil'ges    Kind    " 108 

O    heilige    Dreifaltigkeit     44 

O    Lamm    Gottes,    unschuldig    169 

O  sanctissima    22,.  .91 

O  selig   Haus    343 

O   Traurigkeit    155 

O  Welt,   ich   muss    dich   lassen    65,    172,370 

O   wie   selig   seid    ihr    doch    365 

Old    Hundredth     25.    64,  143 

Olivet     242,  266 

Paradise     364 

Pass   me   not    302 

Penitence    284 

Pilgrims    355 

Praise    my    soul    333 

Prayer     69 

Puer  natus    89 

Puer    nobis    nascitur     100 

Quae    Stella    151 

Quebec    40,  254 

Quem  pastores  laudavere    123 

Redhead    No.    47    285 

Regent    Square    221 

Regnator    orbis     369 

Rejoicing    121 

Ringe   recht,   wenn    Gottes    Gnade    63,   240,340 

Ripley    324 

Romaine     323 

Rome    280 

Ruth    321 

Saa  vil  vi  nu  sige    13 

Sandown     347 

Schmiicke    dich,    o    Hebe    Seele    253 

Schonster    Herr    Jesu    263 

See  amid  the  winter's  snow  128 

452  Alphabetical  Index  of  Tunes 


Seelenbrautigam    282,  287 

Segne  und  behiite    23 

Sieh,  hier  bin  ich,  Ehrenkonig   238,  307 

Singt    Gottes   Lob    36 

So    feierlich   und    stille    71 

So   nimm   denn   meine   Hande    270 

Sojourner    250 

Som  torstige  hjort   236 

Somersetshire   137 

Spanish    Hymn    168 

St.  Agnes    149,  269 

St.  Alban    335,  348 

St.    Anne    145,  374 

St.  Asaph 225 

St.    Colomb 140 

St.    Cross     160 

St.    Frances    189 

St.    Gertrude    350 

St.    Ninian    153 

St.    Thomas    224 

Stabat  Mater    156 

Star  Spangled  Banner    375 

Still,   still,   still    116 

Stille  Nacht   113 

Theodora    264 

There  came  three  kings   147 

Til   slutning   saa   roekker    357 

Toplady    295 

Tours    176 

Treuer   Heiland,    wir    sind    hier    19,  146 

Truro 228,  372 

University    College    192 

Unser  Herrscher,  unser  Konig   17,  72,  75,  181 

Unter    Lilien    368 

Valens    248 

Valet  will  ich  dir  geben   26,  81,  148,  175 

Vater  unser  im  Himmelreich    303 

Veni    Redemptor    Gentium    87 

Veni,  veni,  Immanuel    78 

Verzage    nicht,    du    Hauflein    klein    232 

Vesper    Hymn    313 

Victoria    351 

Alphabetical  Index  of  Hymns  453 


Victory    185 

Vom  Himmel  hoch   122 

Von   Gott   will    ich   nicht   lasscn    11,    198,  281 

Vox  dilecti    290 

Wachet    auf,    ruft    tins    354 

Weber 10,  58 

Weil   ich   Jesu   Schaflein   bin    247 

Wenn  wir   in  hochsten  Noten  sein    283 

Wer   nur   den    lieben    Gott   lasst   walten    294 

Werde  munter,  mein  Gemiite   4 

Wie    lieblich    ist's    hienieden 346 

Wie    mit    grimm'gem    Unverstand    291 

Wie  schon   leuchtet   der   Morgenstern    30,  196 

Wir  glauben  all  an  einen  Gott,  Schopfer   212 

Wir  glauben  all  an  einen  Gott,  Vater   214 

Wir  pfliigen  und  wir  streuen   341 

Wir  treten  zum  Beten   298 

Wo  findet  die  Seele  360 

Wo  willst  du  hin   49 

Wollt   ihr   wissen,   was   mein    Preis?    315 

Woodworth    255 

Worgan    183 

Zeuch  ein  zu  deinen  Toren    197 

Zu  Bethlehem  geboren    109 

AIpl|ab?ttral  SnhtK  nf  %ttttts 


A   Babe   is    born    in    Bethlehem    89 

A  great  and  mighty  wonder 121 

A  mighty   fortress   is   our   God    215 

A  virgin  most  pure    127 

Abide  in  grace,  Lord  Jesus   12 

Abide   with   me    45 

Ah,  holy  Jesus    154 

All  glory  be  to  God  on  high  11 

All  glory,  praise  and  honor   175 

All  hail  the  power  of  Jesus'  name  258 

All   my  heart   this   night   rejoices 138 

All  praise  to  Jesus'  hallowed  name  130 

All  nations  that  on  earth  do  dwell   325 

Amen  be  His   word  and  Spirit    16 

Ancient  of  days  who  sittest   207 

And  now  we  must  bid  one  another  13 

And  the  grace  of  God  the  Father  14 

And  whither  wilt  thou,   Pilgrim   dear    49 

Arm   of  the   Lord,   awake    228 

Arise,   sons    of  the    Kingdom    77 

As  after  the  water  brooks  panteth  236 

As   each  happy   Christrnas    131 

As   Joseph    was    awalking    137 

As  o'er  the  realms  of  nature   71 

As  with  gladness  men  of  old  146 

Awake,   my   heart,    rejoicing    41 

Awake,  my  soul,  and  with  the  sun  27 

Beautiful    Savior 263 

Be  not  dismayed,  thou  little  flock  232 

Be  ye  joyful,  earth  and  sky   136 

Blessed  Jesus,  at  Thy  word    1 

Blest  be  the  tie  that  binds   339 

Brightest   and   best   of  the   sons    152 

Brightly  gleams   our  banner    348 

Christ  is  made  the  sure  foundation   221 

Christ,  the  life  of  all  the  living    166 

Christ,  the  Lord  is  ris'n  again   177 

Christ  was  born  on  Christmas   day   135 

Come,  and  Christ  the  Lord  be  praising    123 

Come,  follow  me,  the  Savior  spake  345 

Alphabetical  Index  of  Hymns  455 


Come,  gracious  Spirit,  heavenly  Dove   193 

Come',    Holy   Ghost,    Creator   blest    194 

Come,  Holy  Spirit,  God  and  Lord   190 

Come,  let  us  sing  of  Jesus  323 

Come    now,    ye    shepherds,    away    from     134 

Come,    O   come,    Thou   quickening   Spirit    205 

Come,    Thou    almighty    King     211 

Come,  Thou  Savior  of  our  race   88 

Come,    ye    disconsolate     293 

Crown  Him  with  many  crowns    165 

Dayspring    of    eternity     39 

Dear    Father    in    heaven,    look    down    69 

Deck  thyself,  my  soul,  with  gladness    253 

Draw  us  to  Thee   187 

Evening    and    morning    37 

Ever   is   a  peril   near   me    312 

Father  almighty,  darkness  now   is    46 

Father,    Son    and    Holy    Spirit     238 

Firmly    in   my   hand    I    hold    239 

Five   wells   I  know    171 

Forward  still,  forward  still    217 

From    distant    shores    returning    353 

From  east  the  sun  in  splendor  dressed  33 

From    glory    unto    glory 140 

From  God  shall  nought  divide  me   281 

From   His   throne   in  heaven    249 

From    Greenland's    icy    mountains    223 

Gathered   here,    we   join   our   hands    251 

Glorious  things  of  Thee  are  spoken   225 

Glory    and    praise    and    honor     248 

Glory  be  to   God  the  Father    210 

Glory   be    to   Jesus    161 

Glory    to    the    blessed    Jesus     76 

Glory  to  the  Father  give 209 

God  be  with  you  till  we  meet  again   24 

God  bless  our  native  land  371 

God  hath  sent  His  angels   179 

God  is  our  refuge  and  defense  226 

God  of  our  fathers  who  didst  guide  372 

God  bless   you   all,   good   Christian   men    110 

God    Himself    is    present     IZ 

God  in  heaven,  hear  our  singing 306 

456  Alphabetical  Index  of  H}mns 


God  who  made  the   earth    326 

God  who  madest  earth  and  heaven   35 

Good  news  from  heaven  the  angels  bring 122 

Gracious    Spirit,    Dove    divine     191 

Great  God  in  heaven  who  by  my  bed   29 

Hail   to   the   Lord's   anointed    148 

Hallelujah!      Fairest    morning     72 

Hark,    hark,    my   soul,    angelic    songs    355 

Hark,  the  herald  angels  sing 132 

Heaven   and   earth    and    sea    and   air    43 

Heavenward  all  our  pathway  leads    362 

He   leadeth  me,   O  blessed  thought    277 

He    lives!      My    Lord     180 

He  is  risen !  tell  it  with  a  joyful  noise 181 

Here  behold  me,  as   I  cast  me    397 

Holy  God,  we  praise  Thy  name    316 

Holy,  holy,  holy,  Lord  be  Thy  glorious   10 

Holy,   holy,   holy.   Lord   God   almighty    206 

Holy  Jesus,   by   Thy  passion    170 

Holy  Spirit,  hear  us   195 

Hosanna !  raise  the  pealing  hymn   149 

Hosanna    we    sing    like   the    children    174 

How  beauteous  are  their  feet   231 

How  blessed  is  the  little  flock    21 

How  good  it  is  for  brethren   346 

How  lovely  now  the  morning  star   30 

How  the  wind   in   fury  blind    291 

Humble  praises,   holy   Jesus    313 

Hush,  hush,   hush,  behold  the   wondrous    116 

Hushed  was  the  evening  hymn    246 

I  am  Jesus'  little  lamb    247 

I  could  not  do  without  Thee   279 

I  heard  the  voice  of  Jesus  say   290 

I  know  that  my  Redeemer  lives,  what  182 

I   know  that   my   Redeemer  liveth    178 

I  lay  my  sins  on  Jesus   257 

I    love   Thy    Zion,    Lord    224 

I'm  a  pilgrim  and  will  walk  with  Jesus    144 

I  saw  three  ships  come  sailing  in  124 

I  sing  to  Thee  with  voice  and  heart    2)Z7 

If  thou  but  suffer   God  to  guide   thee    294 

In   Bethlehem   the   lowly    109 

Alphabetical  Index  of  Hvmns  457 


In    God,    my   faithful    God    286 

In  the  early  morning  34 

In  Thee  is  gladness  288 

In  the  hour  of  trial    284 

In  the   name   of  Jesus    349 

Immanuel,  we  sing  Thy  praise   93 

It    came    upon    the    midnight    clear    107 

I've  found  the  pearl  of  greatest  price    280 

Jehovah,    let    me    now    adore    Thee    309 

Jerusalem,    the    golden     367 

Jerusalem,    thou    city    fair    and    high    366 

Jesus,  and  shall  it  ever  be   173 

Jesus    Christ   is    risen   today    183 

Jesus  Christ,  our  Savior !  once  for  us  a  305 

Jesus,    high    in    glory    332 

Jesus  King  of  glory    335 

Jesus,  Jesus,   come   to   me    278 

Jesus,  Jesus,  only  Jesus    261 

Jesus   lives !   thy  terrors  now    184 

Jesus,    Lover    of   my    soul    274 

Jesus  loves  me,  Jesus  loves  me   275 

Jesus !  name  of  wondrous   love    139 

Jesus,  now  Thine   own   forever    252 

Jesus,    priceless    Treasure     276 

Jesus   sinners    doth   receive    267 

Jesus,  still  lead  on    287 

Jesus,   Sun  of  gladness    310 

Jesus,  tender   Shepherd,   hear   me    62 

Jesus,  the  very  thought  of  Thee    269 

Jesus,  Thy  blood  and  righteousness    272 

Joy   to   the   world 106 

Just  as  I  am  254 

Lamb  of   God,   I   look  to   Thee    311 

Lamb  of  God  most  holy  169 

Lead,  kindly  Light    297 

Let  me  be  Thine  forever   26 

Let   me   go,    let   me    go    356 

Let  me  learn  of  Jesus   347 

Let  the  earth  now  praise  the  Lord   117 

Let  us   all   with  gladsome  voice    118 

Let  us  ever  walk  with  Jesus    344 

Lift  up  your  heads,  ye  mighty  gates   83 

458  Alphabetical  Index  of  Hymns 


Lo,  how  a  rose  e'er  blooming  95 

Look,  ye  saints,  the  sight  is  glorious    188 

Lord,  a  little  band  and  lowly 9 

Lord,   dismiss   us   with   Thy   blessing    22 

Lord,  for  the  mercies  of  this  night    42 

Lord,   God  of  morning  and  of  night    40 

Lord  God,  we  worship  Thee   331 

Lord  Jesus  Christ,  the  cause  is  Thine   227 

Lord   Jesus    Christ,    be    present    now    8 

Lord  Jesus  Christ,  my  Savior  blest   164 

Lord  Jesus,  though  but  two  or  three  5 

Lord,  keep  us  in  Thy  word  and  work  220 

Lord,  keep  us  safe  this  night   70 

Lord,  Thy  blessing  send  us    23 

Lord,  Thy  glory  fills  the  heaven   208 

Lord,   to   Thee    I    lift    my   eyes    52 

Lord,  while  for  all  mankind  we  pray   374 

Love    divine,    all    love    excelling    202 

May  the  grace  of  Christ,  our  Savior    15 

Midst  the  lilies  blooming  yonder    368 

Mighty    God,    while    angels    bless    Thee    327 

My   church,   my   church,    my   dear   old    219 

My  country,  'tis  of  thee  373 

My   dear   Jesus,    I'll    not    leave    268 

My  faith   looks  up   to  Thee    266 

My   heart    its    incense    burning    28 

My    Jesus,    I    love    Thee     262 

My  life  is  hid  in  Jesus    359 

My  soul,  be  on  thy  guard    308 

My  soul,  now  bless  thy  Maker    338 

Near   the   cross    was    Mary    weeping    156 

Nearer,  my  God,  to  Thee   296 

Now  do  we  pray  God,  the  Holy  Ghost   199 

Now  found  is  the  fairest  of  roses   125 

Now  God,  be  with  us  for  the  night  is  51 

Now   let   us   come   before    Him    141 

Now  rest  beneath  night's  shadows    65 

Now  sing  we,  now   rejoice    103 

Now  thank  we  all  our  God  318 

Now  that  the  sun  is  beaming  bright    36 

Now    the    day    is    over    47 

Now  to  gain  a  night's  repose   59 

Alphabetical  Index  of  Hymns  459 


O   blessed   house   that   cheerfully    receiveth    343 

O  Christ,  our  true  and  only  Light    234 

O  Christ,_  who  art  the  Light  of  day   48 

O  Christians  leagued  together    342 

O  come,  all  ye  faithful  105 

O  come  and  mourn  with  me   160 

O    come,    O    come,    Immanuel    78 

O    come,    little    children     99 

O   darkest   woe    155 

O  day  full  of  grace  which  we  behold  201 

O  enter,  Lord,   Thy  temple    197 

O'er   the    distant   mountains    breaking    358 

O  God,  OUT  help  in  ages  past  145 

O  God,  Thou  faithful   God    304 

O  happy  day  when  we  shall  stand   363 

O   Holy,    Blessed  Trinity    44 

O  holv  Child,  we  welcome  Thee  108 

O   Holy   Ghost,   Thou_  Gift   divine    204 

O  Holy  Spirit,  enter  in  196 

O  how  blest  are  ye  whose  toils  are  ended  365 

O   how   shall   I    receive  Thee    80 

O  kind  and  gentle  Savior   250 

O  let  us  praise  the  Christmas  tree   102 

O  living  Bread  from  heaven    256 

O    Paradise,    O    Paradise    364 

O  Power  of  Love,  all  else   271 

O   rejoice,  ye   Christians,  gladly    133 

O   sacred   Head,   now   wounded    167 

O   Savior,   precious    Savior    299 

O  say,  can  you  see  by  the  dawn's  early    375 

O  that  I  had  an  angel's  tongue   79 

O  thou  joyful  day   91 

O  Thou  Redeemer  of  our  race   87 

O    what    praises    shall    we    render     324 

O  what  precious  balm  and  healing   159 

O  what  their  joy  and  their  glory    369 

O  where  is  the  home  of  the  soul    361 

O  would  my  God  that  I  could  praise   329 

Once    He    came    in    blessing    86 

One   sweetly  solemn   thought    352 

One  thing  needful,  then  Lord  Jesus   300 

Onward,    Christian    soldiers    350 

460  Alphabetical  Index  of  Hymns 


Open   now   thy  gates   of  beauty    75 

Our  Father,  Thou  in  heaven  above  303 

Pass    me    not,    O    gentle    Savior    302 

Praise   God  from   whom  all   blessings   flow    25 

Praise  God  the  Lord,  ye  sons  of  clay  101 

Praise,  my  soul,  the  King  of  heaven    333 

Praise    the    Lord    of    heaven    334 

Praise    to    Thee    and    adoration     20 

Praise  to  the  Lord,  the  Almighty 322 

Praise  ye  the  Lord  in  simple,  joyous    328 

Praised  be   the  Lord,   my   God    213 

Refreshed    by    gentle    slumbers    38 

Rest  of  the  weary,  Joy  of  the  soul   264 

Ring,   bells,    ring    115 

Rock  of  Ages    295 

Safely  through  another  week  19 

Savior,  again  to  Thy  dear  name  we  raise 18 

Savior,  breathe  an  evening  blessing   61 

Savior,   when   in   dust   to   Thee    168 

Savior  who  Thy  flock  art  feeding    240 

See   amid-  the    winters    snow    128 

See,  world  thy  Life  assailed   172 

Shepherd   of  tender  youth    242 

Shout  the  glad  tidings,  exultingly  sing    114 

Silent    night!      Holy    night!     113 

Since  now  the  day  has  reached  its  close   66 

Sing  Hosanna !  blessed  be  He  that  cometh    81 

Sing    Hosanna !      Zion    sing    82 

Sleep,    my    Savior,    sleep    94 

Softly  now  the  light  of  day    58 

Soul   with  all  thine  anguish    289 

Speak,  O  Lord,  Thy  servant  heareth    4 

Spread,   O   spread,   thou  mighty   word    237 

Strive   aright,   when   God  doth  call   thee    340 

Summer  suns  are  glowing   321 

Sun   of   my   soul,    Thou   Savior   dear    68 

Sunk  is  the  sun's  last  beam  of  light  64 

Take  Thou  my  hand  and  lead  me   270 

Thank   ye  the   Lord    336 

The  Babe  in  Bethlehem's  manger  laid   98 

The    church's    one    foundation     216 

The  day  is  done,  O  God   56 

Alphabetical  Index  of  Hymns  461 


The  day  is  past  and  over  55 

Th'  eternal  gates,  lift  up  your  heads    189 

The  first  Noel  as  the  angels  did  say    Ill 

The  happy  Christmas  comes  once  more  97 

The  Lord  my  faithful  shepherd  is    260 

The    morning    light    is    breaking    230 

The  old  year  now  hath  passed  away  143 

The  strife  is  o'er,  the  battle  done   185 

The    sun    has    gone    down    53 

The   sun   has   long   departed    50 

The  sun  is  sinking  fast   57 

The  truest  Friend  abides  in  heaven   243 

The  year  is  gone  beyond  recall    142 

Thee  will  I  love,  my  Strength,  my  Tower  319 

There   came   a    little    Child   to    earth    92 

There  came  three  kings  ere  break  of  day 147 

There  is  a  fountain  filled  with  blood 158 

There's   a   Friend    for   little   children    241 

There  is   a   gentle    Gardner    244 

There  is  a  green  hill  far  away  163 

There  is  a  kingdom  of  the  Lord   361 

There  is  a  name,  I  love  to  hear  259 

There  is  within  this  heart  of  mine   222 

There  many  shall  come  from  the  east   357 

This  is  the  day  of  light   74 

Thy    way   and    all    thy    sorrows    292 

Thou    art    the    way    273 

Thou  holy  Jesus  meek  and  mild 104 

Thou  who  art  Three   in   Unity    67 

Thou   whose  almighty   word    233 

To   God  be   glory,  peace   on  earth    2 

To   Thee   all   praise   ascendeth    314 

Unto  us  a  Child  is  born  100 

Upon  a   mount   a   tree   doth   stand    235 

Wake,   awake,   for  night   is   flying    354 

Watchman,  is  the  darkness  waning   218 

We   all   believe   in  true   God,   Father    214 

We  all  believe  in  one  true  God,  Maker   212 

We  gather  to  worship  Jehovah,  the 298 

We  gather,  we  gather,  dear  Jesus    320 

We  march,  we  march  to  victory 351 

We  plow  the  field  and  scatter    341 

462  Alphabetical  Index  of  Hymns 


We  three  kings  of  Orient  are  150 

We    will    carol    joyfully     186 

What   is   new   upon   the   earth    96 

What  our  B'ather  does   is  well    317 

What  star  is  this  with  beams  so  bright   151 

When   children   young  and   tender    370 

When    His    salvation    bringing    176 

When  in  the  hour  of  utmost  need   283 

When  morning  gilds   the   skies    31 

When  our  heads  are  bowed  with  woe    285 

While  shepherds  watched  their  little  flocks   119 

Who   is   there   like   Thee  ?    282 

With  all  my  heart  I  love  thee,  Lord  265 

With   hearts    in  love   abounding 229 

With  noiseless  step  an  angel 245 

With   the   Lord    thy   task   begin    6 

Would   you  know   my   greatest   price    315 

Ye  lands,  to  the  Lord  make  a  jubilant    3 

Ye   shepherds,   arise    112 

Zion's   daughter,   O   rejoice    85 


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